Top 6 Best Table Fans In India : 2019 Reviews

Table Fans

The scorching heat in India and the increasing electricity bills due to the usage of Air Conditioners needs no introduction. Table Fans have been with Indian households for enough that I feel like they are part of our culture now.

A Table fan’s ability to compete with giant air coolers in terms of instant relief and cost have made it the easy go to for an average Indian. Unlike ceiling fans, which are difficult to clean or move from one place to another, table fans are much more mobile. They are affordable, light in weight and occupy very little house space.

Just like any other air cooling devices, Table Fans also have evolved with time. The table fans of today are far superior to the ones from before. They are of better quality, less noisy, offer more air, a few even come with LED indicators too.

But just like any other device, there are good table fans and terrible ones too. What differentiates a good table fan from a worst one has been clearly explained in the “Buying Guide” present at the end of this article.

Before buying a table fan, make sure that

  • It is of good company
  • Top Fan speed available
  • How safe is the fan in a house
  • Is there any jerk to the fan as a whole?

Companies like Usha Maxx, Crompton, Polar mistral, Luminous mojo are some of the best known brands in Table Fans. After spending hours on research on cost, speed, oscillation and much more, we have concluded the following 5 best table fans available in the market.

Best Table Fans In India : 2019 Reviews

Best Table FansFan TypeSpeed ChangeWarrantyBuy Now
Usha Maxx Air Table FanDesk fanYes1 Year Check the Price
Orient Electric Desk Table FanDesk fanYes2 Years Check the Price
V- Guard Personal Fan Lab Personal FanYes1 Year Check the Price
Havells Birdie 230mm Table Fan Personal FanNo1 Year Check the Price
Luminous Buddy High Speed Table Fan Personal FanNo2 Years Check the Price
Crompton High Flo Eva Table FanDesk fanYes2 Years Check the Price

Top 6 Best Table Fans in India: 2019 Reviews

1. Usha Maxx Air Table Fan

Usha Maxx Air Table Fan

A household name since 1934, there is no Indian who is not familiar with Usha’s products. Hence there is no surprise that it is an Usha fan at the top of this list. But what makes this the best and top worthy?

With a great white colour and aesthetically pleasing design, this table fan is entirely made of plastic. It is incredibly light in weight and can be easily moved about from place to place. The Usha Maxx air has PVC blades which are smooth and do not rust like their metal counterparts.

This table fan has a 400mm sweep which can provide instant relief even to a considerably big room. Even with its blades rotating at a speed of 1280 rpm, this fan is noiseless and  jerk free when oscillating from one side to another. Coming to the power consumption, it needs an input of 55 watts energy and is quite energy efficient actually.

In addition to its great design and performance,the Usha Maxx air table fan comes with overheat protection. This means that this fan is protected from any possibility of overheating due to thermal overload.

This product comes with one year manufacturer warranty. While this fan is in white colour, Usha Air Maxx also comes in a premium blue colour. It’s semi transparent you are someone looking for both performance AND style, you can consider this too.

Things We Liked:

  • Noiseless Sweep
  • Great Design
  • Aerodynamic blades for better air delivery
  • Uniform oscillation
  • Motor Overheat protection
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty 

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The blades sometimes may get stuck and would need either a pen or some push to start. 

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2. Orient Electric Desk Table Fan

Orient Electric Desk Table Fan

Orient Electric Desk fan is a direct competition to Usha Air maxx. It comes with Resin Plastic blades which are aerodynamically designed to offer maximum air thrust.

With a stylish blue and white mixed colouring, this fan is easy to assemble as its parts are all snap fit. This means that you don’t have to fix it using nuts or screws like normal fans. The powder coated guard with polymer ring offers extra protection to the blades.

The fan comes with a 90 degree oscillation and a bi directional tilt. This means you can place this on a table or down on the floor using the tilt to direct the airflow up or down. Hence this is ideal if you are a bachelor or have a small family.

With a power consumption of 53 watts, the fan operates at a speed of 1330 RPM and the speed can be adjusted with a 3 piano styled buttons to its base. Furthermore, the motor is protected from any overheating by a thermal overload protection.

As this table fan comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years, I would say that it’s a great buy.

Things We Liked

  • Snap Fit Assembly
  • Aerodynamically Designed For  Air Thrust
  • 90 Degree Oscillation with Up and Down tilt
  • Thermal Overheat Protection
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty 

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing specific to mention. It overall is a great product. 

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3. V- Guard Personal Fan Lab Breeze 

V-Guard Personal Fan Lap Breeze Table Fan

A cute addition from the V-Guard family, the Personal Fan Lab Breeze is a portable table fan ideal for single cabins in offices, study tables, shop counters and for work desks at homes. This is ideal for people who are looking for portable table fans to carry around from place to place.

This compact and small fan is pre assembled before shipped and is ready for plug and play. The incredibly noiseless table fan is made out of great quality plastic and has 5 fan blades in all.It’s aerodynamic design offers good air thrusted forwards.

The best part about this fan is its tilt. It has a vertical tilt which can be slided forward or backward for upward or downward flow of air. It can also be moved 360 degrees around by rotating the grill frame on the base like a bottle cork/cap.

The speed can be controlled not by buttons but by a knob present at the base of this fan. The sweep of this fan is 10 inches which means it can give out good air in close ranges. As it just consumes 40 watts of energy, you may not expect high speed as well. You also cannot expect this personal fan for giving air to an entire room because of its small size.

There are no negatives for this product except that it is a bit heavier in weight and does not have an automatic sweep option like most table fans. The product comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty and any disputes are directly addressed by V-Guard.

Things we Liked:

  • Uniform Air Delivery
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Great performance for long durations
  • 40 Watts energy consumption
  • 1 year warranty 

Things we Didn’t Like:

  • A little bit heavy and not totally light weight
  • The fan may be a bit jerky after using for a long time
  • Absence of automatic sweep. 

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4. Havells Birdie 230mm Personal Table Fan 

Havells Birdie 230mm Personal Fan

A cheerfully coloured personal fan by Havells, the Birdie 230mm is ideal for usage in small cabins, desks, shop counters and for study tables at home.  

A pre assembled product, the Havells Birdie is made out of great copper windings and great quality plastic. The ergonomically designed 3 leaf abs blade with aerofoil section give out superior air throw (upto 6-7 feet) and are ideal for smaller places.

The mesh is spiral and elegant. There is a globe styled guard ring within which the fan frame is fixed and it can move about its own axis in 360 degrees. The rocker enables the fan to be thrust front and back for air flow to be upwards and downwards.

This fan comes with a 2 capacitor pole motor. Hence you can expect high efficiency of the fan at lower power consumption. The speed of the fan is 2800 RPM for a 55 watt power consumption and has an innovative rotation style.

The only problem with this fan other than being a little bit noisy is the absence of control buttons. There are no buttons as such for this fan with which you can control it. It is direct plug in to power on and plug out to power off.

Havells Birdie comes in 2 colours, Black on Grey mesh and Yellow upon Maroon mesh. The product comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Things we liked:

  • 2 Pole capacitor Motor for higher efficiency and lower power consumption
  • Stylish design and colours
  • Rotational Ring surrounding the frame. 
  • Great quality blades and speed in this pricing segment 

Things we didn’t like:

  • Absence of control buttons.
  • Noise when used for longer durations. 

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5. Luminous Buddy High Speed Personal Table Fan 

Luminous Buddy 230mm 55-Watt High Speed Personal Fan

Another personal fan in the list, the Luminous Body is ideal for closed spaces and small desks just like the Havells Birdie. Made out of high quality plastic, the fan blades are aerodynamically built. Its mesh designed in a conical outward manner to maximise the air flow to great distances in the room.

With a power consumption of 55 watts, the Luminous Buddy has a great speed of 2800 RPM. The is known to provide high quality air and with low temperature rise. The fan can both act as a desk fan and also can be mounted onto a wall with the help of a nail.

Coming to the plastic body of the fan, the front part is easily openable and even the aluminium blades can be cleaned easily.  It has its mesh designed in a conical outward manner to maximise the air flow. The rubber coating at the bottom of the fan provides ample grip to the fan.

Similar to the Havells Birdie, this personal fan too does not come with any buttons or switches to adjust the speed of the fan. It has to be plugged in always in order to run. Another minor con for this fan would be the noise that it generates. Fortunately, this fan comes with a warranty of 2 years which can be claimed  with manufacturer.

Things we liked:

  • High speed and aerodynamic blades
  • Best quality of aluminum blades
  • Can be used as both wall mounted fan and as a stand fan
  • Easily removable grills for dusting
  • Rubber coating at the bottom for perfect grip
  • 2 years warranty 

Things we did not like:

  • Absence of buttons or dials
  • Noise 

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6. Crompton High Flo Eva Table Fan

Crompton High Flo Eva 400mm Table Fan

Crompton is a well known brand when it comes to home appliances. If you are a bachelor or a family that is looking for a fan that will air the entire room, the crompton high Flo Eva is a great fit .

Made out of plastic, the base of this table fan is wide and gives it a sturdy look. With a sweep of 400mm and a speed of 1300 RPM, this is ideal for a considerably big room.

The dedicated 3 button air flow control make it easier to use. It also has an auto swing feature which is ideal to provide good air to everyone in the room. Moreover, the fan is not as noisy as its bulky counterparts.

In an ergonomic design, the knob present at the neck of the fan enables free movement of the fan towards front and to the back thereby helping in airflow.

The only con that we have observed is that it is not ideally giving a lot of speed. Also, the plastic of the fan feels of a little low grade. But for that, you have a 2 year warranty on the product from the manufacturer.

Things we liked:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to assemble
  • Auto swing with good sweep
  • Gentle and Breezy air flow
  • 2 Year warranty 

Things We didn’t like:

  • Poor quality plastic
  • Not great with speed. 

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Buying Guide for Table Fan:

Picking the best table fan would require you to understand what makes a fan the best. What are the parameters that decide whether a fan is good or great. We have listed a few important parameters that define the quality of a fan.

1. Build Material

Ancient table fans were built with metal. The body of the fan used to be made out of iron or steel. With times, the body of the fans began to incorporate various other metals and materials such as PVC and fiber too. Metal fans are ideal for outdoor or heavy duty. They are still a popular go to material for large fans but the problem with metal fans is that they easily rust. Always go for a PVC or Fiber based table fan. They are not only cheap but are also durable and practical.

2. Size of the fan:

Table fans come in various sizes . Smaller sizes are ideal for desks, shop counters or for personal uses on small tables etc. medium sized fans are ideal for single room based bachelors or small families.

3. Noise:

One of the major problems with table fans from over long time is the noise that is associated with them. But the table fans of today are almost noiseless or have less noise that. Look at the reviews of the table fan that you have picked to understand the noise level of that fan. It differs from one fan to another. While this stands, there are people who actually love the sound made by a fan. It is the ideal white noise which in a way relaxes a some people.

4. Removability of the grill/mesh

The fundamental functionality of a table fan is to rotate and enable the passage of air from many directions to one direction. Hence it is totally understandable that it can easily catch dust. The front mounted grill of a table fan has to be easily removable as this helps you to clean the fan from time to time. Ideally, go for table fans that do not need to be assembled with screws but are snap fit.

5. Swing Oscillation:

Oscillation in a table fan means the ability of this fan to rotate or move from side to side to provide air in more than one direction. While there are a few fans which offer automated swing, there are other few which are either unidirectional or have to be swung across manually. Look at the swing oscillation of a fan before buying it.

6. The Tilt

The tilt of a table fan refers to the ability of the fan to move up or down. Almost similar to the swing oscillation, the tilt function is ideal for desktop table fans or when you want the air from the fan to direct to the down or up depending on the placement of the fan or your bed.

Not every table fan has a tilt function and in all frankness, this is an additional thing and not that important to decide the quality of the table fan.

7. Speed of the Fan

A deal breaker, almost all table fans come with a knob or a toggle switch which lets you control the speed of the fan. This is important not just for larger fans but fans of all sizes and materials.

There are many fans ( Like the Havells Birdie 230mm in the list above) which do not have a speed control option and that’s ok. If you are looking for a very portable and/or a desk fan.

8. Warranty:

It is important to check on the warranty of any product as it financially protects you from any damages that happens to the product. A typical table fan comes with a warranty of 1-2 years. But there also exist products with warranty period that extends 2 years. It is all about picking the right product.

9. Pricing and Budget:

Table fans are usually tossed aside to be a very low cost or budget-friendly air delivery devices but in actuality, the effectiveness of a table fan gives you very much importance. Today, there are various companies and different and smart models of table fans that are available in the market.

So before choosing a table fan, be sure of the pricing and budget. Also, please understand that cheap does not equal to budget. A budget fan may lack in features but serves in quality whereas a cheap fan promises a lot and delivers very little.

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How much does a table fan cost?

Metal table fans can even go to 9,000-10,000 rupees too. A good quality plastic build table fan starts from about 1000-1200 rupees. Also, depending on the additional features and product build quality, this will change.

2. Which type of Blade is the best in a table fan?

A plastic blade is safer than a metal blade any day. Plastic moulds easily and shaping it into an aerodynamically convenient shape is easy. It offers superior air delivery too.

But if you are in the need of a heavier performance and greater durability too, i.e, a high powered motor and need more air, opt for metal blades. They stay have a really long life and are usually powered by heavy motors too but are a little expensive.

3. Can Electric Table Fans get overheated?

It is natural that any type of fan can get overheated over prolonged usage. One of the major reason for the overheating of a table fan is due to the accumulation of dirt or dust. This will result in the friction of the fan and the particles and the air. This will lead to heat.

If your fan is having a lot of heat, make sure you’ve unplugged the fan, cleaned the parts and re-assembled it. This will aid in the removal of any dust present within the fan.

If the issue persists, contact your manufacturer. The motor or the windings of the fan may be at fault.

4. Where Should You Place a Table Fan?

The Placement of a table fan is entirely dependent on you. But while placing a fan, make sure that the placement of the fan is not directed directly to the place you sleep or sit. While this may sound alluring as it will, by default common sense gives you more coolness, it is not a reality.

In reality, it will strain your skin and often than not you will easily get irritated and switch off the fan. This will lead you to feel hot and sticky and you turn on the fan and the cycle continues.

Instead of this, if you place the fan at an elevation and direct it slightly away from its intended destination, the air will begin to circulate all around and will give you coolness.

Also, make sure that the backside of the fan has some distance from a wall or place it by the window for better circulation.

5. What is the standard power of a table fan?

The power of a table fan is determined by a metric called the CFM. CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Meter and this is the airflow ability of a fan in every 60 seconds.

Ideal CFM of a table fan would lie somewhere between 300-400 but it could be higher or lower. Different fans have different CFM abilities and mostly metal fans have higher CFMs.

6. Is it better to purchase a ceiling fan, cooler or a table fan?

A table fan can be placed anywhere whereas a ceiling fan, well, goes up on the ceiling. Now if you are someone who does not have a proper ceiling, or has low height ceiling, needs a portable fan that you can pretty much carry around anywhere or need something that you can turn off and carry about, then please go for a table fan.

But if you are moving into a new home, have a room that requires the usage of a fan but does not have any issues with space or the ceiling height, then please go ahead with a ceiling fan.

A cooler has the same functional direction as a table fan but is larger in the magnitude of power and cooling effect. But then again, a cooler needs more electricity, some water and large space and causes moisture formation inside one’s home.

There is no true distinction between the superiority of one type of fan over the other. It is all about the usability and why you have bought a particular type of fan and its usage.


A table fan is a fun, light in weight and a cost effective solution to the hot and humid climates in India. Of all the available options we found Usha Maxx Air Table Fan to be a best buy. It’s noiseless sweep, ergonomic design and optimal energy consumption make it a best buy. Wrapping it up, if you have any questions pertaining to table fans, feel free to write them down as comments. Our appliances expert will revert back to you quickly.

4 thoughts on “Top 6 Best Table Fans In India : 2019 Reviews”

  1. What are your thoughts on ‘Orient Wind Pro Desk 60 fan which has 5 blades in 400 mm which is rarely found on table fans. Please leave a comment.

    • Generally, people feel like more number of blades means more cool air but in reality, it is the opposite. Increasing in the number of blades does not equate to higher air flow nor cooler air flow.

      4 or 5 bladed fans are usually bought for aesthetic purposes and they add little value. On the contrary, more number of blades will add more burden to the fan’s motor.
      The reason why most of Indian fans come with 3 blade fans is because 3 blades are optimal in pushing away hot air and generating cool air. More blades will just spiral the existing air in circulation.

      Coming to your query, the Orient Wind Pro Desk is a 5 bladed fan where as, its counterpart, the Orient Electric Desk Table Fan is a same fan but with 3 blades. Thus it offers more cooling effect. But if you are going for a better aesthetic look, then you can still go for the Wind Pro Desk.

  2. Why are table fans less developed and efficient than the ceiling fans? I mean no table fans are available in BEE 5 star category also there is superior BLDC technology being used in ceiling fans which are not there in table fans.

    • Hi Kaushik, Thanks for the question. Ceiling fans are more developed than table fans because of the following reasons.
      First of all, you need to understand that the main function of fan is to give air to all around the room. The ability to give air to all the room is called as sweep. Ceiling fans and table fans have different sweep.

      Ceiling fans have more sweep and when they are attached to the ceiling, they give air to all around the room. A table fan has less sweep and it has to have an option called swing to move its head from left to right to give air to a small area. BEE 5 category appliances are energy saving appliances. Motors used of these technology consume less energy. But at the same time they reduce the sweep and air quantity coming out of the fans.

      As ceiling fans have bigger sweep, using a BEE Category 5 motor will cause very small effect on its overall air flow. But if you use the same motor in a table fan, it will reduce the energy consumption but it will also reduce the sweep of the fan. Thus it will give less air to the room. Therefore BEE 5 category is not used in a table fan.

      Coming to the second part of your question, the BLDC fan, again is a great choice to conserve energy. When it comes to ceiling fans, they seem to be a one time affair for a long time and thus need to have energy considerations. Also, do not forget that BLDC motors cost you twice as much as a normal fan motor does. For instance, compared to a 1500 rupees fan motor, the BLDC counterpart would cost you somewhere between 3300 to 3500 rupees.

      The main reason why people buy a table fan in India is due to economic constraints (most of us anyway), the amount of people who prefer to buy a costly table fan when they can afford a ceiling fan would not seem likely for companies to manufacture and push these fans.

      Maybe soon enough, with all the energy talks going on, people will realize the importance of energy savings than cost savings and go forth with these fans. Companies will realize the demand and thus supply will begin. Demand initiates Supply

      Hope this helps.

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