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Top 5 Best Electrical Switches In India: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Electrical switches are a core element that is responsible for controlling all the power-oriented appliances of your home. Be it a fan, refrigerator, or TV; you can’t turn on or off them without having an electrical switch.

In the past few years, electrical switches have become more functional. Now you don’t need to put extra effort into installing them, and they also provide better shock-protection. The only problem is that there are several options available and it’s difficult to choose a good-quality one.

Along with this, there are some factors that you should keep in mind while choosing an electrical switch. So before jumping into the main products, let’s take a look at some of those factors.

  • Choosing The Right Type– Each electrical switch has a different build and working mechanism, that’s why you should assess your needs first, then choose a model. You should also research all the types of switches currently available as it will help you find one that really matches your requirement.
  • Security Features– When it comes to electrical tools, you should always prioritize safety features. Look for switches that are ISI certified and made of fire and shock-resistant material. You should also check whether the unit has some spark shield or not.
  • Design– Along with safety and materials, you should also consider the design of the switch. Nowadays, switches come in various colors and shapes, so you can easily choose one that suits your room’s interior.

After discussing some “factors to consider”, it’s time to talk about the best electrical switches currently available in the market. Here we have mentioned the best 5 electrical switches in India.

Best Electrical Switches in India

Electrical SwitchesMaterialSwitch TypeMounting TypeBuy Now
Anchor RomaPolycarbonate1-wayPanel MountCheck On Amazon
HavellsBrass1-wayPanel MountCheck On Amazon
Wipro North WestPolycarbonate1-wayPanel MountCheck On Amazon
REO HavellsPlastic2-wayPanel MountCheck On Amazon
SchneiderPlastic1-wayModularCheck On Amazon

Top Electrical Switches in India Reviews

1. Anchor Roma Polycarbonate 1 Way Switch

Anchor Roma Polycarbonate 1 Way Switch

This set of Anchor switches consists of 20 one-way switches. Each switch has a current rating of 10 Ampere. It’s a one-way switch made from polycarbonate, which increases its durability. The switches have an elegant design and will add beauty to your home.

You can use these switches for residential and commercial fittings, and their dimensions are 22x11x7. Arc shield copper contact used in these switches are less likely to cause any sparking while you turn them on or off.

Also, the switches are crafted according to the ISI standards. So, you won’t face a problem fitting these switches to standard modular plates at home. The high-quality contact also helps in the silent operation of these switches.

All in all, these switches are fine for any operation you would like. However, you won’t find any warranty with these switches.

Notable Features:

  • Brand: Anchor Roma
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Item Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 7 Centimeters
  • Switch Type: 1-way
  • Mounting Type: Panel Mount


  • Use of arc shield copper contacts for silent and spark-free operation
  • Elegant design and crafted well for the Indian modular plates


  • There’s no warranty with these switches

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Havells Amp Switch

Havells 6A Switch

Here are 20 switches model from Havells. These are 6A one-way switches made from the brass terminal. The switches are designed beautifully and have the following dimension: 15 x 10 x 10 centimeters. These switches make use of shrouded terminals for better protection.

It acts more of a barrier and prevents any accidental contact with the terminal leading to short circuits. The arc shield contacts help in the easy operation of the switch. It also prevents any sparking. Also, the arc shield contacts deliver a silent and long-lasting usage of these switches.

However, these switches are not suited for modular boards or plates. You need to have the old type of plates for these switches. There’s a one-year warranty on these switches from the company. So, you can expect a long and hassle-free usage.

Notable Features:

  • Brand: Havells
  • Pump type: OFF-NONE-ON
  • Terminal type: Brass Material Brass
  • Item Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 10 Centimeters


  • It comes with one-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • The switches are designed well and are durable
  • The switches have shrouded terminal for added protection


  • Not suitable for modern-day modular plates

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3. Wipro NorthWest Switch


The Wipro northwest switches are another good pick. This is a pack of ten switches. The switches are made of polycarbonate and are suited for 6A current rating. With an elegant design, these one-way switches are perfect for panel mounts within your home.

The switches follow a modern design, which makes them suitable for modular switchboards. These switches from Wipro comes with an amazing warranty of ten long years. Condition being, there should only be electromagnetic wiring with mechanical accessories.

If you don’t have electromagnetic wiring, the switches will carry a warranty of 1.5 years. Also, the warranty covers only manufacturing defects. Talking about the durability and quality, the 10-year warranty is enough to indicate how well built and durable the switches are. All in all, these switches are stylish yet reliable in the long run.

Notable Features

  • Brand: Wipro North West
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Switch Type:1-way
  • Mounting Type: Panel Mount


  • These switches come with a 10-year warranty
  • The switches are highly durable and meant to last for long
  • The design is elegant and is perfectly suited for modular switchboard


  • Feels tight while pressing

Buy Now From Amazon

4. REO Havells Plastic Switch


The REO 2Way Switch pack contains 20 high-quality switches from Havells. The switches in this pack are two way and support a current of 6A. Also, these switches are non-modular and are designed beautifully with two arrows pointing in opposite directions.

It’s a high-quality product built from engineering polymers. It has a shuttered socket and arc shield contacts. The arc shied contacts to provide a smooth and silent switching experience. It also helps in preventing any cases of sparking whenever you turn the switch on or off.

All of these switches have shrouded terminals. It helps in avoiding direct contact with metal parts and thus prevents chances of short-circuiting. However, unlike the above, you won’t find any warranty with this set of switches. But you need not worry about the quality of these switches. It’s because they are built to last for a long.

Notable Features

  • Brand: REO from Havells
  • Material: Plastic
  • Switch Type: 2-way
  • Mounting Type: Panel Mount


  • These switches have a modern design and are suited for modular switchboards
  • These are two-way switches and come with shrouded terminals


  • There is no warranty on this product.

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5. Schneider Electric Switch

Schneider electric switch

Schneider electric Livia-10AX is a pack of ten one-way modular switches. The switches have a remarkably unique design and have the following dimensions: 115mm x 67mm x 23mm. These switches are made from top-quality polycarbonate, which is soft and glossy too.

These switches come with a free-flowing surface design. This makes the switches dust free and pretty easy to clean. You can find optimally designed copper bridges along with silver inlay contact for longer error-free usage. Also, the arc shield brings along added protection by preventing sparking.

When it comes to installation, these switches beat all others. It has IP 20 protected switch terminals and laser marked wiring diagram. Also, these switches have bigger terminal holes for better and easy installation. You can easily install them on your modular switchboard without needing much labor.

These switches come with an 18 months warranty from the date they are delivered or a 24-month warranty from the date of manufacturing.

Notable Features    

  • Brand: Schneider Electric
  • Material: Plastic
  • Switch Type: 1-way
  • Switch Type: Modular


  • With an eye-catching design, these switches are very easy to clean
  • They come with a warranty of 18 months
  • These switches can be easily installed on modular switchboards.


  • Slightly expensive

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For Electrical Switches

Electrical switches are the underrated but most useful product in our daily life. We use electrical switches every time, so it’s very important to buy a good quality electrical switch. It’s not just a matter of go and buy as there are some unique factors that you’ve to consider before buying an electrical switch:

1. Types

Nowadays, it’s important to buy relevant products, and hence you must know about the types of electrical switches. Modern switches replace conformist switches because conformist switches are very risky and the modern switches are beneficial in many ways, such as built quality, fire protection, and comfort.

Modern switches are made up of the components through which fire hydrants are made. Switches are available in different sizes, designs, and colors, and you can choose the best suitable ones. There’re mainly six types of switches, which are Single and double pole switches, three and four ways switches, Multi-purpose switches, and regulator switches.

2. Security

Switches are electronic materials; hence there is always a fear of electronic issues like a short circuit. Therefore it becomes very necessary to buy a safe electrical switch for better protection. So before buying an electrical switch you have to make sure that they’re ISI certified. Make sure that the materials used to build a switch is fire retardant to prevent heating effects.

Many switches are made up of plastic materials, which you should avoid as they’re very dangerous. Always buy the switches that offer the prevention from unintentional connections, so it can’t pass electricity to the outer surface. And lastly, check that the switches have spark shields for prevention from short circuits.

3. Rating of the Current

There is a need for different current ratings for different machines. It’s not that simple like using the same switch for both generator and television or AC and heater. Using the incorrect type of switch for an item can cause sparking and fire type of issue. Hence it’s too much important to choose correct ones. If you want to run a bulb, charger, or fan, then you can buy switches of six or ten Ampere.

For the normal current rating products like television or fridge, you can use sixteen or twenty-ampere switches. And lastly, for the high voltage consumption products like AC, generators or heaters – you can use twenty-five or thirty-two Ampere switches. That range is so reliable and secure.

4. Product Quality

When it comes to life, it’s always better to buy products that provide high-grade materials. Make sure to buy electrical switches that are made up of fire retardant materials. As said by Directive 2002/95/EC, It’s a great thing if nature-friendly items resources are used to make these switches and made up of poly-carbonate. That will surely prevent fire and electrical damage.

Apart from that, never buy plastic made switches. Always buy switches that are fit for the socket.

5. Design and Personalization

Apart from the function and security, you always look for the beauty and personalization of the product. Hence that’s important to look for a switch that is more attractive and increases the look of nearby.

Nowadays, switches come in different designs and colors, and you can pick one according to the surrounding, for example, you can buy a red color switch for an emergency exit. Apart from that, it’s also essential that the switch fits on the socket and is customizable.

6. Durability of the Switch

Before buying anything, it’s better to buy quality products that provide more durability and saves money in the future. A good quality switch is made up of fire retarder materials and other strong materials that provide long-lasting support. Even the color and design of the material should not diminish for a long time. So before buying a switch, check for RoHS certified switches and the materials used must be long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What type of electrical switch should I opt for?

Ans: Electrical appliances are too risky for life, so their build can’t be compromised; that’s why buying a good quality switch is a mandatory thing. A good quality switch may be costlier than normal ones, but it provides more safety and strength. Many electrical companies provide RoHS certified products, so it’s a great opportunity to get quality products.

You’re not going to buy switches every day; hence buying a quality product is always better. A good quality switch or modular switch is a little costlier than normal ones.

2. How many types of switches are there?

Ans: There are a total of four types of switches
* Pole switches contain single and double pole.
* Ways switches that contain three and four ways.
* Regulator Switch and,
* Multipurpose switches.

3. What are the benefits of modular electrical switches?

Ans: * It enhances the touch of stylishness and cleverness of the decoration of your home.
* Modular electrical switches are safer and prevent heat and short circuit issues.
* Modular switches are better-inbuilt quality
* It is made up of fire retardant materials.
* Available in different designs.
* They provide a warranty to replace the defective piece. And so on.

4. What is a short circuit, and what is the reason behind it?

Ans: When the two nodules of dissimilar voltage get in contact, then it is called a short circuit. It generates heat and sparks that can cause damage.


From being bulky and large in size to being sleek and compact in design, electrical switches have come a long way. Now you don’t have to compromise on design and look as most brands focus on providing switches that suits all type of décor.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that not all electric switches are created equal. That’s why you should research properly before installing anything on your property.

Though if you are confused about which one to choose, then we recommend you to opt for Wipro-North-West-Switch. This model is a modern-looking switch that will elevate the look of your room while providing complete protection. It also comes with a warranty, so you can easily replace it if something goes wrong.

So that’s it for today. Hope this article will solve some of your queries and provide you some useful information.

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