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Washing Machines Dimensions – Semi Automatic And Fully Automatic

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Are you planning to purchase a new washing machine for your home? There are a few things you need to consider apart from the price, features, etc.

You heard us right! It is the type and style of washing machine and its size. The washing machine sizes have changed over the last decade, and today, they vary for each brand.

If you want to replace your old machine and want to have a new appliance, you will need to know the dimensions of the washer to fit your space.

Here we are with this new article on the washing machine dimensions. If you are not aware of the sizes, we will help you. Keep reading below to know everything about the measurements.

Let us dive into the discussion.

What Are The Different Types Of Washing Machines?

We all know that washing machines usually come in two types. They are Fully automatic washing machines and Semi-automatic washing machines. The fully automatic washers are further available in top load and front load models.

Both types of washers are different in styles, functioning, cleaning, and design. You need to be aware of these distinctions if you want to choose the right type for your laundry needs.

Let us learn about each type in detail and discuss how each washer works.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machines


The fully automatic washing machines have a single tub that washes, rinses, and even dries the clothes. It acts as a washer and also a dryer. Just one touch of a button and your laundry is done.

Significant Features

These fully automatic washing machines come in top load and front load models. The programs, design, and efficiency of these models vary from brand to brand.

Below are a few points to make you familiar with the washing machine models.

a) Front Load Washing Machine

front loadDesign

The front-load model from the fully automatic washing machine has a door on the front side to load the laundry.

Significant Features

The front-load washers are highly efficient, i.e., they consume less water and energy. And the best part, the laundry results from the models are very effective than the top load variants.

Most manufacturing brands try to include several features to these models every passing year. They consistently try to improve the performance and efficiency of the machines.

b) Top Load Washing Machine


The top-load model from the fully automatic washing machine has a door on the top to load the laundry. These devices are best for those people who do not want to bend down to load or unload the laundry.

Significant Features

The top load washers have shorter wash cycles. The greatest advantage of these washers is that you can add the laundry during the mid-cycle. This is something you cannot find in the front load machines. They are highly efficient, i.e., they consume less water and energy.

The fully automatic top load washing machines require less space than the front-load models. You can fit these appliances easily in a narrow space.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

semi autommatic washing machineAs the name says, these washing machines are partially automatic. You can even call them semi-manual washers.


The semi-automatic washing machines have two drums, one for washing and the other for drying. You need to manually add water to the washing tub to wash the clothes. After washing, you will have to manually transfer the washed clothes to the drying tub for drying. This is all about the twin-tub semi-automatic devices.

Some models come with a single tub that is for both washing and drying. Even in this washer, you need to manually add water to the washing tub to wash the clothes. Needless to say, these washers are top-loaded machines.

Significant Features

A semi-automatic washing machine consumes less water when compared to a fully automatic one. It does not require a constant water supply, and you can regulate the water supply. Moreover, it requires less time for the washing cycle.

What Are The Dimensions Of Washing Machines?

Washing Machines Dimensions

If you want to have the right washing machine model for your space, you need to know the dimensions of the device. Before that, you should be aware of how much space you have and need to install your favourite model.

The height, width, and depth of the washer will let you decide if it exactly fits into the space or not.

Let us assume you have a narrow or tight space wherein you will have to install your washing machine. This is a crucial point of consideration that will let you choose which washer you may need.

We all know that top-loaded washing machines are narrower than their front-loaded counterparts. Comparatively, they require less space. Based on this analysis, you can opt for a front-load washer if you are living in a small apartment.

Below are the dimensions of different types of washing machines to help you decide the right appliance suitable for your home.

Standard Dimensions Of Top Load Washing Machines

When it comes to the standard dimensions, we shall be talking about the height, length, and width of the washing machine. As mentioned earlier, top-load models from the fully automatic washers are narrower than the front load variants. Below are the standard sizes of these appliances.

The standard height of a top-loaded fully automatic washing machine is 90 cm.

If we move to the width, the standard size of these appliances would be 40 cm. The load capacity of these machines is up to 6 kilos.

The standard depth of a top-loaded fully automatic washing machine is 60 cm.

Standard Dimensions Of Front Load Washing Machines

The standard height of a front-loaded fully automatic washing machine is 85 cm. It is about five cm lesser than the top-loaded devices.

If we move to the width, the standard size of these appliances would be 60 cm. It is about 20 cm more than the top-load washers.

The standard depth of a front-loaded fully automatic washing machine is 60 to 70 cm. The extra 5 to 10 cm includes the protrusions.

Here is a table depicting the washing machine dimensions for easy understanding of the readers:

Dimensions Top Load Washing Machine Front Load Washing Machine
Standard Height 90 cm 85 cm
Standard Width 40 cm 60 cm
Standard Depth 60 cm 60 to 70 cm

How Do I Know Which Is The Right Size Washing Machine For My Home?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Firstly, it is all dependent on the size of your family, your laundry requirements (load), and how often you do the laundry. If you can analyze these three points, you can easily decide the right size of the washer you need for your household. Washing machines are available in a variety of sizes suitable for your needs.

Here are a few pointers you can consider before making a purchase:

  • If you are a family of four, then the ideal size would be a washing machine having about 6-7 kg capacity.
  • If there are fewer people in your home, i.e., less than four, a smaller washer would be the best choice.
  • If you have a bigger family with more than four family members, you need a larger washing machine.

Do you have children at home that are quite curious and super-active? You should definitely choose an appliance that comes with child lock features. You can find the function on the door or in the program. Remember, you cannot change the settings while your machine is operating.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much space should I need to leave behind my washing machine?

Ans: Since your washing machine requires hookups and venting, it is ideal to have at least 15 cm of space behind your appliance.

2. What are the parameters to consider when purchasing a washing machine?

Ans: The crucial parameters to look for when buying a washing machine are the type of washer, efficiency of the appliance (energy and water), capacity, size, and spin speed.

3. Do all washing machines come in a standard size?

Ans: The standard dimensions of all washing machines include the below sizes:
* Height – About 85 cm
* Width – Around 60 cm
* Depth – Lies in the range of 42 to 65 cm

4. What size of the washing machine is ideal for a family of four?

Ans: For a family of four, a medium-capacity washing machine is the most suitable option. It would come with a capacity of around 6-7 kg, which is perfect for your family.

5. Which washing machines are more reliable? Top load or front load?

Ans: The front-load washers have better cleaning performance when compared to the top load devices. Although the latter requires less maintenance, it cannot deliver good quality cleaning like the former.

6. How to measure the space for installing my washing machine?

Ans: When installing your washing machine, you will have to measure the space. For that, you will have to leave at least 15 cm behind the washer for pipes. If it is a front load appliance, see that you are leaving adequate space in the front to comfortably open the door, and load or unload the garments.

7. Which washing machines clean better? Top loaders or front loaders?

Ans: When it comes to cleaning, front load washers have a better cleaning performance. Apart from using less water, they effectively remove the dirt and soils from the garments. Moreover, they will cause the clothes to less wear and tear, protecting their integrity. On the whole, the front loaders provide better cleaning when compared to their top-load counterparts.

8. What is the maximum life expectancy of any washing machine?

Ans: Washing machines from branded manufacturers have a life span of around six years, on average. You can further increase the longevity of the product by following regular maintenance.


Is purchasing a new washing machine on your list but not sure about the dimensions? This article should serve as an ultimate guide in knowing the standard sizes of all types of washers. Based on the space size where you are planning to install your device, you can choose the right appliance that fits exactly into the space. You can use this article as a reference to make an informed decision.

Write to us in the comments if this article helped you choose the right washing machine of the required size. You can let our readers know further by sharing your valuable inputs on washing machine dimensions.

Let us know if you have any questions or require more information on washing machine sizes. Our team will do its best to answer all your queries at the earliest.

Stay healthy and stay safe!!!

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