Top 7 Best Study Table Lamps in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Whether you are a bachelor, a student, a writer or just someone who wants to somber along the night in a movie like set up, a table lamp perfectly sums it up.

A table lamp is nostalgic, it pulls you back to simplicity and keeps you grounded. You have a desktop, a laptop and an LED tube light but a simple table lamp will add to an immense style statement to your room.

But with so many cheap,budget, expensive, feature rich table lamps in the market, it is a difficult choice to place a finger on a decent quality table fan. A fan that runs for a longer while and doesn’t break easily.

Lucky for you, our team has done great research to settle on a list of 7 table lamps which fall within the confined walls of quality. So how about we go scrolling into the list?

Also, be sure to check out the buying guide at the end of the article which will aid you in the buying process.

Best Study Table Lamps in India

Best Table LampsBatteryClip basedWarrantyBuy Now
Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table lampNoNo2 YearsCheck the Price
Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desk LightNoNo2 YearsCheck the Price
SaleOn™ LED Touch On/Off Switch Desk LampYesYesN.ACheck the Price
Smartone rocklight Table lamp LED LightYesNoN.ACheck the Price
Lovelyhome LED Book Lights clip based lampYesYesN.ACheck the Price
DP Portable Rechargeable LED Emergency LightYesNoN.ACheck the Price
Rrimin USB Flexible Reading Table Desk LampYesYesN.ACheck the Price

Best Table Lamps / Study Lamps Reviews in India

1. Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table lamp

WiproGarnetTablelampWIPRO has been serving the every day Indian for over 75 years now with a lot of memorable products. The Garnet table lamp by Wipro is luxurious and has the ability to change the colour of the light that comes off from it.

This means that with just a tap of a button, you can convert from the cool day light to neutral white or even to a warm white light. I.e, 3 dimming options for your comfort. With a CRI greater than 80, the lamp has the ability to display colours clearly and with no visual distortions.

Running with about 6 watts of power, the Garnet lamp is energy efficient. It has LED bulbs embedded into its beak and a stem that is incredibly flexible. The light from the bulb is glare free and soft light. It can provide upto 200 lumens of light. Enough to light up most of a wide desk.

Operated by a single touch based button, the lamp is incredibly light in weight and does not consume a lot of work space. Hence it is ideal for workplaces and people of bigger generation too. The only drawback to this model is the fact that it does not come with a battery portability option.

The Wipro Garnet 6 watts LED Table Lamp comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for any product or part related damage.

Things We Liked:

  • 3 Dimming colour change options which go easy on eye
  • Consumes less desk space
  • Consumes only 6 watts of power
  • CRI> 80; hence colour visibility is clear
  • Touch based power button
  • Flexible design
  • Glare free and Soft Light
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • Model is not battery based and has to use a power outlet.

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2. Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desk Light

philipstablelampIt is no news to say that Philips has been into the lighting business for a long time now. 127 years to be exact. The 6103 LED Desk light by Philips consumes as low as 5 watts of power and produces as high as 250 lumens of light. 50 lumens higher than the Wipro Garnet LED lamp.

Saving about 80% more than an average light bulb, all of the products by Philips use a matte diffuser in their lamps. These are instrumental in reducing the glare, eye fatigue and any eye strain due to constant exposure to the light.

As one of the top rated desk

lamp in India, the Air Desk Lamp has an LED bulb for its light source and this bulb has the ability to give you a cool daylight. Similar to the Wipro Garnet, it also utilizes a power outlet rather than a rechargeable battery source to stay lit. Hence this is ideal for workplaces and study desks in hostels etc.,

Simply designed with elegance and singular colour, the Air Desk Lamp has a stick based flexibility. I.e, it may not be able to be as flexible as most lamps in the list, but it’s tip can bent to give ample light. Unfortunately, the stand stick is non flexible in nature. But the entire set up can close to a single small stick. Easier for storage.

The best part about this lamp would be the incredibly large amount of warranty coverage. There is a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty available for any product related damages to the item.

Things we liked about it:

  • More intensive light  of 250 lumens.
  • Less power consumption of just about 5 watts.
  • Ideal desk partner for workstations and study tables
  • Gives out cool day light
  • Has a matte diffuser to reduce glare, eye fatigue and eye strain
  • Comes with 2 years product manufacturer’s warranty.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Not as flexible as most lamps
  • Is not battery based.

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3. SaleOn™ LED Touch On/Off Switch Desk Lamp

saleontablelampThe first rechargeable light in the list, the SaleOn LED desk lamp has every feature in the above mentioned lamps and a few more.

Ideal for hostel students and bachelors who have to live in limited space, the SaleOn lamp is small, compact and light in weight. It has a USB port through which the charger can be pushed and charging can happen.

Typically it takes about 3 hours for the device to get fully charged and used for a great handful of hours. You can also keep the lamp at charge and the keep using the lamp.

As for the ergonomics, the stem of the lamp is entirely flexible and can bend about in any direction required and retain the shape. This makes the omni directionality of the light quite helpful.

The light dimmer option is ideal to reduce or increase the light intensity. Just press and hold the touch based power button to toggle the dim of the light.

With efficient heat dissipation, the light from the device is safe, secure and easy going for the eyes. The downside to this amazing product is the lack of a manufacturer’s warranty which is not surprising given the price range of the product. But affirmative, the quality of the product lies better than expected.

Things we liked:

  • Flexibility of the stem and the light tip
  • Compact, small and light in weight
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Light from the lamp is easy going on the eyes.
  • Dimming of the light as per interest.
  • Economic Pricing.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Has no warranty
  • Could improve the battery operational life.

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4. Smartone Rocklight Table lamp LED Light

smartonetablelampThe Smartone Rocklight table lamp comes with another USB based LED light for free with it. This LED USB Lamp can go into a power bank, a laptop or any other secondary UBS outlet serving as a perfect secondary clip on table lamp.

Coming to the primary lamp, the smartone rocklight is a rechargeable lamp and is an ideal pick for students, bachelors and book lovers who wish to read in the dead of the night.

Both the lamps are light in weight and easy to move about. Portable. The primary lamp needs a recharge time of about 2 hours and can work for about 3 hours straight.

A dimmer option available on the touch button is super helpful in toggling the 3 dimming options which can be used according to one’s usability.

Light from either of the two lamps does not emit any blue light hence it is ideal to use for longer durations of time for study, work etc.,

The downside this amazing product is the fact that it does not have any manufacturer’s warranty with it. But one has to keep in mind the incredibly economic pricing of the product.

Things we liked:

  • 2 incredibly useful lamps for the price of  one
  • Economic pricing
  • Flexible design of the lamp
  • Battery capacity of about 2 -3 hours usage
  • Light in weight and easy to move about
  • Easy going light with no blue light.
  • Touch based power and toggle button
  • 3 Dimming options
  • Economic pricing.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Does not come with any manufacturer’s product warranty.

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5. Lovelyhome LED Book Lights clip based lamp

lovelyhometablelampA clip based book light cum table lamp, the LovelyHome LED lamp is a definite improvement to the ergonomics of portable lamps.

The clip based design of the lamp is brilliant in holding to a book, laptop, a pad, a desk and pretty much any of the thin to medium thick surfaces. This easy usability factor makes this a gizmo worth having by students, instructors, book worms, and travellers.

Light in weight, the device is incredibly mobile and is battery dependent. A small USB port available at one end of the bottom of the device is used for charging up the device.

The Li-polymer battery has a capacity of  600mAh. Charging this for 2 hours would mean about 40 hours working capacity. There is an overcharge protection present in the device which prevents any over charging and discharge of the battery. Thus energy efficient.

Coming to the optics of the device, there are 9 individual bright LED bulbs placed in parallel to one another in a horizontal placement. Together, the highest lumens of light created is 135 lumens. Enough to get most work done in a personal space.The stem of the lamp is flexible and can move about in 360 degrees depending on the requirement.

This clamp based lamp comes with 3 light brightness options. Minimum being the usage of 5 LEDs for cold white light, mild being using 4 LEDs for warm yellow light and a high of 9 LEDs for the mixing brightness. The brightness of the device can be controlled and toggled with the help of the touch based power button present to the base of the lamp.

A major downside to this device is the fact that there is no manufacturer’s warranty to the product. Also, we felt that given the non existence of the warranty, the price of the product is higher than it should be.

Things we liked:

  • Simplistic yet stylish design
  • Touch based toggle button
  • High battery capacity
  • 3 Brightness Modes
  • Ergonomic placement
  • Ultra Lightweight and Easily portable
  • The clip makes it easier to use the device anywhere.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Absence of any kind of warranty
  • Pricing could be reduced a little.

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6. DP Portable Rechargeable LED Emergency Light

dptablelampDP’s portable LED light is great to use both as an emergency light and read/working light. It can be folded itself into a box shaped mould when not in use.

Ideal for work, office and study tables, the device works both with AC power source and also via a battery. The plastic build quality of the product is great and durable for its price.

Light in weight, the product, as mentioned previously, is easily foldable and stored away. The device incorporates 20 different LED lights which combine in parallel to provide ample amount of light. The brightness setting on the device are 2 variables and can be fixed to either medium or bright.

The stem that connects the light bulb and the base can fold and unfold upright. It can stay at any of desirable horizontal height with the help of a screw based lock system present in the lamp.

Battery power of the device is not that great. For a full charge, one can expect 1 hour of powerful illumination. But one cannot complain provided the design and the economical pricing the device comes in.

As is the case with most of the rechargeable lamps, this one too does not come with any sorts of manufacturer’s warranty for the product.

Things we liked:

  • Unique design
  • Screw based height and light direction setting.
  • Good build quality
  • Economic pricing

Things we didn’t like:

  • Poor battery life
  • Non existence of a warranty period

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7. Rrimin USB Flexible Reading LED Light Clip-on Beside Bed Table Desk Lamp

RrimintablelampA simple, elegant and a metal built reading lamp, the Rrimin USB Flexible is a clip based table lamp.

Ideal for avid readers, artists, architects and other art based professionals, the product is light in weight and incredibly compact enough to store away. The fore stem part of the lamp is made out of iron and aluminium.

As the stem is made out of circular chain like link based system, it is almost flexible to any position the reader/user may desire for. The simple clip that comes with the device has a high grip and can hold onto pretty much any surface. This makes it an incredibly durable and useful gizmo.

The bulb used is a single LED but fact must be noted that there is no battery based power. This can be used by directly plugging the device into a laptop,desktop or a USB based power bank. But with the help of a USB power socket adapter, this can be used like a normal light lamp.

Another major con for the product is the fact that there is no manufacturer’s warranty present. This may seem like a deal breaker but the fact that the product is durable and a best seller adds enough assurance about its performance and likelihood of failure.

Things we liked about it:

  • Metallic and retro based design
  • Simplistic clip
  • USB Based power supply
  • Ergonomic design

Things we didn’t like:

  • Absence of a battery option
  • Absence of a manufacturer’s warranty

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Buying Guide: How to pick a perfect Table Lamp

A table lamp is three things, portable, stylish and efficient in doing its job. That is, light the table. Obviously. You don’t want to buy a cheap rip off version of a popular brand only to be disappointed because it stopped working in just a couple of days right?

But as simple as it may seem, there is a lot to that book than the simplicity. This difference is what seperates a good table lamp from the mediocre and redundant one.

Hence, answer the following questions before thinking about buying a big ol table lamp.

1. Where will this table lamp be placed when I buy?

this might seem like a trivial thing but this will help you pick and buy the table lamp easier. F you don’t exactly know where you are going to place the lamp, then you will just end up buying something that has to be force placed somewhere you don’t wish it was. Ending up the room’s decor,your room ergonomics and if by fate’s worse, breaking the newly bought lamp.

2. How and Why would I be using this newly bought desk lamp?

Know and understand why exactly are you buying this lamp. You are buying it to study? To write? To use it as an overhead light source while repairing something ? Are you buying this because you wish to decorate your room  to look artsy, better and ambient? This will aid in picking the design and placing pattern of the lamp.

3. What is the present ambiance of your desk and room?

Desk lamps are a way to increase the elegance of your room. If you are a retro person, buy a wood or office styled lamp. If you are artsy, punkish, try different designs. If you are a minimalist, you have to browse for a while in the solid colours aisle.

Before we delve into the essentials, let us understand the types of lamps available.

First off, desk lamps are either traditional or contemporary styled. This division is based on the style, taste of decor, functionality and the retrospect of its usage of power source and how different they function from one another.

Traditional Style Lamps:

A design style used  ever since its inception, the traditional desk lamp uses a typical filament based light bulb and usually has a conical shaped covering with a silver sheet lining inside to shine the light bright. These are classy and add a retro decor to your room. But they tend to consume a  lot of power, easily prone to getting damage and may even cause accidents when mis-handled.

Contemporary Styled Lamps

A style statement of their own sorts, these are more minimal in nature. They are mostly electronic, camouflage into the decor of a modern home, portable, light in weight and cost you less than half the power consumption than a traditional desk lamp.

Now of the contemporary styled lamps, let us look at the various sorts of fans available for you to pick.

a) A Gooseneck Desk Lamp

True to its name, the gooseneck desk lamp is curved and comes with flexibility at its top. This flexibility gives it the ability to curve and rotate into various different positions. This is ergonomical, stylish and at most times, economical too.

b) Clip-On study desk Lamps

Small, to the books and mobile, these lamps come with a small clip that helps them to click and stay to a desk or a book. This will save you a huge load of work space and makes it easier for you to carry around a book while you read it in the dark. And when you are done, you can simply close and store it away even in a small backpack.

c) Adjustable Arm Desk Lamp

These are bigger and bulkier versions of a gooseneck style. They are ideal for bigger workstations and for people and teams who wish to illuminate bigger desk areas for work interest. The arm of the lamp is adjustable and has a bigger illumination power.

d) Tree (Multi-arm) Desk Lamp

Another different version of the arm desk lamp. The stem of this is not fluid in nature. It comes with turnable arms like branches in a tree. One can pre set these into their desirable positions. They sometimes even have more than a single bulb which can be fixated on more than a single direction.

e) Magnifying Desk Lamp set ups

As the name implies, these lamps are a set ups for detailed examination of documents and papers. Ideal for detailed documentation examination, they have a placing pad upon which one places the document/book/paper. The stem of the lamp is adjustable and can be placed upon like a microscope for magnifying the letters, illustrations or other contents present in the lamp.

f) Organizer Desk Lamp

A desk lamp which comes with little storage compartments to its base. Here you can store and keep anything for immediate or emergency usage. Stationery like pens, pencils, sticky notes, stubs of papers etc.,. Quite handy for college students or people who are into art work and detailing.

g) Piano/Banker Desk Lamp

Real beauty, a piano or banker style desk lamp is not in conical shape but in a straight and horizontal lined shape. Like a ruler. These type of lamps are usually placed towards the centre of the desks rather than corners. Ideal for desks where in the coverage are is huge but the power outlet is not on the corners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What should I look for in a desk lamp?

First off, understand your requirement and your desk size. For smaller desks, pick a clip on sized, organizer desk or a minimal lamp. For bigger desks, try gooseneck, piano styled or other formats of larger coverage. Also, do not forget to read onto how much light you need. Sometimes you just need enough to illuminate a book but end up taking a bulky piece just cuz it came for cheap. This results in impractical ergonomics, covering too much desk and often, burning more electricity.

2. How many watts should a desk lamp be?

Your eye’s viewing power reduces as you age higher. When you are just 10 years or so, you can read even under a 40 or 50 watt bulb. But as you grow older. You need more illumination or you miss vital details. By 60, you need at least 100 watts power bulb to make visual sense out of stuff

3. Is white or yellow light better for reading and studying?

Either of white and yellow are ok for reading. But there are a few exceptions to white light during the night. There are blue light traces present in the white light which can cause easy strain on eyes than a yellow light. Hence yellow is the better of the two for this miniscule reason.

4. Which bulb is good for eyes?

White Fluorescent CFLs in warm state are ok for eye health but they do contain miniscule amounts of UV Rays. Other alternatives would be LED and Halogen bulbs. Incandescent bulbs of traditional design work just fine too.

5. Is warm or cool white/yellow light better for eyes?

Honestly, warm white has more relaxing effect on your eyes than cool white light. People usually prefer soft light in rooms of dining, resting and tv areas where sitting and spending time is preferred. But for more visual information inclusion to your eyes, warm white is a better option.


With a superior build quality, compact body, appealing design, incredibly easy to use operation and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from Wipro, the Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table lamp wins our list of being the top of the best study desk lamps available in India. While those were our picks, we are eager to know your picks. What do you think is the best table lamp available in India. Do you have any questions or suggestions? If so, please write to us in the comment section below. Our team shall respond back to you ASAP.