6 Best Single Door Refrigerators in India : 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Single door refrigerators are the perfect choice for smaller families with 2-3 members. When compared to double door refrigerators, they consume very less power (around 30-40% less) and are energy efficient. Since single door refrigerators are compact in size, they take less space and fit perfectly well in smaller kitchens too. They are easy to … Read more

Top 11 Best Refrigerators in India :2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Refrigerators in India

Refrigerator is an integral part of any Indian kitchen as it keeps fruits, vegetables and other food ingredients fresh for at least one or 2 weeks. Being a long term investment, we recommend considering 3 key points – Type, Capacity, and power consumption while purchasing a refrigerator. 1. Type and Capacity Single door, double door, … Read more

LG vs. Samsung Refrigerators. Which One to Buy and Why?

Are you planning to buy a refrigerator for your home? Is LG or Samsung in your mind? Both LG and Samsung come with similar designs, features, functionality, and technology, making it an extremely difficult decision for customers. This article will help you better understand, distinguish and decide which refrigerator brand would be best for your … Read more

How Inverter Compressor Technology Can Save Power in Refrigerator?

Did you know that refrigerators with Inverter technology can help save electricity? Similar to any electrical appliances, refrigerators run continuously throughout the day. So, it is obvious that you will experience high electricity bills. However, refrigerators with inverter technology can reduce power consumption 30% to 50%. Yes, that’s true. In this article, we will discuss … Read more

Which Gas Is Used In Refrigerator?

Did you know this: Gas or Refrigerant is responsible for keeping the air in your refrigerator cool? Totally unexpected, isn’t it! Yes. From mini-refrigerators to double-door fridges to a freezer, all of them have a refrigerant gas that helps in maintaining cool temperatures within. If you are unaware of what a refrigerant gas is and … Read more

How To Clean Your Refrigerator The Right Way

“Did you know that a well-maintained refrigerator can actually prevent you from getting sick?” It is highly important to clean your refrigerator regularly. At least wipe down all the spills from various perishable items in the fridge. This helps in maintaining the fridge in proper condition and also increase its life. When the perishables like … Read more

How To Choose Stabilizer For Refrigerator

“Safeguard Your Refrigerator from Voltage Fluctuations with a Stabilizer” Investing in a stabilizer is the best way to protect your electrical appliances (refrigerators) from frequent voltage fluctuations and irregular power supply. Most of the latest refrigerators come with in-built stabilizers. However, they are capable of handling only certain voltage range. So, it is better to … Read more

What Is The Power Consumption Of Refrigerators?

Refrigerators are one of the common household appliances. They come under the category of large appliances which means they consume a lot of power. However, the advent of technology has led to high energy-efficient refrigerators that can reduce power consumption by 10-30%. You can identify the efficiency of a refrigerator by seeing the BEE Star … Read more

How To Choose a Mini Fridge

There are a few very important factors that you should not forget to check before buying a mini-fridge for your home. These factors will help you understand the appliance better and will be useful in the long run. Some of the factors are as follows: 1. Storage Capacity: Checking the storage capacity is one of … Read more

Best Bosch Refrigerators in India Reviews & Buying Guide

Bosch is most probably the First name that will come to anyone’s mind while looking for an essential home appliances, especially a refrigerator as Bosch is a highly renowned name for automobile and other industrial products. But, to everyone’s surprise, Bosch has a highly curated selection available for refrigerators in India that we will be … Read more

The 4 Best Whirlpool Refrigerator In India: 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Whirlpool is one of the top leading manufacturers and marketers of home appliances in Indian market. They started their operations in the year 1911 in Michigan, United States. But it entered Indian market in late 1980’s under joint venture with TVS group. After LG and Samsung, whirlpool takes up the position of third popular refrigerator … Read more

The 5 Best LG Refrigerator In India: 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

LG is a multi-national company with a strong suit in best refrigerators and others products across the world. With their innovative solutions and continuous growth, LG is becoming a smarter global brand. Since their inception in 1958, LG has been improving their products regularly to provide the best solution to their consumers. Their refrigerator product … Read more