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The perfect one-stop-shop for anyone looking to transform their home

Homezene.com is a single destination – for decor inspiration, organizing hacks, upgrading appliances, and home improvement.

We have crafted shopping guides, latest home decor trends and hacks that help people choose the best options within their budget. 

Take a look at our new expert advice section which features practical advice and inspiration necessary to complete your home improvement projects.


We pride ourselves in helping people make an informed choice. So, no marketing gimmicks or overwhelming claims. The information provided in this website is unbiased and data-driven.


Everyone wants the best in their lives – be it for decorating a home, organizing your home, upgrading appliances, and home improvement.

With so many options, it is confusing and overwhelming to make a choice. To help you, we have gathered up the best options, tips, and hacks. We want to become a one-stop destination for all information about home care and home needs.

Our Better Approach To Product Reviews

Editorial Guidelines

Our team follows rigorous standards when it comes to content published on our website. We make sure the business decisions or operations don’t impact the editorial independence.

Every article goes through a fact-checking process to ensure only quality and reliable information that is worth your time.

Our editors and writers team ensure our articles don’t contain any information that is subjective, biased, insensitive, or provocative in any manner.

We Buy Our Own Products

In order to provide genuine reviews, we purchase the products like a normal customer. After using the product, we gather the content based on our experience. So, the units we review are not provided by the manufacturer for the review.  “Honesty in our reviews is what makes us different from the rest.”

Comparable Results

In order to compare the products easily, they are reviewed by the same test team. We spend a lot of time analyzing the products based on several factors that include its features, construction quality and others.

Buying Guide:

The guides provided in our website are carefully chosen by our in-house journalists. This information is usually gathered after several hours of testing, analyzing and reviewing the product. They also take the user experiences and expert reviews into consideration.

Till Now we analyzed and reviewed

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Meet our Expert Team

Vineetha Apoorva
Josna Vineetha Apoorva
Home Product Review Expert Kitchen Product Review Expert Decor Product Review Expert
Dhanisha Ravi Shankar Triveni


Ravi Shankar Triveni
Home Product Review Expert Gadgets Product Review Expert Kitchen Product Review Expert
Roshan Prasad Anusha
Roshan Prasad Anusha
Designer Kitchen Product Review Expert Decor Product Review Expert

Does Affiliate Revenue Affect Our Reviews and Information?

No, it doesn’t. We follow a strict protocol while analyzing, shortlisting, and reviewing products. Even the guide or information related to purchasing factors are recommended only when it is tried and tested while analyzing the products.

Every article on our website is published only after it goes through fact checking protocol and thorough editing. We also have in-house experts on topics related to fitness, nutrition, engineers and analysts. They evaluate every product or information that goes live on our website.

You Haven’t Found the Review of  ________Yet?

We try to provide maximum information and product reviews. However, if we have missed any, then let us know.

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