How To Install Inverter At Home

With time, we are witnessing more number of power cuts and fluctuation of electricity in both rural and urban areas. To deal with such problems, it is highly recommended to install an inverter on your property. Installing an inverter is not a tough job, however, you should always be careful when dealing with such machines. … Read more

How Can You Take Care Of Your Inverter Battery?

Inverters are the basic need of every home. They help you during those long power cuts, right? But how well will it function depends on the battery you choose. It also depends on how well you maintain your inverter battery. If you don’t maintain it well, it won’t even survive for the designated time. So, … Read more

Gas Geyser or an Electric Geyser? Which is Better?

Gas geysers or electric geysers; this has always been a topic of debate. However, both type of geysers gets the job done. But which one should you buy? Well, today, you’re finally getting an answer. This article has the information you need regarding gas and electric geysers. You’ll find how do they work, what are … Read more

Common Geyser Problems And Their Solutions

Winters are already there. And it’s near to impossible to take cold showers, isn’t it? So, you should check your geyser right away for any problems. While some issues you can fix at home,  some require professional assistance. If you think your geyser is not working the way it should be, this article can help. … Read more

How Does Tube Light Work And How To Install It

A tube-shaped fluorescent lamp is commonly referred to as tube light. These are the oldest, albeit, still the most commonly used lighting system in Indian households. However, most of us may not be aware of the working of the tube light or how to install them. This article helps you understand the working of the … Read more

Mattress Protector Guide

What is Mattress Protectors? Mattress protectors are the thin layers that protect the mattress from damage and foreign materials. These mattress protectors are tucked into the mattress or placed on the top of mattress completely which can be closed with the zipper. These provide the best protection against following things: Food particles and drink spills … Read more

How To Choose a Mini Fridge

There are a few very important factors that you should not forget to check before buying a mini-fridge for your home. These factors will help you understand the appliance better and will be useful in the long run. Some of the factors are as follows: 1. Storage Capacity: Checking the storage capacity is one of … Read more

How To Choose Tower Speaker

To buy the best floor-standing speaker for your home, you should go through each of these factors thoroughly. It will be very helpful in deciding the effectiveness of the speaker that you are going to buy. 1. Type of Drivers: Tower speakers usually have multiple drivers that are responsible for relaying sound via vibration. This … Read more

Hot Glue Gun Guide

Hot Melt Glue guns are made out of plastic and metal. The internal machinery of the glue gun is encased in metal to insulate and contain the heat generated while the outer shell is encased in plastic for durability and grip. Before jumping into the intricate details such as the important factors for picking the … Read more

How To Choose Bathroom Exhaust Fan

As we mentioned earlier, choosing a correct bathroom exhaust fan might be tricky. But once it is fit, you do not need to worry about it for over many years to come for. Today, in this guide, we will be talking about the various important factors one needs to consider while picking an exhaust fan. … Read more

A Guide On How To Choose a Mosquito Net

What is a Mosquito Net? Mosquito net is the meshed curtain that is made of polyester or metal specially designed for you window, bed and doors. It prevents all type of pests entering the house, while still having the possibilities of leaving the way for fresh air. Why are Mosquito Nets so Important? Mosquito bites … Read more

Which Detergent Is Best For Washing Machine

Mentioned above is a list that we picked based on the research our team conducted. But how did we decide on which detergent is best for you? Well the answer is very simple, we have a 4 parameter model upon which we decide if a given detergent is good for your clothes or not.  Generally, … Read more

14 Must-Have Bedroom Essentials for Your New Home

Do you feel that your bedroom is messy and overfilled with tons of random things/unnecessary items? A bedroom should be a comfortable place where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. A cozy and well-organized bedroom is a secret to a happy life. So, instead of cluttering with so many things, you have to … Read more

5 Best Dining Chairs in India Reviews & Buying Guide

The best dining chairs should be strong, well-constructed, and attractive to look at. However, there are various other features that you have to consider before investing in the dining chairs. The traditional style of matching sets of table and chairs are long gone. Now, is the style of mixing and matching different kinds of chairs … Read more

The 4 Best Whirlpool Refrigerator In India: 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Whirlpool is one of the top leading manufacturers and marketers of home appliances in Indian market. They started their operations in the year 1911 in Michigan, United States. But it entered Indian market in late 1980’s under joint venture with TVS group. After LG and Samsung, whirlpool takes up the position of third popular refrigerator … Read more