Best Tips To Reduce Vibration Of Washing Machine

Most of us have an automatic washing machine at our home which is truly an amazing appliance and makes our lives a lot easier. However, some people just feel like their washing machine is making unnecessary sounds and wobbling too much.

Don’t worry, your machine is perfectly fine, it’s just that maybe you are not doing a few things correctly. That’s why we are here today, to share some tips that can improve your experience of using your automatic washing machine.

Before you go and register a complaint about the machine making weird sounds and vibrating too much, make sure you check a few things first and see if you are doing everything right in the first place. Hence, if your washing machine keeps shaking like a massage chair all the time, we have some promising tips that will help you calm it down. That said, make sure you read this article thoroughly as we will be discussing the causes of vibrations as well as provide you with a solution for the same.

Washing Machine Vibration: Causes & Solutions

Why is the Machine Shaking too much?

A big mistake that most people do after buying the washing machine is that they install it on their own. Well, you might think it’s just a washing machine, and all that needs is a water and power connection to do its work. Yes, you are right, but not all the way. So, what can possibly go wrong with the installation? Take a look!

The Shipping Bolts are still Attached

In automatic washing machines, the inner drum is given enough space to spin and wobble freely while washing the clothes. However, this free movement of the inner drum can be slightly risky at the time of shipment since moving parts are more prone to get damaged. That’s why, manufacturers put safety bolts, generally, four at the backside of the machine and one below it, to keep the drum fix at one place.

Hence, if you have just bought a new washing machine, you must have forgotten to remove the shipping bolts which ultimately limits the movement of drums and makes the washing machine vibrate during washing clothes. So, better check for it quickly as it can lead to very major damage to the machine which could eventually shake your pockets as well.

Levelling of the Machine is not done Properly

As you know, the automatic machines use high-efficiency motors that can even make the drum spin at almost 500-1000 RPM very easily. At such higher RPMs, even a little inclination or bad levelling can cause a big disbalance making the machine to vibrate crazily.

To make sure the machine has a good balance, check if all the feet pads are touching the ground properly and the machine is not placed at any inclination. We have also seen people using some kind of stands or pedestals to lift up the machine from the ground. In that case, the proper levelling of the machine becomes a lot more necessary than usual.

Either clothes are not put correctly or the Machine is Overloaded

In both cases, there are high chances that the washing machine will misbehave. While putting your clothes in for washing, you should make sure that you put each cloth one by one instead of emptying the entire laundry bag in one go. It is necessary because the clothes inside the machine should not be strangled up with each other.

If so happens, the load will certainly act as one heavy thing inside the drum, eventually creating unnecessary wobble and vibrations. Something similar happens when you overload the machine as it becomes a hard task for the machine to distribute the load properly. Thus, you should always keep in mind to put your clothes one by one in the machine while staying under the recommended load limit.

The Floor might be Shaky, not the Machine!

Yes, that could be true as well. It is one of the rarest cases though because generally factory new products like a freshly bought washing machine do not have such kinds of issues. If any of the above situations are not fitting your case, and you have done almost everything nicely from your side, have a look at the ground surface as well.

The washing machines are not at all lightweight, that’s why they do require a strong and sturdy base to sit on as well. In case the floor itself is shaky and not strong enough, the effects will directly reflect on the performance of your washing machine.

What can be done to eliminate the Vibrations?

There are certain things that everyone should be doing right to keep their washing machines working steadily without any unnecessary vibrations. Since we have covered almost all the causes of vibrations, there are a few extra things you can do to stop your washing machine from vibrating.

Balance the Load Properly

Like we discussed earlier as well, balancing the load while using the washing machine is highly necessary to keep the vibrations away. Generally, it looks like the drum has a lot more space for your clothes, you should always leave some room for your clothes and never pack it full.

Well, not just overloading, underloading the machine can also make it wobble if you run it on high speeds. So, do make sure not to overload it, underload it, and always put in your clothes one by one so that they can evenly distribute while washing.

Level your Machine Properly

Levelling the machine is a pretty easy task as most washing machines come with levelling pads pre-installed. If the surface below the machine is uneven, or slightly inclined, you can simply adjust the leg height by loosening the nuts of the washer legs. Thereafter, you can turn the leg clockwise to lower the height, or anticlockwise to increase the height. Once you are satisfied, tighten the nuts once again to lock the washer legs at a certain desired height.

Buy Vibration Pads

In case the floor beneath the washing machine is the cause for the vibrations, and there is no other place to shift the machine, you can purchase Vibration absorption pads from the market. These pads are thick rubber pads that do a great job to absorb all the vibrations coming from the machine. Using such pads will also provide a good grip to your washing machine and it will be steadier.

Get Help from the Professionals

Lastly, if anything does not seem to help, maybe there’s some hardware issue with the machine itself. In that case, seeking help from the professionals is the best you can do. Although anything like that should not be happening with a brand new machine.

But, the things are actually in your favour here as you will either get the problem fixed for free or get a replacement unit instead. Even if your machine’s warranty period has expired, you can get it fixed for a fairly small amount unless some major damage has happened to your unit.


We hope you have read this article quite thoroughly and have learnt a few useful tips to use washing machines the right way. A few vibrations from the washing machine is acceptable as the drum inside automatic machines run at very higher RPMs, so you must not be worrying that much.

However, if the vibrations are too much and the machine makes a lot of weird noises, then you can consider using these fixes for sure. If any of these tips come handy for you and help you out to solve the problem, do share your experiences with us in the comments section below. Moreover, if you have any further queries or want to share a few more tips regarding the problem, feel free to comment down below.