Best Hot Melt Glue Guns in India 2021

A perfect hot melt glue gun is a must for every household. It will help you in fixing common household items and repairing small things such cushions and small buttons etc., in DIY Crafting and home decoration activities for adults and scrapbooking for kids too. Hot glue guns are easy to handle, simple to use … Read more

Best Chest Drawers in India: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

With lumps of clothes and accessories taking half of the space, you often end up having a messy and unorganized room. Also, large Almirahs/wardrobes don’t suffice as they are already loaded with much stuff. Well, in that case, purchasing a good chest of drawers would be a notable investment as it can fit all your … Read more

Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors in India: 2021 Reviews

Cloth Fusion Waterproof & Dustproof Mattress Protector King Size

Worried about how to protect your mattress from spills or stains? Mattress protectors are the best solution. There is the thin layer that comes on the top of your mattress which covers all the 4 sides completely and gives you the best protection to your mattress. Below are few things to look for before you … Read more

7 Best Non-Electric Gravity Based Water Purifier in India : 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Gravity water purifier is an affordable and efficient solution for clean drinking water. However, if your home’s water supply is not provided by municipal corporation, then we recommend to choose RO water purifier. These water purifiers use UF (ultra-filtration) technology to remove impurities (sand, dirt, dust and chlorine) and microorganisms like cysts and bacteria. They … Read more

Top 5 Best Glucometers To Buy Online in India: 2020 Reviews

Unhealthy lifestyle and intake of sugary substances increases blood glucose levels and the condition is called Diabetics Mellitus. Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects 400 million adults every year worldwide. During this period, you may experience symptoms like thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision and sudden weight loss. Consult a doctor for proper medication and … Read more

Best Decorative Lights in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2020


It is uncanny how an amount of light can increase happiness or celebration. It is an age-old practice that we still follow in India where a festival, wedding or family gathering involves lots of lighting around our homes to create a harmonious environment. Luminosity adds appeal to the surroundings. Irrespective of the state of the … Read more

Easy Steps to use Vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner makes your job of physically cleaning the house easier compared to any other mopping or cleaning method. While some of the best vacuum cleaners come with a lot of advanced features, the fundamental method of using and cleaning them is the same. A few might have better and more brushes whereas a few … Read more