How To Season Cast Iron Cookware

Everyone knows that a cast iron pan or any other cookware made out of cast iron is extremely good for cooking delicious steak. However, most people fear buying one as they are pretty delicate and require a lot of maintenance than any other cookware. Although cast iron cookware looks very tough and is extremely durable, … Read more

Food Processor Vs Blender: Which One To Choose?

If you don’t pay much attention to it, both Blenders and Food Processors seem like the same, right? Since both the machines use sharp blades that rotate and pulverize the food, it becomes pretty hard for most people to tell any difference between them. This is why most people only rely on either blenders or … Read more

Food Processor Vs. Juicer

A modern-day kitchen is incomplete without a food processor and juicer. Are you thinking, “Juicer and food processors are the same”? Well, if you are, you’re mistaken. Food processors and juicers may share some similarities, but they are still different. If you’re curious to know what’s the difference between a food processor and juicer and … Read more

How to Use Sandwich Maker the Right Way

In today’s age, a sandwich maker is one of the best companions you can have for your breakfast or whenever your stomach growls. They are quick, compact (easy to store in the kitchen), portable, and did we mention, these appliances are super easy to operate? If you are a first time user, don’t worry, we’ve … Read more

Air fryer vs Oven: Which one is Best?

What is an air fryer? Should you invest your money buying an air fryer? What’s better an air fryer or convection oven? Well, if any of the above questions intrigue you, you’re not alone. Since the last few years deciding which one is the best has been quite an issue. However, we’ll help you break … Read more

Induction Stove vs Gas Stove: Which is the Best!

Induction stove or gas stove, which one is the best? This question has become quite common since induction stoves have hit the market. The modern generation wants something new, which is why they choose induction stoves. And, people who have used gas stoves all their lives see no benefit in induction stoves. If you are … Read more

Types of Kitchen Chimney Filters Every Desi Cook Must Know

Appearance and design aren’t just enough to buy a kitchen chimney. The performance of your chimney merely depends on the type of filter it has. There are basically three types of kitchen chimney filters, Baffle, Mesh and Charcoal; each with varied properties, performance abilities and cleaning processes. The type of filter you must choose depends … Read more

Kitchen Chimney Types

Whether you have a modular kitchen or in the process of remodelling your kitchen, the most prominent thing you need to look for is a kitchen chimney. A chimney eliminates smoke, fumes, and unpleasant odors in the kitchen and promotes good ventilation. Undoubtedly, this has become a necessity in every modular kitchen. A kitchen chimney … Read more

chimney vs exhaust fan

Did you know that cooking smoke increases indoor air pollution? Indian kitchens are popular for the intense cooking style, which includes, deep-frying, tempering, grilling, etc. This ultimately results in smoke, aroma, moisture, irritation, and oil fumes. These substances settle on the tiles, walls, and surrounding of the stove, making them greasy over time. At times, … Read more

Non Stick Cookware Buying Guide

If you are not really sure on how to buy non-stick cookware set for your home, checking for these factors can help you make a wise choice. 1. Type of Non-Stick Coating: There are 2 major types of non-stick coatings on the non-stick cookware: PTFE and Ceramic or Sol-gel. PTFE: PTFE, also called as Teflon, … Read more

How To Choose Dosa Tawa

In this buying guide, we have shortlisted all the important factors that will help you buy the best dosa tawa. Let’s check them out. 1. Material: Dosa tawas are generally made using three types of materials: Aluminum, Cast iron, and Anodized aluminum. Before choosing the material, you must be aware of all the pros and … Read more

Roti Maker Buying Guide

There might be hundreds of models but all are not equally efficient in making evenly cooked round rotis. There are a few factors and features that you need to look for in a roti maker. We have a ready list of the factors that decide how efficient and reliable your roti maker will be. Remember … Read more

How To Choose a Cast Iron Skillet

While looking for the best cast iron skillets in the market, there are many factors that you will need to consider. These factors can help you decide how easy and comfortable it is to use that particular pan. Let’s check out how to find the best cast iron cookware. 1. Uncoated or Enameled: There are … Read more