Top 7 Best Trimmers for Men in India

Philips Beard Trimmer

Do you trim regularly to keep the face hair-free and smooth?

A one-stop solution is to have Trimmers that comes at affordable prices. Compared to electric shavers, trimmers cut the beard hair evenly without need for visiting the saloon. They take less time to style and make the hair look soft and attractive.

It’s also important to know the specific purpose and choose the appropriate type –Cord Vs Cordless Trimmers. A corded trimmer uses power adapter, and a separate charging station to power up the cordless trimmer.

When it comes to choosing the best trimmer brands, it’s important to consider the key factors like trimmer type, blades, charging and discharging time, wet and dry mode, and finally price. Read “Buying Guide” that helps to make the informed choice.

Our team of experts and healthcare professionals together sorted the Best Trimmers in India by doing 44 hours of research on various trimmer brands, reviewing products online and interacting with the customers. If you haven’t got much time read the products description given below…

The 7 Best Trimmer For Men In India

Best Trimmers for MenTypeCharging Time Run TimeTrimming LengthWarrantyBuy Now
Philips QT4011/15 Beard TrimmerCord/Cordless1 Hour90 Minutes0.5-10 mm2 Years Check the Price
Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B TrimmerCord/Cordless12 Hours40 Minutes2-18 mm2 Years Check the Price
Nova NHT 1072 Fast TrimmerCordless2 Hours45 Minutes2-18 mm2 Years Check the Price
Philips QT4018 Pro Skin Advanced TrimmerCordless1 Hour2 Hours0.5-10 mm2 Years Check the Price
 Panasonic ER-GB37 Men's TrimmerCordless8 Hours50 Minutes1-10 mm2 Years Check the Price
 Syska HT300 Hair and Beard TrimmerCordless8 Hours35 Minutes0.5-10 mm2 Years Check the Price
 Vega VHTH-10 T-Look Beard TrimmerCordless8 Hours40 Minutes1- 8 mm1 Year Check the Price

1. Philips QT4011/15 Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded for Men

Philips Electric Trimmer is one of the best trimmers for men in India because of the excellent battery run time and offers even trimming at one go. The Dura technology minimizes the power usage and lasts 4X times longer than regular models. You can simply turn on the device and adjust the trimming blades as per your beard length. Philips beard trimmer is available online and comes at reasonable prices along with the standard customer support services.

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless  and Corded for Men QT4011/15
27,582 Reviews
Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded for Men QT4011/15*
  • Long lasting performance due to DuraPower technology
  • Up to 90 minutes of cordless power after 1 hour of charging
  • Skin-friendly rounded tips for smooth trimming
  • 27 lock-in length settings, 0.5 - 10mm with 0.5mm precision
  • Self-sharpening titanium blades


  • 90 minutes of run-time.
  • 27 lock-in length settings.
  • Best cord/cordless beard trimmer.
  • Requires 1 hour time for charging.
  • 2+1 years of manufacturing warranty.
  • 5-10mm adjustable trimming length.
  • Round tips for smooth trimming on skin.
  • Advanced titanium blades for superior cutting.
  • DuraPower technology for long lasting performance.


  • Makes noise while trimming the beard.
  • Not happy with the manufacturing services.

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2. Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men’s Beard and Hair Trimmer

Over the century, Panasonic is offering good quality home and kitchen appliances like mixer grinder, cordless phone, vacuum cleaners, LED lights and many more to match with the customer’s requirement.

This Panasonic beard trimmer is best to use for sensitive skin people. It comes with adjustable 2-18mm of trimming length and Japanese blade technology offers even trimming of beard. You can detach the blade from trimmer for quick wash and thereby improves the lifespan. Furthermore, it is available at inexpensive rates so that the limited budget customers can buy the trimmer without any disappointment.

Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men's Beard and Hair Trimmer (Black)
2,622 Reviews
Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men's Beard and Hair Trimmer (Black)*
  • Japanes blade technology
  • Rechargable
  • No need to worry about charging - Cord/Cordless use
  • Washable
  • Washable trimmer with length setting of 2 - 18 mm in 13 steps


  • Best trimmer under 2000.
  • 12 hours of charging time.
  • 2-18mm of trimming length.
  • Japanese blade technology.
  • Backup time is just 40 minutes.
  • Suitable for both beard and hair.
  • Backed with 2 years warranty services.
  • Detachable blades for easy maintenance.
  • Blades are made of stainless steel material. 


  • Cheap quality outer body.
  • Take more time to charge.

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3. Nova NHT 1072 Fast Charge Titanium Coated USB Trimmer For Men (Black)

Nova Men’s trimmer is the best trimmers in India because of the good shaving time and is made of high-grade materials. Also, you can charge the device in 3 methods – battery, USB and using a power adapter. The high precision blades makes easy to cut the beard hair without applying too much pressure.

Nova NHT 1072 Fast Charge Titanium Coated USB Trimmer For Men (Black)
359 Reviews
Nova NHT 1072 Fast Charge Titanium Coated USB Trimmer For Men (Black)*
  • Power source : Battery operated , Quick charge technology USB , Adapter charging
  • Adjustable Trimming Range 2Mm to 18Mm, Detachable Head for easy maintenance
  • High Grade Titanium Blades, Upto 45 Minutes Of Cordless Use
  • Ultra thing heads with slots to trim long hair and set stubble
  • Charge the product For 2 Hours for a backup of 45minutes . This product is not suitable for direct plug and use.


  • 2 hours of charging time.
  • Best budget trimmer for men.
  • 45 minutes of shaver backup time.
  • Made of high grade titanium blades.
  • 2-18mm of adjustable trimming range.
  • Detachable heads for easy maintenance.
  • Offers 2 years of manufacturing warranty. 


  • Disappointed with the gripping style.
  • Trimming performance is not up to the mark.

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4. Philips QT4018 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer (Black/Gray)

Philips has seen a tremendous growth in India because of the increase in demand for quality over price and quantity. This Philips trimmer is the best trimmer for home purpose due to the comfortable washing and maintains hygienic for prolong usage.

This Philips cordless trimmer performs smooth trimming using the skin-friendly round tips. You can select the trimming blade length in-between 0.5-10mm depending on beard type and settings. Further, it makes use of lithium-ion batteries to attain the maximum trimming time.

Philips QT4018 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer (Black/Gray)
123 Reviews
Philips QT4018 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer (Black/Gray)*
  • Skin friendly rounded tips for smooth trimming
  • 120 min cordless use/1h charge
  • Easy to select and lock in length settings, 0.5 -10mm
  • Detachable head for easy cleaning
  • Superior cutting performance with titanium coated blades


  • Requires 1 hour of charging.
  • Durable titanium coated blades.
  • 2 years of manufacturing warranty.
  • 120 minutes of cordless shaver time.
  • 5-10mm of trimmer blade length settings.
  • Skin friendly round tips for smooth trimming.
  • Stylish and ergonomic design for easy handling. 


  • Produces noise.
  • Doesn’t support wet trimming.

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 5. Panasonic ER-GB37 Men’s Trimmer (Black)

When it comes to smooth and quite operation, nothing can match with the Panasonic Men’s Trimmer. This product is 100% waterproof nature and makes easy to clean, maintain without any worries. For this reason, we’ve given as the best wet and dry trimmer for men’s in India.

You can style the beard with the precision cutting at 45° angle of blades. Without the use of comb attachment, you can trim the hair at one go. Once the trimming is completed, detach the cap and clean it under running tap water.

Panasonic ER-GB37 Men's Trimmer (Black)
354 Reviews
Panasonic ER-GB37 Men's Trimmer (Black)*
  • Precision Cutting with 45 degree edge
  • Smooth 0.5mm Cut with Foam
  • Wet & dry shaving without comb attachment
  • Washable for easy & hygienic maintenance
  • Quick adjust dial for easy length setting (19 settings from 1-10 mm)


  • 220-240V of power supply.
  • Comes at affordable prices.
  • Offers wet and dry shaving.
  • Easy to wash and maintain.
  • Needs 8 hours of charging time.
  • Precision cutting with 45° edge.
  • 50 minutes of electric shaver run time.
  • 1-10mm of adjustable trimmer length. 


  • Poor battery performance.
  • No warranty on the men’s trimmer.

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 6. Syska HT300 Hair and Beard Trimmer (Black)

Syska hair and beard trimmer is given as the best trimmer under 1000 as it comes at affordable prices and offers smooth shave using the round blade teeth. This type of product is suitable for sensitive skin people who may experience allergies. The built-in stubble comb makes you look stylish and eliminates the need for carrying a comb. We’re also impressed with the stainless steel blades that are sharp and durable to offer fine trimming experience.

Syska HT300 Hair and Beard Trimmer (Black)
143 Reviews
Syska HT300 Hair and Beard Trimmer (Black)*
  • 20 length settings with 0.5-10mm (0.5mm precision)
  • Skin friendly stainless steel blades for effective trimming
  • In-built adjustable comb for desired length settings
  • Charging time up to 8 hours with up to 35 minutes working time
  • Rounded blade teeth for smooth skin contact


  • Very economical to buy.
  • 8 hours of charging time.
  • Built-in stand, LED indicator.
  • Round blade teeth for skin contact.
  • Stainless steel blades for even trimming.
  • 35 minutes of beard trimmer working time.
  • 5-10mm of 20 adjustable trimming lengths. 


  • Produces some noise.
  • Build quality is not upto the mark.
  • No disclosure of warranty information.

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 7. Vega VHTH-10 T-Look Beard Trimmer (Black)

This Vega Trimmer for Men comes in a stylish and ergonomic design to grab the customer’s attention. Although, it comes at cheap rates, offers fine trimming with the gentle movement of the device. Once you charge the trimmer, it offers 40minutes of trimming time. As it is completely a cordless type eliminates the hassle of wires. Rubber grip allows you to hold comfortably and blades cut down the thick hair without damaging the skin.

Vega VHTH-10 T-Look Beard Trimmer (Black)
15 Reviews
Vega VHTH-10 T-Look Beard Trimmer (Black)*
  • This beard and hair trimmer is cordless eliminating the hassle of wires and making it
  • Stainless steel with self sharpening property
  • Source electric
  • Ergonomic design, rechargeable
  • Rubber grip, charge indicator


  • 1-8mm of 9 length settings.
  • 40 minutes of charging time.
  • Stylish and ergonomic design.
  • Rubber grip, charging indicator.
  • Offers 1 year of warranty services.
  • Have to charge trimmer for 8 hours.
  • Cordless trimmer eliminates hassle of wires. 


  • Not suitable for underarms.

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Trimmer Buying Guide – Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Trimmer

There are many trimmer brands available in the market and you may face difficulty in picking the right trimmer for your skin/hair type.  Also, you end up with lot of questions – Which trimmer brand is the best? What are the benefits of trimmers? And much more!

To make the things easy for you, we’ve given the trimmers buying guide that helps to pick the best for your requirement. Here we discuss few things like trimmer types, blades, charging and discharging time, trimmer price, and warranty information. Have a look! 

1. Types of Trimmers 

Trimmer is a simple electric device used to cut hair in the desired shape. For easy understanding, we’ve categorized the trimmer types into 2 types – based on the usage and power source. 

  •  Cord and Cordless Trimmers 

Cord or Cordless trimmers are categorized based on the power fed to the trimming device. Both have the same functionality to cut the hair. But, the only difference is seen in how you charge the trimmer i.e. using a power adapter or separate charging station.

Cordless beard trimmers are in great demand now because it overcomes the problems occurred in the corded trimmers like easy mobility, fine trimming and prevents from shocks (as you use directly by connecting to the power supply).

Cordless trimmers make use of lithium-ion or nickel-metal batteries to have uninterrupted hair trimming. The lithium-ion offers 50-60minutes of run time and nickel-metal offers 30 minutes. Also, the advanced

 Difference between Cord and Cordless Trimmers 

Cord Trimmer  Cordless Trimmer
Operates at fixed location. Take it to different places.
Not a waterproof design. 100% waterproof nature.
Can be used continuously. Have short run time.
Requires a power adapter to charge. Uses separate charging station.
Bit difficult to clean and maintain. Easy to use, clean and maintain.
Batteries are not necessary. Have to replace the batteries.

 To conclude, cordless trimmer is good to use at home and easy to carry to different locations. It plays a prominent role in trimming the beard evenly than cord trimmers. They give more flexibility and have come with super quick option to fasten the trimming process.

2. Trimmer Charging and Run Time

Charging time is defined as the time required for charging the trimmer using a battery, and power adapter. Whereas run time is the power used by the trimmer for fine trimming of beard and the hair.

If you are the one looking for the best trimmers that offers maximum operating time, then look at the products given in the article to select the right one depending on your requirement. To be more specific, the ideal runtime for good quality trimmers is 45-60 minutes. If the run time is less that the required, it means you need to charge the device every time you shave the beard.  

3. Trimming Blades

Quality of the trimming blades do matter while buying trimmer online. The blades are made of stainless steel material that guarantees superior performance and lasts longer. The only question arises in your mind is how long the blades remove the beard hair without damaging the skin? To your surprise, the trimmer blades have lifespan of 3-6 months depending on the usage. And to enhance the blade performance, you should keep in good condition by cleaning it neatly every time you shave.    

4. Length of the Beard 

When you get a trimmer home, make sure it is suitable for the beard type and length. The high quality trimmers support thick and thin beard types by featuring adjustable trimmer blades. You will also get a cap to set according to the beard length.

Apart from that, you should also have clear idea of how you are going to use the trimmer? For beard, hair, underarms or body purpose? Accordingly you need to choose the right sized trimmer.  

5. Wet and Dry Mode 

Its up to an individual, to trim the beard either before and after the shower bath. So you can easily buy the trimmer that matches with the wet and dry trimming style. But in general, most of the men prefer dry trimming than wet because dry mode offers even trim and does not damage the skin.

There are few trimmers in the market that operates in both wet and dry conditions. They usually come in waterproof design which is good enough to use in showers. 

6. Budget-friendly Trimmer

Cost of trimmer is the most important thing that everyone must look into while purchasing the trimmer online. If you are on high budget, go with the latest trimming models that come with the smart options like timer, display, indicator, etc. Otherwise, go with the basic models that’s only intention is to trim the beard neatly. Be sure you do not dwell into the market strategies and finish up wasting your time and money. 

7. Brand Reputation and Warranty Services

These days brand reputation do matters while purchasing the trimmer online. As most of the people are familiar with the brands than the products they offer. For example: Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, etc.

The popular brands offer reliable performance and provide warranty services from the date of purchase. It may vary from 6 months to 1 year and 2 years depending on the brand. Choose accordingly to avail the free warranty and repairing costs within the specified time. 

How to use a Trimmer?

  • Take out the trimmer and all other accessories in an organized manner.
  • Charge the device for few hours. Meanwhile read the instructions and warning labels given in the user-friendly manual.
  • When you are using the trimmer for the first time, put some oil on the trimming blades.
  • Move the trimmer gently i.e. to and fro motion (chin and cheek areas) to have clean shave.
  • If you want to trim the short length hair, adjust the trimming blades as required.
  • Repeat the trimming process to attain unique style.

How to Clean the Trimmer?

If you wish to clean the trimmer of any type – plug-in, cord or cordless, do follow the simply steps given below to perform thorough cleaning and enhances the trimming lifespan.

  • Firstly, switch off the power supply and separate trimmer and power adapter.
  • Take out the trimmer cap, you will notice hair strings on the blades.
  • Keep it under running water which applies some force to remove the hair on blades.
  • Shake the trimmer for 3-4 times to wipe the water drops from the trimmer and blades.
  • Now place it on the towel and allow it to dry for some time.
  • Apply few drops of oil on the trimming blade edges to keep it clean and in good working condition.

Which is the best Trimmer or Shaver?

People often get confused in choosing between a trimmer and electric shaver. The main important thing is to know the purpose of using a trimmer or shaver for the beard type. Although both the functionality is to trim/cut the hair, comes with different accessories and attachments.

On a comparison note, trimmer cuts the beard or hair just like in saloon or parlours. It has a huge demand in the market because of the convenient use and trims different bear styles. Whereas, shaver is just like a razor that shaves the beard, moustache and other body parts. As the shavers are in close contact with the skin, there are more chances of damaging or cause skin irritations.

Above-mentioned are the basic differences and now we‘ll look at the pros and cons of trimmers and shavers to get into the concept. 

Pros and Cons of Trimmer

Pros :

  • Offers smooth trimming.
  • Shapes and style the beard as you wish.
  • No chances of skin burns, cuts or injuries.

Cons :

  • Short trimming time.
  • Bit difficult to have clean shave.
  • Beard should be of certain length to trim.

 Pros and Cons of Shaver


  • Offers smooth and comfortable shave.
  • Doesn’t care about the beard length. 


  • Cannot style the beard.
  • Have to change blades at regular intervals. 

In a nutshell, shavers have no longer importance than trimmers. Trimming devices come with advanced options to match with the user’s requirements and currently trending now. Teens, Youngsters, Adults mostly prefer trimmers as it makes easy to style the hair and beard. Apart from the pricing and warranty services, trimmers offer reliable performance in less time. This is what made the consumers to go for it. 


This brings us to the end – conclusion part. Which branded trimmer you like? Are you using any of the above-mentioned trimming devices? 

Our top pick from the list is Philips Beard Trimmer for Men because it offers exceptional battery run time and even trimming at one go. Simply you need to charge the device for an hour and use 90 minutes without any power issues. It has got 27 lock settings that help to adjust the trimming length in between 0.5-10mm as per the beard length.

We also like the 2+1 year of warranty services from the manufacturer. Also, Philips beard trimmer reviews and ratings are too good and totally worth the money you are paying for.

If you still have questions or doubts, leave a comment below and we’ll clarify them as early as possible.

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