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5 Best Commercial Weighing Machine in India 2022 Reviews

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Weighing machine is the most important part of any grocery stores or any shops where you need to weigh products. It is the backbone of any business. If you don’t have a proper perfectly working weighing scale then there may be heavy losses.

You will find different weighing machines available in the market today like body weighing scale, kitchen weighing scale, baby weighing scale and commercial weighing scale.

Commercial weighing scales are designed with the heavy duty that provides weight reading and used for commercial purposes. Below are few tips to consider before you buy commercial weighing scale.

Accuracy: To measure the highest loads with these machines you will find it easy as they provide accurate readings.

Maximum Capacity: This is the maximum load the machine can measure. Normally 5 Kg to 200 kg is the maximum capacity the machines can hold up to.

You will find more tips like repeatability, digital readability support etc in our Buying Guide

From the customer reviews and based on our research we have picked up 5 best commercial weighing machines in India.

Best Commercial Weighing Machine in India

Commercial Weighing MachinesCapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Delmer Weighing scale100 KGN/ACheck On Amazon
Baijnath Premnath Weighing Scale25 KG6 MonthsCheck On Amazon
iScale Digital Commercial Weighing Machine 50 KGN/ACheck On Amazon
Metis Electronic Weighing Scalee100 KG1 YearCheck On Amazon
EQUAL Digital Weighing Scale50 KGN/ACheck On Amazon

Best Weighing Machine for Commercial Use: 2022 Reviews

1. Delmer Electronic Weighing Scale Bench

Delmer Electronic Weighing Scale Bench

Delmer is a prominent manufacturer that supplies efficient machinery that lasts longer. This electronic weighing machine by Delmer is made of highly durable stainless steel that can endure heavyweights and has a longer life span.

This weighing bench has a capacity of 100 kg with a readability of 10 grams. The dimensions of the platform are 400 x 400 mm which are good measurements for commercial purposes.

The structure is powder-coated which increases its durability and makes it a completely eco-friendly machine.

It has an LED display with 7 digit segments. For accurate measurements, the machine also has a tare facility with zero function.

The machine has undergone all necessary inspections by the department of legal metrology, Government of India, and you will be receiving a stamp and verification certificate with it.

Warranty: It has no warranty

Things we liked:

  • Stainless Steel pan
  • Fully powder coated structure
  • Government certified

Things we didn’t like:

  • Warranty details are not mentioned

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2. Baijnath Premnath Premium Weighing Scale

Baijnath Premnath Premium Weighing Scale

This superior quality weighing scale by Bajinath Premnath comes in a compact size and has great portability. It has a maximum capacity of 25 kg with utmost precision of 1 gram.

The measuring platform is made with dimensions 18 x 22 cm perfect for commercial and industrial use.

The device is very easy to use and it is very easy to read as well with a large display & green backlight. It can be used to measure multiple units such as grams, kilograms, pounds, carat, etc.

The machine is made of high-quality material and it has long-lasting durability making it the most prominent value-for-money appliance.

You can either connect this machine to a power source with the AC adapter or can use a set of AA batteries which gives a power backup of 400 hours.

It comes with a unique dedicated button for Tare functionality that can be used to get the weight of the measuring bowl to zero for accurate measurements.

Warranty: It comes with a 6-month replacement warranty

Things we liked:

  • 6-month warranty
  • Easily transportable
  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable
  • Dedicated Tare function

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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3. iScale Digital Commercial Store Platform Weighing Machine 

iscale weighing machine

This product is designed with the stainless steel material, its maximum capacity is 50 kg, and this machine is suitable for both commercial and household purposes. To check the weight in warehouses, shipping services and assembly lines it designed with accuracy and precision.

It has strong metal body that is rust proof; its side grill is capable of continuous weighing and it can withstand continuous loads which makes it most favourable in all working conditions.

It has power backup of two days and comes with 220V power plug, it is portable you can use it anywhere, even in places where there is no power supply. In standby mode the machine can be up to six months after it is fully charged.

This machine is designed to adjust in different industries, from factories to retailer shops. This product is featured with energy saving option, when the machine is not in use the machine get switched to power saving mode which helps in saving the energy. It can be used for two days once fully charged. It is used in hypermarkets, logistic companies, warehouses and retail stores.

Warranty: It has no warranty

Things we liked:

  • This product can be used anywhere for high accuracy weighing
  • To save power it will automatically switch to power saving mode
  • Double display help the customers for easy readability

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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4. Metis Electronic Weighing Scale

Metis Electronic Weighing Scale

Metis is a brand that is dedicated to supplying top-tier weighing machines of all kinds. From human weight machines to high precision ornaments weighing balance, there are numerous models you can explore and choose as per your requirement.

Metis electronic weighing scale is made of iron and has a capacity of 100 kg. The weighing platform has dimensions of 400*400 mm, an ideal size for commercial use.

The machine has passed all kinds of tests to prove its quality. You will be receiving a stamping certificate along with the machine.

Metis promises its customers a genuine after-sales service. You will be given an address to which you can take the machine if it needs any repair.

Warranty: You will be receiving a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the product.

Things we liked:

  • Robust body
  • LED display
  • 1-year warranty
  • Stamping certification

Things we didn’t like:

  • Batteries included do not last very long

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Equal Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

Equal Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

This kitchen weighing scale from the brand Equal is very small in size and highly portable. It is highly durable as it is made of sleek mild steel with powder coated build.

The machine has a capacity of 50 kg with refined accuracy of 5 g. It is equipped with high-precision sensors for undisputed accurate weight readings.

This weighing scale is very easy to use and maintain. It makes it very easy to tare and calibrate and it includes a piece counting function for faster quantity measurement.

It features an LED screen with bright white backlight that displays readings crystal clearly. You can also check the display for low battery power, overload, and uneven surface placement indications.

The Equal digital weighing scale can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. It comes with a detachable platform for easy cleaning and moving.

It has approval from the Department of Legal Metrology, Government of India, and it comes with a stamping and verification certificate.

Warranty: N/A

Things we liked:

  • Lightweight
  • Portability
  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy
  • Multi-function
  • Stamping & verification certification

Things we didn’t like:

  • Warranty details are not mentioned
  • The display is prone to damage

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Things to Consider While Buying a Commercial Weighing Machine

Before selecting a commercial weighing scale, there are a few important factors that you should look into. Checking them will ensure that you will be able to use the product in the long run rather than just keeping it aside because it doesn’t fulfill your requirements.

1. Capacity:

All the different types of commercial weighing machines offer different weighing capacities. Hence, you will have to first figure out that how much do you want to weigh in one batch.

Each model comes with its own maximum capacity. This means that the machine will only be able to handle that much weight. You will get this information in the product specifications section. Make sure you check it before buying it.

Almost all the models of electronic weighing balances offer a maximum weighing capacity that ranges between 5 kg to 200 kg. Some users use commercial weighing machines in their industries dealing with heavy weights. These models can even weigh heavier equipment weighing more than 200 kg.

2. Weighing Unit:

You should also finalize the unit that you need while weighing the products. How do you want the results to be displayed – do you want it in pounds or in kilograms?

Also if you are going to weigh products in liquid form, you might have to buy a weighing machine that displays the result in either liters or fluid ounces.

In most of the advanced and high-tech commercial weighing machines, you can choose the measuring unit for a particular product by changing the settings. Buying a machine that allows this feature can be a great option for you if you deal with different types of products, including both solid and fluid products.

3. Readability:

Many users fail to check this, but readability is also one of those important factors that you must definitely check. If your work requires detailed units with a lot of precision, you might need a weighing scale that shows decent readability. The more details the machine offers, the easier and clearer the results will appear on the screen. And hence, it will lead to better investments too.

4. Digital Readability Support:

Almost all the modern electronic weighing machines come with an LCD display. These types of displays offer digital readability support. This means that the weight that you are going to measure will be available on the display and the weight is readable to both you (seller) and the buyer. This feature also makes it easier to use the weighing machine and is handy in all the ways.

5. Repeatability:

Repeatability is another great feature that you should look for in a commercial weighing machine or any regular digital weighing scales. It offers consistent results whenever you are measuring the weight of the same product rather than showing different results every time you measure it. It does not consider any deviations.

6. Weighing Machine Size:

If you are buying the weighing machine for the counter, then considering the size of the machine also becomes important. If there is a small counter space available at your workplace, buying a larger commercial weighing machine might not be the best option for you.

Thus, before buying the final product, measure how much available space do you have on the counter, and then buy accordingly. This will ensure that the weighing machine that you will buy will fit on the counter properly.

7. Platform Size:

The upper surface of the weighing machine is termed as the platform. It is the place where you keep the product or material that you want to weigh. If you want to measure things in smaller quantities, you can buy a weighing machine with a smaller platform. Digital weighing machines with a comparatively bigger platform can be used to weigh products in larger quantities.

As a general rule, while buying a commercial scale, you must ensure that the product that you are going to weigh is not more than 1/3rd of the size of the scale, irrespective of the direction you place it in. If not, there will be a risk of damaging the entire unit and it will also offer incorrect readings.

8. Brand:

Check all the famous brands manufacturing the best commercial weighing units. While some brands offer better qualitative results, others offer good results for other purposes. Hence, it is very important to check the reviews of that particular brand that you are planning to opt for and then make your decision accordingly.

9. Price:

A weighing machine offering multiple additional features will obviously cost higher than the ones offering basic features. Also, a weighing machine with a larger capacity is expensive than the units with a smaller capacity. Hence, many users prefer buying a weighing machine with higher capacity so that it will be beneficial for weighing the products of different weights.

10. Warranty:

You should always prefer buying a weighing machine from a brand that offers a minimum of 1 year warranty. It will be very helpful in dealing with any issues after you purchase the machine.

Other Features:

Apart from these basic factors, there are a few additional factors that can be helpful to you and your business. Some of these factors are as follows:

1. Accuracy:

It is particularly important to invest your money in a weighing machine that gives you only accurate results, in terms of measurements. This way, it will be easier for you to use the machine even when you are putting maximum weights for the measurement.

2. Calibration:

Some units of weighing machines come with internal calibration and a few others come with external calibration. Each of them offers different techniques. You can check them once before buying.

3. Dynamic Weighing Feature:

This is another feature that can be very helpful, especially if you are in the business where you need to weigh livestock or items that tend to move while weighing.

4. Power Source:

You should check whether the weighing machine works on a set of batteries or do you need to use a power source and plug in the device while using it. Some modern weighing machines can be connected directly to a power outlet so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of replacing batteries frequently.

However, there are some users who find it more convenient to use battery-powered models, especially if there is no access to a power outlet nearby.

5. USB Connectivity:

With the help of a USB connectivity option, you can connect the weighing machine with your computer or laptop so that you can maintain a proper record of inventories or prices of different products.

What are Commercial Weighing Scales?

Commercial weighing scales are the machines that allow you to weigh products in your commercial workspace. For example, you can measure the weight of rice, oil, or even food, if you are in the restaurant business.

Commercial weighing machines look quite similar to the machines used for residential purposes unless you are buying a weighing machine with a large capacity. The only difference is it won’t crack even if you put extra pressure over it and you can use it for a long time.

Talking about the construction, commercial weighing machines are made using exceptionally durable materials so that it can bear maximum weights and last for a long time.

You can use a commercial weighing scale to measure the weight of both smaller and larger items. Thus, if the business that you manage deals with larger products, it is better if you buy a commercial weighing scale as it can handle heavy weights easily.

Types of Commercial Weighing Machines

Commercial weighing machines are available in two types. You must check these types before buying one so that you can determine which type will be more suitable for the products that you deal with.

1. Platform Type:

In the platform-type commercial weighing machines, there is a platform at the top where you can keep the objects that you want to weigh. It can easily handle the weight of 100 to 200 kg. This type of weighing machine is suitable if you want to weigh rice bags, sugar bags, or similar items that have a wide base. These machines are also available in two variants – while a few models come with an electronic display, others don’t.

2. Tabletop Models:

You will usually find tabletop commercial weighing machines in general stores or shops. There are different models available in this type of weighing machines. They are as follows:

  • Some models of weighing machines don’t have an extra LCD display attached to the machine. Thus, sometimes it becomes quite inconvenient to check the weight of the item that you are measuring.
  • There are a few models that feature an LCD display panel. Checking the readings in these machines is very easy and convenient.
  • There are some models of tabletop commercial weighing machines that have an in-built calculator. It comes with many advanced functionalities that is very helpful in situations where you have to calculate the price of the product depending on its weight. You will have to do some initial settings and then the machine will be able to give you the correct information.

Some Maintenance Tips for Commercial Weighing Scale

Since commercial weighing scales are generally used in tough environments, they are more prone to usage damage. Hence, it becomes very important to maintain the machine in good shape so that it can provide you a good service for years. Here are some maintenance tips that can be helpful to you:

1. Keep the dirt out of the machine

When you use the machine on a regular basis, the chances of settling or accumulating of dirt, debris, or slime is very high. If you don’t clean it regularly, these particles will start solidifying and after a while, it will become very difficult to get rid of the dirt.

It can also have a negative impact on the readings of the scale. With the extra weight of the debris, the weight on the display will also increase. In the worst scenarios, slime can seep inside the weighing machine and destroy the internal circuits.

2. Place it on a flat surface

If you are not keeping the weighing machine on a flat and stable surface, the chances of movement are very high. Due to this, the chances of the machine getting damaged is high and it can start providing incorrect readings. Thus, you should always remember to place the weighing machine on a flat surface. This way, the scale won’t slip while you are weighing a product.

In some cases, you can even screw the machine to the surface and prevent it from moving. This is more important in scenarios where you have to measure the weight of dynamic or moving products.

3. Inspect the machine regularly

Make it a habit to check the weighing scale at least once in a week and see if it is working fine. If you think there is any issue or if you notice that there is any corrosion due to regular usage or wear and tear, you can get it repaired immediately. If you leave the irregularities like that, it might have an impact on the overall reading.

4. Make the required tweaks, whenever required

Irrespective of how efficient or qualitative the commercial weighing scale is, it needs to be calibrated regularly. You should test and check at least two times a year using certified weights and see if it needs any calibrating. Even though you can do it yourself, it is better if you get it done via a professional initially.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there a power-saving mode in commercial weighing machines?

There are only a few models that offer power-saving mode. Thus, you can check the product specifications if you want a machine that can work on power-saving mode.

2. What are some different uses of a commercial weighing machine?

The commercial weighing machines are generally used in retail stores, Kirana stores, and general stores. They are also used in commercial industries to weigh different types of materials.

Some people use it in grocery stores too to weigh fruits and vegetables.

These weighing machines are used in retail stores to check the weight of grains, various fluids like oil, and other edible items.

The commercial weighing machines are also used in various commercial industries to weigh items like metals, chemicals, etc. accurately.

3. What is a calibration error?

The difference of items true mass and the instruments reads on display is the calibration error.

4. What is a tare weight?

The weight of all packaging, wrapping or any material that is used to contain or transport the product is the tare weight.

5. Do i need a commercial scale which is approved and legal- for-trade in order to start a business?

You need to have a approved legal trade device, if your business buy or sell commodity or service by weight.


For any type of business these weighing machines are essential, these machines help you to stick to rules and provide customers what they paid for. There are many varieties you find in the market hope the products we listed out may help you.

To make you decision more simple and easy we suggest you to go with  Delmer weighing scale as it comes with 60 hrs battery backup and save your power as it comes with auto off feature.

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