Top 6 Best Tower Fans in India

Air conditioners can an expensive and messy affair when used for long. It needs more electricity and needs bigger bills to be paid. A tower fan is an eco-friendly alternative which cools your home with or without the minimal usage of an air conditioner.

Tower fans are an amalgamation of an air cooler and a table fan except that this usually has no blades like a typical fan. They not only aid in reducing your air conditioning costs but also help filter the air you breathe. If you are a bachelor or a small family, a tower fan is a perfectly luxurious device.

A relatively new concept for Indian households, tower fans are actually powered friendly devices. They not only help you reduce your electricity bills and give you cooler air, but they also add to the decor of the room and give it a style statement.

We have done comprehensive research to curate the best available tower fans in the market. For this list, we looked at factors such as bladelessness, noise, energy efficiency, exhaust, remote functionalities and motor capabilities. A detailed buying guide has been included at the end of the article for you to get a clear understanding of this.

Top 6 Best Tower Fans in India

Best Tower FansTypeAir filtrationRemote ControlWarrantyBuy Now
Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Fan BladelessYesYes2 Years Check the Price
Ozeri 3x Tower Fan BladedNoYes1 year Check the Price
Orient Electric Monroe Tower Fan BladedNoYes2 Years Check the Price
Bionaire Mini FanBladedNoNo1 year Check the Price
VITEK VT-1935 BK-I 120-Watt Tower Fan BladedNoNo2 Years Check the Price
Sajni Ekvira Tower Fan BladedNoNo1 year Check the Price

1. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Fan – White Silver

There is no wonder that the top of the list goes to the company that has invented the first bladeless air multiplier. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower fan is an innovative, smart IoT device which has been awarded the Quietmark accreditation.

If you are someone or have someone within the family who suffer from Asthma or Allergies, this is a safe bet to buy for them. The device is certified to be allergy and asthma friendly. A HEPA filter that comes with the Dyson tower fan promises to remove 99.97% of allergens, pollutants which can be smaller than 0.3 microns.

This includes filtration and removal of dust, pollen, bacteria, mould spores and even pet dander from your home. Another layer of filtration helps keep out any carbon compounds and toxic air pollutants such as paint fumes etc.,

This device not only purifies the air and keeps the room cool, but can be controlled via a smart- phone making the operation of this soo simple and easy. The Dyson app available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store helps you connect with the tower fan and operate, toggle and change it’s speed settings among many other things. It even shows the historical data on the air quality, usage stats etc., on the app.

This app shall monitor the overall air in the room and even give you detailed air quality updates via your own WiFi. It even works fine side by side with the Amazon Alexa too. One can not only monitor, but also set the timer, avail the 10 levels of air flow speed settings that are available on the device. It also has a night-time mode which helps in operating the device with smoothness during the darkness (dimming the display, reducing the fan speed, controlling the temperature etc.,) No more uncomfortable sleep due to unwanted rises in the temperature during periods of sleep.

The fan oscillates, rotates to 360 degrees and has the capability to cool and control the temperature of a medium to a big room. It is silent and does not make much sound hence it is not irksome. (the Quietmark accreditation is given for the very same thing).

The air filter can be replaced from time to time but the issue with the pricing of the filter and its frequency of changing exists. A big house might need the fan to be running at the least 8 hours on summer days. This calls for a change in filter every year. As the product itself is a tad bit expensive in nature( as there is no compromise on quality), a change in filter a year may seem an issue.  

The Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Fan comes with a 2-year product manufacturer’s warranty for any damages and mis-functionality.


  • Bladeless
  • 10 Levels of air flow
  • Smart IoT device
  • Quietmark accreditation for great performance
  • Air filters can filter out 99.97% of allergens and pollutants from the air.
  • A smart IoT device with incredibly smooth performance and operation via a mobile app.
  • Intelligent Night mode for non-interference operation during the nights.
  • The fan can oscillate in 360 degrees to cool the whole room.
  • Ideal for mid to large houses and rooms too.
  • Multiple toggle options available to play around and customize your room’s temperature with just the fan (No need for an additional air conditioner)
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty


  • The air filter can become a little expensive as it needs to be changed every year.

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2. Ozeri 3x Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology


An emerging consumer electronics brand, Ozeri’s 3X tower fan is increasing its user base with its USP in the Passive Noise reduction technology.

The fan comes with a decent yet compelling design which has the air circulator being surrounded by three round grates. The glass cut gives it a more elegant and polished look.  It is among the very few thinnest tower fans in the world with such slim and 3 inches thickness.

This tower fan is 44-inches which is compatible to be used in small and medium-sized rooms. Ozeri is super portable as it is weighing only 7.90 kilograms which can be moved easily to different places.

Ozeri’s 3x tower fan is simple to operate as it comes with a remote control which has access to set time, mode of the fan, to on-off, and also to control, the speed. The   LED screen makes it easier to select, doze, toggle and pick a performing style of air flow.The fan has a 3 pre-programmed airflow patterns for you to pick from depending on your comfort.

The timer also has multiple options for you to set the time for any hours or minutes( maximum of 7.5 hours with 30-minute increments). This is incredibly helpful when you during the night as it helps you sleep peacefully without the bother of waking up to turn it off.

This fan also reduces the produced noise which will cause any hindrance to your sleep thanks to the Passive Noise Reduction technology. The fan grates are flexible to oscillate on a 90-degree wide angle. For optimal performance, place the fan on one corner of the room and feel great volumes of air disperses across the room.

Cleaning the fan is pretty easy too, just remove the attached screws that come to the back of the fan and clean out the fan blades, interiors from time to time. This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year for any parts and functionality.

Unlike to Dyson tower fan, this does not come with an air filter and should be considered only for its airflow quality and coolness factor.


  • Passive Noise reduction technology makes it bearable instead of annoying fan sounds.
  • Pre-programmed 3 types of air flows.
  • Sleek product design
  • LED screen and touch-based button functionality
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Timer options to easy time settings and automate the fan.
  • 90 degree Wider oscillation angle for faster air circulation


  • Does not have a dedicated air purification setting
  • Has only a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The product’s pricing could be justified with more than a year’s warranty.

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3. Orient Electric Monroe Tower Fan with Remote (40 Watts, White)

With a strong market presence since the last 60 years, Orient is a pioneer to many standard innovations of home appliances today thanks to its founder C.K Birla. The Orient Electric Monroe tower is known for its sleek and stylish design along with its silent operations.

For people who love to buy appliances which are both, have great performance AND incredible style, the Orient Monroe is a perfect pick. The 43 inches of height and the design specifications of this fan are indomitable and can easily add to the aesthetics of the room it is placed in.

Coming to the operatives and usability of the product, it is simple to use and has a remote control to it similar to both of the devices mentioned above. This remote helps you operate the device with ease, set the timer, control the speed, oscillation and other minor factors.

The fan has 3 modes of oscillation; Natural, Normal and Sleep modes. The speed settings for these modes are also 3, low, medium and high. Depending on your sleep preferences and fan’s coolness preferences, you can choose one among the above-mentioned modes and speed combinations. The oscillatory angle (fan swing) of the fan is 90 degrees  Hence ideally, it yields better results if placed in one corner of the room.

Timer settings of the fan enable you to set timers from 30 minutes to as long as 7.5 hours. Timers help you cool the room when you plan on going out for a while, set the fan and sleep or when you have a small baby sleeping in the room. This gives you ample control over the device.

True to its promise on silence, the fan operates at very little noise and causes no irksome annoyance or disturbance to you. The device is light in weight and easily portable from one place to another.

With a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years for performance and parts along with their incredibly fast and helpful customer, this is a perfect buy for style and performance enthusiasts.


  • Stylish Design
  • The great height of 43 inches
  • Light weight
  • Silent operation
  • Power Efficient
  • Flexible timer options
  • Good air quality and swing
  • 2 years of product manufacturer’s warranty


  • The 90-degree swing could be increased to a wider swing setting for better reach of air.
  • Slightly low output with respect to air flow
  • No air filtration or purification feature

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4. Bionaire Mini Fan

The Rival Company has been known to be a small appliance manufacturer under various brand names since its inception in 1932. A compact device in competition to big models, the Bionaire Mini Fan is perfect if you are looking for a compact fan.

This will save more of your space and serve as a perfect tabletop fan which can be used in your study rooms, office tables or any other personal use. In smaller chambers, this is ideal for direct air. For rooms with air conditioning, it is helpful in circulating the cool air around the room. Due to its size, it is ideal for smaller quarters and not ideal for bigger rooms.

Design of this fan comes with a metallic finish which makes it compatible to set your interior decor. The grates are placed at some distance from each other, which allows for faster air circulation.

For operation, there are various LED press buttons related to various settings like speed, mode, on-off, the top of the fan, You can set your preferable speed to either speed level 1 or speed level 2. Furthermore, the operation of this fan is silent and produces no annoying blade sounds at nominal speeds. There is some staggering noise when operated at top speeds but can be ignored with its cost and budget in mind.

The timer option of the fan is almost on par with its high-end alternatives. One can set a timer from 1 hour to even 8 hours before it shuts down for the day.

Bionaire is the most portable fan in this list which you can carry it wherever you want. It comes with a warranty of 1 of the manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Lightweight and compact for easy carrying
  • Easy pressing buttons for easy operation
  • Compatible on table tops
  • Up to 8 hours of timer settings
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty period


  • Produces some noise while running it on higher speed

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5. VITEK VT-1935 BK-I 120-Watt Tower Fan (Black)


A relatively new brand in the world market, Vitek is of Russian origin. The Vitek VT 1935 is another portable and bladed column fan with high-velocity air throw operation and touch settings.

With its medium-sized weight and height, the VT 1935 is ideal for small to mid-level big rooms. You can use this at home or even in shops/offices to compliment and spread the air throw of your air conditioner.

Vitek VT 1935 is known for its superior air throwing capability. The high-speed fans present inside the VT 1935 make it throw air to even 6 to 7 feet and thus it is ideal for rooms with central or specific spot air conditioners.

Swing for this fan is 90 degrees hence it is ideal to place on sides or corners of the room for better compatibility and performance. The LED buttons add to its ease of usage and style statement when placed in a room. There are 3 modes of operation and fan speeds to choose from depending on your comfort, preferences and air conditioner settings.

One of the main problems with the fan is that it is not made for cooling purposes and is mainly built to complement the airflow of an Air Conditioner. This makes it a single purpose device. The weight of the device is 8 kgs, making it difficult to move the object.

The manufacturer’s warranty for this product, however, is for 2 years. It makes it a good bet to buy and use it for commercial and even for local home usages during the humid seasons.


  • High air throwing capability
  • Stylish and compact build
  • 3 modes of air flow operations
  • LED Touch buttons
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty


  • Heavy build
  • Has no cooling ability

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6. Sajni Ekvira Tower Fan White

A perfect alternative to an air cooler, the Sajni Ekvira tower fan comes to the grey zone between a tower fan, an everyday table fan and an air cooler. Out of all, this is the most budget-friendly economic choice of tower fan.

The device has been built as an alternative to the water consuming and bulky air coolers. Though this device does not require any water input, in order to get cool air out of it, one has to place it in front of an open window.

Swing for this fan is lower than most of the fans in the list. This is about 45 to 60 degrees of swing. When the blade rotates, the air from outside rolls over into the fan, and pushes towards into the room. For better results, always place the product in front of an open window or openings where air can flow freely in and out of the columns.

The device is light in weight, easily portable and does not consume a lot of power. It just takes in 130 watts of power can be turned and kept on for the whole day or night.

For the warranty card, the product has a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year for any defects and parts.


  • An economic and budget-friendly choice
  • A great alternative to an air cooler
  • Portable
  • Energy efficient
  • 1-year product manufacturer’s warranty
  • High-speed fans


  • Less swing
  • Can be noisy
  • Has got no specific cooling technology to boast about.

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Buying Guide: Features and precautions you should you consider while picking a Tower Fans

As mentioned previously, tower fans are known for their power efficiency and air purification capabilities. The following are the factors which help in deciding the quality and efficiency of a tower fan.

1. Capacity of air circulation:

This refers to the capacity of a tower fan till which it can circulate the air in a room. The capacity of air circulation varies with different tower fans. It largely depends on the size of the room you are trying to cool.

Generally, tower fans are compatible to fit in small and medium-sized rooms. Fans with high air circulation capacities are a bit pricier than the ones with lesser capability. For you to know how the capacity of each fan, check the power related data on each tower fan product given in cubic feet per minute or rotation per minute (This data is typically available in the product description of the fan).

2. Air purification:

Along with the air circulation, tower fans are also equipped with inbuilt ionizers which aid in the purification of the incoming air. The ionizers present inside the tower fan have tiny microfilters. These filters are responsible for removing impurities such as microbes, bacteria, pollen and dust. The purification will filter out any disease carriers present in the air, in the end, allow a fresh breeze of air into the room.

3. Noise control:

This is a unique feature, unlike other fans, allows you to be at extreme comfort. Tower fans are known to produce very low decibels of sound ranging from 5 decibels to a maximum of 65 decibels. This is due to the fact that tower fans are mostly bladeless. Their air production is due to very small bladed fans which are present at its base.

The noise control capability of a tower fan is mostly dependent on its base contour. Out of the list of the best tower fans mentioned above, Ozeri is the best choice as it produces minimum sound.

4. Thermostat/ Remote control capabilities:

A Thermostat based inside of a tower fan helps you control the temperature of the fan. Along with that, this remote control should also help you control many other features and aspects of the fan.

Not all of the tower fans have a remote control that can do everything. A few have everything figured out while a few restrict you. A few have timer functions unavailable on the remote. Before picking a fan, be sure to check for these factors and features.

5. Timer control:

Most tower fans are smart devices. A timer control (usually available on the remote control) helps you set up the fan’s timer and you can sleep in peace. The fan automatically shuts down after the pre-designated time period. No more waking up from the deep sleep to put the fan to sleep.

6. Motor power

The working principle of a tower fan is to pull in air from the surroundings, purify it with the ionizers and the filters and pump it out into the room. Most tower fans are bladeless in nature. Hence the motor present in the Tower Fan has to be of incredibly high power. While picking a tower fan, be sure to look for a motor that has enough power to do some serious heavy lifting.

7. Modes:

Tower fans operate in different modes and these vary with different fans.  In natural mode, the fans generally run and when the temperature around it comes down and the room cools, it automatically runs on a low speed and vice versa.

On the other hand, in sleep mode, the speeds will automatically change in a span of half an hour. In this mode, the device automatically switches off if a timer is set.

8. Speeds:

Each tower fan has a different speed mechanism. Some tower fans may have three-speed modes flow, medium and high) whereas some others have only two (level 1 and level 2). If you are someone who can easily get annoyed with even slight changes in the air drafts, opt for a fan which has a wider range of speed options. If speed is something you feel is not that important as long as you feel cool, choose the 2 level option.

9. Air Exhaust:

Most tower fans have an air exhaust which is used to expel impurities and under quality air. But there is a certain problem with these air exhausts. As tower fans work on the principle of pulling air inside them, they sometimes may pull in the air that comes out of the exhaust. This puts in more load on the ionizers and the filters which need to filter this utterly impure air. Hence, the life of the purifier viz the fan’s is reduced.

Try opting for fans which have air exhaust’s placed farthest from the air intake chambers. Best cases, try avoiding fans with an exhaust, they surely add little value on an overall.

10. Adjustability of height:

You have to understand one thing when it comes to tower fans. They are all about providing coolness and not air. Adjustable height makes it easier for you to place the tower fan in a single place or multiple places and yet receive the same amount of coolness.

Not all tower fans are made with adjustable heights, a few have fixed and yet provide with the same amount of air. But in cases of fans of column sized and shapes, be sure to pick wherein you can adjust the height according to your comfort and zones.

11. Warranty

While this may not be something we should be preaching as your common sense must already be tingling. As tower fans are a bit of an expensive affair and are modern in nature, be sure to look for a proper warranty and manufacturer’s coverage. This will protect you against any possible damages and replacements if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are tower fans better than pedestal fans?

Overall yes but this again depends on the room size and cooling effect requirements. Pedestal fans are bigger and ideal to provide cool air to bigger rooms. Tower Fans actually serve a complimentary purpose. They either cool a small room or help cool bigger rooms which have air conditioning but poor reach to the corners.

2. How do tower fans cool a room?

Tower fans have a principle of taking/ sucking in the surrounding air, passing them through ionized air filters and then letting them out of the outlet areas. This is cooled air which, often is used to compliment the cooling power of an Air Conditioned at low powers and circulated its coolness around the room.


With a superior build quality, incredible performance, IoT based and its ability to filter and purify the air around it, the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Fan wins the top position of our list and our strong recommendation. While that was our list, what do you think? Do you have any question or query regarding tower fans or any other fan related questions? Feel free to write to us in the comment section below. Our team of home appliance experts will get back to you ASAP. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for weekly top listicles.

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