Top 7 Best Drilling Machines In India With Buying Guide

While setting up your house, there would have been times when you wanted to hang a painting on the wall or put up a shelf in the kitchen. For that, you need to drill in holes at appropriate positions in the wall. How do you do that? By calling a carpenter who has a drilling machine to help you out.

There’s a much simpler way to get your work done without depending on your carpenter to fix up things. Just choose a simple, easy-to-use drill and conveniently do all your household fixes yourself! Yes, it is that easy – modern day drills are lightweight, hassle-free and come with a simple DIY kit as well with a number of different accessories to suit your needs.

Drills can be used to bore holes in the concrete walls or metallic surfaces, to assemble furniture, as a screwdriver to drive in or drive out screws and also as a hammer-cum-drill for hard surfaces.

But how can you choose the right drill from the large variety available today? In this article, our drill choosing guide will get you familiar with drill terminology and the different types of drills in the market today. Also, we have listed down the best drill machines in India you can buy online, as per your requirements.

Drilling Machine Choosing Guide

1. Types of Drills

Drills come in different varieties depending upon their functions.

  • Drill Drivers: The most basic type of drills with dual functionality – drills holes and acts as screwdrivers (for loosening and tightening screws). Useful for simple tasks like putting up shelves or assembling DIY furniture.
  • Combination Drills: These slightly advanced drills have triple functionality – drills holes, acts as screwdrivers and also acts as a hammer drill for very hard surfaces like concrete.
  • Rotary Hammer Drills/SDS Drills: SDS (Self Direct System) drills are meant for heavy duty drilling through concrete or masonry. These are slightly bulkier but are multifunctional and can be used for chiseling too.
  • Hammer Drills/Percussion Drills: These are the most advanced and powerful drills, especially suited for extra heavy duty drilling through hard rock or masonry. The rotation plus drill functions work together, making it more powerful than SDS drills.

2. Corded versus Cordless Drills

Corded drills need a continuous power supply to function (through a cord connected to a power socket) and never have to be recharged. Cordless drills are easily portable (without a trailing power cord) but their battery needs to be recharged with regular use. While cordless drills are definitely handier, it is advisable to opt for a corded drill for prolonged usage without battery issues. Or else, if you’re buying a cordless drill, purchase extra batteries as well along with it to make sure you don’t run out of power.

3. Size and Weight of the Drill

A drill machine is a hand-held tool used for boring holes in various materials. Hence, the size and weight of the drill are important factors while choosing which product to purchase, depending on your requirement. Smaller ergonomic drills are more comfortable to use around the house while bulky drills are more suitable for heavy duty usage.

4. Additional Drilling Features

  • Chuck: A chuck is the metal shaft that holds the drill bit (bit refers to the metallic shaft that makes a hole). Smaller chucks (1/4 inch) are for light-duty drilling, while larger ones (1/2 inch) are for drilling through hard materials. A number of modern drills now have keyless chucks for extra convenience.
  • Gears: It is recommended to opt for a drill with more than one gear. The first gear works well at low speeds for screw driving, while the second additional gear is useful for higher speeds and actual drilling. For a drill to be multifunctional, it needs to have more than one gear.
  • Torque: This refers to the rotational force of the drill. Low torque and high speeds are meant for soft materials; high torque and lower speeds work well for hard materials. It is always better to opt for a drill that comes with a variable speed control functionality that can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • RPM and No-Load Speed: RPM stands for Revolutions per Minute – a measure of the rotational speed of a drill. The no-load speed can be defined as the highest speed a drill can reach without a load. The higher the RPM of a drill, the higher the maximum no-load speed and the better would be its efficiency.

Top 7 Best Drilling Machines India

Drill Machineweight (approx.)WattageWarrantyBuy Now
Black & Decker Cordless ----2 Years Check the Price
Bosch GSB 1.5 kg4506 months Check the Price
Black & Decker KR554RE 2.3 kg5506 months Check the Price
Bosch GSB 10 1.5 kg5006 months Check the Price
Skil 6510 1.9 kg4506 months Check the Price
Cheston --3506 months Check the Price
JCB Drill Machine1.5 kg5006 months Check the Price

1. Black & Decker 20V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drill Machine

BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill

Black and Decker drilling machine occupied first position because it is well-suited for home and also comes at affordable prices.

Compared to other drilling machine brands, it is available in compact and lightweight design so as to carry easily from one location to another. It provides an extra level of control and comfort while drilling the holes on wood, metal and concrete walls.

When you buy Black and Decker drill machine online, the kit includes the following components:

  • Power drilling machine
  • 20 V lithium battery (2)
  • Battery charger and
  • A bit tip

Lithium batteries are used to provide 18 months of charge without any failures and the 11 position clutch prevents the stripping. This cordless drill has a rubber over mould grip for easy accessing by giving a fine support.

Air vents are provided at the back (near motor) to ensure efficient cooling. You will also get a battery charger to power up the 2 batteries when required.

Variable speed buttons and lock on settings to safeguard while it is working continuously. You can adjust the speed settings depending on the type of task you do.

Wrapping up, this Black and Decker cordless drill machine price is reasonable and offers exceptional performance while accomplishing the specific task. The only thing we did not like about the product is the lack of warranty services.


  • 20 V of lithium battery.
  • Compact and light weight design.
  • Rubber gripping for strong support.
  • Best for home repairing projects.
  • Cordless battery type drilling machine.
  • Lock on switch for more precise functioning.
  • Multipurpose – concrete, metal and wood walls.


  • Some useful needles are missing.
  • Power cord length can be extended.

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2. Bosch GSB RE 450 Professional Tool Kit 

Bosch GSB RE 450-Watt Kit

If you are looking for an electric drill machine to help in repairing household and building works, then you must have Bosch drilling machine at home. It is very good at delivering quality products and is committed to provide high standard customer support services.

What is included in the kit? 

  • Nylon carrying case
  • Concrete drill bits (4)
  • Metal drill bits
  • Wood drill bits
  • Screwdriver bits
  • Nylon plugs and screws

It’s a great asset for those who do projects on engineering and industrial applications. They even work well on crafting the garden furniture, shopping malls, restaurants, villas, etc. The compact and ergonomic design makes it highly portable and could be a good choice to match with the drilling needs. 


  • Weighs about 1.5 kgs.
  • Power rating is 450-watts.
  • Impact rating is 0-41,600 bpm.
  • Maximum capacity for metal – 8 mm, concrete – 10 mm, wood – 20 mm.

This amazing product saves energy and yet delivers high performance while working on it. It comes with multiple accessories to support on concrete, steel and wood walls. It performs hassle-free function with a load speed of 0-2600 RPM.

A powerful motor of 450 watts makes easy to drill on tough and rigid surfaces. It is possible to remove old plugs and nails embedded in the wall and the cushioned ergonomic grip provides fine gripping to handle the device without any effort.

With the help of rotating brush plate and forward/reverse modes, you can easily switch to the desired mode. There is an option for you to control the speed of wall drilling machine by enabling the lock switch for better functioning.

How to Use a Drilling Machine?

  • Firstly, switch on the power supply.
  • Choose a drive bit of certain size.
  • Turn on the switch on drilling machine.
  • Perform drilling at regular intervals to get perfect and clear hole.

To conclude, this Bosch drilling machine kit in India comes at reasonable prices so that a limited budget user can invest on this model without having a second thought. Bosch drill machine reviews are good and is backed with 6-months of warranty services from the date of purchase.

The major disadvantage of using this product is the device gets heated up quickly due to the poor build quality. Also, people often complain that the device is not suitable for heavy workloads. Other than that, it adds a great value to the money you pay for.

This Bosch drilling machine is also available in 13mm of drilling diameter to support greatly on concrete walls.


  • Very economical to buy.
  • Made of plastic and metal.
  • Robust and powerful motor.
  • 450-watts of operating power.
  • Different sized bits and screws.
  • 6 months of manufacturing warranty.
  • Useful for small household activities.
  • Lightweight and portable drilling machine.


  • Build quality is not up to the mark.
  • Not suited for very heavy workloads.

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3. Black & Decker KR554RE 550-Watt 13mm Reversible Hammer Drill Machine

Black & Decker KR554RE 550-Watt 13mm Variable Speed Reversible Hammer Drill Machine

Over the years, Black and Decker have become famous for bringing the high quality products with innovative designs at cheap rates.

This Black and Decker hammer drill machine comes in a lightweight and ergonomic design which makes it convenient to use for long periods. It brings the joy of drilling holes on walls, wooden surfaces etc. by adjusting to the variable speeds and using the right tools or needles provided in the kit.

It comes with powerful tools and accessories like auxiliary handle, 13 mm chuck key, corded cable, and drill bits (4) to match with the user requirements. All of them help to perform hammering action to drill on walls and surfaces.


  • Cable length is 3 m
  • Load speed is 0-2800 rpm
  • Power rating is 550-watts
  • Beats per minutes is 47600 bpm
  • Maximum drilling capacity for wood – 20 mm and steel – 13 mm

Dual mode option – rotary and hammering can be accessed with a single tap on the button as per the requirement. It can perform drilling in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions and the variable speed reverse function is helpful for screwing applications using a 20-inch gauge.

Using the lock on button, you can monitor the drilling speed when used continuously for a long time. Also, it has an insulated shock proof plastic body which protects against shocks or system failure.

Overall, this drilling machine for home is ergonomically designed, and has a rubber handle at the side to provide better gripping options and even reduces the strain on arms while working. The manufacturer offers 6-months of warranty services from the date of purchase.

Black and Decker is also available as 10mm at very low prices for repairing and fixing in homes.


  • Shock-proof plastic body.
  • 550-watts of power usage.
  • Rotating and hammering action.
  • Energy efficient drilling machine.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design.
  • Best budget drilling machine in India.
  • 6 months of manufacturing warranty.
  • Multipurpose usage – wood, metal or steel and concrete.


  • Cable short in length.

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4. Bosch GSB 10 RE 500 Watts Professional Tool Kit

If you are passionate about crafting DIY projects or fixing/repairing household furniture, toys, drilling holes to hang favorite pictures, then Bosch Professional tool kit is for you.

Compared to other branded iron drilling machine types, it is very easy to maintain, and also consumes low power. For this reason, we’ve given Bosch as one of the best drilling toolkit in India.

It is built in such a way that it effectively optimizes the work in small spaces, and overhead tasks getting done perfectly. It is of just 1.5 kgs which provides a stress-free by allowing you to carry from one location to another.

There’re almost 100-pieces available in the kit to support home and commercial requirements. Let’s check out what’s actually included in the kit. 

What is included?

  • Key chuck
  • Spirit level
  • Claw hammer
  • Wood drill bits
  • Socket wrench
  • Measuring tape
  • Metal drill bits
  • Adjustable knife
  • Screws and plugs
  • Masonry drill bits
  • Screw driver bits
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Combination pliers
  • Plastic carrying case
  • Magnetic adapter
  • Screw driver/nut bit holder

The forward/reverse mode allows quick shifting between clockwise/anticlockwise directions based on the type of work you assemble. Electronic control technology guides you to drill with precision by adjusting the size you are drilling.

Also, the Bosch drilling machine comes with a convenient switch to monitor the speed you are currently working on. This feature maintains the constant speed and is beneficial for the beginners as they don’t know what to do next.

Using a rotating brush plate, you can move forth/back when switched to forward and reverse modes while screw driving, and thereby facilitating an easy rotary action.

To recapitulate, this Bosch hand drill machine gives you the freedom to work conveniently and stress-free anytime, and anywhere. Moreover, Bosch professional tool kit reviews are fantabulous and the prices are very less compared to other brands.

What made us so disappointed is the absence of user-friendly manual and the power cord length is too small where you need to use an extension in most cases. Drill bits are also not included in the kit.


  • Operates maximum at 2600 RPM.
  • Ergonomic grip and handle design
  • Backed with 6-months warranty.
  • Forward and reverse functionality.
  • 500 watts input and 250 watts output power.
  • Multipurpose usage – drill, hammer, screwdriver.


  • Small power cord length.
  • No drill bits included in the kit.
  • Does not contain instruction manual.

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5. Skil 6510 450 Watt Impact Drill Machine

Being a professional or the engineer, to finish the tasks in the specified time, one must have Skil drill machine. It is a must-have home appliance which helps to perform multiple tasks like to drilling holes on walls, wood, metals and even in plastic, do repairs and fix issues.

The fine rubber grip provides the stability while drilling. Moreover, it comes with a piston style handle which makes the drilling easy in hard to reach areas.

This mini rechargeable drill machine operates at 450 watts power and has 48,000 bpm of impact rate to make holes on different surfaces. You can control the drill speed simply by clicking on the speed trigger button for performing various tasks.

Forward function helps you to insert and remove nails, screws and bolts by shifting the modes with a single click of a button.

Key chucks attached at the bottom helps to insert and remove drill bits at anytime you want. By sliding the switch, you can operate the device in 2 modes – drilling and hammering. Change the direction of drill to clockwise or anti-clockwise using the forward and reverse switch.

Overall, this wonderful tool kit helps to decor accents in bathrooms, fix wardrobes, and install a planter on outdoor garden. It efficiently creates smooth holes without damaging the surrounding areas and a robust, good quality motor ensures long-lasting.

You can also go with the Skil 10mm drilling machine that operates at variable speed and performs reverse and hammering function.


  • Speed rating is of 3000 RPM.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design.
  • Forward/reverse mode functionality.
  • 6 months of Skil drilling machine warranty.
  • Multipurpose – concrete, metal and wood.


  • Does not include the drilling bits.
  • You don’t find an instruction manual.

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6. Cheston 10 mm Drill Machine

Cheston 10mm Drill Machine for Drilling Wall, Metal, Wood

This Cheston drilling machine is helpful for those who are looking to solve fixing and repairing issues at home.

Compared to other branded models, it comes at inexpensive rates to match with your budget range. Hence, it is considered as one of the best budget drilling machine in India.

The reversible function allows you to drill conveniently and at low speed works as a screwdriver. Chuck capacity is 10 mm, has a variable speed 2600 rpm and utilizes 350-watts power.

It is available in yellow and black color combination with semi-metal body to match with the user requirements. Along with the attachments you will get an instruction manual that makes easy to operate and handle carefully without damaging the product.This Cheston portable drilling machine is backed with 6 months of warranty on the manufacturing defects, attachments and power issues.

Winding up, purchasing the cheston drill machine online is a good thought as it comes at inexpensive rates, offers warranty and a manual to guide the users. The only thing we did not like about the product is that it is not suitable for handling complex projects.


  • Variable speed up to 2600 RPM.
  • Backed with 6 months warranty.
  • Needs 350 watts of power supply.
  • 1.9 kgs of concrete drilling machine weight.
  • Comes at reasonable price range.
  • Best drilling machine for concrete walls, metal and wooden surfaces.


  • Not for complex projects.

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7. JCB 20mm Rotary Hammer Drill 500W

Finally, we end up with JCB hammer drilling machine. This is one of the finest quality drill machine that is ideal for using on tough and rigid surfaces like walls, concrete, wood and metal.

It comes in an ergonomic design and easy to use features that is suitable for DIY projects. What made us to list in the list is the versatile nature and performs drilling and hammering operations with a single tap on the switch.

The SDS chucks system for securing the bit retention and has excellent power transfer. It holds the bit securely and avoids problems that may arise from loose drill bits.

Speed regulating switch let you adjust the speed according to the application and the material used. Anti-vibration soft rubber handle grip gives comfort and reduces the strain on fingers when used continuously.

To conclude, the performance of JCB domestic drill machine is brilliant. This product is backed with 6-months of manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase.

The only disadvantage of using this product is that you may experience sparks and may also lead the overheating when the device is used continuously for a long time. Other than that, it’s totally a good one to purchase.


  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Warranty period is 6 months.
  • SDS-plus key-less chuck system.
  • Ergonomic anti-vibration handle.
  • Electronic variable speed control switch.
  • Performs drilling, hammer drilling, and screw driving.


  • Hammering effect could be better.

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The powerful home and kitchen appliances helps to enhance the interior decor at one go. All you need is to have the right tool – Drilling Machine to place the items like books shelves, wardrobes, and planters, fix ceiling fans, and electronic products like TV, AC, refrigerators, etc.

As there’re so many brands and models available in the market, our top pick from the list of top 7 best drilling machines in India is Black & Decker Drilling Machine list because of its versatile nature and highly durable property.

It comes in a compact and lightweight design so as to shift from one place to another. The forward and reverse brush system, ergonomic design and shock proof body make it convenient to use and a handy tool for household fixes and repairs on wood, metal or concrete. This energy efficient drilling machine comes with a warranty of 6 months and is good value for your money.

Which one you like the most? Or using any of the branded drilling machines? Feel free share with us in the comment section.

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