What are the Different Types Of Drilling Machines?

There are way more types of drill machines than you use at home. Automatic drill machines, deep hole drill machines, multiple spindle machines being some common examples. Have you ever heard of these types? If not, read this article in full.

This article has information regarding different types of drilling machines. You’ll find some basic details like what they look like and what they are used for. If you’re interested, read along.

What are the Drilling Machines?

Before we move further, you should know what drilling machines are. Drilling machines are used to drill or cut a hole in the walls of a circular cross-section. It can be any solid and thick substance. Drilling is a common machining process used in various industries.

What are Some Common Parts of a Drill Machine?

Here are some common drilling machine parts for a deep understanding.

  • Base: The base is the main part of the drilling machine on which the vertical column is placed. It is made from casting and helps with various attachments
  • Column or Pillar: The columnor pillar is the machine’s verticle that supports the head that has all the driving mechanism.
  • Radial Arm: The radial arm extends horizontally and is mounted over the base. It’s an important part of which the drill slides.
  • Drill head: The drill head is fitted on the radial arm. Its purpose is to drive the drill spindle.

Types of Drilling Machines

Here are some common types of drill machines: –

Portable drilling machine: It’s the most commonly used drill and is found in many homes. It used to drill small holes for mounting paintings etc. Its shape is like that of a gun and is hand-led. You can just hold it and switch it on. Then you can put pressure, and it’ll drill a hole in the wall.

Sensitive Drilling Machine: Now, this drill machine is meant to handle light jobs that demand speed. You can mount this machine on the floor or bench. Once you do, you can bring the item you want to be drilled and place it where it’s meant to be.

As you have to feed the item with your hands, you can have more control. By more control, we mean you can easily determine how far you have gone. This way, you can stop whenever you think the job’s done.

As the user or operator can determine the cutting action, it’s known as a sensitive drilling machine. You can drill holes ranging from 0.33m to 15mm, which is quite a good range. Also, the speed at which this drill runs is 2000rpm.

Upright Drilling Machine: The upright drilling machine is suited for both medium or large-sized holes. It’s stronger than the sensitive drilling machine. Usually, there are two types of upright drilling machines. One uses a round column, and the other variant uses the box column.

Radial Drilling Machine: Radial drilling machine is controlled by the radial arm, majorly. You can move the feed and spindle speed mechanism in the radial arm. Using this drill machine, you can drill holes in heavy and porous workpieces. Its most commonly used in manufacturing companies.

Gang Drilling Machine: This drill machine is quite unique. You’ll find two or more than two drill hands on the same table. You can run both these heads at the same time or one after the other. Also, the spindles are lined in a row, which can be driven both manually and with power.

You can set up every spindle for speed and depth. This gives a lot of customization to the operator. It’s used mainly when you have to perform more than one operation at a time like: –

  • Counter boring
  • Reaming
  • Drilling

As a multi-spindle drilling machine is quite costly, it’s the reason why the gang drilling machine is quite commonly used for short operations. What makes this drill machine more special is the number of spindles. You can quickly move from one spindle to another and perform the function easily.

You can find gang drilling machines with possibly a large number of spindles. But you’ll mostly find machines with four spindles. You can use it on pipes, plates, angles, channels, and even castings.

Multiple spindle machine: It may sound similar to the gang drill machine, but it’s slightly different. The multiple spindle machine can drill more than one hole at a time, but you’ll find all the holes on the same workpiece. Also, the jobs you can do with a multi-spindle machine are quite similar to the gang drill.

However, this drill machine seems to be quite costly as compared to the gang drill machine. It’s the reason why people prefer gang drill machine.

Deep hole drilling machine: Deep hole drilling machine, as the name, suggests drills holes that are quite deep. It is used for machine tool spindles and for drilling holes in barrels. This drilling machine is to be handled by experts and comes with a coolant inside it.

Automatic Drilling machine: When you don’t want to use manpower, automatic drill machines come into the picture. It’s mainly used when you want a lot of work done in less time. You can expect one or more spindles installed at vertical, horizontal, or angular positions. This machine has to be mounted on the table for drilling.

Vertical Turret Drilling Machine: This is quite a unique drill machine that has a turret containing tools like ream, counterbore, tap, spot face in a random sequence. You can manually index the spindles or can set them automatically too.


We’re sure you must have read about some new drilling machines. This list contains some common and some unique drill machines used in the machining industry. If you need a drill machine for your home, you can go for the portable drilling machine, which doesn’t need you to be an expert.

However, you should always use drill machines if you’re experienced enough. It’s because some are quite heavy and hard to handle. If you find this info insightful, make sure to share it with others. Also, keep coming for information similar to this one.