How to Clean and Maintain an Electric Shaver

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A trimmer gives you the desired shape and does a simple job of trimming up your stub. A shaver, on the other hand, does more than that. It removes the hair on your skin completely and even exfoliates your skin off the dead skin cells at the same time. 

If you wish to get yourselves or gift someone a great trimmer or shaver, we have listed the best trimmers and the best shavers in our other articles.

But before that, make sure that you actually know the difference between a trimmer and a shaver. Do not buy a shaver under the impression that you can double it as a trimmer too. You will end up disappointing your beard.

Trimmer vs Shaver: How different are they both?

Trimmer vs Shaver: How different are they both

While that has been cleared, let us get back to Shaver. Today, we will be talking about how to clean, lubricate and maintain your shavers and also, teach you what more you can do with them. 

How to clean a shaver

It takes literally just a minute to clean a shaver and saves you a lot of hassle in the future. But how you wash and clean your shaver determines the life expectancy of the product. Clean and wash it wrong and you might end up damaging the product. 

While dusting and patting are good for immediate usage, it is not ideal in the long term. Firstly you will damage the blades and also, hairs that are small and insignificant too will end up clogging and damaging your device. 

For best results, wash your shaver with warm water and that too with the blades on the device than by separating them.

How to Clean a Shaver

Note: Never directly wash your shaver if it is not made for water flow. This may cause permanent damage to the device. Always make sure that your shaver is okay with water washes. 

If you are using an electric shaver that is not battery but electricity powered, skip the device-on soap wash. Simply unplug it from the source and manually wash its individual parts.

Now let us look at how exactly you need to wash and maintain your shaver. 

Step 1: Remove the blades and dust out the hair.

Your first step would be to remove the blade and tap out all of the hair. Never pat down the blade tip hard on any substance as it will cause serious harm to it. Gently brush out the large strands of hair.

If you have used some shaving cream, then do not try and brush it, gently place it under a running tap to clear out the follicles. Now place all the parts back together.

Step 2: Pour some soap liquid or shaving gel onto the blade tip.

For this you can directly use any simple soap solution, hand wash or dish wash soap or even some shower gel can do the trick.

Step 3: Turn on the device and let it gather lather all around it.

This is done so in order to get to all the corners of the device and neatly remove any dirt particles that form not just on the shaver but around it as well. Make sure that you let the device run for about 10-15 seconds. 

Step 4: Now with the device turned on, put it underwater and wash off the lather thoroughly.

Place it as such for about 10 seconds or more so that the lather is removed completely. For better results, move the head about in vertical direction so that it will mimic the actual shaving process and thus flush out any remainder hair strands within it.

Step 5: Now remove the head and then rinse it with the water flow to remove any reminder dirt or hair particles.

Tread with the blades carefully. You don’t want to rub the blades coarsely and then end up causing some serious damage to them. 

Step 6: Pat all of the parts clean and assemble then back. 

You can slightly pat them or dab them with a soft cotton cloth so as not to damage the steel.

This process is easy and simple for most of the shaving devices. For rotary styled shaving devices, you need to focus more and clean it often. This is so because rotary styled machines have more parts and thus more chances of dirt getting accumulated.

Cleaning a Rotary Styled Shaver

The generic washing process mentioned above is similar for all types of shavers. Even the rotary shaver is cleaned the same way but due to the intricate and small razors present in it, it requires more delicate cleaning.

Do not clean them by direct patting down, water jet burst and brushing them off. First disassemble the parts and the blades. Pat down and individually brush, soap up and clean these blades. 

As we discussed before, there are other types of shavers where in you cannot directly apply any of the above mentioned cleaning methods. 

For such shavers, you need to use spray cans of either air or water. Lubrication too helps to keep your shaver clean.
Lubrication of electric shavers:

At its core, an electric shaver is more of a mechanical device. For better functionality, the internal movements of its parts must be smooth and frictionless. Over the course of time, the metal parts will lose their lustre and begin to rust. 

This could be due to exposure and eventual oxidation to air or just rapid and frequent usage, increase in the wear and tear or any other reason.

The best way to prevent this from occurring is to keep the shaver lubricated at all times. While just about any oil can be used, for best results, it is done through special lubricating oil. 

Frequent lubrication of your shaver will lead to

  • Heat reduction: A well-oiled shaver will not cause a lot of friction while operating and thus will reduce the heat of the 
  • Gives you a closer shave: The foils in non-oiled shavers will slowly cause the blades to be blunt or not reach their full potential. This will lead to a blunt shave or sometimes, even injuries on the skin too. When you keep your shaver oiled, the risk of such injuries reduces as the friction is down too.
  • Improves the life of the blades: Constant lubrication will keep your shaver neat and smooth performing thus prolonging its life.
  • Reduces the load on the motor: An electric shaver’s motor is not built for heavy-duty as more power could lead to skin cuts or injuries. Non-oiled motors will further lead to the depreciation of the performance. A well-oiled shaver will increase the performance of the device by decreasing the load on the motor.

How to Lubricate an Electric Shaver

There is no specific order or lubrication.

  • First of all, you need to disassemble your shaver
  • Place all of the parts on a paper towel
  • Spray the oil or drip it on them so that it spreads all over the device
  • If you have a rotating motor shaver, then there is no need to disassemble. Just drip the oil from top-down and letting it drip down through.

How to clean an Electric Trimmer:

Cleaning an electric trimmer is almost the same as that of cleaning an electric shaver. The key difference is that an electric trimmers have addons to their blades that control the length of the beard to be trimmed. 

How to Clean Electric Trimmer

Step 1: Separate the clippers and the guards 

Now take brush that comes with your trimmer and brush off any hairs that are present on it. Ideally, place the trimmer and all the equipment on a paper or a cloth for safety and to avoid spillage. 

Step 2: Clean the guards with water

If your trimmer is waterproof (if mentioned in the packaging), then you can even place the trimmer device too under a tap of water so the hair follicles are brushed off. 

Step 3: Dab and clean the clippers and the guards with soft cotton cloth

Do not rub hard on the steel clippers as it may end up damaging the blades

Step 4: Use the lubrication oil given to you to lubricate the device.

Pour it generously over the clippers and into the device. Use the brush if needed to spread the oil

Types of Lubrication Oils

As mentioned above, you can use just about any type of oil for lubrication. Just be sure that you are not using any crude or coarse form of oil. 

Basically there are types of oils we found fit for lubrication of an electric shaver.

  • Light and low Viscosity oils

This is your everyday small machine oil. Not the one you use in motor vehicles but the kind you use in sewing machines or to smoother ball bearings of small devices.

  • Spray Lubricants

Spray Lubricants are economically priced and very easy to use. All you need to do is spray it onto your blades and machinery and you are good to go. 

How Often Should You Lubricate A Shaver/Trimmer

Ideally, if you are not a frequent shaver, you can go for once a week lubrication (depending on how frequently you wash your shaver). But for all others, you can go for once before you begin shaving or even twice a week is fine too.

Electric Shaver &Trimmer Tips and Tricks:

  • Try shaving before a shower instead of after to avoid any irritation or residues
  • Prefer Dry shave to wet shave. The dry shave will have lesser irritation post-shave as it does not drag onto your skin as a wet shave does.
  • For a smoother and cleaner shave, use the machine against the grain in the opposite direction. This will remove the hair from as close to its root as possible and thus slowing down the faster regrowth and giving you more time window
  • If you are prone to injuries, it is suggested that you use some kind of a pre-shave lotion that eases your hair for shaving.
  • Stretch the cheek skin with your free hand while you are pulling the machine to shave
  • Always go for slow strokes than a faster stroke.
  • Remember that a shaver is not a trimmer. Hence try to first shorten/trim your beard before going for a clean shave. If done otherwise it will nick up the skin on your face and cause you injuries.
  • For people with flat or sleeping hair, it is recommended that you shave more often and thus get a cleaner and smoother face.
  • Never go for a clean shave every other day. Give your skin some room to breathe
  • Don’t switch between a shaver and a razor. Stick to either one. You may find no difference at the beginning but razor will slowly eat away your skin.
  • Clean your shaver after every use and lubricate it regularly
  • Always have a full charge. 
  • Exfoliate and moisturize profusely
  • Only use a mild face wash and nothing strong post-shave

Wrapping it up:

An electric shaver might seem like a simple choice but trust me when I say it is not. The blade that touches your face should belong to the finest shaver and for that to happen, we have listed down the list of the top and best electric shavers available. Go check them out as well.

If you are someone who wishes to stylize your beard than want a direct shave, then go for a trimmer. It’s much easier to even maintain it. We have even listed down the best trimmers available for men.

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