Semi-Automatic Vs Fully Automatic Washing Machines: Which is Best?

Washing machines have become a necessity in every household nowadays. Whoever is thinking of buying a new washing machine will be confused between Fully-automatic and Semi-automatic washing machines.

There is no one-word answer to its question. As there are many factors to consider to conclude.

Both the semi-automatic and the fully-automatic washing machines come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Brands load the washing machines with many features. But you need to ask yourself, whether the machine makes your job easy or it is a useless expensive investment.

We have discussed the details of each type, which will help you choose the ideal kind of washing machine for you.

Semi-Automatic Machines

In India, most people are using Semi-automatic washing machines. These are not completely automatic and cannot perform all the tasks on their own.

They need human help for all the functions. As a result, these alternatives are much cheaper than fully-automatic washing machines.

The working process of the semi-automatic machines is quite simple to understand. There are mainly two tubs, one for cleaning and the second is drying.

First, you need to put the clothes in the cleaning tub. After the cleaning period is over, you need to manually shift the clothes in the drying tub. This kind of washing machine works on the spinning principle. The number of spins is directly proportional to the time needed to dry the clothes. They also consume much less power than other kinds of machines.


  • Much cheaper than fully-automatic ones.
  • Requires much less water to function.
  • You have full control of the washing cycle.
  • No continuous flow of water required


  • Needs human intervention to function.
  • Can cause unnecessary noise.
  • Poorer performance than fully-automatic machines.

Fully-Automatic machines

Now, what can be the possible issues with a fully automatic washing machine? What is not there to like about this one?

This machine is packed with all kinds of functions and features to make your job easy. And also some which are there for the luxury. The fully-automatic machines provide great functionality and have greater loading capacity.

Some brands provide their machines with the ‘hot-wash’ feature, a built-in heating system. These kinds of machines have only one tub for both cleaning and drying functions. This machine takes longer to operate than a semi-automatic alternative.  But it also cleans the clothes much better than the semi-automatic machines.


  • This machine features automatic controls.
  • Clothes are cleaned in a better manner.
  • Features a child safety mode.
  • You will not need manual intervention.


  • Expensive than the semi-automatic machine.
  • Requires much more water to function.

Key Differences Between Semi-Automatic And Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

There are several key differences between the semi-automatic and the fully-automatic washing machines. Some are discussed in detail below.

BasisSemi-automaticFully automatic
TypeTop loadFront-load and top load
Washing qualityAverageBetter
NoiseVery noisyLess noisy
Water ConsumptionConsume more waterConsume less water
PriceThey are cheap. Average price starts from 8000They are expensive. Average price starts from 20000


You need to consider the washing capacities when buying a washing machine. The semi-automatic machines require two tubs to function which end up taking much more space. The fully-automatic washing machines are of two types. one is front-load and another is top-load.

Several companies offer various washing capacities in different washing machines. The washing capacity should only depend on the amount of clothes that need to be washed. Higher washing capacity means more clothes can be washed at one time. The machine which has less capacity can also work well. But you need to function it more than once.

Semi-AutomaticFully Automatic
Capacity- 10 kg, price, 13KCapacity 10kg, price 20K
Capacity- 7 kg, price 10kCapacity 7.5 kg  Price 15K
Capacity: 6.5 kg, price 7kCapacity 6.5 kg price 10 K

Size of the washing machine

Based on the types of washing machines, there are various sizes and shapes of the machines. The fully-automatic washing machine needs one tub and the semi-automatic needs two tubs to consider.

If you are too concerned about the size, you should not invest in a semi-automatic washing machine. For a small household, you must go for a fully-automatic machine. It also provides several other features which are much more advantageous. A fully-automatic washing machine needs more water to function.

Convenience for usage

This convenience for usage can differ from one person to another. The first thing which you need to consider is whether you want to bear the pain of transferring clothes from tubs.

The fully-automatic washing machine needs no manual effort. However, semi-automatic ones require manual or physical work. Earlier, the choice was minimal. But in the current scenario, the fully-automatic machines are much more user-friendly than the semi-automatic ones.

Energy usage

When you ask yourself the question regarding which washing machine among the two is more power-efficient. The answer is the one that cleans and dries the clothes at one go rather than the one where you need to manually transfer to another tub.

The fully-automatic washing machine consumes more power and electricity. This means the electricity bill becomes a little expensive. But the convenience this machine provides is all worthwhile.

Kind of load

There are mainly two kinds of washing machines- the front load and the top load. Now, several people firstly question that which is more expensive. But, the most important question is what kind of machine is more suitable for me.

The top-load washing machines are much less time consuming and much more convenient to use. The front-load washing machines wash the clothes much more gently and thoroughly. They are a little on the expensive side but are much more energy-efficient and water-efficient which saves money in the long run.

Water efficiency

This is a major concern for many families in India as they do not have a continuous supply of water for the whole day. The semi-automatic machine uses a much less and fixed amount of water as compared to the fully-automatic machine. The fully-automatic machine needs a continuous flow of water to function properly.


There is a major difference between the two kinds of washing machines. The former needs you to soak the clothes beforehand and also transfer the clothes to another tub. Also, you need to get rid of certain stains with your hands. While the latter helps to clean the stains gently in the washing machine itself. They have much better cleaning capability than semi-automatic alternatives.


The fully-automatic washing machines are pricier than semi-automatic washing machines. But keeping aside the expense part, Fully-automatic washers are much more energy-efficient and are more durable. Therefore, in the long run, it will save more money.

Final word

In almost every aspect, the fully-automatic washing machine is better. But they are more expensive than semi-automatic washing machines. Before buying a washing machine, you need to consider all the features. You also need to look at your budget before buying the machine.

We hope that this article clears your confusion about washing machines. Do comment on how helpful was the article.