Different Types of Fans – Choosing the Right One

If you want to quickly cool down a room during the summers, your first choice will be an Air Conditioner. But, as we all know, the price of an air conditioner is a bit high and, many people might not be able to afford it. Fans are usually the second-best choice. Other than the low price, fans also consume a very less amount of electricity when compared to Air Conditioners.

There are so many types of fans available in the market and each type has different characteristics and various uses. You can easily get confused if you do not have any idea about the types of fans. In this article, we have provided a detailed description of the features as well as specifications of the different kinds of Fans.

Types of Fans

Fans have evolved over the years. In ancient times we had manually operated fans, and now we have moved on to electrical models.

Although folding fans or hand-holding fans are still quite prevalent, electrical fans have emerged as the most popular. So here are some of the different kinds of Fans that you should know:

1- Ceiling Fans

Out of all the different and varied kinds of fans, the Ceiling fan is the most popular and widely used. Ceiling fans date back to 500 BC. These units are powered by electricity, and they are mounted from the ceiling of a room. The mounting is usually done in the middle of the room; so that, the air is circulated evenly throughout the room.

The standard number of blades that a ceiling fan has is three. But, many ceiling fans have four or five blades also. Ceiling fans are simple to install and, they do not consume a lot of electricity as compared to an Air Conditioner. The modern ceiling fans are equipped with the latest technology and can be operated by remotes and even smartphone apps.

2- Tower Fans

Tower Fans are cooling fans that have a rotating base. The name itself suggests that the fan is narrow, tall, and resembles a tower. Tower fans have the ability to cover a considerably large area as they blow out air at a ninety-degree angle. There are inlets on the side of the fan’s machine that allows them to suck in air from outside.

They are not the same as air coolers, even if they look quite similar. As compared to coolers, tower fans utilize very little electricity. Tower fans also come with built-in ionizers that help in purifying and cleaning the air. It is portable and does not take up a lot of space. It is also compact in size and very light in weight.

3-Pedestal Fans

Pedestal Fans also operate with electricity. They are equipped with a separable stand, and you can adjust the height of the fan according to your requirements. They can quickly cool down a room. The base of these fans is round-shaped; and quite big, so the fan does not move and wobble while it is operating. They are quite tall and are also known as “stand fans”.

They have a built-in oscillation that provides maximum transfer and distribution of air. Pedestal fans are also portable like Table fans. You can simply move them around the house and plug them into any electrical socket and enjoy cool air in any room you like. Pedestal fans have 180 degrees oscillation that ensures 180 degrees distribution of cool air. They are manufactured with modern technology and can also be operated with a mobile remote.

4- Bladeless Fans

Bladeless Fan is something that sounds like a paradox. It is impossible to imagine Fans without blades. Thanks to modern technology, we now have a smarter version of all types of fans. The design of these fans is very unique and, you would not find any visible blades.

There are small blades at the base of the fan, and the compressor pushes the air towards the ring. There are different speed settings and, it has the oscillation feature too. There is a system for air filtration and an air ionizer that filters as well as cleans the air inside your home.

5- Table Fans

As the name goes, table fans are fans that can be placed on a solid table. They are very popular as many people prefer them for daily use. People also purchase table fans as an option or substitute for their ceiling fans. Although it says “Table”, you can also place it on the ground.

The main attraction of a table fan is, of course, its portability. You can carry it anywhere and place it in any room you would like. You can also regulate the speed. Many brands also manufacture high-speed Table fans and, some of them can even be controlled by a remote. They are very compact and extremely easy to use.

6- Wall Mount Fans

You can purchase a wall-mounted fan when you do not want to put anything on the ground or ceiling. These fans are very suitable for garages and basements. They usually come with brackets and other kinds of hardware, so that you can mount the fan on the wall very easily.

The fans can rotate at a 180 degrees angle, which helps in circulating the air evenly throughout the room. You can also use a Wall Mount fan as a supplementary fan to move and circulate the cold air of your Air Conditioner. These fans can be used in small cramped rooms where the air is usually stuffy.

7- Exhaust Fans

You will never find an exhaust fan in someone’s living room. They are usually fixed in kitchens and bathrooms because the main purpose of this fan is to make ventilation better. Exhaust fans also use electricity to operate. They also help in purifying the air and reduce excessive heat build-up.

The blades of the exhaust fans rotate at an extremely high speed, which sucks in all the hot and humid air inside the kitchen or the bathroom and pulls it outside the room, thereby maintaining the normal temperature. Some exhaust fans are equipped with a thermostat, which helps in regulating the bathroom or kitchen’s temperature.

8- Misting Fans

Misting fans are an excellent option for cooling during oppressive summers. If you do not have enough money to buy an Air Conditioner, then you can probably go for a good Misting fan. As the name suggests, these fans need water. This water is pushed out of the fan in the mist form with the help of the system’s high-pressure pumps. This mist is distributed in the air and slowly gets mixed with warm and humid air.

The fan also has a good blower that makes it suitable for indoor as well as outdoor cooling. The cooling is super-efficient and, the best thing about Misting Fans is that, even though it propels water out of the system, the mist is so pleasing and light that your clothes are never going to get wet.

9- Attic Fans

As the name suggests, attic fans can only be used in attics. It works like a ceiling fan, but it is much more powerful. Like Exhaust fans, the purpose of an Attic fan is also to provide ventilation. Hot and humid air is pulled out of your attic and pushed out with the help of a sniffing vent.

The stifling humid air of the attic is replaced with the cool and fresh air from the outside, thereby maintaining the normal temperature. The cool air is distributed throughout the room with the help of the blades of the fan. It also does not consume a lot of electricity. You can also find attic fans that can be operated with solar energy.


Fans are a great necessity during the summers because when you return home from the warm and humid climate outside, turning on an air conditioner might harm you. You might easily catch a cold due to the sudden decrease in your body temperature.

So, we like to advise you that cooling yourself down under a fan before taking a shower or turning on the AC. With the help of this guide; you will be able to choose the right type of fan, as per your choices and needs.