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Top 7 Best Kitchen Hobs in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

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Kitchen Hob

No matter how stylishly you design your kitchen, if you are using 10 years old stove full with grease it will still look dull and old. Best kitchen hobs are must whether you are renovating your old kitchen or building a new one. A fancy hob with smart features makes your kitchen stand out and takes your cooking into a whole new level.

Mostly asked questions about hobs are how they are different than the gas stoves? Well, a kitchen hob is actually a modern version of the tradition gas stoves with added benefits. They are generally built-in to the kitchen slabs and cannot be removed easily. They look very stylish and are far more expensive than the ordinary gas stoves. Since it is fixed, it is sturdier, saves a lot of space while making your kitchen look clean and chic.

Unlike, the ordinary gas stoves they come with more powerful burners for making phulkas, parathas or chapattis with strong support grills to hold the heavy Tawas, big kadhai and pressure cooker. They also come with multiple burners with different powers, sometimes 5, to help you cook verities of dishes at once. They are comparatively easier to clean with their simplistic design and a right burner will also cut down on total gas usage.

If you are about to buy a kitchen hob right now, hold on, there is more to it. They largely vary in terms of build quality, while some come in the fully-steel body the others have a tempered glass on top, the burners also come in different styles and sizes made with different knobs and pan supporters. With the newest models in the market comes with some advanced features like auto-ignition, flame failure detection, 360 rotating knobs, safety-lock etc.

It is such an appliance which is not frequently bought or replaced, so think before you invest your hard earned money into something. For the best kind of buying experience, we highly recommend you to go through our “Buying Guide”.

Our team experts have done intense research on different kitchen hobs and finally compiled a list by interacting with customers, analyzing various hob reviews and ratings! Below, we have provided you with the list of 7 Best Kitchen Hobs in India 2022 that you can find in the market right now.

Best Kitchen Hobs in India

Kitchen HobsNo. of BurnersAuto ignition Buy Now
iBell Kitchen Hob4YesCheck On Amazon
Bosch Gas Hob 4YesCheck On Amazon
Elica Flexi HCT 460 Hobtop4YesCheck On Amazon
Hindware Ensemble Elisa Gas Stove3YesCheck On Amazon
Whirlpool Kitchen Gas Hob4YesCheck On Amazon
Faber Imperia Hobtop3YesCheck On Amazon
Prestige Schott Gas Stove3YesCheck On Amazon

Top Kitchen Hobs 2022 Reviews In India

1. iBell 590GH Kitchen Hob

iBELL Gas StoveiBell is an Indian brand that offers a wide range of kitchen hobs at affordable prices. True to its lineage, the iBell 590GH Kitchen Hob is a premier 4-burner kitchen hob that has an affordable price tag.

Among the 4 burners, 2 burners and bigger and 2 are smaller. If you want to cook the food faster, you can use the bigger burners. The 2 smaller burners can take care of secondary cooking needs. All the burners are made of brass that is durable and heat-resistant.

The kitchen hob features unique pan support. It comes in handy when making chapatis are other items using pans. Besides, it also has a 360-degree revolving nozzle. It is easy and convenient to change the flame intensity.

It is made of 7mm toughened glass. It is resistant to heat, and hence, you do not have to worry about increasing the flame intensity. Additionally, the glass has a scratch-resistant feature. Your kitchen hob will look as good as new. Besides, it is also easy to clean the hob.

The knob has an ergonomic design and comes with the standard auto-ignition feature. It is very user-friendly. Furthermore, you save fuel as it consumes less power.

iBell 590GH kitchen hob features a rectangular, stylish body with a black glossy finish. It gives a premium look and feel. Furthermore, the design of the burners and knobs also looks very elegant.

iBell has backed this product with a 1-year warranty. Additionally, the burners, glass, and valve get a 4-year warranty period.


  • 2 large burners and 2 small burners
  • 360-degree revolving nozzle
  • Heat-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Auto-ignition
  • Strong and toughened glass
  • Black glossy finish and elegant
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Customer service is not great.

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2. Bosch Black POH6B6B10I Built-in Gas Hob

bosch Built in gas hob

Bosch is a German company that doesn’t need any introduction. Every model in their product range has premium quality and developed to provide high performance. And the same applies to built-in gas hob PPC7S6F201.

This kitchen hob has 3 aluminum burners which makes it suitable for small to medium family, based on their cooking requirements. These burners are specially designed for handling Indian cuisine and heavy duty cooking. Because of triple ring burners and guided flame technology, the heat will be distributed evenly throughout the cooking utensil.

Pan supporters with extra loops and rings make it very stable and provide extra space for the big cooking drums and pots. They are made up of cast iron and square shaped which provide wobble-free cooking every time.

Bosch has gone one step further in introducing the flame failure device to it, which automatically stops the flammable gas from going to the burners when the flame is extinguished. The whole body is made up of black tempered glass which complements your kitchen’s appearance. The black knobs on the top with auto-ignition system light up the flame as you twist it.

2-years warranty is provided by the manufacturer for on this mode. 10-days returnable option is also available. The warranty doesn’t include the tempered glass.


  • Space-saving square shape
  • High power and triple ring burners
  • Flame failure device
  • Guided flame technology
  • Auto-ignition
  • 2 years of warranty from Bosch


  • Expensive

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3. Elica Flexi HCT 460 Hobtop

Elica Hobtop

Elica is relatively new in the market but has made some of the best quality kitchen chimneys so far in India and their kitchen hobs are no different. So if you have plans on buying a kitchen hob without compromising on quality, efficiency and design then our 1st recommendation is Elica Flexi HCT 460 hobtop.

This model comes with 4 burners which makes it suitable for medium to large families. The 4 burners include, 1 medium and 3 small lotus burners. And the burners are made up of brass material so they will last much longer.

The burners are surrounded with cast iron pan supports. They support and stabilize the pans or other cooking utensils of various sizes for uniform heating. It is fitter with premium quality metallic knobs which turn 360 degrees without any friction.

Overall cooktop has toughened premium glass which is corrosion and scratch resistant. The glass finish is not durable for daily usage but also long lasting as well.

The Ultra Slim Floating figure looks extremely elegant with the black smooth finish and adds a hint of luxury to your kitchen. The best thing is, it can be used as a built-in hob or a cooktop according to your preference. This free standing cooktop is very easy to install and has a sturdy grip to provide you hassle free cooking experience.

1-year warranty includes the brass burners only. The glass body, black enamel coating, spark plug, valves, generator, micro-switch and jets are not covered under warranty. So if you ever damage the glass body or any of the above-mentioned parts you will be charged for replacing them.


  • High-quality brass burners
  • Powerful and even heating
  • Can be used as a cooktop or built-in hob
  • Ultra slim floating design
  • Cast iron support
  • Rustproof enamel coated supporters
  • Auto-ignition
  • Toughened glass


  • Nothing much

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4. Hindware Ensemble Elisa Gas Stove

Hindware Gas hob

Hindware is another popular Indian brand well-known for providing high quality home appliances. Their ensemble elisa gas stove is one of their best models.

It features 3 solid brass burners on a black toughened glass top. The glass body has a sleek and glossy appearance which feels smooth when touched and makes cleaning of spills and spillages easy and hassle-free.

The glass is extremely durable and scratch resistant and ensures a long life span of its overall look. The knobs are black ZAMAC knobs which gives it a good color contrast on a black background.

The high power brass burners are specially made for cooking Indian dishes. It also comes with a 1.5 V DC battery operated auto-ignition feature. The pan supporters are made of high-quality cast iron to give them extra stability and grip while cooking.

1-year warranty is provided on the gas hob by the manufacturer. However, the warranty doesn’t include the glass.


  • Spaciously designed
  • Sleek appearance
  • 3 powerful brass burners
  • Auto-ignition
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty on the product


  • Overpriced

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5. Whirlpool Elite HD 704 Kitchen Gas Hob

Whirlpool Hob

Whirlpool is one of the leading company in home appliances market. Their gas hob range has some modern and innovative technology models. Among them, Elite 704 has grabbed a place in our list of best kitchen hobs in India.

This gas hob is designed in such a way that it doesn’t take much space over the kitchen platform. So, it if perfect for home with small kitchens. It comes with 4 burners which makes it perfect for medium to large families. These burners offer multi-control flame at high efficiency, making it perfect for Indian type of cooking.

Beautifully designed knobs come with auto-ignition. So, you don’t need any extra help with matches or lighters to turn on the gas hob. These knobs are heat resistant so that can handle the heat generated by the burners.

Toughened glass is provided to this gas hob which adds more elegance to your granite kitchen platform. The glass is heat resistant, so it will last for several years with proper maintenance.

10-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer on the toughened glass and 5-years warranty on brass burners and gas valves. The warranty duration provided by whirlpool is probably higher than other brands.


  • High efficiency multi-ring burner
  • Suitable for Indian cooking needs
  • Heat resistant knobs
  • Durable materials
  • Toughened glass
  • Auto-ignition
  • Long warranty duration


  • Bad customer service

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6. Faber Imperia 603 BRB Ci Hobtop

Faber Glass Hobtop

For over half decade, Faber has been providing the best kitchen gas hobs across the world. This brand is well-known for their premium quality and innovative design. The imperia series from Faber is a collection of gas hobs that are specially designed to cater Indian cooking. They can be used as a regular gas stove or built-in gas hob as per your requirement.

This gas hob has 3 burners which makes it suitable for small to medium families. These burners are made up of brass and coated with black enamel for amazing look. They have unique triple ring and dual ring design which provides even heat throughout the cooking utensil.

The pan supports are designed differently compared to hobs from other brands. Its unique design can support any size of pan and ensure wobble-free cooking. The pan supports are made up of cast iron which can be removed easily for cleaning purposes.

The knobs are equipped with auto-ignition which ignites the burner automatically. The knobs are made up of super fine material which make the durable and long lasting.

With black toughened glass on top, the unit looks very stylish. The glossy finish along with the minimal design can instantly uplift your kitchen’s makeover. 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer. And along with that, 10-days returnable option is also available.


  • Electric auto-ignition
  • 8mm toughened glass
  • Heat resistant knobs
  • Heavy duty cast iron pan supports
  • Suitable for Indian cooking
  • Triple ring burner
  • Higher efficiency gas consumption


  • Nothing much

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7. Prestige Schott Gas Stove

Prestige Schott Gas Stove

The brand Prestige is a very common brand in Indian household. Their Schott glass stove model is for people who want to add elegance to their kitchen interiors. Along with that, this gas hob provides amazing performance.

It features easy set up with dual functionality i.e. use it as a free standing stove or an in-built hob as per your convenience.

The hob top has 3 imported burners from Sabaf, an Italian brand famous for making household cooking appliances, which are exceptionally designed for preparing Indian dishes. They produce uniform heat and provide better cooking result using less amount of gas.

Using high-quality cast iron pan supporters, it ensures durability and stability for holding cooking pan and pots. Like any other advanced hob, it also features auto-ignition facility. The continuous spark technology flames the stove instantly as you twist the knob for a smooth and safe ignition.

It comes with 2-year warranty and 10-days returnable option as well. However, the warranty doesn’t cover the glass.


  • World’s slimmest cooktop
  • Can be used as a gas stove or a hob
  • Sabaf burners
  • Toughened Schott glass
  • Advanced one touch auto-ignition
  • Provides uniform heating


  • Glass quality is not up the mark
  • Poor customer service

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for Kitchen Hob

It is true that no appliance can replace a gas hob, not even microwave, ovens and insulation stove. So, are you planning to buy a burner for your kitchen? You have to keep some things prior to buying it. Before you purchase a kitchen hob, you need to consider the factors like size, hob types, type of surface, pan support, burners, and more advanced features like timers and alarm settings to get notified when cooking is done. This will help you assess your requirements better so that you can buy it without any confusions of any sort. Let’s us discuss each feature of kitchen hob in details in this guide.

1. Types Of Hobs

The first thing you need to know about is the types of hobs available in the market. It will let you decide the right choice as per your requirement. Here is the list of 2 different types of gas burners or kitchen hobs. Have a look at the specific type and application in detail!

a) Gas Hobs:

Gas hob will be the first choice for most of the people in India, for a variety of reasons like the perfect control, instant heat and a more responsive nature when compared with other hob types. They have mains with the button ignition feature to turn the hob on/off. They can easily be removed for cleaning purpose and also controlling them is very easy.

My best suggestion is to go for a hob that comes with a variety of burners for cooking tasty recipes at one go. As each burner type is suitable for different types of cooking. Getting a gas hob doesn’t make your days blissful unless you don’t install the hob properly.

* Gas on Glass Hobs

Are you fed up by cleaning the steel gas hobs? And looking for something new, stylish and comfortable hob? Then this gas on glass hobs is for you.

In gas on glass kitchen hobs, burners are mounted on the top of the glass, making the surface smooth and easy to clean. Burners get heated up very slowly but still, you get the required heat and control just like a normal hob.

If you opt for this model, make sure you get a toughened glass material that lasts for years and also comes with a warranty at an affordable price range.

b) Electric Hobs:

In electric hobs, the heating system is placed beneath the strong ceramic glass. They’ve come with the safety features to protect the top-layered ceramic glass from overheating. This stylish design integrated heating device can be used for cooking, baking and are very easy to maintain. Actually, there are 3 different types of electric hobs- solid plate, ceramic and induction.

  • Solid plate hobs:

Solid plate hobs add a great value if you’re on a limited budget range. They consume more energy than other electric hob types that covers the heating element, which increases the time taken to heat up the hob, and also it cools down the hob, eventually, it makes the controlling the heat, a difficult task.

  • Ceramic hobs:

This type of hob is placed below the ceramic glass surface. They come with a safety device that prevents the ceramic glass from overheating. They look ultra stylish, easy to clean and are more expensive than other types of gas hobs. The problem with this type of hob is that controlling the heat of the hob is a difficult task. We can find pattern zones on the ceramic surface which indicates the location and size of the heat source

  • Induction hobs:

Induction hobs are very safe to use and are energy efficient that works by heating the pan. Compared to other kitchen hobs these are very expensive hobs which performs the tasks very quickly by consuming very less power.

The induction hob gets activated only when the pan is heated through iron-based magnetic type- spiral copper coil beneath the glass surface. When the pan is removed from the hob, it cools down very quickly and thereby reducing the risk of skin burns.

As there is a huge demand in the market, check whether it matches with your requirements like-fast cooking by consuming very less power.

2. Size of the Hob:

It is the most important parameter to consider when choosing the hobs since we can choose the right hob, according to the space we have in our kitchen. They are available in different sizes, ranges in size from 60-90 cm, but the most preferred size is 60 cm.

However, if you have a large family or have frequent guests visits, you may want to consider getting a big size hob with multiple burners of atleast 3 or more

3. Consider number of burners

Most of the hob comes either with three burners or four with different flame power.

  • Four burners or less – unless you are serving a big batch or make foods in large quantities you will be comfortable using 4 or less number of burner hobs.
  • Five burners- large hobs with five burners usually have 4 smaller burners on each corner and one larger known as WOK burner in the middle. However, having 5 burners doesn’t allow you to cook 5 dishes at a time, the space provided mostly become too short to adjust 5 pans and pot. But an extra burner in the middle does give you more space than the 4 burner hobs.

4. Consider type for burners

There are mainly there types of burners they are single corona, double corona and triple corona. Double and triple corona burners are also known as WOK burners.

  • Single Corona– with one ring of flames generally used for low heat cooking. They are skimmer, rapid and semi-rapid.
  • Double corona– WOK burners with double corona has two rings of flames, one outer and other concentrated towards the centre
  • Triple corona– WOK burners with triple burners gives three rings of flame, one outer ring with flames going outwards, middle ring inwards and one central ring for even distribution of heat.

Their burning powers are-

  • WOK burners- 3.5-4.5 KW
  • Semi rapid or standard burners– 1.65-1.75 KW
  • Auxiliary or Economy burners– they produce very less heat and are very economical with less than 1KW power

5. Hob surface:

This can be easily cleaned and maintained. Most of our kitchen hobs surface either come with a stainless steel or tempered glass which offer good resistance to corrosion, temperature and scratch.

6. Ignition Feature:

Most of the hobs are embedded with automatic ignition, by which we can ignite the burner by the pressing the knob. The auto ignition that is connected to electric source works with a chord of the hobs. Some types of hobs are provided with a battery, for auto-ignition.

7. Pan supports:

These are made using the cast iron and is coated with enamel to prevent any kind of chipping or rust that might form because of enamel. Hobs come with pan supports to allow us in placing the pan on the burner and also to prevent from wobbling. They can be easily cleaned and detached than bare stainless steel.

8. Controls:

Controls are very important in running the hobs, and they usually come in a variety of designs and shapes. Knobs of the hobs are used to control the fame. Most of the Hobs come with the knobs that are either placed up front or on the right side. Knobs with rubber gaskets are used to prevent the seeping of the water.

9. Safety:

Most of the kitchen hobs come with a built-in flame guard that cuts the gas supply completely if the flame extinguishes. This helps in preventing gas leakage and also to prevent accidents.

If you’re unware of installing an electric or gas kitchen hob, then approach a professional for installing the device. Also, the space provided in the kitchen should be very convenient to move and always ensure a safe distance from the heat.

9. Enough Space to Cook

Check whether the burners are placed at a distance in a convenient location. Else, the flame may not reach the containers properly and results in poor cooking experience. Many of the brands tried to incorporate more than 3 burners which later became a faulty concept.

However, some popular brands tried very hard and get succeeded by getting 4 in 1 concept by placing all at an equal distance.

10. Easy to Clean Burners

As the kitchen hobs come in a soft and sturdy design, they’re very easy to clean and maintain. Once you purchase the kitchen hobs, make sure you clean with liquid soap and water once in every week. It makes the hob look shiny and also set free from contaminated food particles, dust, rust etc.

11. Performance

Performance is the utmost important factor for any product and is similar to the kitchen hobs. Always prefer to use high-end models that have prolonged usage without any disturbances.

If you go with the basic or poor performance kitchen hobs, then we may not expect the performance and lifespan and also the warranty period is limited. And you cannot replace it with a new one by arguing with the product manufacturer.

12. Quality of the material

As we know that there are different types of kitchen hobs that are made with different materials like glass, steel etc. However, hobs that are made with strong and fine quality materials should be your choice. Otherwise, they may breakdown very quickly and you need to invest more on repairs.

13. Price and Manufacturer’s warranty

Finally, we end up the buying guide with the price and the manufacturer’s warranty. Price is the least important factor when your preference is to get a high quality kitchen hobs. Higher the price, the more features you get and also delivers outstanding performance.

But it is up to an individual to purchase the kitchen hob according to his requirements- high or low budget. Also, look for the brand reputation and warranty details that will let you interact with the manufacturer within the specified time, when there is damage to the product.

14. Some Exciting Features of Kitchen Hobs

Given below are some of the smart features that you may find recently in both the kitchen hobs-electric and the gas. Only a few are available for a certain type depending on their usage and the building design. Choose the best cooking hob that holds any of the following exciting features.

  • Child Safety Control Lock

As young children are very curious about new things and are unaware of dangerous elements. There is in need to protect the children from altering the hob settings. So the hob with child safety control lock uses a touch control mechanism to lock the stove settings from being misused.

  • Removable Control Knobs

A removable control knob is a rotary control knob that controls the knob by providing input. For instance, it may not produce variations in the flame of gas hob unless you change the position of the knob to low-medium-high levels.

  • Flame Failure Protection

Flame failure technology protects the flammable gas from entering the burner. There can be many causes for the flame failure like an interruption of gas supply, over spillage of liquids on burners, faulty chimney etc.

Its working is such that an electromagnetic coil within the valve holds the device and shut off when there is a gas leakage, thereby protecting you from dangerous attacks.

  • Overspill Protection

Overspill protection feature helps to detect when the liquid spills over the burner and immediately turns the power off. This kind of feature is mostly seen in electric stoves than the traditional models. It is suitable for moms who’re always busy in doing domestic work and ignores what is kept on stoves.

  • Timer Setting

Timer is an added feature for the kitchen hobs. You just need to set the time say 15 or 20minutes and then the hob will switch off the automatically. Simply set the time and do whatever you want as it will turn off the hob when cooking is done. Make sure you set the appropriate time for coking, else you may find the food flavourless.

  • Power Booster

A power booster is usually found in electric stoves that increases the power in 1 or 2 rings for quick boiling and simultaneously it reduces the power usage when in no use.

  • Auto-Shutoff

With this auto-shutoff feature, the hob turns the power off when the cooking is done.

Simple Tips and Precautions for Using Kitchen Hobs

So far, you came to which kitchen hob to buy. Now, let us see some of the useful tips and precautions that everyone must take care of while installing, using or cleaning a kitchen hob.

  • Turn gas stove upside down & fit the rubber grommets into place.
  • When lighting the burner, open the gas valve and turn on the relevant knob.
  • Do not let your children play with the kitchen hobs or other items while cooking.
  • Never tilt the cylinder horizontally when you’re cooking something on the hobs.
  • Before removing a dish or container from the burner, switch off the appropriate knob.
  • If you’re prone to allergies or other infections, wear safety gloves to protect your hands.
  • Always hold the vessels using the handles as you may get burned to due to high temperature.
  • While shutting off the burner, close the regulating valve and then turn off the stove knob.
  • Always prefer to clean the kitchen hob burners using a soap (or liquid washer) and water.
  • Do not place boxes, plastic dishes or items other than cooking pots on the top of stove burners.
  • Always close the cylinder valve using dust caps when the kitchen hob is not in use.
  • In case of any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the servicing authorities for necessary action.
  • After cleaning, keep the hob in sunlight for 15-20 minutes to become dry and get free from grease, dust particles and other food items.
  • Don’t allow food to boil over. This could put out the flame, while still leaving the gas on, which increases the potential for a fire or explosion.
  • Remove all parts of the burner and cooktop. Soak them in a hot water with dish soap while cleaning the burner surfaces.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the ideal size of a hob?

Generally, the hobs are available from 60 cms to 90 cms, but the most preferred size is 60 cms. It is pretty much suitable for a family consisting of 4-6 members to cook a variety of dishes. But, mostly the size of the kitchen hob depends upon the space in your kitchen, burners, a number of persons in a family to cook food etc.

Difference between a kitchen hob and normal gas stove?

Kitchen hob is a projection that holds utensils or containers to keep them warm for cooking purpose. They use more electricity as they’re equipped with built-in kitchen slabs. And may take more time to cook. Whereas gas stove uses flammable gas as a fuel for the device to cook tasty and delicious foods within less time.

What is auto ignition gas stove?

Auto ignition gas stove works by turning the knob at an angle where the burners ignite via battery or electricity. Now-a-days, modern gas stoves and built-in hobs have the auto-ignition feature that comes in a stylish and strong design for the smooth functioning of the device.

Is auto ignition necessary for hobs?

Yes, it is recommended to buy a hob that comes with auto ignition feature, which helps to ignite the burners for cooking tasty recipes and also saves time and effort. Whereas for traditional gas stoves, lighter is used to ignite the burners.

Are induction cook tops safe to use?

Fortunately, yes. Induction cook tops are very safe to use as they use electromagnetic field induction to prepare the food. But, you must be careful when you try to cook the food at high temperatures or say wattage as it may result in burns, and also blows you (shocks).

How long can we use a kitchen hob?

On an average, the life expectancy of a kitchen hob is about 4-5 years. However, it may vary depending upon the usage and the several other factors like proper installation, effective cleaning, servicing etc. If you don’t maintain the kitchen hob properly then the average life of hob may reduce to 1-2 years.

Which one is the best-induction or ceramic hob?

Induction hob will be the wise choice than a ceramic hob. Because the ceramic kitchen hob performs the activities like heating up very quickly of the entire cooking zone. However, induction hob heats the pan and not the hob which saves a lot of time and energy.

How to install a kitchen hob?

Before you install a hob in the kitchen, take out all the necessary tools and types of equipment including the guide. Do follow the instructions given in the manual to set up the device effortlessly. Here are the few steps that everyone must do follow while installing a kitchen hob.
1. Firstly, fix necessary screws at 4 corners of the hob along with the gas suction pointer tightly.
2. Now take it to the desired location you want the hob to be and accordingly adjust the other kitchen appliances.
3. Takeout the strong pipe (made with rubber + copper) and connect it to the stove and cylinder carefully. Do not let the children do it.
4. After setting up the device, turn on the valve and check whether it is working properly or not.
5. Thus the installation of a hob is done and now you can cook your favourite recipes.

How to clean the hobs?

Cleaning is an important aspect of any kitchen item as it will not spoil the food and also keeps you strong and healthy. To retain the hobs in the kitchen – hygienic condition, you can follow any of the methods given below.

i) In the first method, apply a cleaning fluid on the hob, and let the fluid to sink in, but don’t let it dry completely. And then use a microfiber cloth or sponge to clean the hob.

ii) Rub on the surface of a hob with a white vinegar solution and immediately clean with a damp cloth for shining effect.

Few Words to Conclude

As kitchen hobs lasts for a long time, you need to consider the several factors like no of burners, auto-ignition feature, flame protection, material quality and finally the price.

Our top recommendation is the highly potent Elica 4 Brass Burner Cooktop Hob. It is one of the best kitchen hobs in India because of its superior performance, excellent feature and reliable brand name. This hob features an ultra slim floating design and heavy brass burners that helps to cook varieties of dishes. And the cast iron support helps the utensils to get the proper support and prevents rust formation.

So, which one you prefer the most? Brand or Performance? Auto-ignition or No. of Burners?

If you’ve any doubts or queries regarding kitchen hobs, let us know in the comment section given below. We’re very happy to clarify your doubts as soon as possible…

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25 Responses

    1. Corona series from Hafele has been specially designed for Indian cooking requirements. It has specially designed burners which adapt to WOK by emitting maximum heat at the inner round. The same heat will also adapt effortlessly under the pan as well. It has beveled glass edge which makes it look more stylish than most of the gas hobs in the market. They are easy to clean and maintain as well. However, they are a bit pricier.

  1. Wanted to buy a steel gas 4 burner hob. Which brand among Bosch, Faber, Elicia, Glenn, kaff is better in terms of quality of material to hold heavy vessels and durability. Will the steel hobs look old fashioned. I am not keen on glass top materials. Kindly suggest.

    1. Though stainless steel is old fashioned, it is still the most duration one compared to glass. All the brands you mentioned provide good quality products. Instead of that, check out the model reviews your want to purchase.

  2. Hlo sir , thank you for ur blog ND information very clear Soo big thanks for your efforts on here …let me finalize which job is best in prestige hob model soo kindly clear my doubts thanks….

  3. Hi
    Want to purchase hob and chimney for my house which one you suggest among Bosch, Faber, Elica, is there any combo offers for this.

    1. Hi Sridevi, All the three Bosch, Faber and Elica are the best kitchen chimney brands in India. However, they don’t provide combo offers. The Best way is You have to purchase them separately.

    1. Hi Anu, Major difference between gas stove or gas hob is that – gas stove is a free-standing appliance while gas hob is seamlessly fit into the kitchen counter top. Actually, gas hob is the best alternative for gas stove because

      • Built-in gas hobs are much easier to use – because you don’t have to deal with the hassle of lifting the utensils. This is especially useful when you are cooking in large quantities.
      • Gas hobs come with multi-flame feature which enable you to control the flame level on different parts of the burner, spreader and ring.
      • Built-in hobs are safer than gas stoves because they come with flame failure feature. This feature automatically turns off the gas supply when flame on burner goes off. And finally, gas hobs look more modern and stylish than gas stoves. However, if you live in a rented apartment, you may not be able to fix the stove into the kitchen counter. In that case, it is better to go for gas stoves.
  4. you have not even considered Hafele Corona Hobs which many claim to be best and unique brass burners in the world.

  5. Want to buy hob, chimney, induction, in built microwave and OTG. We have seen Faber, Kaff, Bosch. Which one is good as functional way.

    1. Hi,
      Among the three mentioned brands, we recommend to go with Bosch. This brand is very popular among the world for its high quality products and innovative solutions. However, Bosch products can be a bit expensive. If that is an issue for you, then second best option is Faber. Their products are affordably priced.

    1. Hi Vikram,
      We recommend to go with Elica 3 burner gas stove (first product in our article) as the product quality and customer service are exceptional. If your family has 3 – 4 members, this is the perfect one. However, if there are more, you can go for 4 burner option in the same brand. This gas hob has tempered glass, so it will add a stylish touch to your kitchen interiors. Apart from that, it also has some amazing features like auto-ignition, high quality brass burners, and cast-iron supporters.
      When it comes to kitchen chimney, you can go with 60cm Elica Auto Clean Chimney. It comes with a touch panel, stylish curved glass design, and auto-clean technology. It has 2 baffle filters and 1200 m3/hr suction power which is sufficient enough to handle smoke, odors and gases emitted while heating.

      1. Elica after sales service is very bad and spares are not available. i have to scrap the hobtop as they are not providing burner which are worn out in just 3 year. looks like you are biased with Elica brand. PLEASE DONOT BUY ELICA AS THE AFTER SALES SERVCIE AND SPARE AVAILABILITY IS VERY POOR AND BAD.

    1. Kitchen hobs from ELICA are perfect for Indian kitchens. As high quality materials are used, they are durable and last pretty long. Carefully curated design and stylish finish lets them blend into any kitchen interiors.

  6. I have 90″ elica chimney. I want to know what size hob will be suitable for the chimney and which brand.

    1. Hey Sikha,
      A 90″ inches Elica Chimney could easily accommodate any of the 3 or 4 or even 5 burner hob.
      The Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop Hob and even the Glen 1065 4 Burner Hobtop are two of the best options in the market right now.
      The Elica Three Brass Burner has auto-ignition, Rustproof enamel coated supporters, Cast iron support and has a brilliant performance.
      The Glen 1065 comes with a 2 year warranty, auto ignition along with Impact, heat and scratch resistant glass top.

      So You can choose the burner count depending on your requirements and aesthetic choice too.

  7. The Bosch dosent have cast iron support on the above mentioned Hob.Is the current support good enough? Will it not that soon? Actually I am planning to buy it, but I am skeptical just bed it doesn’t have cast iron support.

    1. Nope… Bosch hob features cast iron support that is durable and has the long lasting quality to hold cookware and other heavy-weighted pans.

  8. I want to buy a hob and chimney for my kitchen. There are many brands like Bosch and Glen etc.i want to buy Bosch. Is it a good idea? Which is the best in terms of quality design and easy to use. Reply me ASAP…

    1. Hi Kishore, Yes, you can prefer Bosch model without having a second thought. In the article, we’ve mentioned about 4-burner gas hob from the Bosch brand which gives an attractive look by using a toughened glass surface and is best at its quality. It also comes with flame failure protection mechanism that prevents gas leakage by shutting-off.

      If you have a large family and willing to finish the cooking in less time then you can also choose 5-burner hob available in the market/online.

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