Types of Trimmers – How To Pick The Right One?

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These days, trimmers have become a very important and useful device. A trimmer can help you precisely cut your hair. That is not really easy with the use of a shaver. Using a trimmer saves time and money in the long run too.

A human body has hair of different textures all over the body. This is why it requires different kinds of blades to be cut effectively. A trimmer that is meant to be used on the face must not be used on the other part of the body.

What are Some Types of Trimmers?

Here are the different types of trimmers available that you can use to cut your hair. Let us read about them: –

Hair Trimmer

Hair trimmers are made to be used on all types of hair. It is a general-purpose trimmer. However, these trimmers are not really recommended to be used on face. This is because the skin on the face is delicate as compared to the skin on other body parts.

Using the same trimmer can damage the skin. Trimmers are very flexible as you can set the desired length of the hair and can also be used at different speeds.

Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmers are only to be used to trim your beard. Almost all beard trimmers have the option to choose the hair length size in which you want your hair to be cut. Hair trimmers can be electric or can operate on a battery. Some trimmers are very precise, while some beard trimmers are just average.

Maintaining a good beard is not easy without the use of a beard trimmer. Beard trimmers come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose an ideal trimmer for yourself according to your convenience. Ensure proper information about the brand and type of beard trimmer you buy because not all of them give you the same results.

Ear and Nose Trimmers

You know how difficult it is to cut the ear and nose hair. Ear and nose trimmers can make this work easy for you. These trimmers are very small in size and can easily fit into your nose or ear to trim your hair in those areas. These trimmers can also be used for your eyebrows. You can get rid of the extra hair on your browse without experiencing any pain.

It is very easy and convenient to use. The skin in both nose and ear is very sensitive. This is why hair in these areas must be trimmed by something that is specifically designed for this purpose.


These trimmers are designed particularly to be used for hair removal on sensitive areas. Ultra-sensitive trimmers are generally used for areas such as the underarms, groin area, or the bikini line. Using other trimmers can cause bruises or cuts, which can cause a problem or infection. This is why ultra-sensitive trimmers are designed, as they are delicate for our delicate areas.

A bikini line trimmer is a type of ultra-sensitive trimmers and is widely used by women. Hair removal creams are also available for removing hair in these areas, but trimmers are much safer as it doesn’t react on the skin and also doesn’t turn the skin dark.

What is an Epilator?

This type of trimmers is made, especially for women. The purpose is not to cut the hair but to uproot them from the skin. The surface of an epilator is usually made from tweezers, which pull the hair and leave behind hair-free skin.

However, there’s pain involved to some extent with this device. It’s because the epilator pulls hair out instead of trimming it. However, you can use a lotion to ease the pain. You can think of epilators as an alternative to waxing, which is way more painful.

All in all, epilators are very effective. Unlike trimmers, it leaves a smooth skin and is efficient too. Once you use an epilator, the hair will grow after a pretty long time.

Are Hair & Beard Trimmers the Same? 

Hair and beard trimmers are quite similar to each other in many ways. But the difference between these trimmers is the size of the blade. Hair trimmers are used to cut longer hair and also have attachments that are used to adjust the length of hair.

Not all beard trimmers have attachments, and the blades of these trimmers are thinner so that they can give a better detailing. They are also used on the chin and neck areas. But, you need to use them very carefully to avoid any unnecessary cuts and bruises.

The hair trimmers are designed to work on thick hair. Beard trimmers do not really work well on thick hair. Buy a trimmer that can be used for all the beard requirements. A beard trimmer provides better safety as the blades are thinner.

It is a good choice for people with sensitive skin. When you are looking for a smoother final cut, the hair trimmers will work flawlessly in this case.

What’s the Difference Between a Trimmer and a Razor? 

Some people always get confused between a trimmer and razor. Both of them have almost the same job, so it is obvious to get confused. Let us explain to you the difference in a simple way.

A trimmer trims your hair and helps in maintaining your beard. Razor, on the other hand, gives you a clean shave. So, if you prefer having a 1mm beard, choose a trimmer. But if you like the clean-shaven look, then a razor will be a good buy.


Trimmer is something everyone needs, irrespective of gender. However, you should first know about the different types of trimmers available. After all, if you’re an adult male, you cannot just buy an epilator, right? So, basic information is necessary, which is, fortunately, present in this article.

You can go through all the information and learn about different types. If you’re able to find the ideal trimmer or shaver for you, please share these insights with others. We’ll come back with more similar insightful information. So, keep coming back.

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