How to Use a Beard Trimmer?

A beard trimmer is an amazing thing if you have a beard. It’s handy and enables you to trim beard hair at home. But are you aware of how to use it in the right manner? Well, if you don’t, you should learn it now! Fortunately, in this article, we’re going to teach you the same.

If you know how to correctly use anything, let alone a trimmer, you can reap its benefits. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the device. So, if you’re interested, read this article in full.

What is a Beard Trimmer? 

A beard trimmer is a very handy device that is used to trim facial hair. Trimmers generally consist of two or three blades. When the hair passes through the blades of the trimmer, the hair gets cut. This is how a trimmer works.

Most trimmers are small in size and are portable too. As the trimmer size is smaller in length and width, it is very easy to precisely cut the hair. Trimmers are of many different types. One of the widely used trimmer types is a beard trimmer.

As the name suggests, beard trimmers are specially designed to trim the beard. No matter the kind of beard you have, a beard trimmer is all you need. Some beard trimmers work on battery, and some operate on power.

How to Use a Beard Trimmer? 

A beard trimmer is very easy and convenient to use. Here are some simple tips on how to use a beard trimmer so that you can get an amazingly trimmed beard.

  • Comb or brush your beard hair in a way and align them in the same direction. This will help you in trimming your hair uniformly.
  • Make sure that your beard is dry. Start by trimming below your chin and then go slowly towards your jawline.
  • You can try to experiment with different styles by simply changing the length settings of the trimmer. One example is reducing the hair length by one point and trim your sideburns and cheeks, and keeping the hair on your chin a little longer. That’s a great beard style if you want to put more emphasis on your chin and lower jaw.
  • While shaping the neckline, don’t forget to take some extra care. Look or point your chin towards the ceiling and try to imagine how much beard you want on your neckline.
  • It is better to have a picture for inspiration while shaving a longer beard. You need to know what kind of cut do you want for your long beard, whether it is sharp cuts on the side, a simple trim, or around the beard.
  • If you want shorter hair on your neckline, carefully use a trimmer guard and clean up the area under your chin. Keep taking pauses while using the trimmer to make sure that you are doing it in the right way.

Benefits of Using A Beard Trimmer

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of using a beard trimmer: –

Prevents skin irritation

The more hair on your face, the more will be the chances of skin irritation. If you use a good quality beard trimmer, the irritation can be reduced considerably and can be prevented too. Make sure to use beard oil after trimming your beard.

Prevents flaking of the skin

People who have long facial hair are more vulnerable to flaky skin. And improper trimming or shaving your beard can cause flakiness on the skin, which doesn’t look presentable. Trimming from time to time can keep the flakiness in control, and a beard trimmer would be of great help.


Beard trimmers are very easy to use. You can get any of your desired beard styles with the help of a face trimmer. You need to set the trimmer setting according to the desired hair length and pass it through your beard, and you’re done.

Value for money

Buying a trimmer is going to be very cost-effective for you in the long run. That is because you don’t have to buy a razor and then do your shaving. There would also be no need to go to the barber to get your beard done.

How to Clean and Maintain a Beard Trimmer? 

Beard trimmer is a grooming product and needs to be cleaned to prevent any skin infection. Also, it must be maintained so that it can last long. Have a look at some of the tips and ways to take care of your beard trimmer.

  • Clean with a brush – Most of the beard trimmers come with a cleaning brush. You must brush off the hair from the trimmer’s blade after every use. If you do not clean it regularly, the hair might get stuck in the trimmer and can cause problems like jamming.
  • Oil the trimmer – Almost all good quality trimmers come with oil. This oil is essential. It helps the trimmer in the running smoothly and also lubricates its blades.

If your beard trimmer did not come with oil, don’t worry. You can also use any vegetable oil such as olive oil or even Vaseline to lubricate the device. Pour a very little quantity of oil. The lesser, the better.

Can Beard Trimmers be Washed? 

It is written on the packing of the beard trimmers whether they can be washed or not. If you can, wash them, put the head of the trimmer under running water to make sure that it’s completely clean and dust and hair-free. Place it underwater only after you have cleaned the trimmer with a brush.

However, if the trimmer is not meant to be washed, just clean it with a brush. It would be enough.

Wrapping up

Beard trimmers can be really useful, provided you know how to use them. Different machines come with different instructions. So, you need to understand how the trimmer you have. This way, you can easily learn how to use a trimmer.

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