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Difference Between Epilator and Trimmer: What’s Your Pick?

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Epilators and trimmers are two hair removal devices that most women look up to. Though both these devices serve the same purpose, their working mechanisms are completely different.

Apart from that, there are other differences as well. To help you understand what makes an epilator different from a trimmer, we listed down all the features.

In this article, we shall discuss the working, the comparisons, the results, and also, the technique used. By the end of the write-up, you shall know which hair removal method is right for your grooming needs.

Before that, let us try to understand what epilator and trimmer are.

What Is An Epilator?

EpilatorAn epilator is an electrical device for hair removal that works similarly to waxing.


It uses metallic tweezers to remove the hair from the roots. Just like waxing, you may experience pain during the epilating process. However, it is comparatively less painful than waxing.


Epilators are small handheld tools that come in two different variants namely dry epilator and wet epilator. While the dry epilators are for use on dry skin, you can use the wet epilators in the shower.


Since epilators help in uprooting the hair from the skin, the results are long-lasting than other hair removal methods like shaving, hair removal creams. You may notice hair growth after about 4-5 weeks.

Ideal For

The epilators are ideal for removing unwanted hair on your legs and arms. You can even use it on other parts of your body as specified by the brand.

Not Recommended For

Epilators are not for people with sensitive skin or those with less tolerance to pain.

How to Use An Epilator?

Using an epilator is pretty easy. It comes with different attachments and caps that are exclusive for different parts of the body like the arms, legs, face, armpits, bikini line. All you have to need is to choose the right attachment for the specified area. Take this handheld device and move it slowly against the direction of your hair growth. Make sure you hold the epilator away and do not press it on your skin. Else, it may damage the skin.

What Is A Trimmer?

trimmerA trimmer is yet another device used to trim the hair.


A trimmer features blades on the surface of the device to cut the hair. Unlike an epilator, a trimmer does not remove the hair from the root. Instead, it cuts or trims the hair on the surface of the skin. Hence, it is a painless procedure.


A trimmer is easy to operate. Most of the trimmers are either battery-operated or require electricity. They are available in different shapes and sizes, and are cost-effective, too.

A trimmer saves your time by getting the job done really quickly. It can be a time-saver, especially when you are running short of time or have to attend an event.


Unlike an epilator, a trimmer does not give long-lasting results. Since it cuts the hair from the surface of the skin, the hair tends to grow back faster within a week. The hair that grows back will be thicker and faster. Moreover, using a trimmer frequently can make the skin rough and rugged.

Ideal For

You can use a trimmer on any part of the body, depending on the specifications mentioned by the manufacturing brand. Most women use this device on sensitive areas like the bikini line, underarms, and even on the face.

Not Recommended For

Trimmers come in different types like hair trimmers, beard trimmers, ear and nose trimmers, etc. You cannot use a single trimmer for other areas of the body, except for the recommended region.

How To Use a Trimmer?

Using a trimmer is also easy. However, you will have to hold this device and move it slowly in an upward direction to cut the hair. The same process applies to all areas of the body, including the underarms, arms, legs, face, and pubic area.

Unlike an epilator, a trimmer is a painless procedure and is the best option to remove hair from any area of the body.

If you are using a trimmer for the bikini line, it is advisable to go for a water-resistant device.

Below are the steps to follow to use a trimmer for the bikini line.

  • Firstly, exfoliate the area by taking a bath.
  • After exfoliating, apply the shaving cream to the bikini line. This will allow the trimmer to glide through the area.
  • Hold the device and move it slowly in an upward direction to cut the hair.
  • After trimming, moisturize the bikini line to prevent roughness of skin in that area.
  • If your trimmer is a dry variant, place it close to the hair roots and move it slowly in the upward direction.
  • After trimming, do not forget to moisturize the area.
  • You can follow the same process for other parts of the body, as well.

What Are the Differences Between Epilator and Trimmer?

Here is a comparative analysis of the epilator and trimmer. This will help you gain a quick understanding of both devices while highlighting the significant features.

Epilator vs. Trimmer Comparison 

The table below depicts the crucial differences between the duo.

Comparison Pointers Epilator Trimmer
Results After using an epilator, you will notice hair regrowth in around 4-6 weeks. You will notice hair regrowth, after 2- 3 weeks of using a trimmer. In some people, the hair tends to grow back faster within a week.
Pain It is a painful procedure. It is a painless procedure.
Ingrown Hair Epilators can cause ingrown hairs. Trimmers are less likely to cause ingrown hairs.
Travel-friendly An epilator is a handheld device that is easy to carry with you wherever you go. Because of its compact size, you can carry a trimmer along with you when you are travelling.
Time Taken Using an epilator can be a time-consuming process for beginners. A trimmer saves your time by getting the job done very quickly.
Smoothness An epilator leaves a silky-smooth and hair-fee skin. A trimmer can make your skin rough and rugged.
Hair Length The hair length an epilator can pull from the skin from about 3mm to 5mm. Some very good models can remove the hair up to 0.5 mm hair in size. However, an epilator is not ideal for removing hair that has a length of more than 1cm. A trimmer works really well for trimming the hair with a length of up to 0.5 mm.
Hair Regrowth The hair that grows back after using an epilator is usually thinner and finer. Moreover, it helps in reducing hair size. The hair that grows back after using a trimmer will be thicker and more coarse.
Cost An epilator is expensive when compared to a trimmer. Trimmers are comparatively cost-effective.
Skin Type Epilators are not ideal for people with sensitive skin. Trimmers are ideal for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

Let us discuss each parameter in detail below. We will even try to decide the winner for each category. This will help you analyze which device works the best and is effective.

1. Results 

Results are the most crucial parameter in deciding which device works effectively.

Since an epilator works by pulling the hair from the roots, it gives you long-lasting results. The hair follicle takes time to grow back. As a result, it will take about four to six weeks to notice the hair regrowth. You can enjoy and smooth and hair-free skin for a longer time.

Unlike an epilator, a trimmer works by cutting the hair from the surface. As a result, the hair tends to grow back quicker. You will notice hair regrowth, after two to three weeks of using a trimmer. In some people, the hair tends to grow back faster within a week.

Verdict: An epilator gives long-lasting results when compared to a trimmer.

2. Pain

Let us move on to our next comparison parameter – pain.

Who wouldn’t want to have a painless hair removal procedure! We wish things were all easy and hassle-free. But, alas, not. The process of epilating has pain involved in it. If you are using an epilator for the first time, you will find it very uncomfortable. Since it pulls the hairs from the root, you may experience some pain. The amount of pain involved is entirely dependent on the tolerance level of each individual. Although initially, you may have a little discomfort, you will find the practice tolerant in the long run.

On the other hand, a trimmer is an absolutely painless procedure. It does not induce any pain when using the device. Since it cuts or trims the hair from the surface and does not penetrate the skin, you will experience no pain. A trimmer totally rules out the chances of pain when using it.

Verdict: A trimmer is a painless hair removal process when compared to an epilator. If you have less or zero tolerance for pain, go for a trimmer.

3. Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is yet another concern that most of us express with almost all hair removal methods. It is nothing but hair that grows back into the skin. There are more chances of having ingrown hairs using an epilator. When epilating, if the device does not pick the hair from the root but breaks it in between, it will cause the hair to grow below the skin. You will have ingrown hairs.

Contrary to the above, trimmers do not cause ingrown hair to that extent. Even if it does, the severity is less when compared to the epilators.

However, one should always take the necessary measures and follow the precautions carefully to prevent the problem of ingrown hair.

Verdict: A trimmer is less likely to cause ingrown hairs.

4. Travel-friendly 

Most of us look for two things when purchasing any device – size and travel-friendly. It applies to hair removal devices, as well. Both epilator and trimmer are compact, and you can easily carry them in your handbag. However, an epilator comes with an attachment, i.e., a charger to the plugin.

Unlike an epilator, a trimmer is battery-operated, and it does not come with any accessories or attachments. You can easily carry this device with you wherever you go without any hassle.

Verdict: Both epilator and trimmer have a compact size, and you can carry them with you when you are travelling.

5. Time Taken for The Completion of Procedure

Let us discuss about the time that each hair removal requires to complete the procedure. We all know how time-consuming the process can be and even plan a couple of days before the actual day just to avoid the last-minute hurry.

An epilator comparatively consumes more time as it plucks the hairs. When you are considering epilating a larger area like legs, you may expect more time. Besides that, how fast you can run the device is dependent on pain tolerance levels. Additionally, you may even require breaks in between to endure the pain. When calculated, it takes a lot of time to complete the process.

As opposed to the above, using a trimmer is very easy and quick. It will not require more time, including for the larger area. However, sometimes, you may have to apply multiple strokes in the same area repeatedly to get rid of the hair.

Verdict: A trimmer consumes less time to complete the hair removal process.

6. Smoothness

Let us move on to which device gives the smooth skin after the hair removal procedure.

When using an epilator, it removes the hair from the roots. As a result, you will get smooth and bump-free skin. And, what’s more! The results are long-lasting than any other hair removal procedures like shaving, tweezing, or depilatory creams. You can enjoy smoother skin for about four weeks.

On the contrary, a trimmer cuts the hair from the surface. Hence, you may notice roughness on your skin. Moreover, frequent usage can make your skin rugged.

Verdict: An epilator gives you a super-soft, silky-smooth, and hair-fee skin.

7. Hair Length 

Let us discuss about the hair length that each device is capable of removing.

If we consider an epilator, it is best at removing hair that is about 3 mm to 5 mm. Some very good models from popular brands can remove the hair up to 0.5 mm. This size is even tricky for waxing. However, an epilator is not ideal for removing hair that has a length of more than 1cm. In such a case, it is advisable to go for a trimmer.

A trimmer can trim the hair of longer length. It works really well for trimming the hair with a length of up to 0.5 mm.

Verdict: An epilator can capture the minimum size of about 0.5 mm for removing. On the other hand, a trimmer can trim down the hair up to a size of 0.5 mm only.

8. Hair Regrowth

Let us talk about the rate of hair growth and thickness.

The greatest benefit of using an epilator is that it allows slower hair regrowth. Since the process eliminates hair at the root, the time taken for the hair to grow back is more. The hair that grows back after using an epilator is usually thinner and finer. Moreover, it helps in reducing hair size.

After using a trimmer, the hair grows back faster. Moreover, it will be thicker, coarser, and blunt. You have comparatively less time between each hair removal session.

Verdict: An epilator ensures slower hair regrowth when compared to a trimmer.

9. Cost

The next comparison pointer is the cost.

If we consider the cost, an epilator comes on the expensive side than a trimmer. Since this device uses advanced technology to remove hair, it tends to be costlier than its counterpart. However, if you compare the benefits and the efficacy, an epilator outweighs the trimmer. When you evaluate your monthly visits to a salon, you will find this deal a good one, and it is worth every single penny you spend.

A trimmer is less expensive and cost-effective.

Verdict: A trimmer is a cost-effective option in comparison to the epilator. If budget is a constraint, you can go for a trimmer. Even epilators are available at decent prices, depending on the features. You can choose one accordingly.

10. Skin Type

Not all hair removal methods are suitable for all skin types. If you are someone with sensitive skin, you will have to be extra careful when opting for one.

Most people observe redness and swelling on their skin after epilating. It may stay for a few hours, and some people, even for a day. It is advisable to go for a patch test if you have sensitive skin and are planning to use an epilator for the first time. You may notice histamine bumps on the skin that will stay for about a few hours or a day. Depending on the results, you can choose whether you want to for epilation or not.

Unlike an epilator, a trimmer is suitable for all skin types. The side-effect that you can expect from trimming is mild itching.

Verdict: If you have sensitive skin, it is best to choose a trimmer.

Facial Hair Removal – Using Epilator and Trimmer

We all know that the face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and it needs extreme care. When removing facial hair, you need to be extra careful. You need to choose the right facial hair removal method and follow certain rules to enjoy the best results.

Below are some of the essential points to keep in mind when planning for facial hair removal:

Point 1: Choose the Right Hair Removal Device

It is essential to pick the right device for removing facial hair. We all know how efficient an epilator is in giving flawless results and smoother skin. However, not all epilators are designed for facial hair. Hence, select one that is exclusively for removing facial hair. You can use this device for your upper lip area and eyebrows. If you are using it for the first time, make sure you have a patch test. Depending on how your skin responds, you can take up this procedure a step further.

The same applies to the trimmer, as well. Not all trimmers are for the face. You can use a trimmer on any part of the body, depending on the specifications mentioned by the manufacturing brand. Accordingly, choose the one specially designed to use on your face.

Point 2: Evaluate the Pain Involved in Each Method 

We all know that epilating is a painful procedure. If you have a tolerance to pain, you may find the hair removal process a little bearable. The pain involved is more or less similar to threading or tweezing.

When it comes to a facial trimmer, there is no pain or discomfort involved. You can comfortably use the device without any hassle.

Point 3: Softness of the Skin

The next crucial thing to look for in facial hair removal is the softness of the skin.

Both epilators and facial trimmers leave the skin smooth and soft on the face. However, the results from epilators are long-lasting, whereas trimmer may cause faster facial hair growth.

Bikini Line Hair Removal – Using Epilator and Trimmer

How to remove excessive pubic hair? We all have had this question in our heads. If you are wondering whether to use an epilator or trimmer, you will have to consider a few points.

Let us have a look at what they are:

Point 1: Are You a Beginner? 

The very first thing you need to consider is if you are a beginner or not? Epilator is not advisable for a beginner. Since the bikini area is a very sensitive part, you will have to be very cautious when using an epilator. Else, it can cause much discomfort. Hence, the best idea is get started is by trying shaving or waxing the pubic area. Look out for the reaction after trying either of the methods.

Meanwhile, you can try to get the hang of epilating on other parts of your body. Once you are ready, you can use an epilator on the bikini area with utmost care and attention.

Contrary to the above, trimming is just an easy job that can be done by anyone. Even if you are a beginner, you can remove the excess pubic hair comfortably using a trimmer. It does not require any skill or expertise to perform this task.

Point 2: Adverse Effects

The next thing to consider is the adverse effects like pain, redness, rashes, etc. Since epilating is a painful procedure without any doubt, and it is a very sensitive area, you can expect more pain than when doing it on the legs and hands. Moreover, there are high possibilities of causing redness, swelling, rashes, and ingrown hairs. Hence, it is highly recommended to take all the necessary precautions before you get started with the procedure. Also, it is advisable to select the right and reliable epilating device specified for pubic hair.

Unlike the epilators, trimmers do not have any significant adverse effects. As it cuts the hair from the surface and hardly touches the skin, it is a painless procedure. Because of its benefits, a bikini trimmer is the most preferred device for getting rid of pubic hair.

Moreover, the trimmer comes designed in a way to trim the bikini area without causing any irritations or rashes. Hence, it effectively removes the pubic hair.

Point 3: Smooth Bikini Area 

When it comes to having a smooth bikini line, an epilator can help in achieving that. Moreover, you can enjoy the results for about four weeks. That said, you can wear your favourite swimsuit and enjoy your vacation. But you should always remember that it comes with the cost of pain. However, you should not be epilating on all pubic regions. Instead, what you can do is opt for waxing.

Although trimmers cannot give the achieved look that you get with epilators, you can always use a trimmer on your bikini area. So, trimming is the best suitable option if you want to get rid of pubic hair for hygienic reasons and not for smooth looks.

Point 4: Hair Regrowth

Epilating removes the hair by pulling it from the roots. Hence, it takes comparatively more time for hair to grow back.

On the other hand, a trimmer may cause faster hair growth. The time interval between the hair removal sessions is considerably less.

Which Is a Better Hair Removal Device – Epilator or Trimmer?

In our epilator vs. trimmer debate, it is now time to decide the winner. Undoubtedly, an epilator stands as a clear winner for its many benefits over its counterpart. Although it causes a little pain, you can enjoy silky-smooth skin for a longer time. Trimmers are also the best hair removal devices if you want a faster hair removal method without experiencing any pain.

Epilating does not damage your skin as a trimmer does. If we consider the price factor, epilators are a little expensive than trimmers. However, the epilating devices are worth your money, considering the long-lasting results and the smoother skin. Whereas trimming will make your skin rough and poky. Nevertheless, it is a great product you can look up to when there is a beauty emergency.

A Few Words To Conclude:

On a concluding note, both epilators and trimmers are great hair-removing gadgets that you can rely on. Both the devices have their set of pros and cons. Which hair removal method you want to choose is again dependent on you. You can consider the parameters mentioned in this article, to best analyse which product would suit you the most. Let our readers know what’s your pick – a trimmer or epilator, by posting your answer in the comments.

Let us know if the information provided in this guide helped you make an informed decision. If it did, encourage our other readers, as well, by sharing your experiences with us.

Please feel free to add your inputs to this article. Let us know if you have any inputs to make this article even more informative and user-friendly. We welcome your suggestions and would love to hear and learn from you.

Stay healthy and stay safe!!!

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