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6 Best Heat Sealer Machine in India 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Sealing machine is an essential tool for packing things in plastic bags. Good packing always gives good appeal for your product. Tight sealing also helps you to protect your goods from moisture, leakages, dirt etc. You always need to ensure the packing is tight and presentable.

You need to choose the best sealing equipment for better results. It’s a tough choice to choose from various options available in market.

Consider the following points before you buy the heat sealer machine

Energy Efficiency: Select your sealer which heats fast and also have auto cut off feature this helps you to reduce power consumption.

Length: To support various pack sizes you get 8 to 12 inches sealing length. You can choose the suitable sealer according to your needs.

Apart from the above tips there are many more tips like safety, budget etc which are clearly given in our Buying Guide

We have done a thorough research on sealing machines and brought up with six best heat sealer machines.

Top Sealing Machine in India 2022

Heat Sealer MachineMaterialSizeBuy Now
Corslet Packing Sealing MachinePlastic12 inchesCheck On Amazon
JUNKYARD Hand Heat Sealing MachineIron8 inchesCheck On Amazon
Ekavir Hand Sealing MachineIron8 inchesCheck On Amazon
Zegel Heat Sealer MachineMetal body12 inchesCheck On Amazon
JD9 Heat Sealer MachinePolypropylene12 inchesCheck On Amazon
ZEGEL Heat Sealing MachinePlastic12 inchesCheck On Amazon

Best Sealing Machine in India: Reviews

1. Corslet Packing Sealing Machine

Corslet Heat Packing Sealing Machine

This packing machine by corslet is made up of plastic and size about 12 inches; it allows you to select 8 different type of materials to choose from to pack.

This product supports very smooth and tidy packing which will be leak proof. You can seal plastic bags, aluminium bags, paper bags without any hassle.

It is suitable for sealing all types of plastic bags used in packaging of sweets, native, special goods, electric appliances etc.

Things we liked:

  • There is auto LED shut off light indicator
  • It comes with long handle where there is no need of labour
  • Supports different type of materials

Things we didn’t like:

  • Do not use wet cloth to clean the sealing platform

Buy Now From Amazon

2. JUNKYARD Hand Heat Sealing Packaging Machine

JUNKYARD heat sealing machine

This is an impulse sealing machine from JUNKYARD, this is a light weight product that packs plastic bags and aluminium bags with thickness up to 2mm and 8inch length.

You can adjust the temperature using the knob at the side of the machine. This product also comes with an indicator light, so you can easily understand once machine is ready to use.

This one very much suitable for packing fruits, vegetables, grocery items.

Warranty: You get three months warranty to this product.

Things we liked:

  • It comes with the sealing thickness of 2 mm
  • Sealing length supported is 8inch

Things we didn’t like:

  • This product is not suitable for industrial packaging it is only suitable for packing grocery items.

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3. Ekavir 8″ Inches Hand sealing machine

Ekavir Hand sealing machine

Ekavir hand sealing machine is portable and compact in size. It is equipped with a timer knob to increase or decrease the heat time. By increasing time, you can seal bags with heavy thickness and avoid damaging bags by decreasing the time.

It does not consume energy when not in use. So it won’t be a problem if the machine is left plugged. After adjusting the heat time, you just have to place it on the sealing platform and press the handle for just 1-2 seconds.

It weighs 1.9 kgs and consumes 380 watts of energy. It is very small in size, 8 inches, and can move anywhere you wish.

Things we liked:

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable timer
  • LED indicator

Things we didn’t like:

  • Several user complaints on functionality

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Zegel Heat Sealer Machine

Zegel washing machine

Zegel heat sealer machine is made up of metal body; it is the high quality machine to seal the items continuously.  This supports sealing bags of lengths of 12inch. It’s compact and light weight design make this comfortable to use and portable.

As the bags are made up of different materials every material needs different settings of temperature, this machine comes with timer knob, using the knob you can either increase or decrease the temperature to avoid breaking. Heat buzzer helps you to know when the sealing is done.

It is easy to use within the time period of 1 to 2 seconds you get you items seal packed.

Things we liked:

  • You get adjustable light and time indicators
  • This machine is light in weight and portable
  • Supports 12inch sealing length.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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5. JD9 Heat Sealer Machine

JD9 Heat Sealer Machine

JD9 sealing machine made of 12 inch polypropylene material with modern design.  This product is light in weight and portable. You can start packing as soon as you plug-in. This product comes with high temperature resistant silica gel which will be very smooth to pack your bags.

This heats very fast and comes with several setting options like adjustable time, light indicator etc. this product supports heavy usage in places like industries, manufacturing units, grocery stores etc.

You can select the type of bag you would like to pack, and it adjust the temperature accordingly. You will get 8stall options to choose from. This will avoid over heating and burning the packs.

Things we liked:

  • To meet the needs of different materials this machine has adjustable knob which have 8 stalls.
  • To make sure it is safe to use it has heat dissipation design.
  • Adjustable timer and heat indicator.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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6. ZEGEL System Manual Hand Heat Sealing Machine

ZEGEL Heat Sealing Machine

This 12-inch sealing machine is very user-friendly and can be used in grocery, industrial, retail, and produce sealing. It does not need any warm-up time, you can use it as soon as you plug it in.

It is very lightweight and can be moved without any trouble. The cast metal used in construction gives the machine high durability.

The operation of the Zegel sealing machine is very simple. You can adjust the heating time with the control and the LED indicator lets you know when the seal is complete.

It consumes 250 watts and the sealing length is 12 inches.

Things we liked:

  • Package includes 1 tape, 1 user manual & 1 element
  • Automatic shut-off & audiovisual with indicator
  • LED indicator & adjustable timer

Things we didn’t like:

  • Several user complaints on product quality

Buy Now From Amazon

Factors to Consider Before you Buy an Impulse Sealer:

Before you buy the impulse sealer it is important to check out the following points.

1. Need At Hand

If you handle smaller items then you need not spend more money on heavy duty units. You will be needed a big commercial unit if you run a business. A smaller unit will be break down sooner.

2. Energy Efficiency

Sealers are used by electricity, the good sealers will consume minimum energy by providing good service and it will also handle plastic bags. To show consumption it will have power rating.

Impulse sealers will switch on automatically when pressed and if the handle is released it will get switched off which helps in energy saving.

3. Weight

Sealers are available in different weights; heavy unit usage is easy as it moves around easily. Light weight sealers are particle, for best stability it must have firm base.

4. Safety

You need to be cautious about the safety; there are chances of injuries if it is heavy and bulky compared to smaller units.

To prevent accidental touching the heating element need to be well positioned. Selecting the unit with the indicator light is suitable.

5. User Friendly

Always choose the sealing machine which is easy and comfortable to use, the machine handle should be light in weight. It should come with easy pressing and should be easy while you use.

6. Budget

There are various variety of impulse sealing, Depending on your budget and have knowledge about the current market price range. The reviews also will help you out for best decision.

7. Sealing Length

This is another important aspect to consider while choosing your ideal heat sealer. Normally you get 8 inches to 12 inch sealing length for packaging. This allows you to pack various sizes of bags easily.

How to use an Impulse Sealer:

Switch on the unit:

The first step is by plugging in the unit to power outlet. It is perfectly suitable for 110V, 220-240V and also dual powered. To save time and energy heating element will be heat immediately.

Select the right temperature:

On the end of the sealer you will get a temperature control knob. If you turn the knob in clockwise direction it will increase the heat, if you turn the knob in anti clockwise direction the heat will be decreased.

Sandwich the bag between the seal bars:

Between the sealed bars place the plastic bags and hold the item to be sealed, select the margin in between the object and seal the end. You should keep an idea about the duration of the heat bar to stay, if it is for longer time then there are chances to burn and melt the plastic.

Depress Handle:

You need to depress the handle to melt both the sides of the bag; the light indicators switch off after few seconds. You should not remove the bag right away after handle is released as it may leave horrid marks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do heat sealers work?

The heat sealers use heated sealing wires which are set off when sealing bar is closed by applying pressure.

2. What does the heat sealers do?

The heat sealer is used to seal the packing products and other thermoplastic material by using heat.


For best appeal for your goods and professional packing, you need a best sealing machine. After our research we advise you to go ahead with “Galaxy Sealing Machine”, as this come with indicator light which saves power consumption and you have option to increase or decrease the heat as per your requirement.

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