6 Best Deep Freezer India 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

A deep freezer or a Chest freezer is great when it comes to store and keep large volumes of items frozen for long periods of time. They have much more capacity than a regular refrigerator and surprisingly come about the same costs. 

Widely used in general stores, ice cream parlours and similar establishments, these are slowly gaining prominence for residential storage as well. Today, we have curated and listed out the best Deep freezers available in India. We differentiate an average freezer from a good freezer based on 3 major factors

  • The capacity of the freezer: Deep freezers should be heavy duty. The average best-bought freezer would have at the very least 100 litres of storage capacity (for a mini Storage Freezer that is good for home storage). But if your use case is for a retail space, then you would go with a much larger capacity such as a 250 litre or even a 500 litres capacity fridge. Again, this would be totally dependent on your use and there is no point in buying a large freezer you will not be using. 
  • Temperature Control: While this is more or less standard, the lowest you can go and that is available in the market is about -18 degrees centigrade and that should be your mark.
  • Energy Consumption: Deep freezers, as the name suggests are for storing for very long periods of time. In such cases, you would be leaving the machine on for longer durations and this will cost you a lot of energy. Hence always look at the star rating of the appliance. If you can, forgo a few features for a 5 star rated product as it will save you a lot of energy.

The above mentioned three are important features that can let you judge a deep freezer’s quality. Apart from these, there are other major features such as Auto-Shutoff, body warranty and basket accessories etc.too that tell you about the quality of the freezer. We will be discussing them in detail in our Buying Guide section. Be sure to check that out as well. 

Now let us jump into reviewing the list of the Best Deep Freezers in India

Best Deep Freezers in India 2020

Deep FreezerCapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Blue Star Single Door Deep Freezer95 Litres1 Year on the fridge, 2 years on the compressorCHECK ON AMAZON
Godrej 400 L Deep Freezer400 Litres1 Year on the fridge, 5 years on the compressorCHECK ON AMAZON
Blue Star CHF200 Single Door Deep Freezer188 Litres1 Year on the fridge, 2 years on the compressorCHECK ON AMAZON
Voltas 205 SD CF Single Door Deep Freezer205 LitresN/ACHECK ON AMAZON
Haier Single Door Hard Deep Freezer198 Litres1 Year on the fridge, 3 years on the compressorCHECK ON AMAZON
Rockwell Chest Freezer 250 Litres1 Year on the fridge, 2 years on the compressorCHECK ON AMAZON

6 Best Deep Freezers in India: Reviews

1. Blue Star CHF100 Single Door Deep Freezer

Blue Star CHF100 Single Door Deep Freezer

First on our list is the Blue Star CHF 100,  a single door hard top deep freezer with 95 litres of capacity. This white chest freezer has been rated as one of the best freezers consistently and comes with the brand trust of Blue Star. 

The CHF 100 comes with robust construction and is made for heavy-duty use. The body is corrosion resistant and saves on the coolness without any leakage.

The freezer has a key and lock system that makes sure that your storage is safe and secure. It also has a recessed handle that further improves its durability.

With a compressor that is highly efficient for energy, the freezer provides highly satisfactory service. It is also very flexible to temperature changes as the range of temperatures can be dropped to -18 degrees centigrade. 

The fridge comes with a basket and has heavy-duty caster wheels at the bottom to ensure its mobility. Apart from this, the fridge is also very economical when it comes to power consumption as it consumes about 4 or 5 units in total ( for every 24 hours, it consumes 1.3 units at gross)

Blue Star provides a 1-year comprehensive warranty on the freezer and an additional 2 years of warranty for the compressor, from the date of purchase.

Things we liked about the freezer:

  • A well-rated freezer from a trusted brand
  • Robust build that is non-corrosive very easily
  • Energy-efficient that burns 1.3 units for 24 hours
  • Comes with a basket 
  • Heavy-duty caster wheels at the bottom for better mobility
  • Temperature variance till -18 degrees
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty and 2 years of warranty on the compressor

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • None too specific to mention

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2. Godrej 400 L Deep Freezer

Godrej 400 L Deep Freezer

Next on our list is a 400 litres large Deep Freezer from Godrej. This white coloured deep freezer is a classic Hard Top storage model that is convertible. I.e, you can convert it from a basic cooler to a deep freezer as well. 

With great features like fast freezing and convertibility, the freezer packs a punch and is great for not just retail shopkeepers but also for deep storage usages as well. The door has a couple of compartments and a lock too. It even has wheels that make it easy to move about in 360 degrees and thus makes mobility easier. 

It also has a defrost water drain inside it. In cases of residual water, the freezer has an impeccable drainage system that works towards the removal of water. The freezer is built to be anti-rodent and thus prevents any rodents to hide inside the machine.

It also comes with food baskets which are of food grade quality. The outer build of the freezer is also very robust in build. The high density PUF Insulation inside the freezer will retain the cooling of the freezer for a very long time in cases of power black outs too.

The compressor is tropicalized; i.e, built for Indian summers so that it can withstand and also keep the items inside it cooler when the outside temperature is getting high. 

The entire product comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty while the compressor in the freezer comes with a 5 years warranty from the date of purchase. 

Things we liked about the Freezer:

  • 400 litres capacity retail shop grade deep freezer (also very ideal for godown storage as well)
  • 1 compartment with a food basket, swing door type with locking facility
  • Excellent drainage of defrost water through the defrost drain pipe.
  • Saves about 40% more power than generic deep freezers 
  • Easy to clean 
  • 1 Year warranty on the product and 5 years of warranty on the compressor. 

Things we didn’t like about it: 

  • While the product itself comes with very few complaints, Godrej needs to work towards improving their customer service

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3. Blue Star CHF200 Single Door Deep Freezer


Yet another storage freezer from the house of Blue star, the CHF200 is also a single door hardtop deep freezer with 188 liters capacity compared to the 95 litres capacity of the CHF100.

CHF200 comes with a temperature range between -17 degrees centigrade to -22 degrees. It also comes with a food basket inside it and castor wheels that make it easier for moving from one place to another. 

The build of the freezer is robust and so are the lock and key systems. It also has a Recessed handle that makes opening and closing of the freezer easier. The freezer is also built to be corrosion resistant. 

Similar to the CHF100, the CHF200 also saves up on power bills considerably and also saves the coolness inside the fridge in cases of blackouts. Thus making this freezer not only efficient on money but also energy efficient.

Blue Star CHF200 comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the body and an additional 2 years warranty on the compressor from the date of purchase.

Things we liked about the freezer:

  • Has a gross capacity of 200 litres (188 litres in actuality)
  • Sindle Hardtop door with lock and key
  • Recessed handles for easier door control
  • -17 to -22 degrees temperature range
  • Saves the cooling inside it very efficiently
  • 1 year warranty on the product and 2 years on the compressor.

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Needs to improve the delivery logistics as there have been reports of dented product deliveries.

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4. Voltas 205 SD CF Single Door Deep Freezer

Voltas 205 SD CF Single Door Deep Freezer

Voltas has been a trusted brand for Indians since way long when it comes to fridges and freezers. The Voltas 205 SD CF is a single door deep freezer with a total of 205 litres gross capacity.

The freezer uses Stucco Aluminium inner liner that has better hygiene and also CFC free insulation. The freezer uses UV Grade plastic material for the outer casing which will increase the life of the freezer. 

The freezer comes loaded with springs hinges which, when coupled with the 360 degrees castor wheels, makes movement very easy for the freezer. Additionally, it features a sunken handle (for easier lifting and safety). 

While voltas is a brand to be reckoned with, its failure to educate its users about the warranty on the product more or less, falls down heavily.

Things we liked about the freezer:

  • Simple and compact for a 200 litres deep freezer
  • Stucco Aluminium Inner Lining for improved hygiene
  • CFC Free insulation 
  • UV Grade plastic material for long life of the freezer
  • Loaded spring hinges for easier mobility

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No Warranty

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5. Haier Single Door Hard Top HCC 230HC Deep Freezer

Haier Single Door Hard Top HCC 230HC Deep Freezer

Next on our list is a product from Haier. The Haier HCC 230HC is a hardtop single door deep freezer with a gross capacity of 198 litres. 

With its convertible technology, you can use this as a deep freezer or a simple cooler as well. It comes with High Density PU insulation (Molecular Foaming) that will give you longer retention of cooling of upto 100 hours.

The temperature range on this device is from a basic +10 degrees to upto -18 degrees centigrade. The doors of this freezer are made in a trapezoid design which will help you retain the temperature and cooling for a long time.

The freezer comes with a basket and is ideal for storing dairy and frozen food products with great ease. Ideal for small shops and residential deep storage, the freezer also saves up to 40% on your electricity bills through its low power consumption. 

Made with toughened glass, the freezer comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty and another additional 3 years of warranty on the compressor. 

Things we liked about the freezer:

  • Portable 198 litres storage freezer that is ideal for small shops and residence deep storage
  • Convertible technology allows to change it from a deep freezer to be a cooler as well. 
  • Molecular foaming through the High Density PU insulation gives about 100 hours of cooling retention in cases of black outs.
  • +10 degrees to -18 degrees centigrade temperature range
  • Trapezoid design of the door for further retention of the cooling
  • 40% energy savings through low power consumption
  • 1 year of comprehensive warranty on manufacturing defects and an additional 3 years on the compressor.

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Does not come with any castor wheels. As this is a compact product, castor wheels might have been more advantageous

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6. Rockwell Chest Freezer Single Door Hard Top 250 Liters

Rockwell Chest Freezer Single Door Hard Top 250 Liters

Finally, we have the Rockwell Chest Freezer, a single door hardtop compact chest freezer with a storage capacity of 250 litres. 

With this storage range, the rockwell chest freezer has approximately 14% more storage capacity than most compact deep freezers. The freezer is built to be super tropicalized in order to perform even in extreme temperatures as well. 

Made with corrosion resistant body, the freezer comes with a pre painted GPSPS sheet. All of these freezers undergo strict computerized OPTIMO run tests before delivery. 

It has 3 sides of air circulation which facilitates better heat transfer and thus efficient cooling. Apart from these, it also includes the basics such as castor wheels, door lock systems etc.,

Rockwell provides you with a 1 year comprehensive warranty from the date of purchase along with an additional 2 years of warranty on the compressor. 

Things we liked about the freezer:

  • At 250 litres capacity, the freezer has 14% more storage capacity than most compact chest freezers
  • Super tropicalized to provide best cooling even in extreme temperatures
  • All machines pass computerized OPTIMO run tests
  • Corrosion resistant body with pre painted GPSPS sheet
  • 3 side air circulation for better heat transfer
  • Castor wheels for easy movement 
  • 1 year of comprehensive warranty and 2 years of warranty on the compressor

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Nothing in particular to mention

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Buying Guide: How to pick the best Chest Freezer

Though a chest/deep freezer might look almost identical to that of a regular freezer, the buying parameters differ as much as their usage differs. For instance, the door type and the temperature control are totally different in the Deep Freezer whereas a regular refrigerator might have features such as Intelligent door control and temperature control etc.,

Before we jump into that, let us look at the types of freezers available.

Types of Deep Freezers:

Basically, Deep Freezers come in two flavours. The Hard type Door and the Sliding Door type. 

1.Opening Hard type Door type

More common and ideal for storage rooms and meat houses where people will be storing large quantities of food or other preservatives which need little or no attention. Also, these types of freezers save more cooling than the slide door type as they do not lose any coolness due to glass surfaces.

Door type freezers come in different sizes as well. You can easily find a small and portable version of these freezers (with about 100 or smaller capacity as well) for home and residential use as well.

In Hard Door types too, you can choose from two types. A single door and a double door freezers

  •  Single Door

Single door freezers come with, well, a single door. They are available in a mini version and a regular version as well. These types of freezers are good for storing a single type of item. They can also be used for storing 2 different items without mixing up if you can place two baskets inside it (regular size). 

  • Double Door

More commonly found in shops and retail stores, double doors come with two compartments separated by a wall. Each compartment has its own basket and can help store two different items without mixing them up.

2. Transparent Sliding Door types

Very common in ice cream shops and supermarkets, the sliding door type is best for storing dairy products, ice creams and all the products that you want your customers to see. These are used in shops widely because they can also be doubled as showcases to show products to customers with ease when they need to choose anything. The only downside to them is that due to the glass, the frosting tends to leak out coolness and thus increases the energy consumption

Now, let us look at all the parameters that one needs to look for before buying a Deep Freezer

Things To Consider Before Buying a Deep Freezer

1. Compressor

A compressor of a freezer is a crucial component and its capacity to perform will affect the quality and performance of the freezer as a total. Thus, the compressor is one of the first things that you need to look for in a freezer.

While compressor capacity is a way to decide, you can be more sure of the compressor’s quality by how long the company gives you the warranty for it. It can vary from 2 years to high as well( for good companies).

2. Energy Ratings

Though we have mentioned that an energy rating is an important deciding factor, we did not talk about how it will impact or which features you can forgo for a better energy rating. 

So basically, if you are choosing between a 4-star or 5-star product with no auto shut off function or stabilizer functions compared to a stabilizer function and an auto shut off function 3-star product, you can go with the 3-star product. 

But if you are to choose between a 3-star product with locking features, or a cool sliding door compared to a boring open-door format 5 star, embrace the boredom and go with the 5-star product. You will save a ton of money in energy bills

3. Stabilizers and Auto-Shutoffs

While energy saving is an important thing, saving your appliance from any kind of energy surges is also important. While not a lot of deep freezers come with inbuilt stabilizers, they do come with auto shut off options that are equally safe and useful. 

The best you can do is go with a Deep Chest Freezer with an Auto-Shutoff option and then add a stabilizer to it. This way, you can protect your freezer even better. 

4. Convertible

While this is a minor aspect, it might be useful for people who run retail shops or for people who will not be requiring to use the freezer at all times. 

A convertible deep freezer will give you the flexibility to convert the freezer from a deep freezer to a basic cooler. This nifty feature will give you a lot more flexibility in terms of using the freezer and switching it into cooler mode when you are not using it or when the contents in the freezer do not require deep freezes.

5. Build Material 

When we talk about the build material of the freezer, we do not mean about the outer plastic body. We cannot pick a good quality plastic or bad as most of the manufacturer’s use the same. 

But here, we are talking about the metal used inside the freezer. As a shopkeeper or a business owner, you would be placing the freezer out in the open or place with good airflow. In such cases, there is a possibility that the freezer will get corrosion. 

To avoid this, you can either place the machine in a semi air flow available area ( also never place it in dark corners with no airflow which is also problematic). 

Also, look at the brand’s description whenever you are buying it as they will for sure mention about the non-corrosive nature of the fridge as well.

6. Frost settings

Similar to the normal refrigerators, Deep Fridges too come with Frosting options (though not as many as that of a regular fridge). Here, you are left with two options

  • Manual Defrost: This is ideal for people who will be storing only one or two types of material inside the fridge as you will be not opening or only occasionally checking on the material. When you notice too much frost, you can manually defrost and save on some money as automatic defrosting machines are a tad bit expensive.
  • Automatic Defrost: As the name suggests, an automatic defrost machine is good for regular Kirana or General storekeepers and diary product sellers. These can safely store dairy products such as Milk, Curd or even meat and can safely be defrosted automatically and manually as well. This is an ideal choice for homes as well.

7. Additional features

Apart from the defrost settings, capacity and compressors, these types of freezers come with a few additional features as well. Not all chest freezers have them but a few do come with additional features like storage baskets, cool save options and more wheels for movement from one place to another. While these features are not so important, it is always handy to have some of these in the bag. 

8. Warranty

When it comes to heavy appliances, warranty is a very important thing. Appliances such as refrigerators come with two warranties in General. One is for the compressor solely and the other one is for the fridge in general. 

While the freezer comes with a 1 or maybe 2 years of warranty, the Compressor should have at least 3 or more years of warranty. This speaks of the quality of the compressor, as mentioned above.


After comparing and contrasting all the best available options, we figure that the Blue Star CHF100 with Single hardtop Door Deep Freezer is the perfect choice of Deep Chest Freezer to buy in India. It is compact, very well rated, has a robust build (don’t forget the non-corrosive nature), energy efficient (which burns 1.3 units for 24 hours) and 1 year of warranty (with 2 years on the compressor). Moreover, it has been consistently rated good which adds up to its credibility

While that was our curated list of the best freezers available, we are more interested in learning about your thoughts and opinions. Did we miss out on anything or do you have any questions regarding refrigerators and coolers? If you need us to add or remove anything or for any questions and clarifications, feel perfectly free to write to us in the comments section below. Our team of product experts will write back to you as soon as possible.