Top 5 Best Mosquito Killers in India 2020

Mosquitoes can be a real pain. Not only they irritate with their buzzing sound and bites, they are the carrier of many harmful diseases such as dengue and malaria. Hence, it is very important to get rid of them in the best way possible. There are multiple ways to get rid of mosquitoes such as mosquito nets, mosquito repellents, etc. These liquids emit harmful chemicals that are not good for your health, especially asthma and bronchitis patients.

This is where mosquito traps come into the picture. They trap the mosquitoes and kill them immediately without emitting any chemical. The price of the mosquito trap depends on the size and technology that it uses but it ranges between Rs.500 – 3000. 

Type of mosquito trap: There are multiple types of mosquito traps such as Propane, CO2, UV trap, etc. These traps can be either used indoor or outdoor or both, depending on your requirements.

Coverage area: For the best efficiency and effectiveness, a mosquito trap must provide a large coverage area. This factor helps in determining the effectiveness of the trap and it can also hint whether the trap can be used only indoor or outdoor too.

Ease of use (Bug trap tray): The mosquito traps should be easy to use. The cleaning process is a tricky part here. This is why many mosquito killers come with a removable bug trap tray at the bottom. You can simply remove the tray, remove the killed mosquitoes, and keep it back.

To help you select the best mosquito killers for indoor as well as outdoor use, we have shortlisted these brands on the basis of coverage area and their mode of action. You can also check out the Buying Guide for more details that are mentioned below the reviews. If you have any queries, you can ask us in the comments section below.

Best Mosquito Killers in India

Best Mosquito KillerRated PowerBug Trap TrayWarrantyBuy Now
Hygiene Mosquito Killer40WNo1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
ZIGMA Mosquito Killer20WYes1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
ADTALA Standard Mosquito Killer5WYesNACHECK ON AMAZON
Koyet Mosquito Killer5WYesNACHECK ON AMAZON

Top 5 Best Mosquito Killers in India

1.Hygiene 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer


The Hygiene Jumbo Flying Insect Killer helps you get rid of annoying insects and diseases within minutes. It is a low power consuming machine and is completely chemical-free. Since it does not emit any poisonous gas, the machine is completely safe to use indoor.

The machine is made using solid metal and lasts for years. This 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer provides a wide coverage area of up to 3000 sq ft. You can use it for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Key Features:

  • Type – UV light mosquito trap
  • Weight – 6 kg
  • Bug Trap Tray – No
  • Coverage area – 3000 sq ft
  • The mosquito killer is easy to install and carry around.
  • You can even take it along with you while traveling.
  • It lets you have a bug-free environment that too without any hassle. 

Warranty and service quality – It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.


  • It is a compact and lightweight machine.
  • The device uses light to attract mosquitoes and kills them using electric shock.
  • The machine is manufactured in India and thus, spare parts are easily available.
  • It offers a large coverage area.
  • You can use this mosquito trap both indoor and outdoor.


  • It is a bit costly.
  • The design looks bulky.

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2. ZIGMA Metal 20W Electric Bug Zapper & Fly Catcher


The ZIGMA Metal Bug Zapper & Fly Catcher is a convenient mosquito killer that is made to spread the light in all the directions. It has the most unique and beautiful design and is perfect for usage at both home and office space.

This mosquito killer is an eco-friendly machine that consumes very little power. The convenient tray at the bottom helps in collecting the dead insects. You can remove this tray easily and clean after disposing of the bugs. One thing that you must make sure of is you should not touch the grid of the machine while it is on as you might get an electric shock.

Key Features:

  • Type – UV light mosquito trap
  • Weight – 2.5 kg
  • Bug Trap Tray – Yes
  • Coverage area – 800 sq ft
  • The best part about this bug zapper is that it has an electric grid that is very easy to clean and does not clog at all.
  • It is suitable for both household and commercial purposes.

Warranty and service quality – It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.


  • The machine is easy to install and carry around.
  • It is a small and compact device and is 100% safe to use at home.
  • The flycatcher has a tray at the bottom of the unit. 
  • It is a sound-free, chemical-free, and poison-free machine.
  • You can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


  • The machine is effective only in dark areas.

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3. ADTALA Standard LED Mosquito Killer

ADTALA Standard LED Mosquito Killer

Next on our list is the Adtala Standard Design Upgraded Eco-Friendly Mosquito killer trap lamp. It comes with a 365 nanometer LED ray that attracts insects very effectively. The powerful cyclone that is in the machine that will trap the mosquitoes. The mosquito box of this trap is a funnel type that will make sure that the mosquitoes are not escaping.

The lamp is USB enabled so you can easily plug it and power it using a mobile power or with your computer as well. Low in noise, the lamp emits no sort of radiation or toxic gas and is completely chemical-free. Thus it is 100% safe to be used around children too.

Key Features:

  • Type – LED photocatalyst UV light mosquito trap
  • Weight – 550 grams
  • Bug Trap Tray – Yes. has a box format storage
  • Coverage area – 645.835 sq ft
  • Easy to clean and very light in weight compared to most of the mosquito traps mentioned in the list. 

Warranty: There is no mention of any limited or manufacturer’s warranty on the product


  • Safe for a small to mid-sized room
  • USB enabled charging makes it easy to charge 
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Compact and easy to carry around as well
  • Noise-free and chemical-free


  • Does not come with any manufacturer’s warranty

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4. ISABELLA Eco Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer


The ISABELLA Mosquito Killer is an effective mosquito killer trap that releases a light wave of 365nm that is designed for attracting mosquitoes. As soon as the mosquito comes close to the lamp, it features a strong suction that the mosquitoes to the bottom and kill them in inhalation style.

Key Features:

  • Type – UV light mosquito trap
  • Weight – 550 gm
  • Bug Trap Tray – Yes
  • Coverage area – 300 sq ft
  • Rated Power – 5W
  • It features a pure physical anti-mosquito method.
  • The device also features a new duct system design to trap mosquitoes.

Warranty and service quality – The product comes with a free replacement policy of 10 days from the date of purchase.


  • It is a budget-friendly mosquito killer.
  • The mosquito killer looks stylish and does its job without producing any unnecessary noise.
  • It is a power-efficient device that works great in a darker environment.
  • The bottom part of the device is detachable that makes it easier to clean.


  • It works only after plugging into 3 amp USB plug and not with any other plug.

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5. Koyet USB Powered Non-Toxic UV LED Mosquito Killer


The Koyet Mosquito Killer is an amazing product that silently traps mosquito so that it does not affect your sleep. It is a lightweight mosquito trap that is very easy to handle and clean.

The quality of the trap is very good and can last for very long. It is completely non-toxic and consumes very little power. 

Key Features:

  •  Type – UV light mosquito trap
  • Weight – 400 gm
  • Tray – Yes
  • Coverage area – 200 sq ft
  • Rated Power – 5W
  • It allows a powerful airflow of fan that makes the vortex to kill mosquitoes.
  • The trap kills the mosquitoes by air drying and dehydration.

Warranty and service quality – The product comes with a free replacement policy of 10 days from the date of purchase.


  • This mosquito trap is a portable device and consumes very little power.
  • It works using USB charging and is completely safe to use.
  • The machine uses LED UV light to trap the mosquitoes and other flies.
  • You can open the storage box and clean it easily.


  • The killing process takes a bit longer.

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Buying Guide For Best Mosquito Killers in India

Here is a detailed Buying Guide for a mosquito trap.

What is a mosquito trap?

A mosquito trap is a device that is designed specially to attract and kill the mosquitoes. These eco-friendly machines are safe to use and are very effective. There are many mosquito repellents too that claim to provide relief from mosquitoes. They come in the form of either creams, liquids, or sprays. These creams and sprays are harmful to the skin, especially those with sensitive skin.

Therefore, you must not think a lot to buy a mosquito killer for your home. Apart from mosquitoes, these traps are also helpful in trapping other insects and flies. The functioning of a mosquito killer can be divided into 2 parts – trapping and killing. Out of these 2 steps, trapping the insects is an essential part and this is where most trappers fail to show the effectiveness.

How does mosquito traps work?

The mosquitoes can fly up to 25 feet from the ground level to find their prey. They have several sensory organs that help them trace their prey and suck the blood.

  • Antennae

The main purpose of the antennae is to locate and trace odors produced by humans, especially carbon dioxide. These antennae can trace about 340 odors produced by human skin.

  • Maxillary Palpus

The maxillary palpus is generally located on the head of the mosquitoes. These organs can sense heat, and this helps them find the warm-blooded species around them. They also help the mosquitoes in finding the capillaries that are close to the skin and are easy to reach.

  • Compound eyes

The compound eyes have multiple lenses that help in spotting the movement of the humans and distinguish between them.

The mosquito traps take advantage of these sensory features of the mosquitoes and try to trick them by mimicking smell or visual stimuli with that of humans. These machines are made using an electrocuting grid and have a sticky surface. Once the killers attract the mosquitoes, they land to this sticky surface and get trapped. 

Benefits of using a mosquito killer

Apart from trapping and killing mosquitoes, there are many other benefits of mosquitoes. They are mentioned below:

  • It provides complete protection from mosquitoes and other insects 24*7.
  • You will not have to worry about refilling anything again and again. But, for optimal performance, you should clean the killer at regular intervals.
  • Since it does not eliminate any liquid or gas, there is no risk of skin or eye irritation.
  • It is a portable and effective mosquito killer that lets you sleep peacefully without using mosquito nets. You can even carry the device to your trips.

Factors to consider before buying a mosquito killer:

Mentioned below are a few essential factors that you must consider before buying a mosquito killer for your house.

1.Area Size

There are multiple types of mosquito killers; each type serves a separate purpose. Thus, it is very essential to check the features of each one of them and the first feature that you must look for is the coverage area that it offers. 

If you intend to use the mosquito killer within a room then you must look for a device whose effective coverage area is more than the size of the room. Also, if you wish to use it in the outdoors, the coverage area must be at least 20% higher than the outdoor area.

It is said that the effectiveness of the trap keeps decreasing as the coverage area or distance increases. Thus, it is always recommended to keep some buffer space in mind while finalizing the area or size of the room. Since it is a one-time time investment, there is no harm in buying a mosquito killer with a higher coverage area.

2. Placement

A proper placement of the mosquito killer is like any other factor, including the area size. To select the best place for a mosquito trap, you must check for the main breeding points so that you can catch hold of them before even they try to approach you. Some of the most common breeding areas include stranded water, bushes, gardens, etc.

Another rule of placement is you must try to keep the trap away from people and around 30-40 feet away from human activity. Since mosquitoes don’t like the heat of direct sun, they usually reside in shady areas. 

Another factor to consider is after sucking blood, mosquitoes become double their weight and this prevents them from flying upwards. Thus, you can place the mosquito trap upwind from the breeding area.

3. Mode of Action

There are 2 types of mosquito killers – chemical-based and electric shock based. It is recommended to use chemical-based mosquito killers for outdoor usage as they emit some odor. Some people don’t like this odor but it is necessary to attract and trap the mosquitoes.

For indoor use, you can use electric shock based mosquitoes as they do not emit any odor and do not affect health at all.

4. Construction

Some factors that you must consider regarding the built of the mosquito killer is whether it is waterproof or not or how rugged the device is. You can also look for a small yet effective device.

5. Ease of Use

The mosquito killer must be easy to use, install, store, and operate. 

The installation process is usually a tricky part but we suggest you look for a device whose installation process is easy and quick. When compared to the outdoor mosquito killers, the indoor devices are easy to install.

But, with the indoor mosquito traps, you should be very careful and give more preference to the safety features. It should be out of the reach of kids and pets.

Cleaning also plays an essential role in the effectiveness of the device. Thus, it should be easy to clean and must be cleaned regularly.

6. Running Cost

This includes both buying cost and the maintaining cost of the device since it uses electricity for operation. You can also look for mosquito killers with an added programmable timer feature. This helps in activating the device automatically during the peak mosquito hours.

7. Safety

You must always check the security standards of the electric mosquito killers and keep it away from the reach of children and pets to avoid any hazard. If you are using a carbon-dioxide mosquito killer, you should place it away from the reach of people as it might lead to suffocation.

8. Warranty Services

It is always suggested to buy mosquito killers with a warranty period as you can always replace it with a new product if you find any fault in the device. If not warranty, you should check for return policy so that you do not waste your money on a product that is not effective enough.

Types of Traps

There are multiple types of mosquito traps such as Propane, CO2, UV trap, etc. While UV traps work the best for indoor use, heat traps and propane traps are best suitable for outdoor use. There are traps such as CO2 traps and water traps that can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Let’s have a look at all the types of mosquito killers that are available in the market.

  • Water Mosquito Traps

The Water Mosquito Traps are considered as the most effective traps when it comes to attracting female mosquitoes. Since mosquito lay eggs on water and it forms a perfect breeding environment for them, these devices trap the mosquitoes near water.

These are safe and eco-friendly devices as they do not emit any gas or poison. All you need is a tray full of water to operate this trap. You can install it both indoors as well as outdoors. They are simple and budget-friendly traps that finish the purpose efficiently. The only problem here is it might be a little messy to refresh the trays and clean the population of dead mosquitoes.

  • UV Light Mosquito Traps

These types of traps are absolutely harmful and can even be placed within the reach of children and pets. They do not emit excessive heat, poison, humidity, or gases. They attract flies or mosquitoes using UV light and can be installed indoors.

When compared to other types of traps, these are cheaper but they are not as effective as other traps. These traps work best in smaller rooms.

  • Propane Mosquito Traps

These traps are considered as the most effective ones and work effectively for a long period of time. Even though they are a bit costly, they work by releasing both moisture and carbon dioxide. The combination of both serves as a great enticement for attracting mosquitoes. To increase its affectivity, you can also add Octenol. As soon as the mosquitoes get sucked into the traps, they die of dehydration as they cannot survive without water for many days.

Since Propane Mosquito Traps emit heat, moisture, and carbon dioxide simultaneously, they resemble a lot like human beings to mosquitoes and thus, they get attracted towards the device. There are some wireless models also available in this type.

  • Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Trap

Since humans exhale CO2, it is the biggest indication for mosquitoes that there is some human activity happening around. Female mosquitoes sense CO2 from a very long distance and they come closer in search of their prey and eventually get trapped. They are safe to use both indoors and outdoors.

  • Heat Mosquito Traps

Since humans are warm-blooded mammals, this is another trick to attract mosquitoes. These traps work the best in the outdoor environment and can cover an area up to 2 acres. Even though these are a bit expensive machines, they serve the purpose well and cover a very large area.

Which trap is more effective: Outdoor or Indoor?

Even though the end purpose of both the types of mosquito killers is the same, both behave a bit differently. The most important factor that needs to be considered here is safety. The indoor devices are generally safer to use than outdoor devices. The indoor devices do not emit any harmful gases or chemicals but they do not cover an as large area as outdoor mosquito traps.

How to get the most out of mosquito traps?

Even though selecting and buying a mosquito trap is a very crucial step, another factor that affects its efficiency is how well you maintain it. Mentioned below are some tips that can help you manage the device effectively and make the most out of it!

  • Make sure the mosquito killer provides enough coverage area according to the size of your room.

The coverage area should be sufficient enough to cover the entire room otherwise it will be a waste of money.

  • Check the power source.

Since most of the mosquito killers rely on the white UV light, interruption with other lights can interfere with the ability of the device to trap the mosquitoes. Also, check the power source and if the cord is long enough to reach the outlet.

  • A proper placement of the mosquito killer does more than half of your job. Thus, a little bit of analysis is required here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does UV light kill mosquitoes?

The female mosquitoes get attracted to water vapor and carbon dioxide that is present in the breath of the mammals and not UV light. However, the mosquito killers attract mosquitoes by emitting carbon dioxide using UV lights such as Octenol. This helps in attracting and killing them.

2. Why do mosquitoes get attracted towards humans?

Since female mosquitoes suck human blood to lay eggs, the blood acts as protein for them. To find this, they get attracted towards humans with the help of carbon dioxide that they emit, body heat, or body odor.

3. Are electric mosquito killers effective?

Yes, the electric mosquito killers are very effective and they trap and kill all the mosquitoes without even emitting poisonous gas or chemicals. They are environment-friendly and finish their job. 

4. I live at 5th floor of my apartment. Do I need a mosquito killer?

Even though mosquitoes cannot fly above 25 feet from ground level, there are situations where they start breeding at the top floors too. Thus, it is always safe to have a mosquito killer at home as prevention is always better than cure.

5. Will killing the mosquitoes affect the ecosysteem?

No, killing the mosquitoes and reducing their population or even complete eradication of the mosquitoes will not affect the ecosystem adversely. They do not contribute anything to the ecosystem in a positive way. However, eradicating them will help human society to get rid of various diseases completely and live a better life without any worry.

6. Do I need to install a mosquito killer outdoor?

The mosquitoes arrive from outdoors, especially from areas where water is available for breeding. It is better to kill the mosquitoes outdoors so that they do not invade the interior of the home. If you have a considerable outdoor area in the front or back, you should install a mosquito killer outdoor. This will also be helpful if you spend a considerable amount of time outdoors like your garden, patio, or yard. If you have a swimming pool, an outdoor mosquito killer is a must.

7. How do mosquitoes find human beings and why?

Only female mosquitoes bite and suck the blood out of human beings. They need blood to get their eggs with proteins in the blood. They spot human beings and their locality by the amount of emission of carbon dioxide, the heat signature of the body, the odor human body produces as well as their movements. They breed in dirty places, places where water is stored or stagnated for weeks.

8. How does a mosquito killer work?

A mosquito killer performs two tasks to kill mosquitoes. It attracts the mosquitoes in the room towards and device, and then it traps it inside or kills it by various techniques. A mosquito killer throws certain rays of light that attract the mosquitoes toward the device naturally. When those mosquitoes sit on the device, they are killed either by heat treatment or by electric shock. The device is designed in such a way that human beings and kids are not affected if they touch it accidentally. Besides, the mosquitoes are sucked in the inside so that there is no mess around it spreading diseases.

9. What are the other ways of killing mosquitoes?

There are various other ways of killing mosquitoes but the mosquito killers are the best and most Conclusion: . Other than these, there are mosquito magnets which attract the mosquitoes and then trap them inside into stick substances. There are mosquito zapper bats which you have to swing to kill the mosquitoes around you. Other than these, there is mosquito-killing fog or smog that are spread in the air to kill the mosquitoes, especially in outdoor areas.


Mosquitoes are carriers of many dreadful diseases and it is very important to get rid of them. By now, we already know that mosquito killers are way more effective in getting rid of them at once than using other ways such as repellent creams or mosquito killing bats.

So, if you are planning to buy a mosquito trap for your home, we recommend you to go through the buying guide thoroughly and then take a call.

According to us, the Hygiene Jumbo Flying Insect Killer is by far the best mosquito killer available in the market. It is an eco-friendly device that consumes very less power and work effectively. Unlike other products, it also comes with a warranty of 1 year and this makes it one of the most trustable brands.

Apart from this, there are few other products that we have mentioned in the list that can fit in your requirements. If you have any more queries, you can write us back and we are here to help you!