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Best Electric Tandoors in India (Barbeque Grill) : 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Everyone loves to have some sizzling hot grilled or tandoori food items every once in a while. But as much as you crave it, most of us go for a take out as we cannot cook it at home. Owning a simple electric tandoor grill can go a long way for your taste buds.

Electric barbeque grills runs on electricity and gives you the exact same taste as any typical tandoor grill. You can now cook mouth watering and delicious dishes such as Chicken, Mutton, Vegetables,Pastas, Parathas, Naans and Pizzas both tandoori and grilled.

An excellent addition to your backyard grill parties AND your kitchen too, an electric tandoor is actually an economical solution when compared to conventional grills or even ovens.

But picking a perfect electric tandoor may be a little hassle. An ideal electric tandoor should be budget friendly, need less operating power, easy to maintain, need no preheating and most importantly provide healthy and oil free cooking.

Today, we have decided to buckle up, do a thick research and build a comprehensive guide just for you which will help you pick the best of the best. Our “Buying Guide” (available at the end of this article) has led us to the discovery of 7 of the best barbeque electric tandoor grills available in India. Let us hop on to review them without any further ado.

Best Electric Tandoors in India: 2022 Reviews

Best Electric TandoorsWarranty Dual Plate AccessoriesBuy Now
Hotberg Electric Tandoor2 YearsYes6Check On Amazon
Wonder Chef Electric Tandoor1 YearNo3Check On Amazon
Mini Chef Electric Tandoor---Yes2Check On Amazon
Glen Electric Tandoor2 YearsYes6Check On Amazon
B.N.Brights Electric Tandoor1 YearNo6Check On Amazon
Mini Chef Electric Tandoor2 YearsNo6Check On Amazon

Top 6 Best Electric Tandoors in India

1. Hot Berg Small Electric Tandoor

Hot Berg Small Electric Tandoor

Hot Berg’s small electric tandoor is a compact-sized appliance well-known for its efficiency. This lightweight sturdy model is very easy to carry or move.

It is manufactured with extra safe heating elements for uninterrupted yet completely regulated temperature.

It has an aluminium tray that can be used for grilling, roasting, toasting, and baking. It is your perfect companion to prepare delicious dishes like paneer tikka, chicken, tandoori roti, paratha, cake, muffins, aalu tikka, roti, etc.

The unit comes with a pizza cutter, a magic cloth, an aluminium tray, and a recipe book. It is completely shockproof equipped with rubber legs and extra safe heating elements.

It weighs 5.2 kgs and consumes 1500 watts. You can prepare the dish of your choice without any worry of spillage as the unit is very easy to operate and clean.

You can also enjoy add-on items such as a magic cloth, skewers, and a pair of gloves.

Things we liked about it:

  • Compact size, easy to move.
  • Shockproof, equipped with extra heating elements
  • Easy to operate & clean
  • High durability

Things we didn’t like:

  • 1500 watts power consumption
  • Warranty is not mentioned

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2. Wonderchef Chef Kapoor Standard Size Electric Tandoor

wonderchef electric tandoor

Wonderchef Chef Kapoor standard size electric tandoor would be a great addition to your kitchen in every way.

It has a 10-step thermostat that gives adjustable temperature for accurate cooking. It can extract extra oil from your food, resulting in a healthful diet without changing the taste. There is also an adjustable slope that lets you decide if you wish to drain the extra oil or retain it.

One special feature that made this tandoor stand out from others is its 180-degree grilling. It means you can grill on both sides if needed.

You can quickly prepare any dish you like with its super-fast heating feature. It weighs 1.43 kg and consumes 1370 watts.

The led indicator lets you choose the level of grilling. Red colour indicates dark browning & green indicates light.

Things we liked:

  • 1-year warranty
  • Adjustable slope
  • Floating hinge
  • 180-degree opening
  • Led indicator
  • 10-step thermostat
  • Lightweight


  • Does not come with a manual or recipe book
  • Consumes 1370 watts of energy

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3. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor (Big Size) with Double Layer Non Stick Coated Tray

Mini Chef Electric TandoorNext up is a heavy duty and sturdy built electric tandoor. The mini chef electric tandoor has a promising design and delivery with dual heating layers. One inside and one on top of it.

Perfectly engineered to burn enough to cook enough, the mini chef electric is ideal for medium to large families. It can cook about veggies, meat and what not.

The rectangular toughened glass present to the opening tray lets you look at the food while it is being prepared inside.

A magic heat resistant cloth that comes as a freebie with the device lets you use the tandoor as a baking oven for biscuits and small batter based foods too. The heating plate present on top of the device enables you to reheat and warm up foods such as pizza, biscuits and what not.

As mighty as the device is, its power consumption is same too. On an overall, it consumes about 2000 watts of power making it the highest power consumption device in the list today.

we found out a great deal of positive response to the longevity of the device owing to the kanthal heating element (imported from Sweden).

Things we liked:

  • Bulky and Sturdy Body
  • Aluminium coated non stick heating plates
  • Top side heating plate for reheating food
  • A Magic cloth for baking and Cookbook
  • Value for money

Things we didn’t like:

  • 2000 Watts power consumption
  • No grill or Seekhs given for grilling purposes

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4. Glen Electric Tandoor

Glen Electric Tandoor

The brand Glen played a key role in revolutionizing Indian cooking in all sorts of ways with captivating products and amazing features. Glen electric Tandoor is the result of substantial research and the implementation of progressive technology in the manufacturing process.

The unit was given a matt finishing with stainless steel including all the screws to make it completely rust-proof.

It is given a viewing window for you to look at your dish that’s being prepared. Its cool-touch handle helps you carry the tandoor without any chance of burning your hands. It also has a selector knob with 4 settings to regulate the tandoor’s operation.

Inside the tandoor, there is a sliding tray made of aluminium to slide in the food you wish to cook. Above the tray, there is a wire rack for grilling that helps you hold smaller pieces.

All essential drippings can be collected from the sliding tray below.

The appliance weighs 5 kg and consumes just 1100 watts of power. It has energy-efficient heating elements that make it a promising tandoor in the market.

Things we liked:

  • Modern elegant looks
  • See-through window & cool-touch handle
  • Saves energy by consuming less power, 11oo watts
  • Energy-efficient heating elements
  • Matt finish stainless steel body

Things we didn’t like:

  • The indicator light goes defective quite often

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5. B.N.Brights Electric Tandoor 

B.N.Brights Electric TandoorA long electric tandoor which comes with not only a sturdy body but also with insulated rubber legs.

The rubber legs are ergonomic and can be placed on any flat table like surface. Coupled with that is the perfectly insulated handle bars for you to carry around the device. Owing to the not so heavy body, the tandoor could be said as a compact device.

The BN Brights electric tandoor works fine for a small to mid sized family. Here you get a wide range of freebies much like the wellberg iron electric tandoor. You are given the single hand mitten glove,a cookbook, a grill, 4 seekhs, a magic cloth for baking and a pizza cutter.

With an ergonomic handle, the closing door of the tandoor has a rectangular toughened glass through which you can look as your food is being cooked. The non stick tray that is present to the door is perfect for cooking any kind of food and thus making cleaning very easy.

Perfect for baking and grilling, you can not only make grill or tandoori items, this makes you healthy because of all the non-oily cooking that you do using this.

The product consumes a humongous 2000 watts of power which some may call as a con.But to even it, we have a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty for the product for any malfunctions within the duration of its warranty life.

Things we liked about it:

  • Long form for good storage of the food
  • Rubber legs and fibre handles for proper insulation
  • Non stick tray body
  • Comes with a cookbook, a mitten glove, a grill, 4 seekhs,a pizza cutter and a magic cloth for baking.
  • Toughened glass screen to view food while it is being grilled or cooked
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • Could improve its build quality
  • 2000 watt power consumption.

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6. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor(Big Size)

Mini Chef Electric Tandoor

Mini Chef electric tandoor is a standard appliance that can upgrade your kitchen for the better. It is very lightweight, has elegant look to it & available at a pocket-friendly price.

This robust tandoor has completely shockproof non-magnetic heating elements. You can experience a fast cooking result with this tandoor compared to ovens or microwaves.

You can either grill or barbecue meat, fish, kababs, tomato, bacon, mushroom, etc. You can also bake rolls, eclairs, nankhatais, coconut cookies, chocolate sponge cakes, etc. It can also toast bread, defrost frozen food and you can warm or reheat fast food without overcooking it.

You will receive a magic cloth with it that can be a great accessory in preparing all dishes of your choice.

Things we liked:

  • Made of cast iron
  • Non-magnetic imported heating elements
  • Lightweight & elegant looking
  • Strong glass window
  • Shockproof
  • Magic cloth

Things we didn’t like:

  • 2000 watt power consumption

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Basic and Important Functionality Features of a Electric Tandoor

First of, let us look at what are the various different features available in an electric tandoor. How these features influence the quality of the grill machine.

1. Thermostat and its settings:

Temperature of the grill is very important in an electric tandoor. An internal thermostat enables you to control how hot the temperature inside the tandoor can be and can get.

A temperature regulating setting in a thermostat help you to change the temperature of the grill according to the dish you’re making.

Here you should be looking for not just a thermostat which has the highest setting but most importantly, you should be looking for something that has more number of settings.

There are a lot of high end models available in the market which have over 10 steps of temperature settings while basic and budget models often have fewer setting availabilities. But depending on how often and the volume of cooking you do, you have to decide on the grill.

2. Temperature Gauge:

An extension to the thermostat, a temperature gauge is often inbuilt and lets users know the temperature of the grill and the food inside it. It lets you know when the food is ready

For open electric tandoors, a temperature gauge may not seem important but for barbeque grills which have a cover on them, a temperature gauge is important. It lets you know the level of cooking which the food is at any instant of time.

3. The 180 degree opening facility:

Most of the modern day electric grills have a 180 degree opening of their cover. This allows the user to access every side of the tandoor. This feature is super helpful when you are cooking for a big number of people. You would be able to place and retrive the food from any side possible.

Moreover, the 180 degree opening feature makes your job of cleaning up the grill easier compared to other electric tandoors.

4. Removable Grates and Cooking Trays:

It is common knowledge that electric tandoors have separable grates and cooking trays. This is so to make it easier for them to remove and set the food. Furthermore, it also aids in the easier cleaning of the tandoor after the cooking is done.

Look for an electric tandoor whose grates and cooking trays are much easier to remove and fix, There are a few low budget and cheap tandoors whos trays are difficult to remove or are fixated in nature. This causes food to get stuck and cleaning impossible. They may cause some food infection. Hence be careful

5. A Floating Hinge:

When cooking thick or crusted food items such as fish, pizza, chicken or other wedged items, you need to have a certain freedom of movement. This freedom will help you move the food particles about the grill for uniform grilling.

Make sure that the electric tandoor you are picking has a floating hinge. A floating hinge aids in the free movement of food such as leg pieces or pizza or anything as thick. This will aid in the uniform cooking of the food from all angles.

6. Non-Stick Coated Internal Material :

Cooking greasy, bough based, oily or meaty items can be a bit of a mess. The food gets stuck to the corners or the bases of the utensils and thus makes it challenging to clean. Also, it often decreasing the shelf value of the device and the item.

In cases of electric tandoors, you need to be sure that the one you are picking has a non -stick coating to it. This will make sure that none of the food particles get attached to the vessel. It also makes it super easy for you to clean it up post usage.

7. Oil Collection Groove:

A few high and sophisticated electric tandoors of great quality often come with a specific grooves under their main body. Here, whenever you are cooking any oil or fat frying/grilling based item, any and all of the excess oil gets lodged under it.

This excellent and helpful feature aids in saving oil and prevents any kind of wastage. It is also perfect in protecting the table and the tablecloth underneath it from dripping and any other related oil related damage that may get caused due to oil.

How to pick the best electric tandoor?

Here, let us look at the important factors one must consider before deciding on their decision to buy an electric tandoor.

1. Features:

First of all, you need to understand your requirements. How big of a tandoor do you need? Is it for a regular close family or friends gathering or are you planning on setting up a shop/event and the electric tandoor would be serving to a very large volume of crowd.

You now know what your requirements are and also you the most important features that comprise of an electric tandoor barbeque grill. You now have to make sure that almost all of those features have to be present in the device that you have picked.

2. Proper Opening and Operating Mechanics:

What do you picture when someone says the word barbeque? It is obviously not the food but the apparatus and its open sunny sided image. An electric tandoor machine too is decisive on how you open it.

A few of these have a 180 degree opening style which make it easier for you to reach out for the food inside it easily. You can change, add more and technically, have good freedom with the food. Furthermore, it easens your burden while you are cleaning the device after you are done cooking in it.

Also, try looking for a grill with a floating hinge too. This is ideal when you are cooking thick dishes such as pizza or meat and also food which needs prolonged cooking

3. Consumption Of Power:

This one may seem like a deal breaker so hold tight. Various barbeque grills have different power ranges they need for operation. While a few would be starting from about 800 watts, a few could even need 1200 watts of power.

Higher the power consumptions, faster is the cooking of the food. Ideal for high volumes of cooking. But this implies a fat light bill too. Electric tandoors that consume low power cook slower compared to the high consumption devices but save on the electricity bill. These are ideal for small indoor or backyard parties with close friends or family

The key to picking the perfect tandoor is to look for something that is between the ranges of 800-1200 but also has a good star rating for power savings.

4. Capacity of the tandoor to cook food:

This refers to the amount of cooking your tandoor can do. How much chicken, sandwiches, or vegetables can you grill in a single go?

First, you need to decide on how many people does the tandoor needs to feed. Are you grilling for your small family or for your neighbourhood for a party? In such cases, you need a small or medium sized tandoor. It should be enough.

If you are to cook for a restaurant sized population, or for people coming to an event or a fair, then you need to think of  getting something big. This will be with you for small time cooking and for big time too.

5. Portability and Lightweightedness:

Typical tandoors are bulky and heavy. Back in the day, you had to have about at least 2 men to lift and place the grill outside the yard.

Electric grills are portable in nature. They are light in weight and run on very easily. But then there are a lot of brands which can be heavy and bulky in nature at times.

Best of the best electric tandoors are light in weight. Often than not, they can be carried around in a single hand. Not the hot ones that are plugged into the outlet. Don’t do that.

6. Shock-Proofing and Proper Insulation:

It is highly important that the electric tandoor you are getting is properly insulated. While most of the cast iron based tandoors may possess a slight threat, these days, they are coming with fibre handles and a few are also coming with rubber legs. This increases your chance of getting insulated to any electric current that passes through. Anyway,go for trustable brands as they do ample amounts of electricity and insulation check before shipping out their product.

7. Brand of the Barbeque Electric Tandoor Grill

Too many. Way too many brands exist in the name of selling you quality electric tandoor sets. But most of these are either cheap chinese rip offs or just local brands that grill the wiring more than the food placed on them.

Always go for trusted and popular brands. It is less likely to be duped by will known brands and moreover, they provide you with good customer support. If you are ignorant of whether a particular barbeque grill company is good or bad, you can always go look at their reviews and ratings. These are widely available in trusted sources like facebook, quora and blogs like ours. Be smart, shop smart

8. Warranty of the product:

Last in the list but definitely not the least important. Electric Tandoor Grills are big and expensive affairs. They tend to run for hours when used. Hence it is important that the device that you are choosing to buy has a good years of manufacturer’s warranty.

Any typical good barbeque grills comes with about a year’s worth manufacturer’s warranty period. Good brands go beyond that. You have to choose a great product with good warranty. Else they might offer the moon but the product dies on the launch pad.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Benefits of using an Electric Tandoor?

By Using an Electric Tandoor, you get to enjoy oil free cooking thus it is incredibly healthy. Also, due to its small and compact nature,you can carry it around for parties easily. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about setting it up or cleaning it as they are simply plug & play and very easy to clean.

2. How do electric tandoor barbeque grills work?

Ans: Inside every unit of an electric grill is a heating element embedded. This is connected to the power cord. When we plug in power, the heating element gets heated up and the internal body of the tandoor aids in keeping the heat up. Here you can place your food and then expect it to get heated up to your taste expectations.

3. Can we use an electric tandoor grill inside my house?

If it is a family friendly sized compact grill, then yes. However, steer it clear of any children. It is highly advised to be cautious while using the device. Never use an outdoor grill inside your house.


With all the awesome accessories gifts, its dual heating nature and its durable quality, the  Hotberg Electric Tandoor wins the top of our list. While that was our list, we are interested in listening to your picks

Do you have any questions related to tandoors? If yes, do write to us in the comment section below, our team will get back to you ASAP.

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