Bathroom Door Designs

Bathroom doors are often overlooked when planning for the new interior of the house. That’s such a big mistake, since the doors can make a huge difference. They actually play a very crucial role in the interior design of the room and the ambience experienced inside. Moreover, they tend to blend well with the interiors of your house and protect your privacy. 

There are several styles of doors available in the market. Read on to explore the best bathroom doors in India and pick the best one which articulates your taste. 

Tips to remember before buying a Bathroom Door

Before choosing a particular door for bathrooms, it is recommended to consider the following buying tips:

  • Always remember to focus on the right material while choosing the bathroom door design. If you prefer wooden doors, then ensure it is water-resistant and do not bulge up over time. If you are looking out something for a commercial space or for a large set of people, then metal or aluminium can be the right choice. 
  • The design of the bathroom door is another important facet, which needs to be considered. There are a variety of designs available to make the door more appealing to you. So, choose the best pattern or style doors to set apart your interior. 
  • You can’t ignore the swing before purchasing a bathroom door. Decide accordingly if you want it inward or outward. Remember, it should allow the door to move freely and should not interfere with the fittings and closets of the bathroom.

The Best Material for Bathroom Doors

Generally speaking, it is necessary to choose bathroom doors that look natural and blend with the rest of your home, and the one which is durable and moisture-resistant. Here is the list of a few types of doors, according to the material. So pick out the model which meets your primary requirements. 

Fiberglass bathroom doors

These modern and enduring doors are a reliable plus convenient solution for most homeowners. They give you the look of wooden doors with the best properties of fiberglass. They are more flexible in terms of design options and also provide resistance to high humidity and mold. Moreover, it can be painted and stained in almost any color or design. 

Wooden bathroom doors

Wooden doors complement the décor  as per both the modern and traditional styles.  However, this material is the best fit for the main entrance door as in the bathroom the moisture and humidity can swell up the door. Consider selecting rot-free wooden doors and ensure that they are maintained and polished periodically. 

Steel bathroom doors

Whenever it’s about bathroom doors, steel as the material is the ideal choice. The toughness and strength of steel make this choice to be quite reasonable and practical. Also, this material is best suited to a place like a bathroom, which is full of condensation and high moisture. Plus, they are budget-friendly. 

UPVC bathroom doors

UPVC bathroom doors do not easily rust or corrode and are both stylish and convenient too. These doors are solid and lightweight and are prone to concealed hinges. UPVC won’t occupy large space since this material is very slim and is easy to maintain. The best part- it provides good insulation and has the capacity to resist very high temperature. 

Plastic bathroom doors

This is the most preferred choice due to its easy maintenance, waterproof quality and high durability. Using plastic bathroom doors are the most practical solution available in a lot of colors and styles. 

Different Designs for Bathroom Doors 

Sliding Bathroom Door

Sliding bathroom doors are the best when it comes to adding style to your interior. It is created by hanging a top rail made of wooden. This design is excellent when it comes to performance, and it also sets the best example with your space utilization. You can also go for a two-way sliding door in case you have more space.

Pocket Doors

Do you have a small space? Do not worry. You can use most of it by choosing a pocket door design. They infuse a dash of drama by defining characteristics, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms. Unlike swing open, you just need to slide it into the wall to enter the bathing area. In this way, this design allows saving floor space in the bathroom and gives a chance to make more room for other important features. 

Bi-fold Doors

These doors are specially catered to small size bathrooms. It is folded to create space for a single person at a particular time. Bi-fold doors can also be completely open, allowing you to access the space in a better way. Thus, they are a perfect way to elevate your bathroom look.

Glass Panel Doors

Installing glass panel doors can completely transform the look of your bathroom. They are specifically designed with a piece of glass in the form of a panel. You can add one or multiple glass panels as per your choice arranged in a pattern. 

Classic French Doors

French doors make a modern addition to a bathroom extension space. Unlike bi-fold or sliding doors, they are based on the traditional architecture design with no fussy mechanisms. They include the hanging hinges at each side of the door which meet at the focal point as they swing.  Adapting various styles and settings of classic French doors are enough to draw everyone’s attention towards your interior. 

Decorative Glass Doors

Decorative glass door designs come with subtle and luxurious looks serving the perfect decorative accent. It includes glass panels and decorative intricate stance offering it a unique look. It also includes stained glass panels, which will add an extra edge to the door’s structure. You can also have the small panels arranged in a different pattern. The choice of design can be considered by the style of the bathroom and the purpose of the doors.

Doors as Mirrors

Here, it’s not all about just mounting a mirror on the bathroom door. But doors with mirrors can be tilted towards the full-height mirror which can take your home interior to the next level. This door can work as a mirror frame which swings and allows you to go out or come inside the room. You can further customize and personalize it in a lot more ways. 

Frosted Glass Doors

If you are fond of the minimal contemporary design or want to add an old-world charm to your bathroom, then frosted glass doors are for you. It creates the spacious, airy look without giving up on your privacy requirements. It helps to let more light come in the bathroom area and can be installed with a double or single panel and also a sliding frame. Moreover, frosted glass can also be combined with other decorative particles like color, wood or metal, depending on your choice. 

Transparent Glass Partition

The transparent glass partition is the best option when a matter of privacy is not a matter of concern for you. This elegant and unique design separates your bedroom and bathroom with just a transparent glass in between. It is best suited if you want to avoid unnecessary capturing space with a door and other elements. Plus, it’s super easy to clean and maintain. 

Concealing Doors

Concealed doors are the latest trend in bathroom door design. It is a great design solution in case of a small home and will let the people wonder where the door is exactly? Concealed doors are designed to let you transit from room to your bathroom with minimal visual impact. They are camouflaged in such a way that they easily blend into your house architecture creating unique replicable doors.

Tips to remember when choosing bathroom doors

Since the bathroom doors are the most utilized ones and open to a wet and humid indoor area, they deserve proper attention at the time of choosing them. Right bathroom doors need to be selected on the basis of its quality, material and durability. If you need to know more, then here are the expanded tips for you to keep in mind. 

Choose wooden doors prone to high humidity

If you are a fan of wooden doors, then choosing this classic option will surely uphold your interior style. However, just a matter of concern is the humidity and moisture. Remember to choose wooden doors that are more resistant to high humidity as it can damage the wooden beauty too soon. 

If not wood, then Fiberglass for sure! 

Fiberglass is the material which looks more like wood. Most of the people are choosing fiberglass today as it is less expensive when compared to wood or steel. However, it is not so durable as steel. It’s also prone to water damage, making it the first choice for all. 

Steel can be your best deal

Steel can actually prove to be the best choice when it comes to bathroom door designs. They are highly durable and naturally resistant to water and humidity. Moreover, steel doors are tougher and are available in a variety of styles and designs.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should be the standard size of the bathroom door?

Usually, the width of bathroom doors is in sizes of 28 inches, 30 inches, and 32 inches. But if you wish, you can alter it according to your choice.

2. Which is the best type of Door for Bathrooms?

Every type of door has its own set of unique characteristics and offerings. So it is important to match your requirements with the details and specifications. Also, choose the desired door design as per your budget and space effectively.


Bathroom doors do not deserve to be boring-old-doors as they are the most utilized door in the entire house. So the homeowners shouldfocus majorly on functionality and every other component that’s decorative occupies a secondary place. So, choose the bathroom door design accordingly to extend your home’s personality. Ultimately, the right door can make or break a space.