Difference Between Epilator and Trimmer

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Although, it is a personal preference to whether to remove their body hair or embrace it. If you want to get rid of it, then there are plenty of options available for removing your body hair. You can either choose waxing, shaving, trimmers, laser or epilators, in which laser treatment and waxing results will last longer.

Here in this article, we will discuss trimmers and epilators, which are the best choice for removing hair on the face and body. Let’s check it out.


It is one of the best options most women prefer to remove their body hair. This electronic device plucks your hair from the root by using metallic tweezers, and the results are long-lasting. It is a bit painful process, as it pulls out hair from roots. A dry epilator and wet epilator are two variants of epilators, in which dry one can be used on dry skin and use a wet epilator in the shower.

It allows you to enjoy a clean and smooth skin for not less than 4 weeks. Also, the hair grows back is thinner after epilating your skin. But it is not considered the best option for people with sensitive skin or those unable to withstand the pain.

Pros – Lightweight, compact and portable, Gives long-lasting results.

Cons – Slightly painful, and expensive to purchase.

How to Use:

There are different caps and attachments of epilators to use on different parts of the body like face, armpits, bikini lines, or legs. All you need is to move the epilator slowly against the hair growth direction to remove hair. Hold the device away and don’t press it on the skin, as it may damage your skin.

Looking to remove your unwanted hair from your body and to enjoy a silky-smooth skin, then take a look at How to use an Epilator.


A trimmer will trim your hair but won’t pluck it from the root. It is a painless procedure, and the hair will regrow somewhat thicker, faster and sharper within a week. Most women use this trimmer to remove their hair on the underarms, face, or bikini lines. It is easy to operate, but using it frequently will take a toll on the skin and make it rough and rugged. It is considered as the best option when you’re running late to any event or function.

Pros – Easy to use, Painless process, Portable, and Affordable.

Cons – Hair regrows thicker and faster.

How to use a Trimmer:

One can use this device in an upward movement slowly to trim/remove their underarm hair, facial hair, legs and pubic hair. It is not as painful as an epilator and suits best to remove your hair in any part of the body. If you want to use a trimmer for bikini area, then prefer to use a water-resistant one.

Exfoliate the area after taking a warm bath. Then apply shaving cream to glide the trimmer through the bikini line. If you have a dry model, then place this trimmer close to the roots and trim slowly in an upward movement. Make sure to moisturize the area after trimming to prevent skin from getting rough. The same is applicable to trim the hair on any part of the body.

Difference Between an Epilator and a Trimmer:

Before purchasing any of these hair removal devices, one has to know their difference to select their best. So, here’s the table which let you know the difference between them in some of the common factors.

Time DurationNo - InstantYes – Time Consuming
Suits for Sensitive SkinYesDepends
Painful ProcessNoA bit painful
Skin After Hair RemovalMake it RoughMake it smooth
Hairless skin - Growth GapLess than a weekLong lasting – a month
Available ModelsBoth Dry & Wet ModelsBoth Dry & Wet Models
Hair Removal ProcessOnly from Skin’s SurfaceRemoves Hair from Root
Travel FriendlyYesYes
Skin TypeSuits for all skin typeNot mostly for sensitive skin
Hair LengthEasily Trim hair up to 0.5 mmRemoves 3 – 5 mm hair but not suits for hair length 1 cm
Hair RegrowthRegrows coarse & thick hairRegrows fine and thin hair

Which is Best – Epilator or Trimmer:

Both epilators and trimmers are great hair removal gadgets. Even though, an epilator causes pain while removing hair but it leaves skin soft, smooth and hairless for a longer time. Whereas, a trimmer removes your hair quickly without any pain. Epilators pull the hair out from root without damaging the skin, as trimmers do.

So, epilators are a bit forward in this race of hair removal gadgets, as they give value for money and removes unwanted hair from roots without damaging your skin. The trimmer will leave the skin rough and poky but an instant and painless hair removal in any beauty emergencies.


While comparing these two hair removal techniques, the epilators pull the hair from root and trimmer will cut hair without pulling them out from the roots. If you’re looking for a painless hair removal device, then trimmer will be your best option. If you want a smooth skin with long-lasting results, then opt for epilators.

Epilator Vs Trimmer – which one is your best option for removing your hair. Let us know in the below comments section.

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