9 Best Ceiling Fans in India: 2021 Reviews

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are the most common appliances in Indian household. They circulate the air present in the room creating a cooling effect. So, you will feel a bit relief from the heat. Havells, Orient, Crompton Greaves, Usha, and Bajaj are the Best ceiling fan brands in India. Price range of ceiling fans range from Rs. … Read more

Best Wall Mounted Fans in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2021


Wall mounted fans are the perfect solution for air circulation in small rooms like office cabins, studio spaces, kitchens, and others. Popular brands that provide high quality wall mounted fans are Orient, Havells, Bajaj, V-Guard, Crompton and Usha. Compared to air conditioner, air coolers and ceiling fans, they are much more affordable. Most of the … Read more

Best Pedestal Fans in India 2021 Reviews


Pedestal fans are portable form of electric fans. They are light in weight, quieter and can be moved anywhere you want. They are suitable for hostel rooms, office cabins and other small rooms where ceiling fans and air conditioner installations are not possible. Usha, V-Guard, Crompton, Havells are the popular brands providing best pedestal fans … Read more

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in India: 2021 Reviews

Bathrooms are the most humid places in the entire house and without a good bathroom exhaust fan, there are high chances of mold and other fungus growth. Not only that, damp and moist bathrooms often are ground zero for many dangerous and easily contaminable diseases. Thus it is really important to drive out odours and … Read more

Ceiling Fan Vs Table Fan Power Consumption

There are a lot of different options available for airflow and temperature control in your home. In case you live in a very hot and humid zone, you will need something advanced and expensive such as an air conditioner to get past summer. But in most cases, an added airflow in the room gets the … Read more

Power Consumption of a Fan

Are you planning to buy new fans for your home or office? Or are you just curious to know about how much electricity a fan uses? Whatever the reasons, you can get your answers here. Here you’ll find info about the energy consumption of a ceiling and a pedestal fan. Going through the below info, … Read more

Choosing The Best Ceiling Fans

There are many factors that often go unseen but should be carefully looked at before buying a ceiling fan. We have categorized those factors below to make it easy for you to understand the metrics better. 1.Blade Sweep and the Size of the Room The blade sweep and the size of the room are most … Read more

How To Buy The Best Pedestal Fan

Since pedestal fans are strong and portable, they are very much in demand. There is nothing that a ceiling fan can do and pedestal fans cannot. One thing that makes the pedestal fans different from any other type of fan is that you can move it from one place to another without any worries. As … Read more

How To Choose Bathroom Exhaust Fan

As we mentioned earlier, choosing a correct bathroom exhaust fan might be tricky. But once it is fit, you do not need to worry about it for over many years to come for. Today, in this guide, we will be talking about the various important factors one needs to consider while picking an exhaust fan. … Read more