A Guide On How To Choose a Mosquito Net

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What is a Mosquito Net?

Mosquito net is the meshed curtain that is made of polyester or metal specially designed for you window, bed and doors. It prevents all type of pests entering the house, while still having the possibilities of leaving the way for fresh air.

Why are Mosquito Nets so Important?

Mosquito bites are not just irritating and painful but also can be deadly; there are around 1 million deaths each year due to the diseases spread due to mosquitoes like

  • Zika
  • West Nile
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • Malaria

The vaccines for these mosquito- borne diseases are not that effective, naturally you should keep these bugs away from you with the help of mosquito nets. Protecting Pregnant women and young children from these diseases is most important.

How Effective are Mosquito Nets?

This would be the first query people get when they are looking for a product. Surprisingly the most effective way to prevent malaria is sleeping under the mosquito nets as per the survey.

You may use flash cards, some sprays but that effect wears off after a while and will not reduce your problem, but that’s not the case with mosquito nets. The thick mesh does not allow mosquitos to enter the sleeping zone.

You will not face any problem to breath as the pores in the net allow air to pass fluently.

How to Choose a Good Mosquito Net?

There are many options available in the market, all are equally effective but there are some key points you should have a look before you buy


Polyester and cotton are most used materials for mosquito netting. Mosquito nets made of polyester are light in weight and can be used for travelling easily. These nets last longer than cotton nets. It is easily washable and weather resistant.

Cotton is not resistant to water; these nets offer comfortable rest when used outdoors. It is dustier and can set off allergies.

2. Size

Choose the net that is spacious and have enough space to cover full bed. The most recommended size of the net holes is 1.2mm x 1.2mm.

For individual purpose pyramid shape mosquito nets could be used. The more advisable nettings that provide more space for you and your friends are rectangular nets.

A dimension of the mosquito net is an important aspect to consider. Make sure you are purchasing a mosquito net which is ideally bigger than the bed. Measure the size of bed and make sure you will have enough margins to tuck the edges under the mattress, and don’t forget to count the thickness of mattress while calculating the size.

Small sized nets will leave some gaps through which insects will enter. You will also feel uncomfortable while sleeping cause of compact size.

On the other hand, an over-sized net, will make your base uneven when tucked under the mattress and this will make you uncomfortable to sleep. If you leave the over margin on the floor, Insects will enter through unnoticed gaps.

3. Color

Color is not the biggest factor to consider to your buying decision; you may not have many options regarding color.

You will see most of the nets in white color; reason is that you don’t want to attract the insect towards your net even though it can’t enter the net it keeps creeping around.

4. Style

Based on your taste and the space you can choose which style net you want to buy. Mosquito nets have ability to hang it up and this can be done from one point or multiple different points.

Wedge style net can be hanged from one or two points to a sleeping position. For much more spacious solutions use box style where you can hang it from four different points and much more.

5. Efficiency

Choose tightly woven design, to keep the smallest insects out of the reach ensure that the netting should be 250 to 300 holes per square inch. The finer the mesh fabric the higher is the protection.

The mesh that holes size 1.2 mm will keep away mosquitoes. Finer the mesh fabric, higher the protection.

6. Durability

There are lot of chances to get the fabric tearing in mosquito nets, this will compromise the safety and allow insects inside. So, durability is a very important aspect in mosquito nets.

It’s always better to choose product which has highly rated and from reputed manufacturer. You need to ensure you are taking a good care and following the storing instructions of mosquito nets, as the nature of material is thin.

7. Ease of Use

Durability is not only enough; you need to choose a net that takes minutes to set up.

Hanging nets are quick to set up though you will need a hanging frame to suspend which may not be available.

Pop up nets do not need extra support making them easiest to use, they only take few minutes to pop open, and they are flexible.

Mosquito Net Shapes

Following are the brief idea of most common shapes/ designs and their pros and cons.

1. Box Mosquito nets

Box Mosquito nets

Box mosquito nets are mostly suitable for double beds and take up more place for storing.

To form the rectangular boxlike shape and cover entire bed, these need four hanging points at each corner of the bed; though they take enough area, major problem is the four hanging points to stay together.


  • These net shapes are spacious and more in comfort with largest enclosed volume with greater air circulation and coolness.


  • It heavy due to large amount of fabric used in this style. Requires multiple points to support, generally attached to a purpose built frame. It is difficult to put up and take down.

2. Wedge Mosquito Nets

Wedge Mosquito Nets

The premium wedge mosquito net is mostly suitable for use in hotels, tents or bedding outdoors. With more space on top they are shaped as a wedge, which gradually decreases towards the bottom.

Compared to other nets these types of nets are easy to pack and carry. There will not be enough internal spacing. It does not suit for people who are not comfortable sleeping in compact space.


  • Easy to assemble because it needs only one or two, low level supporting points.
  • Simple and inexpensive
  • It uses less fabric and fits easily in smaller places


  • Less air circulation due to enclosed volume.

3. Bell Mosquito Nets:

To cover the bed, these nets are shaped like bed with a high single suspension point. There is an internal spreader with the short distance below the apex to improve the hang on net and volume.

Lower edge has a heavier fabric to serve the twin task of weighting the net to improve hang and reinforcing the net.


  • Large enclosed volume creates a cool and air space over the bed
  • It is suitable for both temporary and permanent locations.


  • Need a high and strong suspension point to hang net
  • Uses lot of fabric and often have a spreader; it will be heavy and bulky to carry.

4. Freestanding Mosquito Nets:

Freestanding Mosquito Nets

Usually these nets come in the shape of tents in various sizes and shape.  It has unique design and is adjustable to fit most beds. It is light weight and portable. These nets do not need any external support or hanging point to stay together.


  • Freestanding, no hooks or string required
  • 256 holes per sq/in netting
  • Light weight and compact
  • Easy to assemble and pack down
  • Easy care and machine washable


  • They are more expensive compared to similar sized conventional nets.
  • The poles, hoops don’t bend easily; packing in a rack is harder.
  • Less air circulation due to due to smaller volume than bell and box nets, making relatively warmer to sleep.

What are Insecticide Treated Nets

The center for Disease control and prevention recommends the use of insecticide- treated mosquito nets (ITNs) as they not only prevent them from entering the room but also kill mosquitoes and other insects.

Even when they are repeatedly washed, long lasting Insecticide treated nets (LLINs) are manufactured to retain insecticide effectively till the span of 3 years.

Permethrin or longer lasting Pyrethroids like Deltamethrin or Duralin help to enhance their protective qualities.

World health organization has recommended permethrin and pyethroid net treatment and has three benefits

  • it reduces the number of insects within a room (and hence risk of bites and disease)
  • it deters insects from biting through the netting
  • It helps to protect the users of damaged or poorly erected nets.

A Permethrin treatment lasts approximately 6 months depending on net storage and use.

How to Fold Mosquito Net?

Mosquito nets are very much useful for camping trips and other outdoor activities, as it helps to keep mosquitoes and other type of insects away from you. Though they improve the comfort level, there is pain to fold and store efficiently.

Method 1: Breaking Down a pop up Mosquito Net

  • Zip up all openings on the mosquito nets: Check if you have zipped all the openings before you fold your net.
  • Use your left hand to pinch the middle of the top of the net and lift up: The sides should automatically start to fold inwards as the net is pulled on from top. When you are lifting the net, the corner of the net should be grabbing towards your side with your right hand.
  • Folding the two remaining sections directly on the top of one another: with your left hand grab the left section, with your right hand grab your right section and bring them together to line up the edges. All the sides should be neatly stacked on one another.
  • Hold the net with both hands at zipper line: hold the left side of net with left hand and right side with right hand and put them directly on each side of zipper line. It may not fold properly if you don’t hold the net in right place.
  • Squeeze both sides of the net towards each other: To bring edges close together push inwards with both hands. As you squeeze, push net down and away from you.
  • Grab the outer edge of the leftmost section with your left hand: pull your section in your left hand over and directly on top of remaining section. Line up the edges the best you can.
  • Using your left hand, grab the top edge of pinched section: With your right hand continue to pinch the net. Pull the pinched section over and directly on top of other two sections.

Slip the folded net into an appropriate carrying case: Around the mosquito net place a thick, rubber band.  Most mosquito nets are sold with a case and a rubber band, but you can easily purchase them at most outdoors stores.

  • Make sure your rubber band is thick enough that it doesn’t snap.
  • If the rubber band won’t stretch enough to completely fit over the net, don’t push it. You could damage your net if you force it on

Advantages of Mosquito Nets

At HomeZene we advise you to go for mosquito nets, even though there are many ways to stay away from mosquito. Below are some reasons why we say mosquito nets are important.

1. Stay Away from Diseases

Many of us are allergic to dust and odor, that is the reason to stay away from sprays and creams.

By choosing the right type of mosquito nets you will never face such challenge. Please refer to “10 best Mosquito Nets” to learn more.

2. Helpful During Yoga and Meditation

If you would like to enjoy yoga in outdoors but scared of mosquito, then these nets will be perfect savior. Foldable nets can be carried easily.

3. Travel:

Add mosquito nets to your travel list compulsory if you are travelling to malaria- endemic area. These nets will save you from all types of bugs and insects.

Travel mosquito nets last for couple of years even after several washes, though they are less spacious. Foldable and wedge nets are best options for travelling.

Tips for Using Mosquito Netting

1. Choose the Right Size

Make sure you measure the area you want to use the net for enough protection. It will not offer complete protection if the netting is small or too short.

2. Buy from a Reputable brand

High Quality netting is always durable and won’t rip easily. Always prefer branded and reputable brand, there is a chance of bugs to get through if you use poorly made brand which spoil the full purpose of brand.

3. Hand Wash your Netting

Make sure to wash your netting every few weeks, even in description of the product it is given machine washable hand washing is much gentle. For long life washing by hand is advisable.

4. Store your net safely When not in Use

Mosquito nets are provided with storage bags; use the bag when the net is not in use. Storing your net properly helps to extend its life.

5. Inspect your net before every use

It is best to check if there are any rips and tears before every use. You may be able to repair the damage beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you clean mosquito nets?

Firstly, shake of as much as possible dirt from the net. Fill the sink or tub with warm water and a mild detergent solution then wash it by hand. Wash with soap water first then change the water to clean water and rinse it before drying.

2. Will Mosquito nets stop other Insects?

Yes, it can stop bugs, flies, and even tiny insects depending upon the size of the hole.

3. Do mosquito nets have use by date?

Yes, the mosquito nets have use by date of 3 years; it contains the label of use by date.

4. What is the purpose of mosquito net?

If you are in country or climate that harbors mosquitoes, you don’t need to worry about any deadly diseases by using the mosquito nets. These nets will give you peace of mind and relaxed sleep without any fear of deadly diseases.

5. Are treated mosquito nets are dangerous to humans?  

Mosquito nets are well known to keep you protected while keeping the bugs and mosquitoes away. While the long term effects are incredibly low, chances of having any side effects are none.

6. What is the best mosquito killer?

Study says that nets are the best in keeping mosquitos at bay, and they do not affect your health as well. Especially insecticide-treated bed nets. They are even known to cure epidemics from the environment.

7. What are best mosquito nets?

As per our research, we would recommend self-supporting/ foldable mosquito nets to everyone. The number one advantage of these nets is the feasibility they offer. You don’t need frames to hang them unlike box nets or bell nets, they provide enough space unlike wedge nets, and can be easily folded and carried making them the best option for travelling.

8. Are mosquito nets effective?

Mosquito nets treated with chemicals are in fact recommended by World Health Organization (WHO). When you treat the mosquito nets in chemicals such as Permethrin or synthetic pyrethroids, they will not allow the mosquitos to bite you from outside through the net as well.

9. Do mosquito nets keep out spiders?

The mosquito nets with sewn fabrics will help in keeping spiders away. You can tuck the groundsheets below the mattress, that will protect the bed from any type of crawling creatures too.

10. What attracts mosquitos?

Studies say that mosquitos are attracted to some people more than the others. Usually people with type O blood attract mosquitos more than others.
Apart from that, hot and humid summers are the favorite seasons for mosquitos. Studies also show that mosquitos don’t randomly bite you, rather they follow the trail of carbon dioxide that your body emits, that leads them to you.

11. Are mosquito nets safe for babies?

Yes, they are, but look for foldable ones. Then there will be no threat of the net getting entangled with your baby.

12. Are mosquito nets inflammable?

Yes, they are. We would strongly recommend you to not place any type of electrical  or lighting items such as candles beside them.

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