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The 7 Best TV Wall Mounts In India Reviews and Buying Guide

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After getting a smart TV you may need the requirement of better optimal level and better viewing directions. And what better option than mounting your TV.

Let me tell you this mount is not an extra accessory, it actually supports your TV and securely fixes it to the wall.

But with so many products available in the market it might be tricky to pick the suitable one. So the one and most important thing to consider while buying a TV mount is its compatibility

Check the VESA size. This is the standard measurement that most TV brands use. Also check the holding capacity and the compatible size of TV. getting a mount that is not compatible with TV wouldn’t really serve the purpose.

For more information go through our “Buying Guide” where we have curated all the necessary information about TV mounts.

7 Best TV Wall Mounts In India

TV Wall MountVESA sizeHolding weightCompatibleBuy Now
Fleximounts TV Wall Mount (16"x16"/16"x12"/16"x8"/12"x12"/12"x8"/8"x8"/8"x4")30 kg32 - 55 inchesCheck On Amazon
Mx TV Wall Mount400mm x 400m32 kgs32 - 55 inchesCheck On Amazon
Model-P4 TV Wall Mount100x100 to 400x400mm-32 - 55 inchesCheck On Amazon
Amazon Basics TV Wall Mount200*200, 200*100, 75*75, and 50*50 mm18 kg12 - 39 inchesCheck On Amazon
TV Wall Mount200 x 400 mm x 400 x 200 mm x 300 x
300 mm x 400 x 400 mm
32 kg24- 50 inchesCheck On Amazon
Insak Homes Tv Wall Mounts50*50, 75*75, 100*100, 200*100, 200*200, 400*400 mm25 kg26 - 32 inchesCheck On Amazon
Caprigo TV Wall Mount 100 x 100 mm 150 x 150 mm ,200 x 200
mm 200 x 100 mm
100 x 200 mm
25 kg17"- 42''Check On Amazon

7 Best TV Wall Mounts In India Reviews

1. Fleximounts TV Wall Mount 

Fleximounts A22

First up is a Fleximounts product. This particular product comes with a mounting hole compatible pattern that makes the installation quite easy. The manufactures have provided clear precise instructions that make the installation easy.

The stencil provided for screws and rivets help them adjust the mount as per their requirement.

This even has a mount arm that helps to tilt the TV up to 5 -15 degree and swivel 45degree. It can retract to 2.6” and extends up to 13.4” from the wall.

Made up of high Quality Cold-rolled Steel and offers loading capacity to 66lbs. It has also been tested to hold 4 times weight up to 120kg.

Plus this comes with a 10 year warranty.

Product specification

  • VESA Size: (16″x16″/16″x12″/16″x8″/12″x12″/12″x8″/8″x8″/8″x4″).
  • Compatible with: LCD, LED plasma display
  • Compatible size: 32”
  • Holding weight: 30 kg


  • Includes lithium ion batteries
  • Heavy duty six arms
  • Installation is easy


  • Screws provided are not up to the mark

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2. Mx TV Wall Mount 

skin tv mount

Our second product is engineered conjuring the delicacy of LCD and LED TVs. This is built of high quality steel and can hold a weight of 32 kgs. It has been tested to hold 3 times the stated weight capacity.

The easy installations come along with an integrated cable management system. This helps to cover all the wires and cable inside their decorative covers. The arm extension helps to extend the TV up to 19.6”. This allows easy movement and various viewing directions.

It can tilt 10 degree forward and 2 degree backwards.

This comes with all fitting accessories.

Product specification

  • VESA Size: 400mm x 400m
  • Compatible with: LCD, LED plasma display
  • Compatible size: 32”- 55”
  • Holding weight: 32 kgs


  • swivel: plus/minus 360°/180°
  • Includes cold rolling plate
  • Screen leveling adjustment


  • Assemblage can be difficult

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3. Model-P4 TV Wall Mount

Model tv mount

This is a full motion cantilever mount. It comes with different sizes of screws and different sizes of washer that makes the installation process quite easy. It fits the TV perfectly as if it was made for your TV.

The frame is of good quality and can hold up to 31.5 kg weight.

Product specification

  • VESA Size: 100×100 to 400x400mm
  • Compatible with: LCD, LED plasma display
  • Compatible size: 32”- 55”


  • swivel: plus/minus 360°/180°
  • Includes cold rolling plate
  • Screen leveling adjustment


  • Not compatible with every model

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4. AmazonBasics TV Wall Mount

AmazonBasics TV Wall Mount

AmazonBasics TV wall mount is another best product that accommodates 12-inch to 39-inch TVs and can bear weight up to 18 kg. With about 13-degrees of tilt, it gives a better viewing angle. 

Also, it has a low profile that extends only 1.5 inches from the wall, and so there will be a clean appearance. 

Apart from its feasible design, you can choose this long-lasting TV wall mount as it uses heavy-duty steel for reliable strength. 

Product Specifications:

  • VESA Size: It fits VESA 200*200, 200*100, 75*75, and 50*50 mm mounting patterns. 
  • Compatible with: Small and mid-sized LCD and LED plasma display
  • Compatible size: 12 inches
  • Holding weight: 40 pounds or 18 kg
  • Package includes: Adapters, bubble leveler, mounting hardware, wall mounting template, and user manual.


  • Great build quality
  • You can mount it on any wall surface. 
  • It comes with all the hardware required for installation. 
  • 1-year warranty


  • Installation is very hard and needs electrician support. 

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5. Gadget-Wagon TV Wall Mount 

gadget tv mount

This mount is made of a coiled rolling plate that ensures the TV is fixed properly and does not fall or get damaged. This is compatible with brands such as mi, micromax, sony , lg , samsung, onida , intex , haier , videocon , vu , le tv, panasonic.

It can safely carry the weight of 30 kg and comes with all fitting accessories that makes the installation process easier.

Product specification

  • VESA Size: 200 x 400 mm x 400 x 200 mm x 300 x 300 mm x 400 x 400 mm
  • Compatible with: LCD TV, LED TV, Plasma, 43-inch, 32-inch , 49 inch , 50 inch , 55 inch , 40 inch LED TV
  • Compatible size: 24-inch 29-inch 32-inch 36-inch 39-inch 40-inch 42-inch 43-inch 55-inch 48-inch 49-inch 50-inch
  • Holding weight: 30 kg
  • Package includes: Set of Assemble Screws and Nut Bolts (One extra pair of Screws and Nut Bolts).


  • Strong built
  • 3mm cold rolled steel
  • Includes magnetic bubble level


  • Needs expertise technician

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6. Insak Homes TV Wall Mount

Insak Homes TV Wall Mount

Insak Homes wish for an elegant and stylish appeal in your hall and living room with its best in class and standard TV wall mounts. 

This one is suitable for most 26-inch to 32-inch TVs with mounting holes as close as 4”*4” or 16*16” wide. It extends from the wall by 19 inches with a retraction 2.9-inch low profile and saves space. 

For a customized viewing experience, it allows better flexibility and smooth adjustment in all directions by feasible tilting angles and +/- 90-degrees swivel angle. The most interesting aspect of this TV wall mount is that you can adjust it in all three directions.

Product Specifications:

  • VESA Size: It fits VESA 50*50 mm to 400*400 mm mounting patterns. 
  • Compatible with: Mid-sized LCD and LED plasma display
  • Compatible size: 26 inches
  • Holding weight: It can bear up to 25 kg
  • Package includes: All the hardware required for mounting is supplied. Yet, it does not support legacy CRT TV)
  • Tilt – +5/-15 degrees tilting means


  • Good build quality
  • An adjustable viewing angle is advantageous.
  • Heavy-duty construction 
  • You can adjust the TV mount in all three directions. 
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity of 25 kg
  • Easy installation
  • All the mounting hardware for assembly is of perfect size. 


  • It does not fit for TVs with smaller VESA slots. 

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7. Caprigo TV Wall Mount 

caprigo tv mount

This heavy duty TV mount is made up of superior quality which makes it durable and long lasting. The wall bracket is made of high grade material with powder coated finish that gives a sleek high tech look.

Its dual arm construction adds up to the TV’s safety.

This also gives enough flexibility of 15 degree up down 90 degree left and right. So you can swivel the TV in your desired angle.  This tilt also helps in glare reduction.

It can hold weight up to 25 kgs. This mount comes with a complete screw set that makes the installation easy.

Product specification

  • VESA Size: 100 x 100 mm 150 x 150 mm 200 x 200 mm 200 x 100 mm 100 x 200 mm
  • Compatible with: Mi / eAirtec / Shinco / Xiaomi / Samsung / VU / Cloudwalker / Micromax / iFFalcon / Adsun / Sony / Vise / Croma / Kodak / Panasonic / Mitashi / Hitashi / Thomson / Kevin / Viewsonic / HP / Impex / Microsoft / Bravia / Realme / TCL / Sanyo / Blaupunkt / Onida / Metza / Motorola / One Plus / Videocon / Marq / BPL / Haier / Philips and more.
  • Compatible size: 17″- 42”
  • Holding weight: 25 kg
  • Package includes: TV Wall Mount + Complete Screw Set


  • 6 way adjustable
  • Triple metal connector bolts
  • 180 degree right to left


  • Needs professional technician

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Things To Consider While Buying TV Mount

This section has all the curated information that you would require to get a suitable product for yourself.

1. Check TV’s specification

This is an important factor to consider in order to get a compatible wall mount. If you buy a wall mount that can support 32” TV it would be unnecessary to purchase a 50” TV. Your TV might fall and crash. So it is important to understand the specifications and purchase accordingly.

2. Swivel

Some wall mounts can stay in one place and some are flexible to swivel. This choice can be absolutely subjective and you should purchase as per your requirement.

3. Mount with an arm

Some mounts give the option of bringing the TV close to the wall and it looks like a photo frame. The other kind of mount has an arm that keeps the TV slightly away from the wall. You do the selection as per your requirement.

4. Brand

The easiest approach to know whether the product is worth the buy is to go through the brand’s reputation. Fleximount, lions head traders and nex are a few examples a well know brand.

5. Durability

Ensure that the mount has better durability and better material quality than other products in the market. This will increase the longevity of the product.

6. Price

Considering the price is important if you want to keep your purchase under budget.

7. Warranty

Isn’t it always a plus point if your selected product comes along a warranty. This feature just makes the product more trustworthy

8. Types of TV mount

There are a total of five kinds of TV mount. So without any further ado let’s look into them.

  • Fixed-mount: This is the simplest of all and also fits in your budget. In this type of mount, the TV screen is parallel to the wall without any angle adjustments.
  • Tilt mount: This form of wall mount allows it easier to compensate for the TV located above the optimal viewing point by offering vertical angle change. The tilting mechanism causes the TV to be spaced a little further out of the wall minimum of 2”.
  • Full mount: By incorporating side to side swivel, it gives a smart solution to give the best viewing angle. It is also a good option for rooms that has more than one viewing point.
  • Mantel mount: Mantel mount allows you to pull out the TV and watch without any neck pain.
  • Ceiling mount: If your wall isn’t compatible then ceiling mount is a perfect choice.

TV Wall Mount – Installation Tips

The most critical factor to keep in mind when putting up a wall mount is that you need to locate certain studs that could withstand the weight of your Screen. You may need to find a stud finder as you cannot see the rivets going into the wall.

The TV mount might require a solo stud or a dual stud. If the mount is allowed to carry more than 100 pounds then there would need a double stud. And in this case, you would need to determine if the studs are distant by 16-24 inches. Studs are usually separated by 16 inches but if you are getting the mount installed in the corner, the studs should be at least 24 inches away. Many mounts also come with an inbuilt level.

Installation of TV mount can have a great impact on TV viewing practice and the overall atmosphere of the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can all TVs be mounted?

No, though most of the TVs are made to be compatible with wall mount. Look for the VESA and if this matches the TV and the mount. Then both of them are compatible.

2. Is mounting TV a good idea?

Yes, definitely this saves your floor space and also lifts the screen upwards which reduces the stress on your neck while watching television.

3. Is there any way to know if the TV mount size is big enough?

To know this you have to determine the VESA size. And to determine this measure the distance between four holes- horizontally and vertically.

4. Is mounting possible without studs?

In case there are no studs then you would need to use some hollow wall anchor. Mounting the TV on drywall or plaster without attachments can be a reliable solution but only if you know the limitations of wall and toggles.


We hope this article served your purpose. All our selection was based on highest reviews and product efficiency. Among all the above listed products we have our favourite pick. Fleximounts TV wall mount. This comes with an arm mount hat helps to tilt the TV up to 5 -15 degree and 45degree swivel. It can retract to 2.6” and extends up to 13.4” from the wall. This is made up of high Quality Cold-rolled Steel and offers loading capacity to 66lbs.

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