10 Best Mosquito Nets in India: 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

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Mosquito bites can cause diseases like malaria, Dengue, yellow fever, zika and many more. Protecting yourself from mosquito bites has become essential.

There are many ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes like you can use mosquito repellents or Mosquito Killers, but these are not that easy as mosquito nets. It keeps the mosquitoes and other creatures away from you, and creates a barrier between you and your surroundings.

It comes in different sizes and shapes. Here are some factors you should consider before you buy mosquito nets.

Size and Shape:

Make sure to measure the size of your bed before you buy the mosquito net, so that it leaves enough space to tuck the edges under the mattress.


There are two common materials used in mosquito netting- polyester and cotton

Polyester materials works well for letting air flow through net and are more comfortable to sleep and easily washable, they have high strengths, resistant and low weight.

Cotton materials are low tear strength and can port more dust that leads to allergies sometimes

There are many other factors like color, style efficiency and many more that are clearly described in our “Buying Guide”.

Best Mosquito Nets of 2021

ProductsBed TypeMaterial/FabricSavioursSizeBuy Now
Classic Mosquito NetDouble Bed Terelyne (Polyester)Free Saviours200 x 200 x 145 cmCheck On Amazon
Healthy Mosquito NetDouble Bed PolyesterNo182.88 x 182.88 x 124.96 cmCheck On Amazon
Story@Home Mosquito NetKing/Queen Size Double BedNylonNo200 x 145 x 200 cmCheck On Amazon
Royal Mosquito NetSingle BedPolyesterNo200 x 120 x 145 cmCheck On Amazon
Healthgenie Mosquito NetDouble BedPolyesterNo200 x 200x 145 cmCheck On Amazon
HEMOVIA Mosquito NetDouble BedPolyesterNo6.56 x 6.56 x 4.75 feetCheck On Amazon
AmazingHind Mosquito NetDouble BedPolyesterFree Saviours210 x 210 cmCheck On Amazon
Verdioz With Device Mosquito NetDouble BedPoly cottonFree Saviours200 x 200 x 145 cmCheck On Amazon
Athena Creations Mosquito NetDouble BedPolyesterNo200 x 200 x 145 cmCheck On Amazon
Backbone Mosquito NetDouble BedPolyester, SatinFree Saviours200 x 200 x 145 cmCheck On Amazon

10 Best Mosquito Net Reviews in India


1. Classic Mosquito Net

Classic Mosquito NetClassic is one of the most recommended brands of mosquito net in the Indian market. It comes with a host of competitive features that gives it an edge over the others. The best part about this mosquito net is that it is easy to install and pops-up instantly. It is also easy to fold the Classic Mosquito Net. The hassle free usage, good quality material and brand impact is what made us put it first in our list of 10 Best Mosquito Nets.

It comes with storage bag, which is free of charge. Also, included in the mosquito net are two large zipper gates, for easy entry and exit.

The mosquito net is made up of polyester material. Its mesh size design offers optimum air circulation. Also, the holes in the net are really tiny, which helps to keep all sizes of insects and other small flies away. Overall, it has a very strong yet soft net.

Classic Mosquito Net comes in a generous size. One that will fit all types of beds ranging from king size to super king size, from queen size. You can also look for single bed nets in this brand. Size of a Classic double net is 200*200*145 cms (6.15*6.15*5ft). So, if you wish to accommodate two adults and 1 kid in a double bed, then you will find Classic net an ideal choice.

But do note that you will get a single door zip in Classic single bed mosquito nets. However, the zips can be opened from both the sides.

We would highly recommend Classic Mosquito Net, majorly because its self-foldable, requires very less time to wrap-up your bed . Also, because the product is lightweight, and hence can be carried out even when you are travelling

Additional Features

  • PVC coated rod that offers it good mechanical strength and toughness
  • The terelyne material makes it washable


  • Latest technology spring steel rod used
  • The rod is corrosion resistant


  • No return policy available

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2. Healthy Mosquito Net

Healthy Mosquito NetThe first thing that you will notice in the Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net is its beautiful floral design. It will blend well with any bedroom interior. The second best in our list, this mosquito net can be easily packed. Also, it is an open net, so you can even tuck a bed inside it, unlike the mosquito nets that come with base cloth.

Healthy Sleeping is a foldable mosquito net, with a fine mesh that offers excellent protection from mosquitos, flies cockroaches, and other flying bugs. In addition, it comes with two large zipper gates on both sides, allowing you to easily slide in and out of the net. Also, just like Classic, you can even pack Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net within 30 seconds.

The material used for this mosquito net is polyester, which makes it washable. Polyester is also capable of holding heat, keeping you warmly tugged inside the net, and helping you to enjoy a cozy sleep. The net is built using spring steel technology, that makes it durable, and also helps in providing maximum ventilation to its user.

Healthy Mosquito Net is available in multiple sizes, and several designs and patters. The size of the one featured in our list is of double bed, with dimensions 182.88 cm x 182.88 cm x 124.96 cm. It is a lightweight product that can be easily assembled and carried out. The heathy net also requires minimum storage space. It comes with a storage back that is free of cost.

Overall a beautiful mosquito net to own. We would recommend Healthy Mosquito Net for its various patterns, and also because it is available in various sizes and types such as king, queen, double bed mosquito net, outdoor mosquito net, folded mosquito net, baby mosquito net and more.

Additional Features

  • The net needs to be hand-washed which prevents fading or shrinking
  • High carbon steel wires used with cover by PVC tube ensuring super durability


  • Good net quality
  • Zip quality is good too


  • Cannot be bleached or dry washed

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3. Story@Home Mosquito Net

Story@Home Mosquito NetThe third ranked in our list of 10 Best Mosquito Nets, Story@Home is an elegant piece of net to own. It has elastic bands on all the four corners that gives this mosquito net a sturdy structure. You will also find some extra cloth that can be tugged beneath the mattress, which makes it not only good for indoors, but also an ideal choice for windy outdoors like terrace and gardens.

Story@Home is a foldable mosquito net. It is lightweight, which means you will not have to take any extra effort in carrying it, and can be easily folded too. The design is stylish and spacious. Its designed to meet the changing needs of customers. Also, compared to Classic and Healthy, Story@Home mosquito nets comes at an affordable rate.

This mosquito net is made of premium quality nylon material, so you can easily wash and dry it. The ideal size can fit any adult bed. Also, because it has no corners, rather elastic straps, you can use this net for all bed sizes. In addition to the 4 straps, the mosquito net also has an extra elastic band that helps to hold it once folded.

It comes in two different sizes – king and queen.

Overall we did recommend Story@Home majorly because it will provide you with a steady bed. Also, the look is quite sleek, giving your bed a grand princely kind of set-up. And, just like the first two even this one comes with a free of cost storage bag.

Additional Features

  • Large zipper gates on both sides for easy entry and exit
  • Soft as well as good quality net, makes it more durable


  • Useful product
  • Helps in keeping diseases at bay


  • A bit big for queen size bed

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4. Royal Mosquito Net

Royal Mosquito NetRoyal Mosquito Net, has taken the fourth position in our list of best mosquito nets for a reason. Its white, bright and shiny appearance will give your bedroom a feel of regality. The company Royal Fabrics has been in the industry for more than a decade now, and works with a mission – to protect the world from dangerous diseases like Malaria, Dengue, H1N1 and more.

The net comes with a large zipper, that allows you to easily enter and exit the net, without having to change its position. Which means you can sleep peacefully in the night, knowing that not a single mosquito would have had a chance to enter the net.

Royal mosquito net is specifically designed for Indian weather conditions. The net has big pores that allows a better airflow, but with a strong mesh, which ensures a insect free sleeping zone.

The material of the net is polyester, just like the others. It will be easy for you to soak, clean and dry it, unlike the traditional mosquito nets that were made of cloth and took a lot of time and energy to clean.

Overall a beautiful looking material, that can also be carried around easily. But the only thing that we did not like about Royal Mosquito Net is that it is single bed net.

Additional Features

  • Has a self-support design which means less hassle to open, set-up and fold it
  • Comes with patches that can be used in case of any tears


  • No surprise attacks of mosquitos at night
  • Has a full-bodied net design


  • The only option to clean it is with vacuum cleaner

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5. Healthgenie Mosquito Net

Healthgenie Mosquito NetHealthgenie Mosquito Net, looks just like its competitors – the Royal and Classic mosquito nets, but is lighter. Made of the finest mesh, this mosquito net is equally capable of keeping flies, mosquitos, and other types of pests at bay.

The net is stylish yet spacious, making it perfect for a double bed. It has a two-way entry and exit that can be opened and sealed with zippers. Users who have been using the Healthgenie Mosquito Net have confirmed the quality of the zipper.

Another thing that we noticed while reviewing the item is that it is moderately priced. In fact, this Healthgenie product is 15% lesser priced than its competitors.

The dimension of the mosquito net is 200 x 200 x 145cm, that makes it apt for covering an entire double bed. Though big in size, but it is very easy to fold, which makes it an ideal travel partner. Especially in those jungle type resorts where there are less provisions available. The Healthgeinie Mosquito Net will definitely keep you safe and allow you to enjoy the weather without getting bitten.

The material used is polyester. Hence you will not have to take any extra effort in cleaning the net.

Overall, we did say here is a cheap and best mosquito net, that can be used both in bedroom and outside.

Additional Features

  • Triangle shaped frame providing more space at the base


  • Comfortable to sleep in
  • Can be easily folded and installed


  • Net is very delicate hence there is always a fear of tear-off

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6. HEMOVIA Foldable King Size (Double Bed) Mosquito Net

This yurt-shaped mosquito net from HEMOVIA is a perfect fit for a king size double bed with the dimensions 6.56 x 6.56 x 4.75 feet. With such a large size, you can use this for your camping tent during travel.

It is made of polyester fabric. So, it is washable, lightweight and durable. There’s a steel wiring on two sides of this net, making it self-standing. This wiring makes the net easy to fold and unfold in 30 seconds.

With dense and small mesh holes all over, this mosquito net protects you not only from mosquitoes but also beetles, spiders, flies and other insects. 

Meanwhile, the zipper gates on both the sides of the net, make it easy for you to conveniently enter and exit. 

You also get a storage bag along with the net to safely store it after folding. 

In a nutshell, you can go for this mosquito net if you own a king size or queen size bed or if you frequently travel or go for camping.

Additional Features

  • Rust-free steel wiring along the border of the net for easy folding and unfolding.
  • Insecticide coating on the mesh for additional safety.


  • Easy to fold in 30 seconds.
  • Polyester fabric makes the net easy to wash.
  • Easy-to-glide zippers.
  • Spacious and can easily fit 2 people.


  • A bit heavy in weight.

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7. AmazingHind Mosquito Net

AmazingHind Mosquito NetThe first thing we noticed about AmazingHind Mosquito Net is its oval shape, which makes it look unique, and helps in beautifying your bedroom. This Made in India product is corrosion resistant, which makes it sturdy enough to last for more than 2-3 years – the average life of a mosquito net.

The frame rods used are heavy compared to other mosquito nets, that further confirms the durability of the product, but it would be difficult to fold and carry it. However, that also means that you can keep it standing for days on your bed without worrying about creases and wrinkles affecting the fabric.

Not only quality frames, but even the net is made of fine quality polyester, and dons thick mesh netting with a fully polyester floor to keep the smallest of bug away.

AmazingHind Mosquito Net has two large zipper doors allowing you to happily moving in and out.

You may think that the oval shape will restrict the space, but we can confirm that just like the others even this one can easily accommodate 2 adults and a kid within its vicinity.

We would recommend AmazingHind to all those searching for a good looking, strong and durable net that would sustain itself for a longer period of time. You can also use it for your outdoor yoga and meditation sessions.

Additional Features

  • Size: 7 x 7ft makes it an ideal for all types of double beds


  • Less storage occupancy
  • Beautiful color


  • The product is heavy compared to the others

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8. Verdioz With Device Mosquito Net

Verdioz With Device Mosquito NetWe would give full points to Verdioz With Device mosquito net for its fine stitching quality. The net holes are dense, as small as 1cm² making it impossible for even the tiny-mini bugs to barge-in.

The mosquito net also comes with free saviors – specially made anti-mosquito stickers that will protect the net from future accidental holes, which increases the life-span of Veridoz With Device mosquito net.

It’s a beautiful, white, and transparently designed net, ideal for any type of interiors. The net provides great visibility too, so you can happily sit inside and watch TV, or see anything else as clearly as if there is nothing in between.

Like the others, even Veridoz has two large sized zippers and four elastic bands attached on the corners, that provides stronger grip.

The product is lightweight and easily foldable, making it a perfect choice of travels. It also, comes with a free storage bag, making it easy to carry.

The 200 x 200 x 145cm is perfect for all types of double beds.

So, if you are looking for a mosquito net with quality and beauty, then Veridoz With Device is the right choice for you. It is also easy to install, fold down and wash.

Additional Features

  • Double elastic wire supports up to 720 degree bending, making it almost unbreakable


  • Frill on gates make it look elegant
  • Fine quality sewing


  • Very delicate hence need careful handling

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9. Athena Creations Mosquito Net

Athena Creations Mosquito NetThe last in our list, but definitely not the least. The Athena Creations Mosquito Net stands out for being least suffocating. It’s a combination of good quality net, with sizeable pores allowing air to pass through conveniently.

The polypropylene net makes it very light, and easy to wash. You can carry it while camping, or in case you wish to set-up your bed on the terrace especially during summers.

The Athena Creations is a double bed mosquito net. The size of net is 200 x 200 x 145cm, just like the others, making it fit for double beds.

You can fold the complete net within 30 seconds. Also, there are extra loop on the top of the net, that helps in holding the folded door, without spoiling the look.

Athena mosquito net also comes with two large zippers, that can be used from both sides, making it super convenient to open and close the entrance of the net, whether you are inside or outside.

Overall, a perfect mosquito nets for all those seeking comfortable and mosquito free sleep. It comes with an attractive package bag, which is free of cost.

Additional Features

  • The easy pop feature makes it hassle free to install the net on the bed or anywhere else


  • Easy to follow instructions for folding and installing the net
  • Strong frames


  • No proper returning policy

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10. BACKBONE Double Size Bed Mosquito Net with Free Saviours

BACKBONE Double Size Bed Mosquito Net

This is a dome-shaped mosquito net, which measures 200x200x145cms to suit double bed, king size and queen size beds. The lace design makes this net attractive and suits modern bedroom decors.

As it’s made of high-quality polyester, this mosquito net not only lasts long but also ensures a breathable environment helping you have a sound sleep. 

With a large zipper gate, you can conveniently enter and exit the mosquito net without any hassle. Also, the zippers are strong and break-proof.

Moreover, the wiring around the net is strong enough to help you fold it with ease. This net also pops up in just a few seconds, so you can use it instantly. You can also wash the net using a detergent or soap.

Overall, this is an attractive-looking mosquito net with polyester and satin material. It enhances the look of your bedroom interiors. 

Additional Features

  • Comes with a bag to store the net safely.


  • Easy to fold in less than 30 seconds.
  • Contains polyester and satin fabric, making it easy to wash.
  • Strong zippers.
  • Attractive look.


  • The net is not very strong.

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Mosquito nets are better than sprays, coils and creams that are used to keep mosquitos away. They do not have any direct effect on your physical health. Probably a reason why even WHO recommends them as best mosquito repellent option.

The thick mesh of the net is what prevents not only mosquitos but even bugs, insects and spiders to enter your sleeping zone, and also allows free flow of air within the net.

Through this article we have tried our best to provide the latest, relevant and most important information that you as a user would need about mosquito nets.

The 10 Mosquito Nets are indeed the best, but personally we did like to recommend Classic Mosquito Net, for its brand, quality and long life.

However, if you think otherwise them please feel free to drop in your comments and let us know. Also, if you have been a user of any of these mosquito nets, we would like to hear about your experience, so do share.

Stay Safe, and Away from Mosquito Bites.

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