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9 Best Office Chairs To Buy Online In India 2022

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Are you spending most of your time sitting in front of a computer? Then it’s time to find an office chair that provides both comfort and support to your body.

Regular chairs are not designed to support certain body areas like back, neck, hips and legs – which results in soreness, pain and aches.

A good office chair ensures proper posture and support to the spine and head. So, you can sit for longer hours comfortably without affecting your health.

But not all office chairs are created equal. To find out the best office chairs for you, we recommend considering below factors…

Fabric Material

A good fabric should not retain heat even after several hours of sitting. Mesh, cloth and leather are few options fabrics used for office chairs.

  • Mesh – This material is breathable so you will not feel sweaty even after sitting for longer hours. But it may stretch and sage over time due to wear and tear.
  • Cloth – It is very comfortable and soft fabric. But can easily stain and less breathable than mesh.
  • Leather – It is the most durable and soft option. However, it is not breathable and cracks overtime. And moreover, this fabric needs regular conditioning.

Lumbar Support

Most of the office chairs contour according to the natural curves of the body. However, some of them come with adjustable lumbar support which lets the chair to contour as per the lumbar curve. This factor is more important for people dealing with lower back pain.

Other important factors to consider are – height adjustment, arm rests, cushioning, frame finish and warranty. A detail description of these factors is mentioned in our BUYING GUIDE.

To help you out, we have researched and analyzed several options and picked out the best-selling office chairs in India.

Best Office Chairs in India: 2022 Review

Office ChairsWeight Hold CapacityBuy Now
MISURAA Xenon Ergonomic Office ChairUp to 140 KgsCheck On Amazon
INNOWIN Jazz Office ChairUp to 120 KgsCheck On Amazon
Green Soul Office Chair For HomeUp to 90 KgsCheck On Amazon
Savya Home by Apex Crusader Gaming Office ChairUp to 140 KgsCheck On Amazon
Wipro Furniture Adapt Office ChairUp to 120 KgsCheck On Amazon
Timber Cheese Revolving ChairUp to 100 KgsCheck On Amazon
CELLBELL High Back Gaming Office ChairUp to 110 KgsCheck On Amazon
Furnicom Chairs Executive Office ChairUp to 120 KgsCheck On Amazon
beAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive Office Revolving ChairUp to 110 KgsCheck On Amazon

9 Best Office Chairs in India 2022

1. MISURAA Xenon Ergonomic Office Chair

MISURAA Xenon Ergonomic Office Chair

The brand MISURAA is known for providing highest quality and commercially tested products. Among their wide furniture range, we are going to discuss about the Xenon Chair – perfect for people who sit for longer periods of time and have lower back pain.

Ergonomics – This state of the art office chair has excellent design which concentrates more on 7 different locations to provide comfortable seating. The headrest has been counted to provide comfortable space to rest your head while working. When it comes to back rest, it has been contoured to support the lower and mid back region. This will prevent any pain or muscle tension even if you sit for longer hours.

This office chair comes with several adjustable features that include lumbar support height, seat depth, backrest tilt, armrest height, headrest height, tilt tension, headrest angle and seat height. So, you can modify the chair according to your unique body requirements.

Fabric and Padding – High quality breathable mesh fabric is used for these chairs. This will not only support your back properly but also increases air circulation to the back. So, you will not feel hot or sweaty even if you sit for longer duration.

Durability – Die cast aluminum base and high quality metal frame is used for making this chair. The mesh back seat fabric is made up of premium nylon material. Heavy duty caster wheels are provided for easy maneuverability. These wheels can also move easily across hard floors and carpets alike. Because of their heavy-duty structure, this chair can hold up to 140Kgs of weight.

For installation, an instructional manual is provided along with the product. If you follow the 5 to 7 steps instruction properly, you can easily install the office chair in no time. The 12-months warranty will cover all technical and manufacturing defects which also include castors or hydraulics.


  • State of the art design
  • Can hold up to 140 kgs of weight
  • Highest quality mesh fabric
  • Doesn’t retain heat
  • Adjustable seat, height, arm and headrests
  • Caster wheels that can glide across carpets as well
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame
  • Excellent lumbar support


  • Mesh fabric is used for seat as well. This is not preferable choice for some people

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2. INNOWIN Jazz Office Chair

INNOWIN Jazz Office Chair

INNOWIN is another Indian brand providing executive office chairs to their consumers. They have a factory with state of the art technology where office chairs are produced. Among their range, jazz office chair has grabbed a place in our list of best office chairs in India.

Ergonomics – This executive office chair is ergonomically shaped which provides ample support and comfort to the shoulders and back. Sturdy arm rests and soft cushioned seat will provide adequate comfort for long hours. Torsion knob, pneumatic height adjustment will provide several positions which can be adjusted as per your comfortability.

Fabric and Padding – The back of the chair is made up of breathable double mesh. Both the seat and back are curved in such a way so as to provide maximum comfort. The leatherette upholstery and contemporary design make it a good-looking ergonomic chair for your daily use.

Durability – Heavy duty materials are used for the frame so it can hold up to 120Kgs of weight. Free-rolling castor wheels make it easy to move the chair from one place to another.

The color of the chair enables it to blend with any home decor and interiors. This office chair comes in pre-assembled. You just have to connect the seat with the base which doesn’t need any expertise or tools. Instruction manual is provided to help you out.


  • Comfortable
  • Breathable mesh
  • Weight holding capacity of 120Kgs
  • Comes in semi assembled state
  • Heavy duty single lock synchro mechanism
  • Value for money


  • No head rest
  • Can’t recline or locked at certain angle

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3. Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office Chair For Home

Green soul chair

Green Soul has been a master in providing premium quality products across India. Their Seoul Mid Back office chair is a combination of comfort and affordability.

Ergonomics – The back rest of the chair has a curved design which support the spine from the neck to lumbar area properly. So, you will not experience any back pain even if you sit long working hours. The extended seat is specially crafted to comfort to your hips and pelvis area.

The area rests also have a curved design to support the arms properly. Pneumatic control is provided for height adjustment which makes it easy to lower or raise the seat according to your height or requirements. This chair also comes with tilt mode which lets you relax in a reclining position.

Fabric and Padding: Breathable mesh fabric is provided for the back rest. So, you will not experience any heat or sweat even if you spend a lot of time sitting in the chair. For the seat, thick moulded foam and fabric material is used which also eliminate moisture or heat build-up. These features also let you sit comfortably.

Durability – The frame of the office chair is made up of high quality plastic which will lasts for a very long time. For base of the chair, premium nylon material is used. For easy maneuverability, 50mm caster wheels are provided which can glide over carpet as well. This office chair can hold up to 90Kgs of weight.

This product comes with 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. It doesn’t come installed so you have to install it at home. Assembly video is provided with clear instructions.


  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Rocking tilt from 90 degrees to 105 degrees
  • Animal cruelty free
  • Height adjustment
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Holds up to 90kgs of weight
  • 1-year warranty


  • Few customers faced problem with reclination
  • Not suitable for people with more height

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4. Savya Home by Apex Crusader Gaming Office Chair

Savya chair

Savya Home is a well-known brand in providing high quality and commercially tested products in India. Their office chair Apex Crusader is perfect choice for people who spend a lot of time sitting before desktops for work or gaming. The design of this chair is dedicated for pro-gamers.

Ergonomics – The back rest of the office chair is specially designed to provide enough support to your spine from the head to lower back. Along with that, lumbar rest and head rest is also provided for both support and comfort. The seat of the chair is also designed to provide comfort and convenience for people who sit for longer duration.

The adjustable armrests are wide enough to comfortably place your arms. As the arm rests can be adjusted, you can increase/decrease the height based on your convenience. The height of the chair is adjustable as well. The recline adjuster will relieve the pain, pressure and tired feeling while working for long hours.

Fabric and Padding – Both backrest and seating are padded thick enough to provide comfortable seating. The lumbar and headrest pillows will provide ultimate comfort and support. Smooth PU leather will provide luxury experience. Headrest and lumbar cushion are removable so you use them as per your convenience.

Durability – This office chair has strong metal frame which makes it last very long. It comes with nylon smooth rolling casters which provide excellent mobility and stability to the office chair. The caster wheels are for easy maneuverability even on the carpets as well.

1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer. However, the warranty period doesn’t cover minor imperfections and others that do not materially alter the functionality of the product. Most of the office chair come pre-assembled but you can have to join the parts together.


  • Specially designed for professional gamers
  • Comfortable soft seating
  • Easy to put together
  • Proper ergonomics
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Alloy large caster wheels
  • Heavy-duty metal base


  • Expensive

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5. Wipro Furniture Adapt Office Chair

Wipro Furniture Adapt Office Chair

Wipro Enterprises is an Internationally acclaimed brand for providing high quality and innovative products. Their premium range office chair Adapt is a combination contemporary looks and innovative technology.

Ergonomics – Head/neck rest is contoured to ultimate support so that your neck doesn’t get strained while working. The back seat is also contoured to properly support spine. So, you will not experience any back or lower back pain even if you sit for long working hours. Hard yet soft to touch arm rests are provided which can be height adjusted according to your requirement.

The head rest can move up, down, back and forth movement. So, you can adjust it accordingly as well. This ergonomic chair comes with Automatic Tension Adjustment Control technology which senses the weight of user and adjusts the height of chair automatically. It also regulates the force required for reclining the chair based on the user’s weight.

Fabric and Padding – Mesh fabric is used for back rest which provides enough air circulation to prevent heat and sweat. This enables you to sit comfortably for several hours. The seat is crafted in waterfall seat which will release pressure on lower legs and thighs. Enough padding is also provided to provide comfortable seating.

Durability –  Heavy-duty aluminum base is used to handle weight of 120Kgs. 5 nylon caster wheels are provided which make it easy to move the chair across rooms, even on carpets.

This office chair comes with 360 degrees swivel so you can turn around without moving the chair completely. It requires assembly by a carpenter which will provided by the manufacturer with a week of purchase. 1-year limited warranty is provided on manufacturing defects.


  • Comes with automatic tension adjustment control
  • Seat height, head rest and armrest are adjustable
  • Nylon aluminum base
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Ergonomic back rest
  • Assembly provided by manufacturer
  • 1 year warranty


  • Provides noise when you tilt back

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6. Timber Cheese Revolving Chair

Timber Chair

If you are looking for an office chair at affordable price range, then this is the right choice. This office chair is sold by Timer Cheese which is a local Indian brand. However, the quality and performance is top notch like the branded ones.

Ergonomics – Its back rest is ergonomically shaped to provide enough support and comfort to back and from shoulders. This lets you sit in the chair for longer periods of time without any pain issues. the armrests are also designed with a curve which lets you place the arms with comfortably. The seat is wide enough to provide ample space to sit, even for people with hefty body shapes. height of the chair can be adjusted accordingly.

Fabric and Padding The back area is covered with breathable mesh fabric which provides enough air circulation to eliminate any sweat or heat. The seat has thick padding with breathable fabric. So, you can feel comfortable without any issues.

Durability – It has heavy metal umbrella shaped base made up of plastic which is strong enough to last pretty long. The arms rests and back rests are made up of heavy duty plastic material. It can hold weight up to 100kgs.

12 months warranty is provided by the manufacturer. The warranty period includes nreakage, and manufacturing defects. Assembly of the product has to be done by yourself. Toolkit and instruction manual for assembly is provided in the package.


  • Ergonomic back rest
  • Strong plastic armrest
  • Thick padded seat
  • Long day comfort
  • Height adjustment
  • Contoured mesh back
  • Affordably priced
  • 12 months warranty


  • Armrest not adjustable
  • No headrest

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7. CELLBELL C52 High Back Gaming Office Chair

Cellbell Chair

This is another good chair from local Indian brand. This is suitable for people who want heavy duty high gaming chair at an affordable price. When you compare the price and features, it is totally worthy to invest.

Ergonomics – The back rest of the chair is specifically designed with curve to support the spine properly. So, even if you sit in the chair for a long time, you will not experience any back pain. The armrests also provide enough comfort and support.

The padded seating will provide enough comfort for sitting long hours. The back seat can tilt from 90 degrees to 160 degrees. So, you can recline back to relax and enjoy. The height of the chair can be increased/decreased based on the requirements.

Fabric and Padding – For this chair, premium and high quality leather upholstery is used which provides a luxury experience. Both back rest and seat is padded enough to provide comfortable seating. As the fabric is of high quality, it doesn’t get sagged over time. Even the arm rests are padded properly to provide comfort.

Durability – Heavy duty metal chrome base is used for this office chair. Internal frame material is made of wood covered with leather upholstery. It comes with 50mm super smooth strong nylon casters which provide easy maneuverability even on carpets.

As per the brand policy, you will get 1 year warranty on this office chair. The assembly is usually do-it-yourself. Clear instructions are provided in a manual which let you assemble it without any issues.


  • Available in different colors
  • Affordably priced
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Luxurious leatherette upholstery
  • Heavy-duty chrome base
  • Weight holding capacity 110 kgs
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Chance of rust on metal parts

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8. Furnicom Chairs Executive Office Chair

Cellbell office chairFurnicom is a rather small brand. But it has gained a reputation for developing unique, non-conformist, and authentic furniture. The reason that his chair makes our list is because of its ergonomic design in providing ample support to your back and shoulders.

Ergonomics – The office chair has a push-back mechanism that provides good lumbar support and prevents back pain. It comes with several adjustment settings to provide you comfort in whichever posture you sit. It has a rocking to provide you with increased relaxation. When you pull the lever, the chair will recline so that you can lie back and work in a relaxed manner.

It uses pneumatic controls that make it easier to raise or lower your seat. Like most other chairs, it also has a 3600 swivel for rating your chair. Besides, the starbase provides enough support so that you don’t fall over.

Fabric and Padding – It uses premium quality soft foam on the back so that you can lean back comfortably. For the seat, it uses thick molded foam to provide support. These foams allow circulation to prevent heat and moisture build-up. This allows you to sit in your chair comfortably for long hours.

Besides, it uses quality fiber material for your arm-rest. It provides good support to your arms while working and prevents aches.

Durability – The office chair is made of superior quality iron and can handle weights of up to 120 kgs. However, iron is prone to rust which can reduce the lifetime of the product. It has a starbase with 5 nylon wheels. The wheels are durable and do not corrode. With these, you can easily move in rough terrains without tilting over.

Furnicom Chairs has backed this product with a one-year warranty. But the warranty is only applicable for hydraulic and wheels. As for assembling the chair, you will have to do it yourself. But it is simple, and you will not have any problems with this.


  • Soft-back foam and thick molded seat foam for support
  • Tilt mode for increased relaxation
  • Prevents heat and moisture build-up
  • Pneumatic controls for seat adjustment
  • Comfortable arm-rest
  • Supports weight up to 120 kgs
  • Budget-friendly
  • 12-month warranty period


  • No headrest
  • Not very durable – iron is prone to rust

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9. beAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive Office Revolving Chair

beAAtho is a local brand that is known for providing good quality office chairs at reasonable price range. In this article, we are going to discuss about the JS-29 model which taken a place in our list because of its amazing features.

Ergonomics – The back of the chair is designed specifically accordingly to support from head to lower back area. The arm rests are designed to support provide ample support from the arms to hands. Even the seat is properly padded for comfortability.

The back seat can be tilted from 90 degrees up to 105 degrees. Apart from that, the height of chair can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement.

Fabric and Padding – Premium quality upholstery material is used as fabric for the chair. This fabric is smooth to touch and has a luxurious feel. The padding used also provides support to your muscles. Both fabric and padding also lasts very long without getting sagged.

Durability – Strong metal base is used is provided for this office chair. This enables it to hold weight capacity of 110Kgs. 5 heavy duty caster wheels are provided easy maneuverability.

For installation, Youtube video provided with step-by-step instructions. Following this you can install the chair easily at home. 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer. Physical damages and breakages are not covered under the warranty.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable and elegant
  • Easy to install
  • Provides comfortable seating
  • Height adjustable and tilting feature
  • Can handle 110Kg
  • Made in India product


  • Doesn’t come with head rest or arm rest adjustability
  • Can cause sweaty if used for longer periods.

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How to Choose the Chair for Your Office?

For many of us, purchasing an office chair may seem a very simple task. But trust me, not all chair are suitable for your health. While buying it, you have to consider several factors like ergonomics, fabric and others. We have assorted all the information in detail for your convenience…

1. Lumbar support

Does it have a solid, cushioned lumbar support for the lower back? If yes, is it adjustable? Back strain is one of the most common complaints of wrong posture while sitting in an uncomfortable chair. So, make sure the office chair has excellent upper and middle back support. Usually, 12” to 19” wide back rest is recommended. It should also support the natural curve of your back. Avoid purchasing an ergonomic chair that doesn’t recline. Reclining helps to move your muscles and distribute the weight among others.

2. Seat height & other adjustments

Most of the office chairs available today have adjustable seat heights, which can be controlled using a lever. For example: a person with height between 5’0” to 6’4” can comfortable sit on a chair with 15” to 22” height. Apart from that, it is a good idea to opt for a chair that offers additional adjustable features such as head rest angle, arm rest height, back tilting/reclining angle and the like. This helps in stretching your body and changing posture every now and then to keep your muscles relaxed while sitting for long hours. Avoid purchasing chairs that don’t offer any kind of adjustability.

3. Seat Width and Depth

The seating of an office chair should have appropriate width as well as depth to provide adequate support. Usually, 17 – 20 inches is calculated as standard size. The depth of the chair has to be in such a way that the user can sit properly with his back resting on the chair. And there should be a gap of approximately 2 – 4 inches between the seat and back of knees.

4. Armrests

It is better to have adjustable armrests. They should allow the user to rest the arms comfortably and relax the shoulders. The elbows and lower arms should be relaxed, forearm should not rest on it while working or typing.

5. Fabric & cushioning

Though breathable mesh-like fabrics work well in warm environments, some people prefer additional padding/cushioning for their backs while working for long days. It is important to pick the right option which suits your body well. Low quality foam can easily sag or break down quickly which makes your seating uncomfortable. Improperly aligned padding can cause misalignments in the hips and lumbar area. So, make sure the chair has high quality memory foam cushioning.

6. Castor wheels & swivel base

A majority of office chairs come equipped with 4-5 castor wheels. These help in easy movement across wooden or tiled floors of offices. A simple task such as leaning towards a nearby colleague or reaching out to the next desk to pick up an object becomes simpler with castor wheels and a swivel base on your chair.

7. A solid warranty

As you will be using them daily and for many long hours, the office chair has to be sturdy enough to handle it. This is often represented by a warranty – the more, the merrier. Some high models provide warranty on almost all the parts of the chair. While some of them don’t provide warranty of standard wear and tear.

How to Analyze the Office Chair While trying it On?

Before purchasing an office chair, you should always try it on for at least 15 – 30 minutes. Many brands let their customers sit in them and decide which one suits their needs. When you are trying out the chair, look out the following things…

  • Backrest should follow the natural curve of the spine till the lower back. Backrest should also recline and adjust as per your need.
  • Your knees should be at angle of 90 degrees. If not, it should be adjustable to achieve the same.
  • Arm rests should be close to your body as it helps the shoulders to relax. They have to be adjustable and exactly match the height of the desk. This will ensure, no strain is placed on the shoulders.
  • In order to get enough support, the back of the chair should either come in the middle or above the shoulders.
  • The seating should be long enough such that 2 – 3 fingers should perfectly fit between the chair and knee.
  • The cushioning or padding should be of memory foam. If not the cushioning wears out very quickly.

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Presently I am using an office chair. I didn’t check out much about its capability as per my requirements while purchasing it. How to know if this office chair suits me one or not?

There are few signs you can analyze to known if your chair is appropriate for you or not. We have mentioned them below.

* If you are getting pain then it’s not for you. Our bodies are not designed to sustain an incorrect position for longer periods of time. In fact pain is an indication provided by your body for the same. If your chair ergonomics suit you then you will feel comfortable even when sitting for long period of time.

* If it has been more than 5 years then it’s time for a change. The average lifespan of cushioning and support of an office chair is 5 years. After that it doesn’t provide enough support to your back or lumbar region. If you are chair is ragged, the material is worn out or has any physical issues then it can throw out your posture.

* If your office chair doesn’t provide any lumbar support then it is better to replace it as soon as possible. If there is no proper lumbar support then the muscles force the lumbar region out of the natural curve, which adds pressure on the discs and reduces blood supply. The constant exertion leads to muscle fatigue as well.

* Actually when you sit on an office chair, your knees should be exactly in 90 degrees. Anything apart from that is not a good posture. To avoid, you can keep the feet on the floor or footrest. Adjust the backrest to support the low and mid back.

2. What is the best office chair to buy?

Amazon has come to the top of the market thanks to its focus on customer satisfaction. The Amazonbasics office chair is a chair that is sold by Amazon itself as part of its basics home appliances division. Apart from being stylish, smooth, soft and incredibly comfortable to sit, this chair has 360 degrees spin and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and very economically priced.

3. What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

The Green Soul Vienna Executive Office Chair comes with a high enough for a person of any height and is contoured perfectly to make sure that you can sit for very long hours without any discomfort. The extra padding on both the seats and the sitting area add to the comfort levels of the chairs.

4. How much does a good office chair cost?

A good quality office chair with all the different amenities and comfort should cost you about 7000-8000 rupees. This would give you at least a year’s warranty along with a great deal of comforts and luxuries.
However, you can also get a chair for as low as 2000 or 3000 but this one would not have the comfort or luxury as that of a padded and reclining office chair.

5. What are the most comfortable office chairs?

All Office chairs come with a standard lumbar support but premium quality office chairs come with cushioning and padding to this lumbar supports.
Padded office chairs are considered to be the best type of office chairs because apart from having the typical height adjustments and lumbard facilities, they also have the padded cushioning.

6. Should my office chair have armrests?

Ofcourse. Office Chairs are usually bought with the intent of letting you sit comfortably for longer hours of time. In such cases, seats with constraining or no arm rests are a hard pass on comfort.
Always choose an office chair with armrests. Padded and cushioned arm rests are always a win.

7. What is the best chair for sitting all day?

While any chair is comfortable to sit, a chair with enough padding and lumbar support structure feels comfortable to sit for longer durations of time. This is why all office chairs are made with lumbar support and cushion padding to them along with a height adjustment parameter.

8. Are mesh chairs comfortable?

Mesh chairs are comfortable to sit and snuggle about but only for a certain duration of time. Also, mesh chairs are as durable as the frame they are placed in. Given the nature of a mesh, it will stretch and sag over time and this will give you discomfort while you move about.
Hence try to look for a chair that has some sort of upholstery padded onto it for better and luxury comfort.

9. What is the best lumbar support for office chair?

There is no definitive answer to which lumbar support as the definition of sitting comfort varies from individual to individual depending on their preferences. But on an overall, memory foam based lumbar is good and it offers good comfort all while conforming to your posture.

10. Are expensive office chairs worth it?

Yes and No. This depends on your definition of expensive. If the chair is expensive because it has a superior lumbar support, good height adjustment capabilities and high quality upholstery, then yes, it is worth it. But if it is expensive just for the sake of it, then no, it is not worth it.

11. Which type of chair is best for sciatica and posture?

Students and working professionals face this problem of back ache due to irregular sitting patterns and sciatica. While a chair can provide you with comfort, it can also prevent any posture related injuries or predicaments. For better results, buy a chair with good lumbar support and upholstery padding to the back and the bottom of the seats.

12. Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

Simply put, an office chair is to let you sit comfortably and type into a computer or just write. A study chair is similar too but with minor additions.

A gaming chair is entirely built to improve and support your focus so you an immerse into your gaming. All the sides of the chair will support the majority of your body parts such as legs, hips, shoulders and most importantly, your neck. They will aid in making sure that you have a comfortable yet safe posture while you are gaming.

But these chairs may not be comfortable for people who frequently get up and go about their workplace.
So depending on your requirement, you chair choice should change.

13. What is lumbar support in office chairs?

Lumbar Support refers to the soft padded support structure that is given to the lower back to conform to the shape of the back so as to provide comfort and maintain the posture. This will further prevent injuries and soothe back aches too.

14. What is the best seat cushion for sciatica?

Sciatic nerves in the lower back can be tedious to deal with and sitting makes the most of the problems come up.
You can either pick a good office chair for this or probably buy a cushion to soothe and help with the pain. Either way, make sure that the cushion upholstery you are buying is memory foam and not coir based. This will aid in the back pain and alleviate it.

Few Words before Leaving…

Never risk your health and wellbeing in a poorly designed, worn out and cheap chair. So, even if the right chair is a bit out of your budget, try to purchase it. In long term, you will release that it is was a better option than a cheaper one.

While purchasing, make sure to read all the factors and select according to them just to make sure your money doesn’t go wasted.

According to our expert’s analyzing and research, MISURAA imported Xenon High Back Office Chair has been the best. It has all the qualities and factors required. Its ergonomics are perfect enough to support the back, even if you sit for longer periods of time. It may be a tad expensive, but its useful features could be perfect value for your money.

If you still have any queries, write to us in the comment section below. We will reply to it as soon as possible. For more such articles and reviews, stay tuned with our website.

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    Thank you for sharing these tips on how to choose the right chair. I almost forgot to consider the fabric and I think mesh is a great option as it is easier to maintain than cloth and leather.

    Will check your recommendation. Thank you also for giving me an idea of its cost.

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