Top 10 Best Table Fans In India : 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Table fans are compact and portable appliances when you want to direct air flow in non-reachable areas of a room like corners.

Usha, Bajaj, Havells, Luminous, Orient are some of the best table fan brands in India. They are priced between Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 based on quality and performance.

Some important factors to consider while purchasing a table fan are mentioned below.

  • Fan Size

Tables fans come in 3 different options – small (12 inches), medium (16 inches), large (20 inches). For larger rooms like hall or dining, we recommend going for large size. For bedrooms, office cabins or any small room, it is better to go for either medium or small.

  • Fan Speed

It is measured in RPM (rotations per minute). Higher the rpm, faster the fan blades will rotate, providing good air flow. Some table fan models come with different speed control settings – low, medium and high. However, some models come with single speed only. We recommend going for a model with multiple speed option as you can control the air flow depending on your requirements.

  • Air Delivery

It refers the amount of air volume delivered per minute. It is usually measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). Choose a model that comes with high CFM value.

To know more, we recommend reading “BUYING GUIDE” – it has all the information necessary to take the right decision.

Further, we have provided a list of Best Table Fans in India. They are shortlisted after testing several products present in the market.

Best Selling Table Fans in India

Best Table Fans Reviews in India

1. Usha Maxx 55-watts Air Table Fan

Usha Maxx 55-watts Air Table FanUsha is the most trusted Indian brand which is why we placed the Usha Maxx Air first in our list.

The table fan is like your buddy, keeping you cool no matter whether you are in your study, kitchen or balcony. The best part about this table fan is its motor overheat protection, that gives it a long life.

Engineered with high innovation, the fan has a broad base, that keeps it sturdy. So, even though you place it near windows or areas where there is more movement, the fan will not trip easily.

Also, because of its aerodynamic blades, there is better air delivery. You can use it in your a/c room for better circulation of air.

Usha Max Air comes with 100% copper motor, making it stand the test of time. The heat protection feature also protects the motor from eventually wearing off.

The RPM is 1280 which falls within the acceptable range of 1200 to 1300RPM, helping your motor to work well without taking the load of speed.

The blades are made of polypropylene which is more like plastic, making the fan lighter and produce less noise.

Usha Maxx fan grill is well guarded with 120 ribs, and has powder coated guard which makes it color durable. This means that no matter how many times to wash the grill, it will not lose its sheen.

Power Consumption: 55 watt

Warranty: 1 year

No of Blades: 3

Overall the best table fan in the market at present, and without doubt our favorite. We highly recommend Usha Maxx mainly for its strong built motor, which we believe is the heart of a fan.

Additional Features

  • Jerk-free oscillation makes sure the fan doesn’t move from its place
  • Transparent blades allow you to not miss a single speck of dust while cleaning


  • Big brand
  • Powerful performance


  • Not rechargeable

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2. iBELL 55-watts Table Fan

iBELL 55-watts Table FaniBell as a brand has gained quite a prominence off late. Possibly because of the wide variety of futuristic products that it offers.

Take for example the iBell CADIET2 Premium fan that comes with a self-lubricating motor. The motor can take care of its fiction on its own, without you having to worry about oiling it regularly.

What we also noticed is that just like Usha Maxx even this one has aerodynamically designed blades which means it will offer better air flow, unlike the old styled flat blades that push against the wind resulting in slow rotation and no cooling effect.

Also, iBell has a protective grill too, which is powder coated, helping the color to not wear off that easily.

It is a fully plastic fan with wide blades, that make it lightweight and noise free.

The motor speed of the fan is 1350RPM, way above the average RPM. So, no matter how scotching the heat is, this fan will help you stay cool.

Power Consumption: 55 watt

Warranty: 1 year standard + 1 year additional warranty

No of Blades: 3

iBell is a perfect table fan that very can happily withstand voltage fluctuations. So, we can say that it is just the right choice for any Indian house, office or commercial space.

Additional Features

  • Jerk Free Wide Sweep Oscillation that helps the fan to reach all the corners of a room
  • 3 Speed Control with a 2-hour timer, helps you to keep the temperature moderate and save electricity


  • Modern design
  • Less priced compared to other branded table fans


  • Does not tilt too much downward

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3. Crompton  50-watts Table Fan

Crompton  50-watts Table FanCrompton Greaves is a brand name that has existed since 1937. The company has sustained itself because it understands customer’s needs way too well. This is the first reason why we have included Crompton in our list of best.

The second reason is its high performing ability which includes advanced motors, extra strong materials, striking looks and intuitive controls. The Hi Flo Eva table fan stands true to all these qualities.

It has a wide base that will help you to place it anywhere, even on a rough surface.

Both the base and the body of the fan is made of plastic, so it steady and lightweight too, making it easy for you to carry it around.

In fact, while researching we also found out that the plastic blades of the fan make such less noise that you can sleep like a baby with nil disturbance.

What we also liked by Crompton’s table fan is 1300RPM motor speed and 3 speed control. Which means less load on the motor.

The auto swing feature of Hi Flo Eva helps in circulating the air properly

It has an ergonomic design with the knob right at its neck that enables free movement towards front and back.

Power Consumption: 50 watts

Warranty: 2 years on product

No of Blades: 3

Overall we would highly recommend Crompton Greaves to all who love soundless sleep.

Additional Features

  • 400mm sweep allowing it to cover big rooms quite easily


  • Lightweight can be easily carried
  • Modern design


  • Not rechargeable

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4. H Hy-Tec 65-watts Table Fan

H Hy-Tec 65-watts Table FanThe first thing that we noticed about the H Hy-tec table fan was how polished it looks, and then we delved a little bit deeper and found out that it is because of special grade plastic material that is used to build this fan.

The brand H Hy-tec has been in the market for more than a decade now, which means it very well understands its customer’s nerves, and has been manufacturing products as per their needs.

The table fan has a novel base design, and looks no less decorative than any other item that you did wish to keep in your home.

Also, just like the other fans in our list even this one has aerodynamically designed blades, which means less noise and stronger air delivery.

Because of its compact size you can actually place it anywhere from kitchen to bathroom to a nearby table to shop counters etc.

Another feature that we loved is that the motor is connected to a fuse that automatically shuts its off in case of thermal overloading. Which makes H Hy-tec is the best product for areas suffering from voltage fluctuations.

Also the fan has a unique oil reservoir lubrication, that gives it a longer life.

The motor speed of 2400RPM. However, you do not have to worry about the motor getting overloaded, as also has motor overheat protection.    Also there is 3 speed control option, which makes it an ideal for all weather conditions.

Power Consumption: 55 watts

Warranty: 1 year Hytec Warranty Except Physical Damage

No of Blades: 3

Overall a small sized making no noise, a combination that you will rarely find. So you can even keep it in office desktops or libraries and work without getting disturbed.

Additional Features

  • 90-degree oscillation allows you to keep it in your desired place


  • Maximum cooling
  • Jerk free


  • Not rechargeable

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5. Havells 55watts Table Fan

Safety is one thing, but enhanced safety is more assuring, and that is exactly what the Havells Birdie Personal table fan provides.

Its spiral mesh like grill will ensure neither the little fingers of your kids nor the tiny fur of your pet gets entangled with the fan blades.

Havells Birdies dons a unique rocker design that allows the fan to rotate 360 degrees, covering all the corners of your room. In addition, the fan’s aerodynamically designed 3 leaf abs blades with aerofoil section makes air pass through its ridges smoothly, giving you maximum air supply even with minimal speed.

The material used is plastic, making it a lightweight product, durable.

The motor is powerful 2 pole capacitor, the types usually used for large air conditioners or heat pump units. The speed of the motor is 2800 RPM, that helps it to reach far wide, no matter its small size.

Power Consumption: 55 watts

Warranty: 2 Years

No of Blades: 3

Overall we did give the Havells Birdie table fan a 100/100 for its colorful look, that blends easily with all interiors. And, also because of its high quality that makes it run for years together, without requiring any repairs.

Additional Features

  • Jerk free oscillation makes keep its steady
  • Pivot tilting and oscillation helps to attain the desired position


  • Stable base
  • Ideal for modern interiors


  • Not rechargeable

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6. Luminous 55-Watt Table Fan

Luminous 55-Watt Table FanLuminous is an Indian brand that has been recognized and voted as one of the most preferred in the Indian market.

Luminous Buddy table fan is compact in size, and comes with an easily removable grill. Also, you have an option to wall mount it, which helps in saving a lot of space.

The fan dons an attractive design, and is quite colorful to look at, making its blend with any type of interior be it modern, traditional or even antique.

Also, the curved spiral easily removable grill offers wider spread of breeze, making it reach the farthest corner of the room.

The material used for blades is poly propylene, making them corrosion resistant. In addition, the blades are aerodynamically designed providing better air delivery and making less noise.

The motor is made of top quality aluminum with pure electrolytic grade copper wiring which armors the fan against voltage fluctuations.

The speed of the motor is 2800RPM, again just like the previous one Havells Birdie, even Luminous though small, has a solid air-throw.

Power Consumption: 55 watts

Warranty: 2 Years

No of Blades: 3

Overall a small yet steady table fan that will never lose its control. It is a 9-12-inch long fan that can sit easily on your computer table or a small window.


  • Ideal for rough use
  • Can fit in any corner


  • No speed control

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Rechargeable Fans with LED Lights

Portable table fans are truly a blessing, especially for people who are constantly on the move, or people looking for quick cooling resolution.

But, what about the growing problem of load shedding. To help you cope well here is a list of rechargeable, folding table fans with LED lights that can run for a maximum of 8 hours once charged.

7. CZ Cool Zone Rechargeable Table Fan

CZ Cool Zone Rechargeable Table FanTalk about convenience, space and good looks and we have the perfect mini fan product for you. The CZ Cool Zone is smaller, lightweight, and the best part is you can fold and carry it very easily in your bag.

The fan also has an LED light right at the center so you can now enjoy cool breeze while working or reading at night. It is a rechargeable fan, which means whether there is electricity at home or not, your life is not going to stop.

CZ is a 7-inch-long fan that can also run on AC and DC current.

You can adjust the fan vertically by bending the stand as per your requirement. Basically, this is the kind of table fan that you can keep on your study table or desktops without making too many adjustments.

The material is plastic, so there is no threat of corrosion. It also makes the fan lightweight and noiseless, thanks to the aerodynamically designed blades.

Also, the fan has a solid battery back-up of up to 7-8 hours if you are using only the fan, but if you use it with light then it reduces to 3-4 hours.

Another interesting feature of this fan is solar panel boards that helps in recharging the battery, and saves your electricity.

Power Consumption: Not Specified

Warranty: No Warranty

No of Blades: 3

Overall the best option for people who are always on the go. You can in fact also charge it for 8-12 hours and carry it during your travels.

Additional Features

  • Its 2 step speed allows you to adjust the cooling as per the weather and your requirement


  • New updated model with better battery backup
  • Noiseless


  • Low speed

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8. REBORN Rechargeable Table Fan 

REBORN Rechargeable Table FanAnother one in the series of foldable, rechargeable mini fan wit LED light.

If you ask us, we didn’t find too much difference between REBORN and CZ except from the price and the style.

In fact, we found REBORN sleek, but looks delicate, compared to CZ which looks strong.

What we liked the most about REBORN is its conical grills and aerodynamically designed blades. A superb combination that gives better air-throw, and makes less noise.

Also, the fan has a 2 step speed – low and high that will help in adjusting the cooling effect as per the weather as well as the brightness of the light.

You can even adjust the fan’s height vertically, but no swing option available.

REBORN also comes with USB charging feature. But, unlike CZ there is no solar panel to charge the fan.

Here are some important points to note about the usage:

  • Only light will run for 8hrs
  • Only fan will run for 4hrs
  • Light and fan together will run for 3 hours

This is very interesting detail to note especially if you are planning to take the fan for travels and treks. We also consider it a good option for travel because REBORN can be folded.

The material used is plastic, which means super easy to carry, given the fact that it is a mini fan.

Power Consumption: Not specified

Warranty: No-Warranty

No of Blades: 3

Overall a lightweight good looking fan, that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s light and fan combination is what makes it a best pick among mini fans.

Additional Features

  • It’s a new updated model with extra battery back-up of 8 hours


  • High Speed
  • Compact


  • Plug size not apt

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9. Piesome  Rechargeable Table Fan 

Piesome  Rechargeable Table Fan Piesome is a bit bigger than the other two – CZ Cool Zone and REBORN. It is 9 inches in height. Probably the major difference that you will notice. It can be run on battery, AC and DC.

It has a broad base that make the fan stand perfectly, even on a rough surface. The fan can be mounted on the wall as well.

You will also get to fan’s speed and the brightness of the light, with the 2 speed control – low and high.

Apart from that, you will also get a charging cable along with the package, and in case you lose the cable you can also change the fan with any other USB cable.

Now that just makes it so much convenient to stuff the fan in your bag and move around.

Usage wise, note these points:          

  • Only light will run for 8hrs
  • Only fan will run for 4hrs
  • Light and fan together will run for 3 hours

The Piesome mini table fan can also be charged via solar panel boards too. The material used is plastic

Power Consumption: Not Specified

Warranty: No Specified

No of Blades: 3

Overall this is a steady fan, compared to its counterparts, the CZ Cool Zone and REBORN. Also, the aerodunamic blades and conical grills help in spreading the air better.

Additional Feature

  • This is an environment friendly mini fan


  • Stands perfectly


  • Low Speed

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10. Mr. Right Rechargeable Table Fan

Mr. Right Rechargeable Table FanMr. Right is just the right product for all those facing load shedding issues, as this table fan is rechargeable, and it also runs on AC and DC setting. Talk about convenience!

The fan runs on lead acid battery which is more resistant to corrosion, overcharging, gassing, water usage, and self-discharge all of which are responsible for shortening the battery’s life.

But that is not the only unique feature that we noticed. What added to the appeal was the bright LED light that is positioned at the center a USB port that will allow you to charge your smart phone.

The fan comes with three speed control. You can run it on:

  • High speed for 4 hours continuously
  • 5 hours in medium speed
  • 10 hours in low speed.

Mr. Right takes a total of 12 hours to charge.

This beautiful and white table fan is made up of plastic, making it light and easy to carry. Also, the aerodynamically designed blades makes less noise and provides strong air delivery. The plastic make also makes Mr. Right a corrosion resistant product.

The 100% copper motor’s speed is 1200RPM, which is within the acceptable range, and means less pressure on the motor, making it durable.

Power Consumption: 6.75 W

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

No of Blades: 3

Overall best for Indian weathers and areas suffering from voltage or electricity issues, like the semi-urban areas. The battery quality is very good, which means the fan will be stable and run longer.

Additional Features

  • 100-degree tilting allows you to place it anywhere even at the higher ends and enjoy direct breeze


  • Multi-purpose table fan


  • No auto mode, have to switch to battery manually

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Table Fans Buying Guide

Some of the other factors that play a major role in the efficiency of a table fan include the quality of the materials that are used to make the fan, whether it has removable grills or not, and many more. The reviews have been written after an intense research. If you still have any doubts, you can ask us in the comments section at the end of the article.

In this buying guide, we have mentioned all the things that you must consider so that it makes it clear and easier for you to finalize your next purchase. Let’s have a look!

The Size of the Fan

Undoubtedly, this is the first thing that you must check. The size of the fan depends on your requirement but for your information, table fans come in 3 different sizes: 12 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches. You can also call them as small table fans, medium and large table fans.

If you want a fan for your hall or the dining area of your house, you can select a large table fan but if you are looking for a fan for your room, you can also select a small table fan. One surprising thing about larger fans is they are quiet and do not produce much noise, even when you use it at the lowest setting. 

Blade Sweep

The blade sweep refers to the circular area of motion that is covered by the blades of the fans while the fan is rotating. It also means the area that the fan is capable of cooling. It should always be high so that one fan should serve the purpose rather than using 2 or more fans. As mentioned above, the blade sweep of an average table fan ranges between 40mm – 450mm.

Fan Speed

The speed of the fan is measured in rpm i.e. rotations per minute. The higher the rpm of your fan is, the faster the air rotates around the house as a good speed also provides a heavy blow of air.

Similar to other fans, the table fans also offer 3-speed control settings – low, medium, and high. You can operate them on the basis of the situation and your requirements. Different speed levels also help you in preventing the wastage of extra energy.

Some fans come with a single-speed option and we would suggest you not to go with such fans as they are not very convenient and the speed cannot be controlled.

Air Delivery

The air delivery of the fan is measured in cubic meters per minute and refers to the volume of air that moves per minute. If you wish for a higher amount of air to be blowing out of the fan, you must go for fans that offer high CMM. Some brands also measure this in CFM i.e. cubic feet per minute.

This factor lets you know clearly that how much volume of air the fan can circulate in a minute.

Power Consumption

This is an important factor that decides that how much power the fan is going to consume. The power consumption has a direct effect on the efficiency of the device and the electricity bills. An average fan consumes energy of 40-100 watts.

Removable Grills

All the table fans come with a grill as it prevents children or pets from getting their hands caught in between the high-speed moving blades. Fans come with 2 types of grills – permanent grills and removable grills.

Since the table fans revolve continuously from one end to the other to pass air, there is a high possibility that the blades catch the dust. Over a period of time, these dust particles start building up on the blades. This dust needs to be cleaned regularly so that blades can work efficiently.

The removable grills allow you to open the grill and access the blades of the fan. You can either wipe them properly or unscrew the blades and wash them and fix them back. This promotes efficiency and a cleaner breathing environment.

Thus, fans with removable grills are always considered as a better option. However, it is also suggested to unplug the fan from the power socket and then start cleaning to avoid any casualty.


The amount of noise produced from the fan can have a major impact on how peaceful the surrounding is while you are using the fan. Buying a noisy fan will only spoil your sleep quality and disturb you from enjoying a conversation or while doing any activity.

Even though you can measure the amount of sound produced by a fan is decibels, the sad part is most of the brands do not mention this part. To check this, you can go to a nearby store and check the noise quality. Another way to measure the amount of noise is the quality of the motor. Fans that use low-quality motors end up creating unnecessary and irritating noise throughout.

One of the reasons people don’t prefer using table fans in their bedrooms is they consider fans as noise-generating devices. However, to avoid this, you can go ahead with a good-quality fan that uses a good-quality motor. This prevents unnecessary noise.

Material Quality

As we always suggest, you must never go for a product that uses cheap quality spare parts as they get damaged quickly and are not durable at all. Table fans are made using a wide range of materials including steel, plastic, and brass. All of them have their own pros and cons.

Some people consider plastic fans as cheaper options but in reality, they are far more flexible and practical than stainless steel fans or other options. These fans are light in weight as plastic itself is a lightweight material. This way, they are more functional and it is very easy to clean these fans.

The fans whose bodies are built using metals such as brass or stainless steel are very powerful and can be used even in open spaces. They are tough and durable. These fans come with a coating or require polishing as the steel and brass can rust or oxidize.

Tilt Action – Oscillating, Rotating Grill or Fixed

Table fans must serve 2 purposes successfully – cooling and air circulation. Fans with oscillating grills help in swing the air successfully in all the directions and at every corner of the room. But, if your room is very spacious, you can choose a fan with a rotating grill too.

The swing system of the fans varies from brand to brand. While some fans come with an automated swing system, others come with an option to select the swing mode manually. If fans with manual swing settings require a lot of effort, the fans with automated settings require a continuous power source, either AC source or DC source.

Some fans come with a front grill that rotates in angled slats. This helps in diverting the air into a larger cone. One of the cons of having fans with rotational grills are they become noisy after a while, if not maintained properly.

Design of the Fan

There are multiple models of fans that you can choose from. Some of them are classic desktop fans, box fans, etc.

Since box fans, also known as window fans are slim, you can place them on the window and enjoy the fresh air. But, because they are slim, they are the most stable options and are also easy to knock over.

If you are one of those who like to keep antique stuff at your home, you can go for classic desktop fans. They look a bit bulky and have wide space in between the grills. You need to be careful with your fingers as the possibility of your fingers touching the blades is high.

The squat designs, also called as floor models are very stable and can be used around children and pets. You can also go for tiltable models that work on bringing down the hot air from the ceiling. These are very helpful in the winter season.

Installation and Maintenance

Buying a good product is not enough. How you maintain it has a huge impact on its durability. Usually, table fans are very easy to install and do not need assistance but you must always check the procedure and then only do it yourself.

It is always a smart move to select devices that are easy to maintain and clean rather going for those designs where you have to contact an electrician for every small issue.


With so many brands coming up with new features, there are many options available in the market to choose from. Almost all the option provides something better and innovative from the other. One thing that we should consider is the budget so that you can select a good quality product in that price range. The price of a good table fan varies from Rs. 1200- 5000.


As a golden rule, you must always buy an electric appliance that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of a minimum of 1 year. Since these appliances work on power, there is a high chance of fluctuations and this is where maintenance issues start. The warranty helps in building confidence while buying a product and it protects you from any damage in the future.

Most of the table fans from good brands come with a warranty of 1-2 years but there are products that even come with a warranty period of more than 2 years.

Safety Tips

Since the table fans are easily reachable, it is very essential to look for the safety features that it provides. Along with this, you can also follow a few tips that are very easy and handy. They are as follows:

  • Do not touch the fan with wet hands or place the fans on a wet surface.
  • Always place it over a plain and stable surface so that it does not fall.
  • First, detangle the wire and then plug it to the power source.
  • Do not touch the fan or mesh while the power source of the fan is ON.

Advantage of Table Fans

  • Unlike ceiling fans, you can place the table fans wherever you wish to. They are flexible and can be moved so that the air reaches all the corners of the room.
  • The table fans are portable and provide wide reach and help you stay cool anywhere.
  • They are inexpensive and budget-friendly.
  • They consume very less energy that ranges around 50-100 watts whereas an  AC consumes 900 watts of energy.
  • The table fans offer 180-degree rotation feature that helps in equal distribution of air.
  • The fans are convenient to use. You can regulate the settings as per your requirements. Some upgraded versions even come with a remote control to manage the settings.
  • Table fans come in a variety of sizes and colors. You can pick one that matches with the other décor items at your place.

A Maintenance Guide for Table Fans

It is very essential to maintain the table fans properly for efficient performance. When the dust starts building over the blades of the fan, you can notice a significant drop in the speed and cooling effect. Thus, you should make it a habit to wipe the dust over the blades at regular intervals.

Here’s how you can maintain your table fans properly. All you need is a handheld vacuum cleaner, lint-free cloth, soap, cotton cloth, and water.

  • Turn off the power and unplug the fan.
  • Clean the vents in the motor using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the grill using a screwdriver and unscrew the blades of the fan.
  • Take a small tab and make a mix of warm soapy water.
  • Now soak the blades in this water and start cleaning the blades.
  • Wipe other parts of the fan and the base area using a cloth.
  • Once everything is clean, reassemble the fan and once all the parts are dry, you can start using the fan again.

Ceiling Fan vs. Table Fan

If you are wondering that if the ceiling can serve the purpose of circulating the air to the entire room, why do you need a table fan, here is the difference between both of them.

Where ceiling fans circulate the air by ceiling or pushing the air down to the room to make it colder, table fans circulate the air by moving it outward. Another advantage of using table fans is you can place them near the window to pull in fresh air from the outside. Some other differences between both the types of fans are as follows:

Table fans are compact and small. This helps in moving them from one room to the other. The ceiling fans have larger blades and are fixed permanently at a place.

In terms of style and features also, table fans provide more flexibility and features. You can adjust the height and speed of the oscillation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do table fans need oiling?

Some table fans have double-sealed ball bearings. These bearings do not require oiling. However, there are other types of fans that have a small hole above the motor wherein you can pour 2-3 drops of oil. This helps in lubricating the motor and lets it work efficiently.

2. What is the correct way to place a table fan?

You can place the table fan as per your convenience but one thing that you must make sure of is to place it over a smooth, flat, and horizontal surface so that it does not fall over someone.

3. Can running a table fan for a long time lead to overheating?

It is natural for any electrical appliance to get overheated and a table fan is no different. However, if you notice smoke or an unpleasant odor, turn it off immediately and check if the motor or winding is functioning properly.

4. Are table fans with 3 blades better than table fans with 4 blades?

The number of the blade has different effects on the fan. While more number of blades helps in reducing the noise, it also puts a lot of pressure on the motor of the fan and makes it function slowly.

5. Can table fans be used in all types of climates?

Table fans push the air outward, making room for fresh air to enter the room. This is why they circulate cool air during summers.
During winter, you can place them in the room, making them circulate the warm air within the room.

6. Do table fans run on battery?

Yes, there are many table fans that run on rechargeable batteries. The batteries need an average 4-8 hour of duration to get fully charged.
Quality table fans can even run for 8 continuous hours on battery, in case there is a major power failure in your area

7. What is sweep of blade mean?

The ability of the blade to span is also known as blade sweep. Which is the diameter of circle that we can see when the blades are in motion.

8. How much do table fans cost?

Metal table fans can cost higher than plastic table fans. Usually, metal fans might even cost Rs. 9000- Rs. 10,000.
Plastic table fans are cheaper. The starting range of these fans are Rs. 1000- Rs. 1200. The price might differ depending upon the additional features, product build, motor power and more

9. Do table fans use a lot of electricity?

Tables fans do not consume a lot of electricity. Also, a DC fan is more efficient than an AC table fan, that directly runs on the 110-volt alternating current.
DC fans thus consume less than third of the energy consumed by old AC fans.

10. Are metal blades better than plastic blades?

Metal fan blades can be heavy but has a wider air circulation, as they are heavy. Plastic blades are lighter, but crack easily, and most of the times users complain about their air circulation.


It’s not only about portability or power saving, a table fan offers a lot more than that. You can take them on your travels and trips, install them in a temporary set up and above all they are easy to clean and maintain.

If our article has convinced you to buy a table fan then we did strongly recommend Usha Maxx 55-watts Air Table Fan for reasons of its being long lasting, having a brand base, and comes at an affordable rate. It a low maintenance high delivery table fan that will never let you down.

But, if you want something even more compact and with a battery back-up them CZ is good. Its foldable, compact and has a good build.

Though, ultimately the decision is on you. So, here’s hoping that you make a wise choice. Do let us know how informing the article was to you.

Also if you have used any of these listed products then please share your experience.

We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

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  • Avatar Shivam maglani says:

    Table fan or pedestal fan which one is worthy to buy?

    • It depends on your individual preference, area of placement, area to cover and other factors. Share your requirement so that we can provide the best one suitable for you.

  • Avatar Kaushik Bhowmick says:

    Why are table fans less developed and efficient than the ceiling fans? I mean no table fans are available in BEE 5 star category also there is superior BLDC technology being used in ceiling fans which are not there in table fans.

    • Hi Kaushik, Thanks for the question. Ceiling fans are more developed than table fans because of the following reasons.
      First of all, you need to understand that the main function of fan is to give air to all around the room. The ability to give air to all the room is called as sweep. Ceiling fans and table fans have different sweep.

      Ceiling fans have more sweep and when they are attached to the ceiling, they give air to all around the room. A table fan has less sweep and it has to have an option called swing to move its head from left to right to give air to a small area. BEE 5 category appliances are energy saving appliances. Motors used of these technology consume less energy. But at the same time they reduce the sweep and air quantity coming out of the fans.

      As ceiling fans have bigger sweep, using a BEE Category 5 motor will cause very small effect on its overall air flow. But if you use the same motor in a table fan, it will reduce the energy consumption but it will also reduce the sweep of the fan. Thus it will give less air to the room. Therefore BEE 5 category is not used in a table fan.

      Coming to the second part of your question, the BLDC fan, again is a great choice to conserve energy. When it comes to ceiling fans, they seem to be a one time affair for a long time and thus need to have energy considerations. Also, do not forget that BLDC motors cost you twice as much as a normal fan motor does. For instance, compared to a 1500 rupees fan motor, the BLDC counterpart would cost you somewhere between 3300 to 3500 rupees.

      The main reason why people buy a table fan in India is due to economic constraints (most of us anyway), the amount of people who prefer to buy a costly table fan when they can afford a ceiling fan would not seem likely for companies to manufacture and push these fans.

      Maybe soon enough, with all the energy talks going on, people will realize the importance of energy savings than cost savings and go forth with these fans. Companies will realize the demand and thus supply will begin. Demand initiates Supply

      Hope this helps.

  • Avatar Kaushik Bhowmick says:

    What are your thoughts on ‘Orient Wind Pro Desk 60 fan which has 5 blades in 400 mm which is rarely found on table fans. Please leave a comment.

    • Generally, people feel like more number of blades means more cool air but in reality, it is the opposite. Increasing in the number of blades does not equate to higher air flow nor cooler air flow.

      4 or 5 bladed fans are usually bought for aesthetic purposes and they add little value. On the contrary, more number of blades will add more burden to the fan’s motor.
      The reason why most of Indian fans come with 3 blade fans is because 3 blades are optimal in pushing away hot air and generating cool air. More blades will just spiral the existing air in circulation.

      Coming to your query, the Orient Wind Pro Desk is a 5 bladed fan where as, its counterpart, the Orient Electric Desk Table Fan is a same fan but with 3 blades. Thus it offers more cooling effect. But if you are going for a better aesthetic look, then you can still go for the Wind Pro Desk.

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