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The 5 Best Wall Mixer In India Reviews and Buying Guide

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The modern bathroom would never be complete without the installation of a fancy wall mixer that compliments the décor of your bathroom. It has a single spout attached to the hot and cold water outlets and knobs that combine and flow from a single outlet.

There are additional advantages like temperature control and access over the phone. To use the wall mixer as a faucet will allow you to avoid the trouble of double fittings to control the temperature of the water.

The brand is not the only factor that will ensure the suitability of the wall mixer. There are several factors which might help you choose one.

Types: There are two types of wall mixers available in the market. They are listed below:

  • 2-in-1 wall mixers: These wall mixers allow you to control over two features like the pressure and temperature of the water.
  • 3-in-1 wall mixers: These wall mixers additionally gives you control over one extra feature like the access over the telephone or a hand shower.

Material: Several materials can be used to manufacture wall mixers. The metal alternatives are more durable and resilient. The cheap plastic alternative is often cast with chrome to increase longevity. The metal alternatives are expensive, but they do not need a replacement soon, so they have value for money.

For a better understanding of the factors to consider while buying a wall mixer, you can check out the Buying Guide at the end of this article.

After several kinds of research and consultation with customers, we have listed 5 different wall mixers for your convenience.

5 Best Wall Mixer In India

Wall MixerTypeMaterial Buy Now
Alton Grace Wall Mixer2-in-1Brass Check On Amazon
Drizzle Wall Mixer Tap2-in-1Brass Check On Amazon
Hindware Wall Mixer 2-in-1Brass Check On Amazon
Kohler Toobi Wall Mixer3-in-1Plastic Check On Amazon
10X Wall Mixer2-in-1BrassCheck On Amazon

5 Best Wall Mixer In India Reviews

1. Alton Grace 3795 Brass 2 in 1 Wall Mixer


Alton Grace is a premium brand that manufactures wall mixers that are durable and long-lasting. This 2-in-1 wall mixer is made of brass with chrome finish. This is a superior product as it comes along with a hand shower. This 2-in-1 wall mixer looks very attractive and bold, which will complement modern bathroom interiors.

The chrome finish gives it a mirror-like finish ensuring shine through the years. The wall mixer gives you access to 3 volumes of the water supply from the same hand shower. The left, right, and center switches can be adjusted to get the desired temperature of the water.

The slim pattern and the subtle curves give a beautiful look to the faucet. The hand shower has 5 different nozzles that give a spa-like treatment in your own bathroom. There is an S-shaped adapter that is provided with this wall mixer, which can be adjusted from 110mm to 190mm.

It is resistant to corrosion as it is made of the highest quality Brass. The chrome finish makes it more durable. It is also immune to scratches and has a 7-year warranty for quality and longevity. It is not compatible with an overhead shower. The mirror texture prevents the attacks from dust mites.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Premium quality.
  • Comes with a hand shower.
  • Attractive look.


  • Is not compatible with an overhead shower.

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Drizzle Single Lever Brass Wall Mixer Tap


Drizzle is an Indian company that manufactures bathroom faucets and bathroom fittings. Their designs are inspired by the fluid and organic elements. It is made of brass, making it durable, and the chrome finish prevents scratches and damage.

This wall mixer is compact and very easily fits into the wall. The senior bubbler is rust-free and does not corrode so easily. It has an arched spout that enables it to swindle round. This helps with a large area of water coverage.

It comes with all the accessories which are required for the installation. The casting is made of 100% brass ingots, certified, and 63% copper, which guarantees flawless casting. For everlasting shine, the wall mixer chrome plating is done with the robotic electroplating method.

The product is enhanced with unique aerators that are certified under the green norms. The chrome plating gives a sleek and gentle look compatible with almost any décor of the bathroom.


  • Easy installation.
  • Organic designs.
  • Durable.
  • Comes with all accessories.


  • Comes with a single lever, which can make it confusing for the user.

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Hindware F200020CP Wall Mixer 


Hindware is a reputed company that produces bathroom faucets and bathroom fittings. This 2-in-1 wall mixer has a classic look, which makes it look good in any bathroom. It comes with a 115m long pipe and flange with a sleek design. It also has a provision for an overhead shower.

The casting is made of 100% brass ingots, certified along with 63% copper, which guarantees flawless casting. It is quite simple to manage the temperature and pressure of the water.

For long-lasting shine and luster, the chrome plating is done with the robotic electroplating technique. It has a Neoperl HoneyComb aerator, which gives amazing stream quality even in difficult flow conditions. It comes with a 115m pipe and a provision for an overhead shower.

It is very convenient to install. The brass casting ensures durability. The wall mixer is not compatible with the hand shower, but the gentle and sleek design makes it look good with any bathroom décor.


  • Comes with a 115m pipe.
  • Bold and magnetic look.
  • Powerful casting.
  • Easy to maneuver.


  • Is not compatible with a hand shower.

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Kohler Toobi 75457IN-4-CP exposed Bath and Shower Wall Mixer


Kohler is a premium company that is known for the production of bathroom faucets and fittings. This is the only 3-in-1 wall mixer on the list. It is easily replaceable with all the existing faucets. The storage area is made of glass top and is amazing to store bathroom essentials.

The seamless design of their faucets gives the bathrooms a modern look. It has a shower controller, speed regulator, spout controller, scald proof surface, and a spout. The wall mixer has a knob that can be adjusted to get the desired temperature of the water. It is made of premium plastic and completed with chrome finish for a modern feel and look.

The single-control operation can be turned on and off at any temperature setting. The rotary diverter is also neat to shift between shower and spout. It is enhanced by the unique cascade flow, which ensures no spray or splash.

The chrome finish ensures no-scratch and durability. The plastic can be vulnerable to damage, but the 10-year warranty ensures quality and class apart performance.


  • Premium design.
  • Class apart quality.
  • Single-control operation.
  • Storage area.


  • Can be difficult to install.

Buy Now From Amazon

5. 10X Brass WM-7440 2 in 1 Wall Mixer 

10X Brass Wall Mixer 

10X, the branded manufacturer of bathroom solutions, offers reliable wall mixers. This WM 7440 2 in 1 Brass Wall Mixer comes with Crutch and Hand Shower. It is a standard faucet solution as it has exceptional beauty and a reliable, innovative design. 

Its unique handle flair and curvy spout with a tailor-made design look trendy and transitional in your bathroom, and so it is suitable for all decorating styles. Moreover, its design is more stable than other branded faucets. 

You can fix this wall-mount mixer at suitable heights to meet daily needs without any troubles. As this wall mixer gives better convenience once you enter the bathroom, you will experience an easier and enjoyable wash every day. 

With its simple design, it is easy to control the flow of hot and cold water mix from the tub spout or health faucet, and so there is no confusion to kids or older people in the house. As it comes with a crutch and a stainless steel 1-meter tube hand shower, you need not find other shower solutions. 

This 10X brass-made 2 in 1 wall mixer has casting with 100% virgin brass ingots certified for 63% copper, and so, it enables a flawless casting. The faucets use high purity brass (with fewer impurities) to form a stable structure between metal atoms. With this standard atomic structure, the brass faucet is resistant to corrosion. 

Besides, it is not prone to breakage and damages for a long time, and so, it is more durable. The ½” brass discs arranged inside the faucet valves are so standard and provide a smooth faucet handle movement for long years. 

The wall-mixer has a uniformly thickened wall, and it is strongly pressure-resistant. It has water-saving aerators that give out noiseless bubbles without impurities. It has Brass polishing, Brass plating, Nickel plating, Chrome plating, and another color plating to give a mirror look surface; yet, it is easy to clean and maintain. 

We recommend this 10X Brass 2 in 1 wall mixer because of its unique design, standard materials, mirror-look surface, and long-lasting hassle-free performance. The manufacturer also provides a five-year warranty period, and so, once you purchase you will have better services for a long time. 


  • It is made of high purity brass. 
  • The wall mixer is durable. 
  • It is easy to control the hot and cold water flow. 
  • You have a hand shower with three functions. 
  • Stylish and weightless fitting
  • Five years warranty against manufacturing defects and leakages


  • People complained that it requires more pressure on water flow.

Buy Now From Amazon

Things To Consider Before Buying a Wall Mixer

The look of the modern bathrooms can never be complete without the installation of the fancy bathroom faucets like the wall mixers. If you want to access both the hot and cold water by mixing them for the perfect temperature with a common handle or spout, then wall mixers are the most convenient option. The wall mixers help you save the space and money for double fitting faucets for hot water and cold water separately.

The modern wall mixers enable you to control the water and pressure in different components like the handheld shower and also the conventional above head shower. The single switch has even more controls, such as the temperature and the flow at which the water comes down.

1. Types of Wall-mixers

There are primarily two kinds of wall mixers. They are listed below.

  • The 2-in-1 wall mixer: This wall mixer is known to have control over two features. The first one being control of the flow and pressure of the overhead shower. And the second one being the temperature control. This 2-in-1 wall mixer allows you to control everything with just one switch or handle.
  • The 3-in-1 wall mixer: This wall mixer takes things a notch higher. This allows you to control three things with one switch. The basic controls of the overhead shower and the temperature is similar to the other kind. However, it also allows you to operate the hand shower or the telephone with the same switch or handle.

2. Material

There are several metal finishing options for the bathroom wall mixer. Each comes with its own set of advantages. The detailed study on all the options is listed below.

3. Brass

The brass wall mixers are a superb investment. They are long-lasting and very resilient. They are highly unlikely to corrode or leak. They are a little on the expensive side, but you won’t regret paying a few extra bucks as you do not need to replace it for years.

4. Stainless Steel

The stainless steel seems to be a good option for some wall mixers. However, the cheap stainless might rust easily and are not an advisable option. The better ones are as expensive as the brass option. Therefore it is not a very good investment.

5. Zinc alloy and zinc

These metals make the cheapest wall mixers for the metallic option. They are cheap and might be suitable for some people, but they are not durable, and you might need a replacement soon.

6. Plastic

They are the only non-metallic option for the wall mixers. These are the cheapest in the market, but they are the least durable. However, one of the major advantages of the plastic wall mixers is that they are the only option that does not contain lead.

7. Resilience

This is a very important feature as the wall mixer will be wet over and over again. The wall mixer is touched many times a day, so it needs to be resilient. The wall mixer must last long without any kind of degradation. This is the reason why materials like wood are not used in wall mixers.

Metals like brass and stainless steel are durable and can stand strong against moisture and regular touching. Iron is seldom used for wall mixers as they can oxidize easily due to the constant exposure to water. Therefore, it is coated with stainless steel or a water-proof coating is done on them. Glass is also an option, but people complain that glass can be dangerous as it is very slippery while wet.

8. Easy use

The wall mixers are very easy to use, and one can learn all about its control very quickly. You will not have to control two taps for controlling the temperature. This is even easy to use for the children and the elders in the house.

The wall mixers are a modern alternative to the conventional taps to control the pressure and temperature of the water. It helps you to get lukewarm water easily without much fuss.

9. Operations

Before buying the wall mixer, you need to make sure that you have checked the inlet and outlet diameter and how it needs to be operated in general. The 3-in-1 wall mixers and 2-in-1 wall mixers have their specific operations, which help them to be unique and be superior over others.

10. Design

The design is completely your choice. You should choose your design according to the bathroom settings as it would look better. An ordinary shower head would look ravishing with just a change in the design of the wall mixer. A small personal touch to the design of the wall mixer would make it look quirky or aesthetic according to your taste.

11. Cost

The cost is a major factor as if you could have all the money in the world; you would buy all the best bathroom fixtures available to you. However, that is not always feasible. The expensive wall mixers are more durable than the inexpensive ones and hence last longer.

Therefore, you don’t need a replacement for the expensive wall mixers for a longer period of time. Some wall mixers come in the combo with a hand shower or an overhead shower. This saves you from buying the hand shower or the overhead shower explicitly.

12. Location

You need to find the perfect place to fit the wall mixer. You must check the dimensions of the wall mixers to check that it is the perfect fit on the bathroom wall. You should find the perfect place, so it is convenient to access it. There must be a 10cm-12cm gap between the mixer and the feature that it controls.

13. Knobs

There are several kinds of knobs or handles available for a wall mixer. You can go to the most convenient option, according to you, and you can choose the one which matches the overall décor of your bathroom.

Benefits of wall mixer

There are several benefits if you purchase a wall mixer. Some of them are listed below.

  • Various styles: Everyone wants their bathroom to look appealing to other people. This criterion is taken care of if you select a fancy wall mixer to complement the décor of your bathroom. There are many options to select from, both in the stores and on various websites, if you opt for online shopping. The style of the wall mixer should go with the overall design of the bathroom.
  • Control:If two separate taps control the temperature of the water, things can get confusing. The owner, in this case, is free to decide the temperature, but seldom the perfect temperature can be achieved. The contemporary house owners have the facility to control the temperature of the water with just one click.
  • Safety:It is very difficult to control the temperature of the water with the help of the two taps when filling a bucket or the bathtub. The dipping of a finger can prove to be risky. To tackle all these risky situations, wall mixers have become popular among most households. People of almost all age groups can control the wall mixer without much confusion. The occurrence of an accident is unlikely due to all the safety precautions taken during the time of installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.What are wall mixers?

Wall mixers are a single unit designed to fit in the wall with one spout with hot and cold water outlets through one stream. It allows you to control the temperature with the help of one handle rather than two.

2.Can the conventional hoses be replaced with wall mixers?

The wall mixers are installed in the wall; therefore, any bathroom can be replaced with wall mixers. There is an installation guide that is provided with all the wall mixers, which helps the users to install it easily.

3.Which is the best material for your wall mixers?

The best material for your wall mixers is brass. The brass being a metal, is durable and long-lasting. It is also quite resilient to moisture and the constant touching. It is a little on the expensive side, but the product would be completely worth your money.

4.Why do most wall mixers have chrome finishing?

The chrome finishing makes the wall mixers attractive and bold to look at. The chrome finishing makes it more resistant to the constant exposure to water and also saves it from any kind of scratch or damage.

5.How do I remove mineral stains from the wall mixers?

The stains on the wall mixers can be removed with the help of vinegar or lime and a damp cloth.

6.How do I prevent the handle from getting too tight?

You need to lubricate the handles to prevent it from getting too tight or uncontrollable.

7.How do I clean the wall mixers?

You can clean the wall mixers with a non-abrasive mild soap daily. You should avoid using harsh soaps as it might corrode the wall mixers.


This article gives you a detailed study of all the kinds of wall mixers available to you in the market or online. These reviews will help you choose the perfect wall mixer for your bathroom. According to us, the ALTON Grace 3795 Brass 2 in 1 Wall Mixer is the best product as it is accompanied by a hand shower outlet, and you don’t need to purchase it. Besides, Alton boasts about its high-quality products and has garnered huge popularity for the same.

Do let us know what you feel about our reviews. If you have any questions left related to wall-mixers, you can leave them in the comment section below.

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