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Top 10 Best Wall Clocks in India: 2022 & Buying Guide

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Apart from just telling time, wall clocks are an essential part of any architectural interior décor.

You can find several varieties of wall clocks in the market from vintage, cuckoo clock to modern digital ones. Whatever clock you choose, look out for below factors…

  • Digital or Analog – If exact time (within seconds) is your requirement, then it is better to choose digital clock.
  • Noise – Compared to digital, analog clocks make noise while ticking. If you want a wall clock for bedroom, children’s room or office room, then go for a silent one.
  • Material – Low cost wall clocks come with cheap plastic materials which can easily break. Strong and long lasting materials used for wall clocks include wood, high quality plastic, stainless steel and others. Choose according to your personal, budget and interior requirements.

For more details on how to choose a wall clock, just read our “BUYING GUIDE”. It helps you make an informed decision.

Choosing from a wide variety of options can be troublesome. If you haven’t go much time, then just select any one from our list of Best Wall Clocks in India. They are carefully selected after several hours of research and testing.

Top 10 Best wall clocks in India

ItemSizePrimary MaterialWarrantyBuy Now
Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock13 InchesMetal12 monthsCheck On Amazon
Amazon Solimo Wall Clock12 InchesPlastic12 monthsCheck On Amazon
Vintage Double Sided Iron Wall Clock8 InchesWood12 monthsCheck On Amazon
Invision1 Wall Clock9 InchesPlastic---Check On Amazon
Parin Designer Wall Clock16 Inches Plastic---Check On Amazon
A One Shoppe Wall Clock16 InchesWood---Check On Amazon
RoyalsCart Floral Design Painting Analog Wall Clock12 InchesWood12 monthsCheck On Amazon
B Square Handcrafted Wooden Wall Clock12 InchesWood24 monthsCheck On Amazon
Random Colours Round Plastic Wall Clock12 InchesPlastic12 monthsCheck On Amazon
Casio Round Resin Analog Wall Clock12 InchesResin24 monthsCheck On Amazon

Reviews of Best wall clocks in India 2022

1. Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock

Ajanta Quartz Wall ClockHolding the entitled position steadily for little under a half-century now, the Ajanta group has been the largest producer of analog wall clocks in the country.

The brand manufactures 13 different types of analog clocks, amongst which, the classic white dial analog wall clock impresses the Indian consumers for its sheer simplicity and style.

The pristine white dial is made up of a high quality imported acrylic fiber material and has a smooth, glossy finish to it. To add to its beauty, a silver rim runs all along the 13”x13” diameter of the clock. The sturdy and elegant hour, minute and second hands are made up of imported alloy metals which stays as it is for decades.

Two types of time markers enhance the purpose of the clock. The stick time marker makes it easier for children to keep track of the seconds and minutes while the bold numerical marker helps the aged to recognize the time easily.

The Ajanta analog wall clock stands apart in the list for its minimalistic design. The clock displays three stark black sweep hands against a sophisticated white background that is convenient to read for people of every age.

Notable Features:

  • Classic Quartz movement
  • Durable plastic front cover
  • Silent sweep movement of the second hand.
  • Two time markers – stick and Arabic.

What we like:

  • Although the acrylic dial has a glossy finish, it does not hinder the view from multiple angles.
  • Sophisticated look suits both contemporary and traditional get up
  • It is a silent clock.

What we don’t like:

  • Big in size, may not look good in smaller rooms

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2. Amazon Solimo Wall Clock

Amazon Solimo Wall ClockThe Solimo analog wall clock from the brand of Amazon is a perfect accessory for a contemporarily decorated living room. Adding a bit of colour and texture to a simple analog clock this exquisite timepiece is sure to get you some attention. The design of the wall clock is inspired by a classic roulette wheel with some minute detailing.

The 12” dial is enclosed by a sturdy plastic frame and a glass shield to give it a transparent face. The clock has a bold numerical time marker that allows one to view the time from quite a distance while the tiny stick markers help you keep track of the minutes.

The three solid black pointers have a minimalist design to offset the colourful dial. The second hand works with a sweeping movement so as to not disturb you with your sleep or work with the annoying ticking sound.

The 2.4 cm wide Solimo wall clock is best suited for your living room, bedroom or a general lobby of your office. The clock works on AA battery which will be provided to you along with the instrument. Additionally, a one year warranty on the product is offered by the company starting from the date of providing the invoice.

Notable Features:

  • The sweep movement of the second hand produces zero sound
  • Transparent glass face
  • The front glass panel is protected by a plastic rim
  • Inclusive of 1 AA battery

What we like:

  • The silent sweeping movement of the second hand.
  • Has a sophisticated design.

What we don’t like:

  • Colours could be brighter

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3. Vintage Double Sided Iron Wall Clock

Vintage Double Sided Iron Wall ClockMade for a contemporary living room, this vintage iron wall clock suits the best for those who like portraying unique and antique items.

The iron casing of the wall clock has an intricate design embedded on it which is very appealing. The double-sided clock allows people to view the time from multiple angles without having to crane their neck.

The hand-hammered metallic antique look of the clock is sure to enhance the beauty of their living rooms. Not to mention the size that makes it easier to carry it.

The clock also comes with a set of batteries, a few screws and a stand to help you fix it on the wall. The weight of the clock contradicts how it looks as it is quite light and ethereal. The material used to make the clock is a hand hammered metal that does not undergo any chemical reactions to the changing environment.

The best feature of the double-sided clock is that one can set the time on different time zones on either side of the clock. There is a small opening underneath that gives you access to set the time of your choice. The faces of the clock can also be moved to different angles. This high-quality product makes for a nice gift to present to your near and dear ones. Additionally, the one year warranty and the hassle free return policy are attractive perks to buying this vintage wall clock.

Other Notable Features:

  • It is a silent clock
  • It is water resistant. However, care must be taken to avoid rusting of the iron shield.
  • Comes in 4 different sizes

What we like:

  • The antique appeal of the clock.
  • Two different time zone displays.
  • 4 different sizes
  • Flexible dial heads.

What we don’t like:

  • In the smaller sizes, it’s difficult to view time from distance
  • It moves by the bow-of air due to its lightweight

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4. Invision1 3D Acrylic Wall Clock

invision1 3D Acrylic Wall Clock

This artistic model by invasion1 is designed to be your clock as well as wall decor. It is made of premium acrylic material which is strong yet easy to contrive. It has a protective layer to preserve the material from scratches.

You can have an absolute silence as the second hand of the clock is quiet with its silent sweeping quartz movement.

You can decorate the walls in your home or office with this beautiful design which also has a 3D effect on it. The material is eco-friendly and completely waterproof. The stickers are very easy to remove and paste.

The large numerals on the dial have a nightlight that lets you read the time any hour.

Notable Features:

  • High-quality acrylic material
  • 3D effect

What we like:

  • Night light
  • Weight: 480 grams
  • Waterproof EVA foam material
  • Easy to install & remove

What we don’t like:

  • Extra care must be put in the product quality

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5. Parin Analog Quartz Designer Wall Clock

Parin Analog Quartz Designer Wall Clock

Add this well-designed clock to your home and elevate your interiors. The bright white dial is beautiful to look at and gives great visibility.

The clock’s beautiful and boundless look lets you use it in both traditional & modern setups.

You can hang it in any room, house or office.

The frame of the clock is made of sturdy plastic and the dial is protected from dust by glass protection which is very easy to clean.

It is a medium-size wall clock with dimensions 42×42 cm, making it a subtle decor on any wall and the large numbers on the dial are easy to read.

Notable Features:

  • Runs on batteries, type AA
  • Beautiful royal look

What we like:

  • Easy-to-read numbers
  • Sturdy plastic frame & glass lens

What we don’t like:

  • No warranty

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6. A One Shoppe Analogue Wall Clock

A One Shoppe Analogue Wall Clock

This MDF round analogue wall clock is a fine addition to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or in your office.

The clock is made of perfectly crafted engineered wood and the classic roman numerals carved on the dial give a classic look on the whole. The minute & hour hands are of silver and the second hand is of red color. Matching the background subtly, they are visible from afar and are serene to look at.

Many clocks have their second hand making the sound when they move, which sometimes can be anxious to hear. A One Shoppe wall clock has a quiet sweep feature which means you don’t hear it moving even when there is absolute silence.

The clock has dimensions of 40×2.5×40 cm and has a dial size of 16 inches in diameter. Weighing just 1.25 kg, it can be carried easily and hanged anywhere without much effort.

Notable Features:

  • Quiet sweep second hand
  • Made of engineered wood

What we like:

  • Bright hands
  • Bold numerals crafted directly to the dial
  • Weighs just 1.25 kg

What we don’t like:

  • Warranty is not mentioned

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7. RoyalsCart Floral Design Painting Analog Wall Clock

RoyalsCart Floral Design Painting Analog Wall ClockInculcating traditional techniques, RoyalsCart craftsmen have artistically designed and created a beautiful timepiece that will enhance the beauty of your living room walls.

RoyalsCart claims that this elegant clock is more than just a time-showing device. The attractive design delicately showcased on the rim gives a vintage look to the clock especially when combined with the Roman time markers.

This large clock has a dimension of 18” X 18” including the frame while the dial alone measures 12” in diameter. The bulky frame is made up of the best quality wood onto which the artisans have hand painted beautiful designs using varied colours which gives it an antique look. This wooden masterpiece is built to last for longer periods of time and is equally easy to maintain.

The clock makes for nice decor in the living rooms because of its size and structure. It is also an ideal gift for your near and dear ones to make celebrations memorable.

Notable Features:

  • Works without making any noise
  • Black Roman time markers against white dial
  • Hand crafted designs on the rim
  • Weighs almost 1.5kgs

What we like:

  • The decorative look
  • Big size suitable for big living rooms
  • The silent sweep movement

What we don’t like:

  • Time markers need proper alignment

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8. B Square Handcrafted Wooden Wall Clock

B Square Handcrafted Wooden Wall ClockB Square has a series of beautifully designed 12” handcrafted wall clocks that are made up of solid wood. The wooden clock face has a super smooth finish on which unique grain patterns of applique markers and hands are embossed.

The round clock face has cleanly cut wooden figures and needle. The clock is completely devoid of plastic, glass and other materials.  The numerical and stick time markers are embossed in a lighter shade against the dark natural wood which helps the clock to glow in the dark. Since the clock face is not enclosed in a glass casing, special care has been taken to avoid dust and grime collection.

The B-Square clocks are customizable according to one’s taste and needs. Buyers can choose between the varied colours of the figures, appliques, and needles. Completely built to satisfy the consumer preferences, these meticulously designed and crafted wooden wall clocks add a bit of glamour to the chic living rooms and offices.

Other Notable Features:

  • Luxurious dark walnut color
  • Impressive sweep movement from Youngtown Taiwan
  • Made up of naturally sourced Baltic Birchwood

What we like:

  • Glow in the dark feature
  • Silent performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Spare set of clock hands

What we don’t like:

  • Hands and numbers are not made of plywood
  • Somewhat overpriced

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9. Random Colours Round Plastic Wall Clock

Random Colours Round Plastic Wall ClockThis contemporary wall clock has a rustic look that will enhance any of the existing decors in your living room. The colourful dial adds a bit of liveliness to your homes or office spaces.

Made from the best quality plastic, the wall clock has a sturdy black frame that accentuates the curves of the vibrant round dial.

The 11.8” X 11.8” dial has 5cm width which is lightweight and easily mountable on your walls. The analog clock has a large display of numerical time markers along with three black hand-sticks and is covered by clear glass.

On buying this product, the consumer receives an AA battery, steel screw, and nylon plug to help fix the clock on the wall. A warranty card is also given out with the package.

The Quartz clock works excellently from the source of one AA battery.

Notable Features:

  • Works silently
  • Bold numerical time markers easily noticeable from a distance
  • Rustic design goes with any room decoration

What we like:

  • The contemporary look
  • Does not produce a ticking sound
  • Perfect size, not too big not too small

What we don’t like:

  • Difficulty in time reading due to dark color combinations and dark hands.

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10. Casio Round Resin Analog Wall Clock

Casio Round Resin Analog Wall ClockA bit high priced than the other two, the Casio Round Resin clock has a conventional design and structure that is best suited for your office walls.

The Quartz clock has an analog display with a clear background and bold time markers. The 12”x12” round dial has a width of 4.9 cm which is a perfect fit for a large surface area. The dial is made up of good quality resin and the white colour is easy on the eyes. The company claims that the clock has an accuracy of ∓20 seconds per month. The light blue numerical time markers add a bit of colour to the crystal background.

The only drawback of the product is that the sweeping movement of the second hand is not completely sound free. It does make a weak ticking sound that one might not be able to hear unless paying attention. On the brighter side, the sound is not very ominous.

The clock has a feature of glow in the dark markers. The white background compliments the faint glow of the time markers when there is a lack of light. The clock has a variant with a black background and white markers. Most consumers have claimed that the white markers are more effective when it comes to glowing in the dark feature.

Along with a battery life that lasts up to 12 months, the Casio wall clock comes with a 2-year warranty.

Notable Features:

  • Faint ticking sound of the second hand.
  • Glow in the dark time markers on a white background.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

What we like:

  • The glow in the dark feature.
  • It’s simplistic design
  • 2 year warranty on the product

What we don’t like:

  • The faint sound of the clock ticking
  • Expensive product

Buy Now From Amazon

Things to look for when buying a Wall Clock

A wall clock is an essential part of every home. It is not just used for showing time; it actually completes the whole room. There are plenty of designs and models available in the market. Choosing the best one for your home can be tricky.  You need to consider some vital factors before selecting a wall clock. Also, you may want a different wall clock according to every room. So, here is a buying guide for you to check those factors before buying a wall clock. This will help you sort out your essentials and then choose a wall clock.

1. Features

Wall clocks are available in almost every colour. Some are antique while some are fusion. You can get digital and modern clocks too. Shapes and sizes are also plenty. You can try experimenting on what will look the best on your wall.

Wall clocks do have sounds playing for every one hour. It is a wonderful combination of subtle and energetic music that will go with the time of the hour. Based on the common interests of people, here are some of the much-needed traits in a wall clock.

  • Visibility: You need to have a wall clock that looks appealing in your room. The numerals should be visible and clear. The front glass should not be shady or too flashy to reflect light.
  • Material: A durable material for your wall clock is important. They must last for long as wall clocks are not something that you buy frequently.
  • Battery life: The wall clock should work well for long so they can use two to three batteries.
  • Looks: The looks of the wall clock and its outer body should match your taste and also your room. It can either be in contrasting or matching colours.
  • Sounds: The sounds produced by the wall clock should be pleasing. They must have a sensor to lower the frequency when the lights are turned off.
  • Number display: while buying a wall clock you must also look out for the number display. You may like regular numbers, Roman numerals or sometimes no numbers at all. It should be the perfect wall clock that has all the features like sounds, looks and visibility.

2. Digital or analog

The first and foremost factor is deciding whether you want a digital or analog type of wall clock. Digital clocks are unconventional and minute/second hands are absent. They display time in a more accurate manner than analog clocks. They use LED (Light Emitting Diode) or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to show time. Also, they include all the divisions of time like the hour, minute and the seconds. These are usually in monochrome design with a plain black background and red digital numerical. They can either use a battery or be attached with an AC power supply source on the wall. You can select on what you are the most comfortable with.

Analog clocks are the regular wall clocks that use the hour, minute and seconds hands. They are available in different styles, designs and colours. These are not restricted to one shape or size. Also, you can choose a clock that has all three hands or just hour/minute hands. Even antique clocks are available that look classy and stunning. For the numbers too you have got several choices. Roman numerals, simple lines, regular numbers, numbers in cursive etc. Some have all the twelve numbers while some have only four and the rest are just plain. You also get wall clocks that have no numbers. You can analog clocks that are either mechanical or quartz. Both digital and analog clocks need to be set manually only.

3. Ticking or silent

If you have selected a digital wall clock then there is no need to think about ticking sounds. Analog clocks, on the other hand, make sounds while ticking. In case you are fine with the ticking of the second’s hand, then wall clocks with these sounds are suitable. But if you are looking for a wall clock that goes in silent places like the bedroom, conference halls, offices then a silent clock is preferable. These are ideal for kids’ room as well because they need a good night’s sleep every day.

The ticking wall clocks come with a second’s hand. This keeps making sounds every second it ticks. If you like to have a second’s hand but not like the ticking sounds, there are clocks like that too. As they are silent, they come with some additional feature like a rotating swan or duck. Some clocks follow the conventional design and have a pendulum within the clock. All of these features are just added to make the design look pleasing. None of them makes any noise or sounds.

4. Battery life

A good wall clock will have a reasonable battery life. The number of batteries depends upon the features of the clock. If the battery life of the wall clock stays for long, you need not change them frequently. This is applicable for both digital and analog clocks. None of us will like having a clock that is not working. Battery life also depends on the money you spend on the wall clock. The more you spend the more battery life you are likely to get. Before buying a piece, make sure you know the use of every battery slot. This helps you while you need to change the batteries.

5. Size

The size of the clock is very important as it has to coordinate with the room size. It will not look appealing when you try to match a large clock in a small room. Similarly, a small clock will not be visible in large rooms. You may want to hang the wall clock right above the door or on the opposite wall in a room. The size should also depend upon the wall that you select. If you are opting to use the wall clock as the only decoration on a wall, then the size should make a statement. A simple way to determine the right size is by knowing the right measurement of the room.

Keep a check on the other decorations that you have added in the room. If you are planning to put a wall clock on a plain wall, then big ones are highly recommended. If it has already got some decorations like photo frames, television then a medium sized clock is good. A well planned and proportionate room is what everyone will love to stay in. The room will look messy if you try to add a lot of decorations all at once. There is no purpose of putting a small wall clock on a decorative wall too. Your wall clock will lose its charm when it is not highlighted because of the wall. Hence, make sure the place and size of wall clock fixation are done perfectly.

6. Theme and decoration

Wall clocks are based on different themes like an antique, modern, designer, cartoon-based etc. This is again dependent on the purpose of buying the wall clock. If you are getting one for your office then something simple yet modern works well. For a living room focus on how the rest of the room is decorated.

If your furniture is cozy and is based on countryside decorations, then a big antique clock is perfect. You can go for modern clocks or digital wall clocks if you have a room that has minimal decorations. Several designer clock models are available that are designed by famous interior designers. These look elegant and enhance the feel of your home.

If you are buying one for your kid’s room, then there are a lot of choices. Wall clocks come with their favorite cartoon characters, different cars, trucks and more. You can also buy personalized wall clocks for bedrooms or reading rooms. This is a good choice to refresh yourself whenever you go to the room.

Antique clocks are also available in different models. Some have got the traditional pendulum while some are made in the retro style. You also get wall clocks that have small details like a rotating swan or creature. Wall clocks can do more than just show you time. You get clocks that determine the humidity, measure atmospheric pressure and temperature. These are very useful as it keeps you aware of your surroundings all the time.

7. Colour

Choosing the colour of your wall clock is one of the most important things to do. You get wall clocks in every single colour. You can get them in either a mixture of colours or in monochrome colours. You also get classic colour like bronze, silver-grey, black and maroon. Choosing the right colour is dependent upon the colour of the wall only.

You may have a designer wall for which wall clocks in contrasting colours make the ideal pair. For light coloured walls like beige colour, you must go for dark coloured clocks. Wooden finished wall clocks are perfect for this too.

Dark colours can be matched with your furniture also. Ensure that you don’t opt for too many dark shades in the room that makes it look gaudy. Instead, you can also go for contrasting colours. They look unique and give an appealing look!

Another aspect to look is the colour of the dial. This should have a light background so that the numbers look bold and clear. You can opt for double coloured wall clocks so that they have a good contrast within them. If your room is coloured with unusual colours like lavender, light pink then you can go for matching colours. There are wall clocks that come in good shades and tints of pink, violet, orange etc.

8. Style

With style, we mean to talk about the shape and number style of the clock. Wall clocks are available in many shapes including square and circle. These are some of the regular shapes. Another common shape is the small version of the old pendulum clocks. They are available in random shapes too.

Creative designs that look like guitars, wheels, trees, peacock designs, stars and many more are available. You can add them to your rooms according to the purpose. For a music room, you can go for guitar or instrument designs, for bedrooms stars are a good choice. Your living rooms can be adorned with unique designs like peacocks. Some have no numbers at all. Designer wall clocks are available even without a transparent glass on the front. They are so stylish that they make the room look extraordinary.

Unique hour/minute spikes are available that go well with the dial. You also get 3D clocks that have embossed numbers. Some are so modern that they don’t look like a clock but a decorative piece. You can style your place in a way that you like the most, and using stylish wall clocks is definitely one of them. Hanging wall clocks are also available.

9. Outer material

Wall clocks come in brass, wood, fibre, high-quality plastic material etc. Some are available in metal or shining materials too. Most of these materials are durable and can last for a long time. The designer pieces are made out of materials like hardened plastic which come without any transparent coverings or are frameless.

A number of recycled materials like CDs, strings are used to create DIY clocks too. These are sold in the market as well. Acrylic materials, 3D wall clock materials and frameless clocks are becoming the new trend of today. It is also necessary to check for the warranty of the wall clock for the material, battery life and other important factors. This will help you do a purchase that is valuable.

10. Music or no music

In the conventional style, the pendulum strikes every hour according to the time. The cuckoo clocks are still not out of fashion. Many love the bird coming and making melodious sounds. This is liked by people who love vintage styles. Later clocks that play music every one hour were introduced. There are no ticking sounds in such clocks but soft music plays as the clock strikes an hour.

In the end, it gives the time of the hour using counting music. This is similar to pendulum but has music playing before it gives the count. People like this clocks generally in the living rooms as it keeps the room active. They also have sensors within them that bring down the sounds when it is dark. So these are suitable for bedrooms or kids’ room too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the purpose of buying a wall clock?

A wall clock can be used in any room where you need time and some decoration. It usually used in living rooms, bedrooms, kid’s rooms, offices, meeting halls etc. The purpose of selecting a wall clock is your choice. You can go for a regular clock if you want to know the time. If you like your wall clock as a decoration in a room then there are plenty of artistic designs to choose from.

2. How to set up the wall clock?

An analog clock contains a minute hand and an hour hand for sure. The second’s hand may or may not be available. The longer hand is the minute hand while the smaller hand is called the hour hand. You can trip a full rotation in the clock using the minute hand. This completes one hour. In the same way, you can change the time and finally land at the present time you want to set. Make sure that the batteries are in good condition before putting on the wall.

3. How to set time in a digital clock?

Digital clocks are available in two types; one is by using an AC power while the other uses batteries. Setting up a digital clock is very simple. Most digital clocks have a button called Clock Set or Time or just Clock. Press and hold this button and the display starts blinking. Now press the Hour button and then adjust it by using plus or minus signs. Then finish the minute’s setting in the same way. To save the same, press the Clock Set again.

4. Where should I hang the clock?

It is advised to hang the wall clock that enables you to view the clock from anywhere without difficulty. Preferably it should be hanged and should be the right size when it comes to the room. Anything proportionately smaller or large than your room may make it really small and unattractive!

5. How tall should the wall clock be in homes?

You can hang wall clocks at a height between 57 inches to 60 inches from the ground. This is for homes with a medium height ceiling. If all the members are tall in the home you can go for 60 inches. Also if the ceiling is more than 8 feet you will need a higher inch.

6. Is there a warranty for all wall clocks?

Yes. Most of the wall clocks from renowned companies like Ajanta give reasonable warranty to replace the clock body in case of damage. The battery life is also given a warranty.

7. How to hang an oversized clock?

Large wall clocks have big dials and are visible from any part of the home. So you can put them high on the wall. This will make the clock look smaller and also visible without making it look odd.


Owning a wall clock does not just end the purpose of having a time revealing device; it is a substantial part of the home/office decor. One has to choose the right product in order to pursue an accurate time table. It is thus essential to understand the difference between a mechanical clock and a Quartz clock.

Before buying a clock consider its design, looks and colors but above all look for its accuracy. If you have read our buying guide we believe you already have set your mind on your final purchase.

The best pick for a wall clock for 2022 in India is Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock. This is one of the most reliable wall clocks in India. It is a multi-purpose wall clock that goes well with any background. Has decent pricing and is totally worth the cost!

Which clock did you like the most? Are you using any of them right now? Or do you have any queries left, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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