Top 7 Best Trimmers for Men in India: 2019 Reviews

You don’t constantly need to go to the barber to get your face shaved or trimmed. Buying a simple trimmer will cut down your shaving salon expenses by about 75% a year.

Everyone loves to have either a trendy stubble, a stylish cut trim or a smooth clean shave. Modern trimmers are designed and develop so that almost anyone can be an expert barber.

But not all trimmers make you expert. A few are of exceptional quality while a few are cheap rip offs which burn a hole in your pockets. It’s important to understand which is which and to pick wisely.

Fortunately, we have gathered enough intel on all the top best models of trimmer, got postmortem on their user reviews, identified which one is better than the other. This intel helped us pick and rank 7 of the best trimmers available in India.

We included our review methodology, tips and steps to pick the right trimmer in the “buying guide” section of this article. Be sure to check it out too.

The 7 Best Trimmer For Men In India

Best Trimmers for MenTypeCharging Time Run TimeTrimming LengthWarrantyBuy Now
Philips Beard TrimmerCord/Cordless1 Hour90 Minutes0.5-10 mm2 Years Check the Price
Panasonic Men's Beard and Hair TrimmerCord/Cordless12 Hours40 Minutes2-18 mm2 Years Check the Price
Nova Titanium Coated USB TrimmerCordless8 Hours45 Minutes2-18 mm2 Years Check the Price
Kemei Rechargeable Hair TrimmerCordless3 Hours45 Minutes1-9 mm6 Months Check the Price
HESLEY Men's Beard TrimmerCordless8 Hours45 Minutes0.5-10 mm6 Months Check the Price
Syska Hair and Beard TrimmerCordless8 Hours35 Minutes0.5-10 mm2 Years Check the Price
Braun Multi Grooming and Trimmer KitCordless10 Hours40 Minutes0.5- 21 mm2 Years Check the Price

Top 7 Best Beard Trimmers in India 2019 Reviews

1. Philips QT4011/15 Cordless and Cord Beard Trimmer 

With a history of producing electronics directed for the everyday consumer for over 127 years, Philips QT4011/15 steals out our first spot for the list of trimmers. It stands out with rest of the devices listed with its lasting performance and its long warranty.

A perfect device for bachelors, students and travellers alike, the Philips beard trimmer works both ways. With cord and cordless too. The dura power technology present in the device aids in managing the power setting so that it works 4 times more than an ordinary trimmer.

Such powerful and long lasting performance also requires a great deal of battery running time. Thanks to its 90 minute long run time on a full charge it can do just that.A battery indicator light blinks in green and red colours to indicate the capacity of the device too.

When out of battery, the cord convertible nature of the device comes to the rescue. So you can finish your trim in peace without having worry to leave it in the middle.

The Philips QT4011/15 comes with over 20 different length settings (0 to 10 mm with 0.5 increments of size). A turn wheel with a speed setting helps you set the size of the trim. This enables you to pick a size of you choice for trimming it up. Furthermore, the blades of this trimmer are made with high quality titanium and most importantly, are self sharpening. This makes sure that the trimmer is always primed for a neat cut and shave. The blades are specifically designed to go smooth on the skin.

Easy to clean and maintain, you can clean the blades and the top shelf directly with water without any fear of getting the device damaged. You are even provided with a safe travel pouch to store and carry the device. For any worries, the product comes with the longest warranty of all products in this list. That is, 2+1 years of manufacturer’s warranty. The +1 year additional warranty is conditional. If the buyer register themselves onto the Philips website post purchase, an additional 1 year warranty is provided.

A battery indicator light blinks in green and red colours to indicate the capacity of the device too.

Things We Liked:

  • Long lasting performance
  • Dura Power Technology and 90 minute battery level
  • Ergonomic and stylish design
  • Self Sharpening and smooth on the skin titanium Blades
  • Works both with cord and cordless
  • Easy to clean and with water too
  • 20 stub length settings
  • A stylish carry case for storing the device when not in use
  • 2+1 Years of manufacturer’s warranty

Things We Didn’t like:

  • None identified to specifically mention

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2. Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men’s Beard and Hair Trimmer

Next up on the list is the Panasonic ER-207-WK44B. With an incredibly minimal design, Panasonic employs the use of stainless steel blades with Japanese blade technology.

Here, most of the basic functionalities are similar to that of the Philips QT4011/15, Panasonic has a corded and cordless usability feature. This makes it ideal for bachelors, students or travellers.

These blades are of high performance and cut smooth. Going very easy on the skin. The simplistic pivot head makes the device easy going for shaving in any direction desirable. The pivot head can be removed easily and can be cleaned with similar ease.

Though the product’s cover packaging says that one needs to charge it for 12 hours, we observed full charge for about 5-6 hours of time. Post this, the trimmer works for a good one full hour. A small red blip helps to monitor the charging status. Single guys who are lazy to always check on the power of a trimmer before a shave may find this quite helpful.

This trimmer comes with an ergonomic S shaped curved design is handy and so is the dial based size controller. This control wheel can be rotated like a dial to set the desired beard hair length in increments of 0.5. On overall, the trimmer has size settings from 2 mm – 18 mm( 12 length settings).

For the trim point, we find the trimmer to give a better cut trim than even the Philips trimmer. But it does not have the same amount of warranty duration as it. This product comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Also, its lower than expected battery life could be stated as another downside.

Things we liked:

  • S shaped ergonomic shape
  • Easy to use length dial settings
  • Corded and Cordless use
  • Japanese Blade technology with high performance blades
  • Easy to remove and clean pivot head
  • Smooth and perfect trim cut.
  • 12 length settings
  • 2 years product manufacturer’s settings.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Battery life could be increased
  • Bulky than usual charger

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3. Nova NHT-1071 Titanium Coated USB Trimmer for Men

For the third product in the list, I have a personal design favourite listed. It is the Nova NHT-1071 with Titanium coated blades and USB based charging system.

It is amazing that at this low and economic pricing, Nova is able to design and ship out a titanium bladed trimmer. These blades are efficient and give you a clean and perfect cut. The pricing, cut and design make it a perfect shaving kit partner for students and bachelors on a string budget but who need a perfect trim. But make sure that you are not applying too much pressure on skin while in no comb mode. Could cut the skin due to the blade’s sharpness.

First, I’d like to talk about the colour and design as I really dig the blue tron like compact design that flows about the device. The battery, as mentioned, can be charged using a USB based charging. It takes about 8 hours for the trimmer to be charged to its prime. After this, it can be used for trimming for a full of 45 minutes.

Much like both Panasonic and Philips trimmers mentioned above,the Nova trimmer also comes with a corded and cordless trimming approach. And thanks to the presence of its turbo power technology, the trimmer lasts 5 times longer than any ordinary off the rack trimmer.

Head part of the trimmer is easily detachable and easy to clean. It’s unique lift and cut feature lifts the hair before it cuts it. Thus making it 35% more efficient than any budget trimmer.

Coming to the length settings of the trimmer, it has 2 mm to 18mm length settings with a total of 9 length settings. There is however an issue that the trimmer cannot give you a fine trim because it cannot have increments in 0.5 mm like its high budget counterparts.

Additionally, it has a safety lock feature which can be set to a desired length number so you can have uninterrupted trimming experience. Nova gives the product a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty for any product damages.

Things we liked:

  • Turbo technology for 5 times long lasting trimmer
  • Titanium blades for a perfect precise cut.
  • Safety lock in feature
  • Unique Lift and Cut feature.
  • USB based charging
  • Easy to remove and clean headpart
  • Compact design
  • Value for money
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • Could improve the quality of the plastic used,
  • Could improve the battery life of the product.

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4. Kemei KM-27C Rechargeable Professional Hair Trimmer for Men and Women

The most economic product in the list, the Kemei KM-27C rechargeable trimmer is unisex in nature and can be used for both men and women.

With a really small and compact body, this is ideal for students, travellers and bachelors on a shoestring budget. It can be used in a corded and in cordless fashion. Charging time for the device is just a 3 hours but could could work for about 45 minutes. For a device in this budget, it is a steal.

Initially, let’s talk of the design and style of the device. It is small, compact and has a metallic look and feel to it. The length settings of the device are set using a bottle styled rotation dial. Here one can change about to 1 mm increments to about 9 mm size. Limited but enough length choices.

Head part of this trimmer is detachable and allows for a easy shave. Due to its compact size, it can reach places where large trimmers simply cannot. This makes the Kemei trimmer incredibly helpful for all shaves and trims.

The build quality of the device is not the best compared to the superior brands mentioned here but it comes with a load of comb accessories (4 different combs), a cleaning brush and a special formulated cleaning oil for the blades.

Coming to the warranty of the product, there is a 6 months manufacturer’s warranty on the device for any product defects.

Things we liked:

  • Unisex Usage
  • Compact and small design
  • Economic budget
  • 4 comb accessories.
  • Value for money
  • 45 minutes of cordless run time (good for this budget range)
  • Compact size can reach for unreachable areas and work fine.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Just 6 months of warranty
  • Could improve on the product’s plastic
  • The 0 setting is not exactly 0 and clean shave could be a little problematic.

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5. HESLEY Men’s Beard Trimmer Cordless

Another style statement in the list, Hesley’s red tron based design is robust, and ergonomic. Adding to that, it is also very economical for its style.

Just as the case with most economic trimmers, this one is also ideal for bachelors and students.

A rechargeable battery aids for the trimmer to work in the absence of electricity. On a full charge  (which takes about 8-9 hours) the trimmer can provide up to 45 minutes of uninterrupted usage. And this is a great bargain in this budget range.

The trimmer has about 20 different adjustable length lock ins. These range from 0.5 mm to 10 mm in 0.5 mm increments. The length adjustment can be done with the help of a rotating dial present at the centre of the trimmer.

Coming to the accessories, the trimmer comes with an 2 multi purpose length adjustable comb, special cleaning oil and a small brush to clean the trimmer blades.Top head part of the trimmer can be easily removed and cleaned much like most of the trimmers.

Blades of this trimmer are made out of stainless steel and are perfect for a smooth and clean cut. They do not cause any pulling and scratch on the skin.

This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for any product related damages.

Things we liked:

  • Economic pricing and value for money
  • Tron like stylish design
  • Stainless steel blades for smooth cut
  • Adjustable single comb setting
  • 45 minutes run time for 8 hours charge
  • Cleaning oil and brush provided
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • None noted to mention

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6. Syska HT300 Hair and Beard Trimmer

Syska is known for its straightforward designing of its products. Because it is too busy working on bettering and enhancing its performance of the products.

The Syska HT300 has a minimal black design with stainless steel blades and a built in adjustable comb.

These stainless steel blades are self sharpening in nature. So no worries of them blades getting blunt. Also, they are rounded in nature which result in a smooth and even cut without a chance of hurting onto your skin.

Along with the adjustable comb, we also have a 20 length setting adjustments (0.5 mm 10 10 mm in increments of 0.5 mm). The change setting is by a centrally rotated dial present at the middle of the trimmer. The length setting has a lock where in you can shave about without a fear of getting any length change by mistakes.

Coming to the charging time and running capacity of the trimmer, it takes about a typical 8 hours of full charge time. But it dispenses and runs about 35 minutes on full charge. A small vertical LED indicator bulb lets you know about the state of power of the device. While this may be a little low considering the syska branding and typical run time of trimmers, it can also be used in a corded mode to compensate.

Design of this device is incredibly ergonomic. One can easily hold it and have a cut or nip free shave with no hassles. Cleaning of this trimmer is hasslefree too thanks to its removable and water washable nature. It also comes with a small pull stand where in the trimmer can be placed vertically atop a table or a desk.

The product comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty for any damages to the product.

Things we liked:

  • Simplistic yet ergonomic design
  • Easy to use length settings
  • Pull stand to place and store the trimmer
  • Self sharpening blades
  • Inbuilt adjustable stubble comb
  • Sturdy build quality of the plastic used.
  • 20 different length settings
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • Could improve on its battery run time of 35 minutes.

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7. Braun MGK3020-6-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer

A company dedicated to hair and its grooming products, Braun is a german subsidiary of Gillette. The Braun MGK3020-6 in One is a perfect hair grooming and trimming kit which summarizes every facial hair need for a man.

BRAUN MGK3020 is perfect for people who are very specific about what and how they want their facial hair has to look and feel. This beauty can trim, contour, clean shave and even has a nostril and ear hair grooming tip.

First off, the design of the device is not full a end style statement. But it compensates for this heavily in terms of performance, ergonomics, accessories and multipurpose.

The ultra super sharp stainless steel blades are lifetime and long lasting in nature. They can cut through hair of any range and thickness. No more pulling, pushing and tugging of your trimmer for a deeper shave.

There are 2 different precision combs which can provide a total of 13 different length settings in 2 mm increments. This can be put down to 0 for a clean shave. The variability is broad because the functionality of this trimmer is not just for beard but also for normal head hair.

The clipper inside the trimmer aids in cutting and setting of your head hair. A nose and ear hair trimming head is ideal and gentle enough for your miniscule facial hairs in there. The stubs are smooth and do not cause any sorts of pain.

For the charging and run time, the device takes about 10 hours for a full charge and gives about 40 minutes of run time. This run time is a little less than most of the premium priced trimmers and clippers. But it tries to compensate by providing with a corded performance as well.

Along with the different combs, there is a cleaning brush and oil that comes with the box for cleaning purposes. The entire device is washable directly by water even under a tap. All in all, it is a perfect all in one grooming pick for men. There is a 2 year manufacturers warranty present on the product for any sorts of damage pertaining to the product.

Things we liked:

  • Multi-purpose utility kit
  • Comes with 4 different sized combs
  • Stainless steel high quality sharp blades
  • Additional nose and ear hair trimming head
  • Easy to remove and clean body
  • Ergonomic design
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • Has a battery run time of only 40 minutes for the said price range

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Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Beard Trimmer

An electric trimmer is a personal item. Here, you look for things that ONLY YOU LIKE and NEED. It should not be about to impress but for it to work perfectly.

There are many trimmer brands available in the market and you may face difficulty in picking the right trimmer for your skin/hair type.  Also, you end up with lot of questions like – Which trimmer brand is the best? What are the benefits of trimmers? How should I be using this particular trimmer? much more as such!

To make the things easy for you, we’ve researched and developed a trimmers buying guide that will help you to pick the best for your requirement. Here we discuss on trimmer types, blades, charging and discharging time, trimmer price, and warranty information.

Types of Trimmers:

1. Foil vs Rotary: What’s your pick:

First of all, let us start of with the two major types of trimmers available in the market

  • Foil type
  • Rotary Type

Foil type trimmers were the first kind to be invented in the genre of electrical shavers. They have a film of foil present on the head of the trimmer behind which there are 2 sets of oscillating blades. These blades go about their way and thus help in cutting of the har.

A rotary type is invented by Philips to increase the experience and ease of shaving. True to its name, it comes with rotor blades on its head which rotate to cut/trim the hair.

While both types of trimmers are great, the choice and preference of one over the other is pure experience dependent. To be more clear, if you wish for a stylish beard with more flexibility of shaving contours, cutting through thick and coarse hair then go for the silent in operation Rotary trimmer. But mind you that these trimmers are not ideal for clean shave.

If you want a clean shave, faster and easier to clean and maintain model, go for a foil trimmer. But mind you as these shavers can be a bit noisy and cannot go about in any direction. Only horizontal and vertical.

Personally, I find a foil trimmer more convenient given my finite beard trimming requirements. But there are a lot of people in my team who prefer a rotary shaver for stylish compliments of their beards. The Following table should help you figure out the best of the both.

Foil Trimmers

Rotary Trimmers

Ideal to shave any type of hair Ideal for thick and fast growing hair
Are generally faster in action Shave a little slowly
Good for trimming the side burns and for shaping of moustaches Great fit for shaving Coarse Hair
Noisy in operation Quiter in operation
When pressed too hard, may cause cut or nips on skin Have no fear of cutting or nipping of skin
Are great for clean and close shave Cannot offer a close and clean shave
Easier to remove and clean Not that easier to remove and clean

2. Corded vs Cordless

Apart from the rotary vs foil, any beard trimmers is either of the following two types.

Corded or Cordless.

While a corded trimmer employs the use of a power adapter, a cordless trimmer comes with a charging station where in it can be charged for a time and used. Ideal for home based salon styled set ups.

Modern trimmers also have a dual nature where in a single trimmer can be used cordless and in a corded variant too. The Philips QT4011/15 is a perfect example for the same. Such trimmers can be used even while they are charging in their charging stations. Ideal for bachelors, students and people who are always on the move.

Difference between Cord and Cordless Trimmers

Cord Trimmer

Cordless Trimmer

Operates at fixed location. Take it to different places.
Not a waterproof design. 100% waterproof nature.
Can be used continuously. Have short run time.
Requires a power adapter to charge. Uses separate charging station.
Bit difficult to clean and maintain. Easy to use, clean and maintain.
Batteries are not necessary. Have to replace the batteries.

Factors to consider while picking a trimmer:

1. Time to Charge the Battery:

This refers to the time it takes for your trimmer to get a full charge. Typically, a trimmer requires about 4-5 hours of charge to give a 1 hour or 90 minutes worth work time.

Cheap versions of trimmer promise you a hours work time but stop working mid way of your shave. You cannot wait till it gets charged again nor can you go out with a half shaven beard. Hence always keep your trimmer charged immediately.

2. Run Time of the trimmer battery:

This refers to the total time a trimmer can operate without shutting down in a full charge. Generally, a good trimmer has about 1 hour or 1.5 hours of run time. Never go for cheap trimmers as most don’t even last for 5 or 10 minutes. Look for assurance on the company of the trimmer which can tell you whether the trimmer can work for long or not.

3. Quality of Blades used in the trimmer:

A really important factor for you to consider while buying any trimmer or even a normal shaving razor. An ill quality blade could harm you in many ways. If it gets cut down, it may even cause septic and other such dangers.

A good quality blade is made out of high quality stainless steel. It should be sharp and always able to cut on any length of hair. It should be smooth on your skin and not be coarse. This is in avoidance of any cuts and snicks.

For best results, try and opt for self sharpening blades such as the Philips QT4005/15. Or if you have non self sharpening blades, do clean them regularly. Maintain it by rubbing enough oil periodically.

4. Length of the Beard

Before you get a trimmer home, make sure that it is suitable for the type of beard you have and can trim that length. Generally, high quality trimmers support thick and thin beard types by featuring adjustable trimmer blades. You will also get a cap to set according to the beard length.

Apart from that, you should also have clear idea of how you are going to use the trimmer? Are you going to use it for beard, hair, underarms or body purpose? Accordingly you need to choose the right sized trimmer.

5. Hair Stub Level Settings:

This one’s a deal breaker. Most budget trimmers may miss out on this but try and make sure that you pick a trimmer with hair stub level setting. This is basically the number at which you wish to trim your beard into. It ranges from 0 (Clean shave) to 10mm (Longest)

6. Does it have the Wet & Dry Technology:

An important aspect for trimmers for two things. Water can cause damage to your device or if corded, it may cause harm to you.

Corded trimmers do come with Wet and Dry technology but they are confined to shaving with gel/foam or cream. High care must be taken when using a corded trimmer and having any liquid near it while on power. For better results, it is advised if the user only uses a cordless trimmer for wet shaving /trimming/

Wet & Dry technology in any electric trimmer gives it the ability to use under any type of skin. Dry skin and even in showers too. You can even use them after applying any gel, foam or a shaving cream. Ideal for bachelors, travellers who are always on the move.

7. Hair Stub Level Settings:

This one’s a deal breaker. Most budget trimmers may miss out on this but try and make sure that you pick a trimmer with hair stub level setting. This is basically the number at which you wish to trim your beard into. It ranges from 0 (Clean shave) to 10mm (Longest)

8. Budget and Pricing of the trimmer:

Pricey does not mean better and cheap does not guarantee any function at all. Understand the underlying difference between a budget trimmer and a cheap trimmer.

A cheap trimmer stops working mid way your trim or never even starts working in the first place.

A budget trimmer, whereas, works just fine. It may not have the luxuries of most high priced trimmer but these trimmers work with what they promise.

Before finalizing on a trimmer, be sure to check out all of the above mentioned aspects which make or break your purchase.

How to use a Beard Trimmer or a Hair Clipper?

For either of them, you first need to prepare your trimmer to get ready to be used

  • Take out the trimmer and all other accessories in an organized manner.
  • Charge the device for few hours. Meanwhile read the instructions and warning labels given in the user-friendly manual.
  • When you are using the trimmer for the first time, put some oil on the trimming blades.
  • Wash and Dry your beard (if you are going for a dry trim)
  • Select the level setting of the stubble you wish on your trimmer.

If this is the first time you are trying out a trimmer, it is suggested that you go for the largest and biggest hair length setting available on the trimmer.

A trimmer can be used in either a wet mode or a dry mode. The following mentioned methods can be used for any of the modes.

1. Trimming and Cutting of the neck hair

Always remember that a good trim always comes when you begin from the neck part. This gives you an orderly and well cut stubble/beard or a clean shaven face. Makes it easy for you to progress further.

  • First set up the required length setting on the trimmer you wish the neck hair has to be.
  • Now place the trimmer head on the neck, look in the mirror and Cut a neat neckline util which you want to trim/shave.
  • Next, start to remove all the hair onto the line you desire.
  • Trim certain part of the neck and then have a closer look. If the trim or shave is perfect, go for the full line and finish up the neck line.

2. Setting up the Cheek Line

Now that you are done creating a decent neck line on the face, you should now focus on creating a decent cheek line so that you can start with removing the bigger batch of hair.

Here, the most important part is precision and patience. A cheek line is the most important part of a beard as it gives out the definitive style statement of a beard.

Carefully set the beard length setting to 0 (clean shave mode) and then cut a line neatly and vertically.

3. Trimming of the Cheek

  • After you’re done establishing a cheek line, now set the length number of the trimmer to your desired setting. Now get ready to trim out the bigger part of the beard.
  • The hair on the cheek do not grow back instantly, hence apply caution while trimming this part of the beard.
  • After you have set the trimmer to your desired level of stubble length,place the bladed head part between the line of ear and cheek .
  • Now start pulling it towards the chin from the ear line.
  • Make sure that you are not going out of the designated cheek line. Watch out for it on the mirror.

4. Trimming the Chin

Now that you are done with your cheek, point the trimmer towards the chin part.

  • Set the length 2mm higher than what you used for the cheek, (2mm or lower if you wish for an even trim)
  • Now place the blade under the chin and pull downwards from the under lip towards the neck. Perpendicular to the direction in which you shaved the cheek.
  • Depending on an individual’s preference, the length of the chin beard should be set. A few like to keep the chin beard intact while a few like a closer trim.
  • After getting done with the chin, take the comb and clear out any dangling follicles that might still be present in the chin.

5. Trimming of the Moustache

Ok, you need to be extra careful with this one. If done wrong, you might end up with a no moustache baby face for a couple of weeks (or however long it takes for your moustache to grow back)

  • Make sure that you have set the length level of the trimmer to the highest just in case.
  • Use a comb top if present. Do not go for a direct blade.
  • Now place the bladed head on the moustache and gently start brushing downwards from nose to upper lip.

After shaving, clean your face with cold water (no hot water), dab it with a cotton towel and then apply a little after shave all over it.

How to clean a beard trimmer or a hair clipper

If you wish to clean the trimmer of any type – plug-in, cord or cordless, do follow the simply steps given below to perform thorough cleaning and enhances the trimming lifespan.

  • Firstly, switch off the power supply and separate trimmer and power adapter.
  • Take out the trimmer cap, you will notice hair strings on the blades.
  • Keep it under running water which applies some force to remove the hair on blades.
  • Shake the trimmer for 3-4 times to wipe the water drops from the trimmer and blades.
  • Now place it on the towel and allow it to dry for some time.
  • Apply few drops of oil on the trimming blade edges to keep it clean and in good working condition.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

1. Can we wash trimmer with water?

Not every beard trimmer is cleanable by water. Before you decide to use water to clean your trimmer, be sure to check out whether the product has any restrictions for water. Wet and Dry technology enabled trimmers work just fine when cleaned with water.
Before you clean any kind of trimmer, be sure to turn off the trimmer, unplug it from the power source(if connected) and then dismantle the removable parts. (Such as the head and battery etc).
Now only try and clean the blade head part of the trimmer with a jet of water. To clean the insides of a trimmer, use a wet cloth to remove the hair follicles from it. Never jet the inside of a trimmer of any kind.
Most trimmers come with a cleaning brush which can be used to brush off any hair follicles to keep  the device clean after every shave.

2. Can you clean clipper blades with alcohol?

Yes, you can clean the blades of your beard clipper using alcohol. For this, take a small cup and pour about 1/4 th of it with alcohol. Take a dry cloth and dip it into this alcohol.
Gently dab the alcohol to the blades and then rub neatly to remove any dirt or residual hair from the insides of the trimmer.

3. How can I lubricate my trimmer?

Beard trimmers need constant lubrication using oil to work in pristine condition. For this, you can even use the oil to clean up the insides of the trimmer which you cannot using water or alcohol.
For lubrication, drip a few drops of machine, coconut or any type of oil on the blades. Take a dry and non wet cloth and rub it neatly. Do the same to the internals of the trimmer as well.

4. How do you clean shave using just a trimmer?

For clean shaving purposes, it is better to use a foil based trimmer. For direct dry shaving, clear our any long hairs and then go for the stubble. Keep clear of moustache initially. Clear the moustache in the last stages for best result.
For wet shave, you need a lubricant to wet your face first. You can use a shaving cream/gel or any shaving foam to lubricate your face.
Place the setting of the trimmer to 0 and place the trimmer under either left or right side ear. Now pull about in vertical lines carefully till you have cleanly shaved your face.

5. Are hair clippers and beard trimmers the same?

Hair clippers and Beard Trimmers are almost the same. Their operation principle is same but their usage varies. The major and significant difference between a clipper and a trimmer is the blade length and size of the device. Hair clippers are mainly used to cut and set the head hair. Beard trimmers, whereas, are mostly designed just to work on the bear hairs. Their motor intensity is lower than the clippers and they do not work well with thick and long hair.

6. Can beard trimmer be used for pubic hair?

Widely speaking, yes. But for body hair, there are separately designed trimmers which have the appropriate blade speed which can safely remove the hair. The difference between a beard trimmer and a body hair remover is the guard and the razor length. For pubic hair, it is best that you always use a plastic guard for safety.

7. Is a trimmer bad for skin?

A good company trimmer with high quality stainless steel blade should be safe for you. If you use a razor every day, there may be a chance to get a minor skin rash hence use it optimally and periodically.


With a stylish design, 1.5 hours of battery run time, ergonomic design, 27 different lock in length settings and a brobdingnagian 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty, the Philips QT4011/15 steals the first place on our list of the best trimmers.

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