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Best Office and Study Tables in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

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An office or study table is a piece where you spend most of your time studying or working.

While choosing the right study or office table can be a little confusing with varied differences in the market, we would want you to look into these considerations to purchase the best: 

  • Dimension- Well, it depends on you as to which size of study/office table you would want. Make sure and analyze the space and area of your room or office before buying the ideal one. Also, for a normal office or study use- 100 X 50 X 70 cms could be perfect. 
  • Material- Material is the most important thing which you should never neglect as it can decide upon the durability of the product. Usually, you can find wooden tables or metal. Wooden is the most common ones but you should buy the one which is more durable. 
  • The number of drawers- It also depends on how many books you want to store in a study table or how many files you would want to store in your office table. Usually, 2 drawers and 1 shelf could serve the purpose. 

There are other things such as types, easy to assemble, warranty, and others which you would surely want to look in. Well, you can go through our “Buying Guide” for the same. 

Also, we have made a list of the 7 Best office/study tables in India, 2021 after proper analysis and research. Have a look: 

Best Office and Study Tables in India

Office and Study TablesSizeNumber of drawers and shelves
MaterialWarranty Buy Now
Deckup Office and Study Table116 X 57 X 53 cms1 Drawer, 2 Shelves
Engineered wood N/ACheck On Amazon
JSB Study and Office Table35.43 x 17.7 x 29.53 inches
---Metal and MDF woodN/ACheck On Amazon
Deckup Versa Office and Study Table120 X 40 X 120 cms4 Drawers, 7 Shelves
Engineered wood N/ACheck On Amazon
Spacewood Winner Study Table40 X 108 X 120 cms3 Open shelves, 6 CabinetsEngineered wood 3 YearsCheck On Amazon
Bluewud office and Study Table 116 X 57 X 72 cms2 Open Cabinets, 1 DrawerEngineered wood 1 YearCheck On Amazon
INVISIBLE BED Study and Office Table67.5 X 56 cms0mdfN/ACheck On Amazon
Durafur Office Executive Table 39.4 x 19.7 x 28.3 inches---
MFB (Melamine Faced Boards)
6 monthsCheck On Amazon

7 Best Office and Study Tables in India: Reviews

1. Deck up Giona Office Table and Study Desk

Deck up Giona Office Table and Study Desk

Deck up delivers various furniture items like shoe rack, almirah, office or study table, and others. 

Well, if you are looking to keep your laptop and computer altogether then this office table and study desk is the best deal for you. 

It comes with a dimension of 116 X 57 X 73 cms which is wide enough for you to keep anything- books, laptop or even 2 computers or 2 laptops. 

It is made up of high-quality engineered wood which comes with a lamination so that you can complete your task without getting worried about anything. 

This product will require assembly as you will have to fix the table by using the screws and guides provided by the manufacturer. This whole process of installation might take up to 3 hours, as per reviews of customers. 

Also, if you would like to call the carpenter then the additional charges will be borne by you. Between the assembly is super easy with a Do It Yourself manual that comes along with the package. 

You can simply wipe it or clean it with a dry cloth and avoid using a wet cloth on it as it is waterproof. Cleaning with dry cloth can be more than enough. Also, do not leave leftovers, clean the table once something falls on it. 

It comes with one drawer and 2 pedestals to store your belongings. 

Warranty- n/a


  • Maximum space
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High-quality material-wood
  • 1 drawer and 2 shelves or pedestals
  • Waterproof


  • Assembling takes time 

Buy Now From Amazon

2. JSB Metal+Engineered Wood Folding Computer Desk

JSB Metal Computer Desk

JSB is a local healthcare brand that sells high-quality massagers, fitness gear, wheel chairs, pillows, cushions and also accessories like computer desks and luggage covers.

This modern computer desk measures 35.43 x 17.7 x 29.53 inches. With these ideal dimensions, you can use it as a breakfast table, gaming desk or office table. 

Coming to the materials, the top board of this desk is made of MDF wood, which is water-proof, dust-resistant and doesn’t lose its new look so fast.

The legs part of this table is made of a metal frame that is powder coated to ensure a smooth finish and durability. 

Moreover, there are two mesh grills to the two sides of this table with 4 hooks on each side. So, you can use them to hang your headphones, small backpacks, keys and other accessories which you might want in handy.

Warranty: N/A


  • Sturdy and durable table.
  • Lightweight (10.21 kgs) and easy to carry while shifting houses.
  • Foldable.
  • Easy to assemble with the given manual.


  • No warranty on the product.

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Deckup Versa Office Table and Study Desk

Deckup Versa Office Table and Study Desk

This is the second product of Deckup in our list and if you are a person who wants to buy the office/study table which comes with many drawers and shelves then this is the best product. 

It comes with 4 drawers and 7 shelves so that you can store many things whatever you want in it. 

Also, it is very wide and covers almost the area of 2 tables so if space is not your concern then buying this office table could be the best deal. 

Its dimensions are 120 X 40 X 120 cms which is wide enough to be stored properly and intactfully. 

It has been made with engineered wood which comes with a lamination so that you can use thoroughly for years. 

You will have to assemble the product by yourself with the help of screws and manual provided by the manufacturer which might take up around 3 hours. Also, calling a carpenter can be a better option if you don’t like to indulge in the fixing work. 

It is better to clean with a dry cloth and wipe it right after there is dust to save the quality of the product. 

Warranty-  n/a 


  • Maximum space
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High-quality material-wood
  • 4 drawer and 7 shelves or pedestals


  • Assembling takes time 

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Spacewood Winner Study Table

Spacewood Winner Study Table

Spacewood deals in robust quality furniture like beds, almirahs, and others. 

Well, if you require a lot of space to store your books or files in your study or office table then this is the best kind of table that you could purchase at the minimal price. 

Its dimensions are 40 X 108 X 120 cms which are wide enough and can be stored in a medium or large room (it can also be stored in a small room but it will take much space). 

It is built of engineered wood which is best in the market to provide sturdiness and durability. 

It comes with an adjustable desk that can be easily converted into a writing desk anytime and anywhere. 

There are 3 open shelves and 6 cabinets to store your books and other stuff intact which will not even fall prey to any kind of insects. 

The study or office table will be required to be assembled by a carpenter (the manufacturer sends the carpenter for free). 

You should not try to push it alone or pick it from the top as it is very heavy and you can get hurt or the parts of the table can. 

Also, do not wash it with water, you can simply use a dry cloth to clean it feasibly. 

Warranty  3 years on manufacturing defects 


  • Maximum space
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High-quality material-wood
  • 3 open shelves and 6 cabinets


  • Assembling takes time 

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Bluewud Amalet Study Table Desk for Home & Office

Bluewud Amalet Study Table Desk for Home & Office

Bluewud deals with superior quality furniture for home, office or other requirements such as key holders, dressing mirrors, study or office tables, and others. 

So, if you are looking for a product which can be lightweight and compact then this is the best option for you. 

It comes with 2 open cabinets and 1 drawer to store your books for studies or office necessary items. 

Its dimensions are 116 X 57 X 72 cms which are best to be stored inside any small, large, or medium room. 

The table has been made up of high-quality prelam engineered wooden material which can be used for years without worrying about its sturdiness and durability. 

It is ideal for a home office or for studying purposes as well. You can use a dry cloth to wipe the dust to maintain the quality of the material. Also, avoid using wet cloth and water on it. 

This product requires assembling and you will have to do it yourself either by reading the manual or through watching a YouTube video. You can also call a carpenter for the same but at your own cost. 

Warranty1 year against manufacturing defects 


  • Maximum space
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High-quality material-wood
  • 2 open shelves and 1 drawer


  • Doesn’t provide a carpenter for assembling 

Buy Now From Amazon

6. INVISIBLE BED Folding Wall Mounted Study & Computer & Laptop & Office Table

INVISIBLE BED Folding Wall Mounted Study & Computer & Laptop & Office Table

Invisible bed delivers high-quality furniture items such as a coffee table with storage, study or office table, and others. 

If you want a study or office table which can save almost every inch of your room’s space then this product is the one you should surely buy. 

This table is mounted on a wall with required screws and nuts and it is foldable which means you can fold it after use. 

Many customers have used it as a dining table to eat food, chopping table for chopping vegetables and others. 

The best part of this table is that you can use it as a whiteboard as well by writing on it with a marker and then erasing it (many people use it for teaching their kids and others use it for marking important meetings of their office). 

It is made up of good quality mdf so you will not have to worry about its durability and sturdiness at all. 

The legs are built of sturdy quality steel which is rust-free and can offer a wide range of benefits. 

Its dimensions are 67.5 X 56 cms which are ideal for keeping any laptop or books. You can fold it after using it. 

You can wipe it with a dry cloth and a slightly wet cloth as well (but it would be really good if you only wipe it with a dry cloth to maintain the quality of the material). 

You will be required to assemble it by yourself by reading the instructions in the manual. 



  • Maximum space
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High-quality material-mdf
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used as a whiteboard


  • Doesn’t have drawers or shelves

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Industrial Style Folding Laptop Table for Home Office

Industrial Style Folding Laptop Table

Coavas is an Indian brand that basically makes book shelves, study tables, multipurpose racks at reasonable prices without compromising on the quality.

This sleek and shiny computer desk from the brand measures 39.4 x 19.7 x 28.3 inches and has a wide space, allowing you to place your laptop, a plant, a lamp and other stationery on the table all at once.

Speaking of its build quality, the desk is made of MFB (Melamine Faced Boards), which is a mixture of steel and silver. So, this material makes the table stable and prevents rust formation. 

Moreover, it is also very easy to install in just one step. You just have to pull out the black desk frame and it’s ready to use. 

Warranty: 6-months from the brand.


  • Easily foldable, so it saves the space in your home when not in use.
  • As it is compact, you can use it in the living room, bedroom and study room.
  • Rustproof.
  • Durable material.


  • Nothing specific to mention.

Buy Now From Amazon

Office & Study Tables Buying guide 

An office table is something which no one would want to compromise on as it is a one-time investment which will remain in your office for years, it helps a lot of employees and employers to complete their task in a systematic manner, and most importantly, it adds up to the infrastructure of an office. 

It is also known as study table and is used by students to manage their studies and bring more of concentration. 

A robust quality plus good looks office/study table can come with a lot of doubts in mind, buying the one after reading these specifications can always be a better option: 

Types of office tables

1. 4L-shaped

The L-shaped office or study table exactly looks like L as it comes in the same shape. The looks are very attractive and you can get many drawers in it. Most of the people buy it to keep it in the middle of the room or at the reception desk so that 2 people can easily work without causing disturbance to each other. 

2. U-shaped

If your office or home space is not a constraint then buying a U-shaped office or study table could be the best option as 3-4 people can easily be seated inside and do the work without disturbing each other. Also, usually, 2 people occupy the U-shaped desk as they can easily keep all their belongings and not get bothered about the latter’s move. 

3. Executives

They only give space to a single person working on it. Also, these executive desks come with various drawers which can be very ideal for people who require to keep extra files or data inside the drawers (maybe an HR or receptionist or accountant). So, if your home office space or office space isn’t the constraint then you can surely buy one. Mostly, people do not prefer these as an option for study table. 

4. System desk 

You can easily store your computer and other parts as well. Like you can keep the CPU as there are drawers or can say space for each of the assembled parts of a computer (CPU, Monitor, mouse, UPS, and others). You will have a little space left for keeping your belongings and the desk will also have lesser drawers like just 1 or 2. These types are prevalent in most of the offices as they are lightweight and comes with very easy to store options. 

5. Adjustable standard desk

You can adjust the height of the desk and these desks are the ones that come in a standardized form (means- you will just get a table with 1 or no pedestal and you can adjust the height according to your preferences). 

6. Compact ones

This is the perfect choice for you if you are questing for a home office desk (certainly if you are a freelancer or complete most/half of your work at home). You will not require to assemble or install it as it will come with enough pedestals to keep your things or laptop or computer on so that you can easily work. Also, these desks are very compact and lightweight in nature which is why they have been named as compact desks. 

7. Writers’ ones

If you are a writer or indulged in all excel sheet works then this can be the best desk for you as this desk doesn’t come with many drawers and pedestal. Also, it doesn’t even have a bell or other equipment so that you can call on to the person as you will be only busy in calculating or other things. 

Consider these things before buying: 

1. Office or room space

Looking into how much space can your office provide is the utmost important feature that you should always adhere to. If your office space is small then buying the one which comes with a compact size and at least 2 drawers could be just fine as you will have to make use of your space in the best possible manner. Also, if space is not a constraint then you can buy an L or U-shaped table where 2 people can sufficiently sit and complete the task with proper concentration. 

2. Leg rest

The table should come with a place where the employee can easily rest his legs while he is working. There are certain tables which don’t come with a leg rest and employees find out other ways to rest their legs.

3. Dimension

 As we had mentioned earlier that considering the dimension of the table is of utmost importance and buying the one which can give space for the person to sit as well as to the office could be just perfect. Also, a dimension of 100 X 50 X 70 could be just fine if you are looking for a single office table with around 2-3 drawers or pedestals.

4. Material

Look for which kind of material have they used as it should be very sturdy and durable. Mostly, wood and metals are the materials that are used for building the office tables and people prefer good quality natural wooden material so that it can be lightweight and compact. 

5. Easy to assemble

When you order it online then you will be required to assemble the table by yourself or else the manufacturer would send its carpenter to your house. Some manufacturers would charge for the carpenter’s cost or some won’t, some mention that it should be done by yourself or an external carpenter at your cost. Look for the one where you can get free installation as you will not have to spend an extra penny for assembling as well. 

6. The number of drawers

If you are the one who wants to go for many drawers then buying an L-shaped one could be just fine. Also, it varies from office to office. Normally, a 2 drawer or 1 pedestal office table could be just fine. 

7. Durable

Purchase the one which comes with high-durability option. No matter at what price you might have purchased the furniture but what matters is if the furniture or office table is giving you maximum durability or not. 

8. Easy to clean

It should come with an easy to clean option as if the cleaning takes time then your maid would have to spend a lot of time cleaning it instead of performing other tasks. Also, read the instructions carefully which will be given in the manual as certain office tables don’t allow even water wipes to be cleaned. 

9. Warranty

Generally, you can find a warranty for 1-5 years on office tables. We would recommend going for the one which comes with the warranty because this can help you have enough trust in the product’s durability. 

10. Price

Well, price is the one thing which you should never compromise on. Usually, you can get a sturdy and durable product at 4,000-8,000 INR.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why are most office or study tables made of wood? 

There are various reasons to say that wood is the best form to be used in a piece of furniture. First of all, you can add charms to your room or office by buying wooden furniture. The other one is plastic and other materials don’t provide much durability as compared to wood. You can easily use a wooden table for years and for generations and it will hardly get destroyed. The only thing you require to do is choose wisely between the quality of wood as there is various bad quality wood available as well. 

2. Can I use detergent to clean my office table? 

Well, certainly, it depends a lot on the quality of your office table and we would recommend using a dry cloth to wipe the wooden surface as they come with certain types of coatings. To save the quality of the material, use a dry cloth. There are some wooden tables which come with waterproof option so even if you try to clean it water, you can’t. 


Well, buying an office or study table can be a tedious task and that is why we always make sure to make it an easy one. To choose the best table where you can either study or work, we would recommend Deck up Giona Office Table and Study Desk as it comes with maximum surface area where 2 students can easily study or an employee can keep a laptop and computer easily to work, it has 1 drawer and 2 shelves where the student can store anything he wants and even the employee can store important files, and most importantly, it is made up of high-quality wood which can ensure maximum durability. 

If you are looking to buy the one which can save a lot of space in your room or office and can be folded then we suggest you buy INVISIBLE BED Folding Wall Mounted Study & Computer & Laptop & Office Table as it is a wall mounting one where you can fix it permanently on your wall using screws and nuts, you can even use it as whiteboard and erase the written material very feasibly, it saves a lot of your space, and most importantly, it is very sturdy and durable. 

Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding any of the products then you can just write to us by commenting down below and we will ensure to reply within 5 working days (the reply depends on the frequency of comments, we might reply to you within minutes even). Till then, we wish you a happy and very safe purchase 🙂 

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