Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Problems

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Manual washing machines somewhat require too much manpower. It’s the reason why people have now moved on to semi-automatic washing machines. These units reduce the labor and ease the washing process.

However, similar to other appliances. Semi-automatic washing machines have problems too. If you want to learn what those problems are, we can help. Not only the problems, but you’ll also find their corresponding solutions in this article. So, read along.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Problems

Here are some common semi-automatic washing machine problems.

Inconsistent spinning: If your washing machine shows inconsistency in washing clothes, it is usually a minor problem. Inconsistency means sometimes it takes more time, and sometimes it takes very little time to wash the clothes.

This problem is usually due to the drainpipe placement. If the drain pipe isn’t placed horizontally, it’ll affect the drainage system badly. And this is what causes the inconsistency.

Irregular Vibrations: When your washing machine causes irregular vibrations, it’s usually because of poor balance. You must check for something that is disrupting the balance beneath the washing machine. You can also check for loose screws if any.

In case there are no screws, you can buy a stand for your machine. And then try washing the clothes. If still there are vibrations, you can try adjusting the clothes evenly in your washing machine.

Unable to wash clothes: For this, you need to check the power supply. Check whether the switch is turned on or not. Also, make sure that the plug is fitted tightly into the socket. After that, you should check the spin or wash timer. If it’s on, turn it off right away.

If your machine still doesn’t respond, check if the drain mode is switched on. If the drain mode is on, your machine won’t wash clothes. After trying all of the above, if the machine doesn’t work, call an expert.

Ineffective washing of clothes with lint: In such cases, the lint filter causes the problem. If lint clothes are not getting properly cleaned, it can also be due to less usage of detergent. Using less detergent usually damages the clothes and leads to more lint production. So, it must be avoided.

You should ensure that you’re using an adequate amount of water to wash the clothes. It is because less amount of water causes wear and tear, which further produces lint.

Irregular water draining and filling: Look for the wash selector and check it’s not set to drain. If the problem persists, you may have a faulty drain selector switch.

Washing machine stops randomly: This is usually because of losing power supply. So, check whether or not the plug is tight. If that’s not the issue, check for power requirements and power supply output. Sometimes the power coming from the supply is more than what your washing machine can handle.

It overheats and shuts the motor down, which stops the machine. And once the motor is cool enough, it starts up again. If that’s the issue, then call can an expert ASAP.

Noisy washing machine: When things get stuck between the drum and the outer tub, unusual sounds are produced. There’s either debris or coins that get stuck between the drum and the tub in most cases. You need to check the pockets before you wash clothes to prevent this from happening.

And for the problem at hand, you need to call an expert and get it repaired. Another reason why your washing machine produces sound is faulty ball bearings. These bearings, after regular use, become faulty or accumulate rust. You can either oil or replace the bearings altogether.

What are some Semi-Automatic washing machine dryer problems & solutions?

Here are some semi-automatic washing machine dryer problems: –

Dryer overheating: It usually happens when the thermostat is working to prevent any fire. During this procedure, the dryer becomes too hot to handle. Sometimes, overheating can also happen because of defective assembling. So, get your washing machine checked before the problem becomes worse.

Dryer not turning on: It can be because of lack of ample power. You need to check for a faulty outlet, knobs, or tripped circuit breakers.

Dryer consumes a lot of time: If you keep your machine running for more than the required time, the dryer is going to lose efficiency. It’s because extended usage weakens the heating element within the dryer, which reduces efficiency.


Here are some common solutions which can solve most of your semi-automatic washing machine dryer problems: –

  • You need to first turn off the washing machine and open the dryer’s lid. Use a cloth dipped in detergent solution and clean the dryer. Also, clean the washer’s cover with the same
  • Now, you need to take the lint trap out and pour water through it.
  • You need to clean the soap, bleach, softeners, and detergent, which gets stuck on the walls. You can use luke-warm water to clean it.
  • As there’s ample moisture inside the washing machine, you need to look out for mold and mildew. For this, you can use a solution of warm water and two cups of white vinegar. Once you have this solution, pour it into the empty washing machine.
  • To clean the lint filter, you can go for a small vacuum cleaner if it’s available easily in the market. You can use it over the lint filter and clean the same. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can clean manually as well.
  • Now, for cleaning the top & the washing machine dryer’s outer surface, use Luke warm, sudsy water. Once you’re done cleaning, you can pour clean water to get rid of the soap from the surfaces.
  • You can grab an all-purpose cleaner for better cleaning of the dryer. You need to apply it on the inside layers, and the sticky materials will automatically start to wither off. Once you’ve left it for a couple of hours, use a dry towel and wipe the dryer clean.
  • Once you’re done with the procedure, turn on your washing machine on high settings. You can put some old towels in the machine and leave them be for around 20 minutes. And when the process ends, you’ll get a clean and efficient semi-automatic washing machine.


Semi-automatic machines are no doubt beneficial. But you need to know about its common problems and corresponding solutions. If you already know about these, you can extend your machine’s life.

We’ve listed some common problems above. So, you can go through the info and avoid such problems. If you liked the given insights, please share them with others with similar problems.

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