Top 10 Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India: Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

There are few places or cities in India where the level of humidity goes above 50% which is a cause of big concern as it leads to uninvited diseases.

Well, in that case, dehumidifiers are the rescue as it controls the humidity levels present in the air and helps you to reduce the chances of falling prey to monsoon diseases by preventing bacterial presence.

So if you are looking to buy one, we would like you to consider certain things required to keep in mind before purchasing the product.

  • Size of the room and type of dehumidifier

.We would suggest you to measure the length and width of the floor first to avoid over drying of the air. Suppose, if the house is 1000 sft and above – whole house dehumidifier is the best fit.

  • Water tank Capacity

It depends on the size of the room and more capacity will give more storage. For eg, if your house is 1500 sft, 5 – 8liters’ dehumidifier would be best suitable.

  • Other Important features

Timers, auto-shut, auto-restart option and others will help you to save a lot of time & meanwhile perform other tasks.

If you would like to explore that how a dehumidifier works, you can check out our detailed “Buying Guide” below the article.

After 36 hours of rigorous research, we have listed the best dehumidifiers present in the market keeping in mind the climate changes in India.

Best Dehumidifiers in India

DehumidifierWater Tank CapacityWorking CapacityWarrantyBuy Now
POWER PYE ELECTRONICS Dehumidifier5.5 litres20 litres2 YearsCheck the Price
ANSIO Dehumidifier500 mL250 ml2 YearsCheck the Price
POWER PYE ELECTRONICS Dehumidifier2.3 litres12 litres2 YearsCheck the Price
CRANE Dehumidifier2.6 litres12 litres1 YearCheck the Price
ORIGIN Dehumidifier2.5 litres12 litres1 YearCheck the Price
WHITE WESTINGHOUSE Dehumidifier6.5 litres30 litres1 YearCheck the Price
Hysure Dehumidifier 500 ml250 ml2 Years (extended)Check the Price
Whynter Dehumidifier2.8 litres14 litresor 21.3 litres variants available1 YearCheck the Price
KEDSUM Dehumidifier500ml250 mlNACheck the Price
Eva-dry Dehumidifier236 mlNANACheck the Price

10 Best Dehumidifiers for Home and Car in India 2020


POWER-EYE-DEHUMIDIFIRESFirst on our list is the Power Pye electronics’ 20-litre dehumidifier. It can work up and dehumidify a room as wide as 280 sqft to 380 sqft and also used for the purification of air.

This dehumidifier regulates the humidity and dampness in a room and thus reduces your cost of airconditioning and thus give you a low power bill.

Thanks to the inbuilt air filters, apart from deterring excess moisture present in the air, this dehumidifier also gives you cleaner and safer air to breathe inside your home. In order to upgrade the device’s purification, you buy additional HEPA filters.

There is also a clothes dry mode on the device which lets you dry your clothes inside your own home with great ease. 

The large LED display gives you a clear idea of humidity levels in a room and lets you toggle the desired temperature levels. There is also a timer included in the dehumidifier that lets you set the desired duration for which you wish the dehumidifier to run for.

It has a memory function pre-built inside it that is super helpful in cases of power outages. Whenever there is a power outage, the dehumidifier not just shuts down automatically but remembers the power state it was in while shutting down. When the power comes back, it resumes to its previous operating mode on its own.

Speaking of automatic, the device also has an auto-frost technology which is perfect on cold damp rainy days when all of the evaporation might get your dehumidifier frosty.  

The operation of this device is pretty standard. Basically, the device has two coils; Hot and Cold. 

While the fan brings in the air from the room inside, it is heated up, passed on to the cool coil which condenses the air. The water generated thus is then stored into the dehumidifier’s tank while the air is heated back to the original temperature and released back into the room.

The reservoir tank has a 5.5-litre capacity and the LED screen lets you know when it is time to empty the tank. Overall, the device has a total of 20 litres air dehumidification capacity. Also, make sure to keep the device in a vertical position before use to avoid gas leakage.

The only con for this device would be that the heated back temperature is slightly higher than room temperature. Also, the entire process of dehumidifying the air is noisier than expected. 

Winding up, the performance of Powerpye branded model is excellent and best to use in a home, offices, cars, and public areas. It can be used to regulate the humidity levels and purify the air. Hence it is considered as the best 3 in 1 air purifier and dehumidifier device that utilizes 320-watts of the power supply. It even comes with a 2-year onsite warranty.


  • Clothes dry mode option.
  • Large LED display.
  • Auto-frost technology.
  • 320-watts of power supply.
  • 5.5 litres of water tank capacity.
  • 45˚-90˚ of oscillating function.
  • Backed with 2-years onsite warranty.
  • 1˚-35˚C of the temperature display range.
  • Suitable for room size up to 280-380 sq.ft.


  • Heats up quickly on continuous operation.
  • Warranty does not include gas leakage or liquid emissions.

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2. ANSIO Dehumidifier

ANSIO-DEHUMIDIFIRESNext on our list is a personal and one of the most economical dehumidifiers. The ANSIO electric is a portable mini dehumidifier which has a tank capacity of 500 ml and can purify up to 250 ml a single day.

Highly compact and portable, this dehumidifier is a perfect fit for college students, bachelors and even for small storage spaces that need to keep the goods dry. Place it inside a clothes cupboard to keep your clothes, photography or electronic equipment dry, always. Place it by your study desk or by your bed and get to breathe fresh air. 

It can remove moisture and humidity from your closed quarters of about 40 sqft area. Power it on and you can have it running for about as high as 4 hours. In rainy cities like Kolkata or Mumbai or Bangalore, you can easily place this in your small-compact bedroom and can expect a dry room when you enter.

Ideally, when the device is set at 30 degrees C, it can reach its capacity of dehumidifying almost 250 ml. Depending on the humidity of the air in the room, this would mean pulling down the humidity of the room to about 80%. 

The automatic shut off feature of the device will turn off the device if the tank reaches full capacity or if it reaches its maximum dehumidification capacity of 250 ml continuously.

Noisier than advertised, you can still use the device for just about fine and without much complains. The device comes with a 2 Year manufacturer warranty too.


  • Compact
  • Economic
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Ideal for small rooms and closets for keeping clothes and electronics dry
  • Saves up on electricity 
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty


  • Tad bit noisy
  • Very small capacity (250 ml tank)

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POWER-EYE-2-DEHUMIDIFIRESAn economic alternative to the Power Pye 20 litre Dehumidifier, the Power Pye 3 in 1 Dehumidifier is quiet and sleek. It comes with a 12-litre performance capacity, a 2.3-litre capacity water tank and is easily fit for a maximum room size of 300 sqft.

A definitive noise improvement over its 20-litre version, this device is specifically designed to operate silently and also be energy efficient at the same time. 

The device runs at a pace of 1.5p per hour(fast) and has a massive air purification capacity of 7.5 L/Kwh. This means that the device costs you very less on electricity bill too. 

By design, the device is sleek, slender and is something that you would not feel shy to place at the centre in a room. Smooth by touch, the dashboard on top of the device is similar to its predecessor, the Powerpye 20 litre version. It has a large LED screen and with ample toggle buttons to switch different temperatures, timer and modes of operation.

While the cloths dry mode, helps you dry out clothes, there is also a temperature control within the dashboard. It lets you maintain the desired temperature of the output of the device thus making it work as an air conditioner too. You can change the humidity levels of the room. While there is a maximum of 90% humidity removal, it is advised that you start out with smaller chunks of 20% or 50%.

You can even toggle the speed of the fan which will decide how quickly the room gets dehumidified. Higher speed fan can get your room dehumidified in about 5 or 5.5 hours whereas a low-speed fan takes about 7 hours.

Once the tank is full of water, the indicator lets you know and you can remove it or replace it. This tank, with its 2.3-litre capacity, is made out of polycarbonate material and is thus sturdy. 

There is a basic air filtration unit present within the device which aids in air purification. If you wish to use device for complete air purification, you can get a HEPA filter which further purifies the air inside the room.

Apart from this, the device also has an automatic turn off feature along with a timer setting. Place the device on a timer and sleep peacefully. The autodefrost keeps the device from not getting jammed or cold when you are not looking around.

The laundry plus option is specifically built to aid you to dry off your clothes on a rainy or on a non-sunny day. A child lock button present on the device is perfect if you have any kids at house or you happen to have large fingers too. 

Easy to use and go about, the device also comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty but this does not specify warranty for any gas or fluid leakage.


  • Sleek Build
  • Silent in Operation
  • 2.3 Litre storage capacity 
  • 12-litre performance capacity
  • Large LED screen
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Automatic turn off and on
  • Timer option
  • Laundry mode
  • Auto Defrost
  • Sturdy Polycarbonate build
  • Child Lock
  • 2 Years manufacturer’s warranty


  • Pricing
  • Warranty does not specify gas or fluid leakage.

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4. CRANE Dehumidifier

CRANE-DEHUMIDIFIRESWith aesthetically pleasing looks and competitive pricing compared to most to large volume luxury dehumidifiers, the Crane Plastic Dehumidifier is perfect for a room even of the size of 350 sqft. 

Thanks to its compact size, you can easily place it on a desk, under the furniture or even in the corner of a room. The Crane dehumidifier comes with a 2.6-litre storage tank and a dehumidification capacity of 12 litres. 

With a 24 hour automatic timer, you can set the device to the desired time setting and leave it. It shuts down automatically and it also can turn back on when the humidity in the room rises. In cases of a power outage, the device has the ability to remember its previous power settings.

Silent in operation, the humidity control range of the dehumidifier is between 40% and 80%. The fan has an oscillating capability between 45 and 90 degrees which makes it easier to cover almost every inch of the room. 

There is also a clothes dry mode for drying your clothes inside the room on a rainy day. The auto defrost will take care of the removal of any frost being generated on the device. 

Though the LED screen is large and well lit, the buttons are a bit small. In order to compensate for that and to protect the device from any child pressing any random buttons, there is also a child lock feature. 

With a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year, it is safe to say that this is a worthy product for small families and medium roomed houses. But keep in mind that the warranty does not cover for any liquid or gaseous emission. Also, make sure that you place the device in a vertical position for about 5 hours immediately after taking out the device out of its box after delivery. Clean the air filters and the tank once every 10 days for best results.


  • Compact and stylish in design
  • Silent in operation
  • 350 sqft room capacity
  • 20-litre performance capacity
  • 2.6-litre storage capacity
  • Automatic shut off
  • Auto defrost
  • Large LED screen
  • Child Lock
  • 45-90 degree fan oscillation for better coverage of the whole room
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Warranty does not cover fluid or gaseous emissions
  • No proper air purification than other dehumidifiers

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5. ORIGIN Dehumidifier

ORIGIN DehumidifierWith a noise level of 44 dB and coverage of over ~158sqft, Origin’s plastic dehumidifier is a neat and nice table-top dehumidifier. 

Not necessarily table-top, you can place this compact dehumidifier just about anywhere within the room. 

Its 100 m3/h rotary compression fan with R-134a coolant and powerful enough to pull in and dehumidify air within a 100 sq ft vicinity. 

It comes with a 2.5-litre tank capacity and has a total of 12-litre working capacity per day. You can set up the temperature on the device from 5 degrees to 35 degrees centigrade. 

At its minimum, the device can start with a 40% dehumidification and this can be toggled with a humidity change setting in increments of 10%.  

There is also an automatic timer setting so that you can turn on the device and go about your work or just sleep without worrying about turning off the device in the middle of the night.

Its clothes dry mode is perfect in not just drying out the clothes but also in clearing out the awful smell that wet clothes have during the rainy season.

With just 165 watts of electricity consumption, it is a great and high bargain on how much you can save up on electricity. 

Apart from the low room coverage, there seems to be no other issue with this dehumidifier. It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. As like any other dehumidifier, the liquid and gas leakage warranty are not specified. 


  • Neat and sleek design
  • Portable nature
  • 2.6 Litre capacity
  • 12-litre working capacity per day
  • 165 Watts energy consumption thus very frugal with electricity
  • Clothes dry mode
  • Automatic timer
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Less coverage of space
  • Could improve the fan quality

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WHITE WESTINGHOUSE DehumidifierA famous and beloved American brand, the White Westinghouse’s plastic house tranquil dehumidifier is perfect for large rooms of 300 sqft. It can go on for very long periods of time thanks to its massive 6.5-litre water storage tank.

Apart from the standard 6.5-litre tank, there is also an option of continuous drainage. This essentially means that you can ditch the tank and directly place a pipe which drains out all of the water accumulated out into the bathroom.

Also, the dehumidifier comes with a 30-litre performance capacity. Thus no matter how humid your city, room, cupboard, bathroom or your clothes are, this can handle it with more than simple care.

The dashboard comes with a large LCD display with 6 different toggle buttons which manage functions such as frosting, fan speed, temperature and humidity control. 

Speaking of humidity, the device can maintain from 90% relative humidity to even as low as even 30% of relative humidity in the room. 

While the automatic humidistat takes care of the humidity in the room, the auto frost takes care of any frost developed within the device during operation. With a promise of silent operation, the maximum noise limit is lower 45 dB. 

Working as an air purifier, dehumidifier and a clothes drier, the device comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please note that this warranty does not cover for any fluid or gas leakage.


  • 6.5 Litre tank capacity
  • 30 Litre working capacity
  • 45 dB max noise
  • Large LCD Screen
  • Minimum 30% humidity to high as 90%
  • Automatic Humidistat
  • Auto-defrost
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Pricing
  • 300 Sqft for coverage (expected higher coverage for such a heavy-duty product)

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7. Hysure Dehumidifier 

Hysure Dehumidifier Another mini dehumidifier in the list, the Hysure portable dehumidifier camp pump up a volume of about 250ml/day. But given the small and portable nature of the device, it is designed to work in about 10-20 square meters of space.

At an optimum 30 degrees celsius, the dehumidifier can bring the humidity up to RH 80% which is an impressive feat for such a small and portable device.

Quiet in operation, the maximum noise generated by the Hysure dehumidifier is less than 37dB. Compact in size and highly flexible in usage, the device never takes up too much space on any surface or box.  

So silent and handy that you can use this device to keep the room humid and damp free for babies and toddlers to sleep in peace. Place it on your desk, beside or under your bed and sleep/work in a quiet, damp and mould-free environment.

There is also an automatic shut off that powers down the device when the tank is full (it gives you a cup full light indicator) so that you can empty the tank. On typical humid days, you would maybe need to empty the cup once every 2 days at max.

Given the size of the dehumidifier, it hardly costs you any electricity (consumes just 21W of power). It does not use any additive chemicals and is an eco-friendly device. 

One of the only and major con that we found with this otherwise great device is that nowhere within the packaging does the seller/manufacturer mention warranty. There is, however, a 2 year extended warranty that you can purchase at the manufacturer’s website


  • Compact in size
  • Quiet
  • Seamless in function
  • 250ml tank capacity
  • Can remove up to 80% Rh
  • Consumes just 21W of power
  • Automatic Shut Off


  • Covers just about 10-20 sqft of room
  • Does not specify the manufacturer’s warranty but users can purchase an extended warranty.

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8. Whynter Dehumidifier

Whynter DehumidifierLeaning towards the luxury end of the dehumidifiers, the Whynter RP-311DW comes in two different variants. The first is a 30-pint version. This is a 14-litre working capacity and a 2.8-litre storage tank version. The other is the 45-pint version which comes with 21.3-litre working capacity and a 2.8-litre storage tank.

While you may look at the smaller than expected storage tank, one should consider that even on highest humid days, these tanks will not be filled to their brims on a single day. Also, even if you plan on using this device on a massive scale like drying really wet clothes, there is a drainage extension to the device. You can simply unplug the storage tank and connect it to the drainage pipe and you are good to go to use it for as long as you want. (20-inch drain pipe included)

The outer casing of the device is a robust and sturdy frame. It also has caster wheels to its bottom for easier movement and portability. 

The low-temperature operation with a minimum ambient temperature of ~5 degrees C (40 degrees F) gives you a relative humidity control range of 35% to 85% Relative Humidity. 

Similar to most of the luxury end dehumidifiers, the device also comes not just with an auto-shutoff but also an auto-restart. This implies that whenever there is a power outage or shut down of the device due to the tank full status, the device remembers the power mode, shuts down and restarts with the same power settings. 

A 24-hour timer lets you set the device to turn off at a predetermined time and thus saves you the hassle of getting up to turn it off if you are in the middle of something or just sleeping.

While the dual fan can bring up to a massive 235-metre cube per hour (138 CFM), the auto-defrosting capabilities add up to the functional advantages of possessing this product.

Now for the most important part, the noise level of this heavy luxury device is actually very low. As low as below 53dB which is a deal-breaker considering the high-end nature of the product.

One of the only drawbacks to this device would be the 440W power consumption. Add in a wise usage and you will be good to go. The Whynter dehumidifier comes with a limited 1-year onsite manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Comes in two different variants (14-litre and 21.3-litre versions)
  • 35% to 80% Relative Humidity 
  • Auto Restart
  • Auto Shut off
  • Auto Defrost
  • Auto Timer (24 hours)
  • Comes with a 20-inch drain pipe
  • Dual fan with 235-metre cube per hour speed
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • 440 W power consumption

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9. KEDSUM Dehumidifier

KEDSUM DehumidifierYet another mini dehumidifier, the KEDSUM thermo-electric dehumidifier is small, compact and is also FCC approved. 

Small but powerful, this device could work its magic in even large rooms of 150 sqft. Apart from bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, you can use this small and handy device in closets, laundry rooms and even cars. Perfect to remove not just damp mould or humidity, but also the odours that accompany it.

It has come with a 500 ml removable water tank that is good at deterring almost 250 ml of moisture per day (when used continuously). There is an auto turn-off feature which will switch off the dehumidifier when the tank is full.

The ultra-quiet whisper technology works as advertised. While there is no total quietness, the sound it emits is low and almost negligible. You can barely hear it work.

Designed to fit almost anywhere, it has a simple dashboard. This contains an on/off button, water level indicator on the front. There is also a protective anti-skid mat at the bottom.

Along with the dehumidifier, you will also get a DC power adapter (9V/2.5A) and an instruction manual to guide the new users. If you’re not familiar about installing a dehumidifier in home, then the read/follow the setup guide, instructions, do’s and don’ts, and warning labels given on the instruction manual.

The lightweight and portable design make the device easy to carry from one location to another. Besides all, it generates a very little noise of 42 dB which is suitable to use for baby rooms.


  • Thermo-electric cooling.
  • Suitable for 150 sq.ft rooms.
  • Generates little noise of 42 dB.
  • Removable 17.6 0z water tank.
  • Portable and lightweight design.
  • Removes 8.8 ounces of water/day.
  • Automatic turn off and LED indicators.
  • Ultra-quiet Peltier whisper technology.


  • No disclosure of warranty information

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10. Eva-dry Dehumidifier

Eva-dry DehumidifierThis Eva-dry dehumidifier is a compact dehumidifier without a compressor. It comes with features like whisper technology and auto power on and can easily fit on desk, benches, tables, closets, and windows.

An Eco-Friendly dehumidifier, it reduces allergens in the air and eliminates bad odours, fungus present in the room. 

The Eva-Dry’s reservoir tank can collect up to 236 ml of condensed water. The auto turn-off function kicks in once the tank is full. Throw away the water and the dehumidifier is good to go again. 

When tuned in at 30 degrees centigrade, the device could remove as high as 80% of the humidity in the air. The LED indicator present on the device lets you know of the humidity levels. Orange indicates dry room whereas green indicates wet.

On the whole, the performance of Eva dehumidifier is good and acceptable. A 9 V DC power adapter is included to power up the device. There is no specific mention of any warranty for the product anywhere which is also another con.


  • Whisper technology.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Automatic on/off feature.
  • Eliminates odours and fungus.


  • No Warranty

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Dehumidifier Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best

Not many of us are aware of the information required for purchasing a dehumidifier. Without necessary knowledge, you can end purchasing a wrong one which can be a waste of your money. Making a right choice is even more information for people who have asthma or other respiratory issues, as their health is at stake. For this reason, we have assembled all the information required to make the right choice.

1. Different Types of Dehumidifiers

Based on their dehumidifying technology and capability, these devices are divided into 4 categories – refrigerative, electronic, desiccant, and ionic. Let’s have a detailed description below…

a) Refrigerative Dehumidifiers

This is the most commonly used dehumidifiers. They are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Their working principle is – the air is pulled into the device using a small fan, which is then passed over a refrigerating coil, during which the moisture is pulled out. The condensed water drops are collected on the coil, which eventually drips into the collecting tank. Though this process is inexpensive, it is far more effective in terms of removing moisture in the air than other types of dehumidifiers.

b) Electronic Dehumidifiers

These type of dehumidifiers are suitable for only cars and very small areas. The working principle of this device includes – the air is passed through a peltier heat lamp in order to create a cool surface, enables the condensation process where the moisture is extracted and collected.

c) Desiccant Dehumidifiers

These devices are also known as absorption dehumidifiers. In this type of device, the moisture is actually drawn out of the air during desiccant. The desiccant dehumidifier operates at low temperature and saves power by consuming less power.

d) Ionic Dehumidifiers

Ionic membrane dehumidifiers are mostly used in industrial areas like fuel cell technology, chemical engineering, and water filtering. It is used to improve the humidity in or out by operating at a molecular level without involving water.

2. Room size Vs Dehumidifier size

This is the most important factors to consider while purchasing a dehumidifier. Because if you purchase wrong one, it can either over dry the air or it may not have the capacity to dehumidify. A small dehumidifier could work well in closets or cupboards while a bigger one may be required to get rid of the moisture in a larger living room or a big bathroom. Below is a table representing appropriate dehumidifier according to the room size specifications.

Room Size Appropriate Dehumidifier
<1000sqft Ultra-small
1100-1500sqft Small
1600-2000sqft Medium
2500-3000sqft Medium-large
3800sqft Large

3. Water Tank Capacity

Water tank capacity is another important factor that you should look in a dehumidifier before you make a purchase.  In normal room humidifiers, the capacity of the water tank is quite small than its daily usage capacity. If you want to have a right sized one, then avoid dehumidifiers with small tank capacity. Instead, you can grab the one that comes with large water tank. As they are efficient to use throughout the day.

However, the water capacity depends on the room size. That is why, we have provided a table which specifies water tank size suitable according to room size and humidity levels. This gives a clear idea of which dehumidifier best matches with your requirements – small- large rooms, cars, etc.

Water Tank Capacity 1000sqft 1500sqft 2000sqft 3000sqft
Moderately Damp 7liters 8.5liters 10.8liters 13liters
Damp 9liters 10liters 12.7liters 15liters
Extremely Wet 10liters 12liters 15liters 17liters
Wet 11.8liters 14liters 17liters 19liters

4. Humidity Control Range

The HCR is an indication of dehumidifier’s capability of controlling humidity levels. It is usually measured in percentage levels. Any dehumidifier should be capable of controlling at least a minimum of 50% humidity in the air.

5. Fan Speed Settings

Usually, portable dehumidifiers contain at least 2 fan speed settings. The lesser speeds normally make lesser noise than the higher speeds. However, low speed draws out moisture very slowly.

6. Washable Filters

The power utilized by dehumidifiers is less compared to other home and kitchen electronic appliances like refrigerator, TV, AC, washing machine, cooler, etc. Investing on dehumidifier saves your power bills and best fits in your home.

The main reasons for dehumidifier to save power are that the dry air utilizes less energy to heat and you can also set the thermostat setting to 1˚C. Besides, you don’t need to invest on expensive cleaning products every time when the humidity level decreases in your room/hall.

7. Automatic Defrost

A dehumidifier should be capable of working even under low-temperatures. If you live in warm climatic areas, then you should consider a dehumidifier that has a defrost feature. The heat exchange coils present on the dehumidifier frost when the temperature drops below 60 ˚F. While making the purchase, make sure the product you choose has this feature.

8. Auto-Shut Off Option

This is one of the smart features of newly upgraded models of dehumidifiers. The purpose of using this auto shut-off option is to turn/ switch off the dehumidifier completely when the water tank is full/empty, power failures and other heating issues. It safeguards the device from being damaged and improves the lifespan. With this option, you can switch on the device and concentrate on your other works without attending it.

9. Auto-Restart Feature

This option is very helpful for people who have regular power cuts. The device is automatically restart when the power is back.

10. Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a device is usually represented by stars. Energy efficiency approved dehumidifiers work more efficiently than the ones with no-energy star models. If you live in an area where humidity levels are much higher, then an energy start rated device will work more effectively without consuming much electricity, thus saving you lots of money.

11. Indicators

An LED indicator is featured on dehumidifier to let the user know whether the device is currently working or not. It will blink lights when a particular operation is carried out. An indicator should also be provided to identify the full collection of water in the tank.

12. Timer

A timer can be programmed by simply turning to on/off when you’re away from the house. When a dehumidifier comes with this feature, it means that it will turn on and off automatically at night times so as to monitor the indoor humidity levels. If the room environment is of high humidity, then it will switch to dehumidification mode.

13. Whisper Quite Technology

This whisper quite technology in a dehumidifier helps sleep peacefully at night. The main functionality of this technology is to reduce the amount of noise (decibels-db) produced from the device. A dehumidifier with whisper quite technology is a must-have device in home and to be placed in baby, elder’s rooms, bedrooms, halls, dining, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

14. Timer

A timer is helpful when you want the device to work for a specific period of time. Once you set the timer period, it will run that specific time period and automatically shut off.

15. Assured Warranty

All the buyers should check out warranty options before choosing a dehumidifier. Usually, these devices last for at least some years, though occasional malfunctions are likely. When it comes to warranty, some of them provide 1-year period. However, some of them even provide more warranty period and extended time as well.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is the appropriate time to use a dehumidifier?

If you feel moisture in the air or if you feel the room is damp and smell musty, then it states that the humidity levels in the air are high. If your room walls feel damp or have moldy patches, dehumidifier has to be used frequently.

2. Can I sleep with dehumidifier on all night?

A dehumidifier helps to keep the air moist enough (balances the water percentage in the air). So, you can keep the dehumidifier on all night. It helps to keep your airways moist and help proper breathing all night.

3. Where can I keep dehumidifiers?

Dehumidifiers are usually placed in bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms or any other rooms where moisture in the air is high. Whatever room you place the dehumidifier, make sure to keep it close to the center of the room. It not possible, then place them at least 6 – 12 inches away from the wall and furniture. Because dehumidifiers work best when there is good air flow around them.

4. Is it safe to leave the dehumidifier unattended?

Yes, it is safe. You leave the device unattended, as it will automatically shut down once the required humidity levels are acquired.

5. Do dehumidifiers prevent mold?

When the moisture in the air increases to 60% or more, then mold starts building up on the walls and furniture. This is the reason why a dehumidifier is necessary. It helps in eliminating and controlling moisture with a dehumidifier, thus preventing the mold formation. However, it doesn’t remove the existing mold.

6. Can I leave windows open when you turn off a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier work by removing excess moisture in the air. Leaving windows open can allow more humidity from outside to filter in. This makes the dehumidifier work even more harder, consuming more electricity.

7. When should I turn off the dehumidifier?

If the temperatures become alarmingly low or if you feel the air is too dry then turn off the dehumidifier.

Final Words:

Want to get rid of humidity levels in your home? The only solution to these problems is by using a good dehumidifier. But, before you make a purchase, consider few important factors like dehumidifier types, room size vs dehumidifier size, water tank capacity, power consumption, washable filters and smart features – timer, whisper quiet technology, auto-restart, defrost, and LED indicators.

Of all the available choices and brands, our top pick from the list is Ivation Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier.It comes with a Washable air filter, Full tank indicator light, Auto-shutoff, Removable 16-oz water tank that helps you breathe fresh air indoors.

If you’re willing to afford more on dehumidifiers, then prefer Honeywell DH70W Dehumidifier that comes with more advanced features like LED display, Anti-spill tank stand, Auto-restart, 24-hour energy saving timer, Smart digital humidistat control for smooth and hassle-free functioning.

If you’ve any queries or doubts share with us in the comment section given below. We’re happy to clarify them as soon as possible.

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