Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in India: 2021 Reviews

Bathrooms are the most humid places in the entire house and without a good bathroom exhaust fan, there are high chances of mold and other fungus growth. Not only that, damp and moist bathrooms often are ground zero for many dangerous and easily contaminable diseases. Thus it is really important to drive out odours and … Read more

The 7 Best Shower Heads In India: 2021 Reviews

If you are planning to redesign your bathroom, choosing the correct showerhead can be a critical decision. The correct showerhead can make your bathroom look great, and your showering experience fun. Currently, rain showerheads are the most popular, and multifunctionality being the most loved product. It is always suggested to keep these two points in … Read more

10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India: 2021 Reviews

Cleaning car interiors is not an easy task – because of several corners and other challenging areas that are hard to reach. Unlike the exteriors, car interiors cannot be just washed with some soap and water. Fortunately, car vacuum cleaners are quite handy in such cases. These devices are specially designed to easily suck out … Read more

Top 7 Best Rocking Chairs In India To Buy Online 2021

rocking chair

Everybody loves to sit on a rocking chair irrespective of how old they are. At one point or the other, we all loved sitting on our grandparents rocking chair as a child. A rocking chair gives you a sense of relaxation and comfort that is similar to falling asleep on a playground swing. Studies from … Read more

Top 10 Best Humidifiers To Buy Online In India 2021

The optimal humidity level at your home generally is around 40-50%. However, as the winter season arrives, the humidity levels tend to drop significantly which makes the indoor air dry. Dry air leads to many issues like chapped and flaky lips, dry skin, and other health issues like bleeding from the nose, sinus, etc. Inhaling … Read more

Best Emergency Lights in India: Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Rechargeable Emergency Light

Emergency lights can be very helpful during power cuts. They are quite handy. These lights are engineered in a way to provide bright light when there is no electricity and when the inverter’s battery is also gone. It can save you during many emergency situations. Almost all the emergency lights are rechargeable. They are often … Read more

Top 10 Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India: Reviews in 2021


In a place where the humidity levels fall above 50%, that area becomes the favorite breeding ground for dust mites, mold, and mildew that triggers allergies and other health issues. A dehumidifier can help you get out of this situation. A dehumidifier is an essential appliance that helps in controlling the humidity levels present in … Read more

Best Plastic Chairs in India 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

The plastic chairs are available in so many designs and these days they are becoming extremely popular. Not only do they look good but are durable too. If you are looking forward to buying a normal chair, garden chair, or a relaxing chair, you can get the best one for both indoor and outdoor purposes. … Read more

Top 7 Best Bean Bags in India: 2021 Reviews & Ultimate Guide

Solimo beanbag

Bean Bags have been become popular and trending furniture now-a-days. There are three main reasons why many people are preferring bean bags – aesthetics, affordability and health. Furniture that is too hard is often uncomfortable and doesn’t support the ergonomics of your body. But a bean bag supports the natural curves and movements of your … Read more

Best Pressure Washers in India For Car, Home : 2021 Reviews

Be it cars, decks, garage floors, or driveways – Pressure Washers make the whole outdoor cleaning process an easy and quick task.   Actually, there are two types of pressure washers – electric and gas. However only electric pressure washers are available in Indian market. They are perfect for cleaning cars, patio, decks, bike and … Read more