Top 9 Best Refrigerators in India :2019 Reviews & Buying Guide

Does your fridge consume more power or experiencing frequent water loss during hot summer months? Probably, it could be a sign to switch to brand new Refrigerator that comes at affordable prices.

Now-a-days refrigerators have come with smart inverter compressor to overcome the power failures and also minimize the energy charges. They also come with quick dispensing technology to make icing/ cooling instantly and fraternizers to remove bad odors.

Refrigerator with multiple compartments, trays and bottle racks helps to store all the food items like fruits and vegetables, curries, chicken, meat, desserts, ice-creams, pizzas, burgers, pasta, butter, bread, curd, milk, egg, rotis, cheese, cool drinks, mock tails etc. and the keep the fresh and hygiene for a long-time.

They come in different sizes, colors and shapes to match with the home interior designs. When it comes to choosing the best brand fridge, you must consider few important factors like refrigerator type – single vs double door, capacity, BEE-rating, inverter compressor, and noise levels. There’re some other advanced features that we’ve mentioned in our “Buying Guide“.

We brought you the best refrigerators brands by testing and analyzing the product, ratings, reviews online and interacting with the customers. Have a look at the list of Best Refrigerators in India 2019 that helps to pick the right one for home or commercial purposes.

These are Top 9 Best Refrigerator in India 2019

RefrigeratorsDoor TypeCapacity
Energy RatingProduct / Compressor
Warranty (Years)
Buy Now
LG Double2604-Star1 / 9 Check the Price
Haier Double3203-Star1 / 10 Check the Price
Whirlpool Double3403-Star1 / 10 Check the Price
Samsung Double2532-Star1 / 10 Check the Price
BPL Side by Side564--1 / 5 Check the Price
HaierSingle1954-Star1 / 10 Check the Price
LG Single1904-Star1 / 10 Check the Price
Whirlpool Single1903-Star1 / 5 Check the Price
Godrej Single1822-Star1 / 10 Check the Price

Best Double Door Refrigerators

1. LG 260 L Frost Free Refrigerator

LG 260 L 4 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Are you looking for a fridge that comes with good storage capacity and power saving option? Then LG frost-free double door refrigerator is for you.

LG occupies 1st position in the list of best refrigerators due to exceptional cooling performance, energy efficiency, smart inverting technology, easy accessing and much more. Let’s discuss each in detail!

We’re impressed with the smart inverter compressor that saves energy up to 48% and gives unmatched performance by adjusting the cooling food items present in the device.

This smart inverter refrigerator comes with a BEE rating of 4-star to save the electricity bills and works well even at power cut times. It has got a storage capacity of 260 liters which is suitable to use for a small family consisting of 3-4 members.

Multi air flow cooling ensures chillness throughout the fridge using air flow vents. It further keeps the food fresh and healthy (bacterial-free) by circulating the air at each and every corner of the device.

Moist balance crisper is another important feature that comes with lattice type box cover to maintain the moisture at optimum range. Double twist ice tray allows you to collect ice-cubes (in large number) whenever you want.

LED light present on top of the fridge adds a pleasant look, uniform brightness, great aesthetic value, durability and energy efficiency. The product manufacturer offers 1-year warranty on the product and 9-years on the smart inverter compressor.

At some point of time, the refrigerator undergoes damages and you need to approach the nearest service center. It’s a time taking process and may fed up with the telephonic calls (customer support).

To overcome this issue, it has come with a smart diagnosis option that will tell you how to resolve the issue by following certain methods. If you cannot handle the problem then it will guide to visit the nearest authorized service center.

If you want to use refrigerator for a large family (8-10 members), then you must have LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator that comes with a capacity of 687-liters. Though it comes at expensive rates, offers the best cooling inside the fridge and is absolutely frost-free.

What we like

  • 4-star energy rating.
  • Multi-air flow direction.
  • Ice beam door cooling.
  • Auto-smart connectivity for easy accessing.
  • Double twist ice-tray for collecting ice-cubes with a turn/twist.
  • Moist balance crisper keeps the vegetables fresh.
  • Smart diagnosis feature identifies and resolves the issue.
  • 260-liters of capacity for small family members.
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 9 years on compressor.

What we don’t like

  • Difficult to adjust the trays.

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2. Haier 320 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier 320L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier is one of the best brands that offer high quality products and standard services to the customers. It saves the energy and provides efficient cooling at affordable prices. Hence, it is considered as the best refrigerator under 25000.

This bottom mounted refrigerator comes with a large capacity of 320 liters which is good enough for a family of 4 to 6 members. Of 320liters, freezer occupies 86 liters to prepare ice-cubes and stores the frozen food.

With the presence of shelves, bottle racks, trays, and vegetable box allows you to store large amount of fruits, vegetables, big sized bottles and other items, and access them easily at any point of time.

An innovative icing technology brings the freezer temperature to -5˚C within 60-minutes. The large cool pad helps to retain the chillness up to 10 hours in case of power failures and 360˚ cooling technology helps to move the cool air freely within the fridge.

Moreover, it comes with 3-star energy rating which ensures the fridge is energy efficient and does not impose high power bills. An LED light inside the fridge emits bright light by consuming less energy.  The toughened glass holds and supports large weight to ensure greater durability.

You don’t require a separate stabilizer as it comes with a built-in stabilizer feature to protect the compressor from power fluctuations. This branded refrigerator comes with 1 year product warranty and 10 years on the compressor.

Are you looking for a stylish and ergonomic design refrigerator then Haier HRF 618 SS Side by Side Refrigerator from the same brand should be your choice. It has got an excellent capacity of 565-liters to store large amount of food items. It best suits for those who can afford high-prices on fridge.

What we like

  • Vegetable crisper.
  • Energy rating is 3-star.
  • Stabilizer free operation.
  • Excellent icing technology.
  • 360˚cooling feature spreads coolness in every corner.
  • Cool pad technology lasts cooling up to 10 hours.
  • 320 liters of refrigerator capacity supports 6 members.
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, years on compressor.

What we don’t like

  • Not suitable for a big family.
  • Not an inverter type refrigerator.

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3. Whirlpool 340 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 340L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Do you face problem with the traditional refrigerator? It can be due to the water coming out while defrosting and also the power failures. Do not worry! It’s the time to upgrade to Whirlpool double door refrigerator.

This high end double door refrigerator comes with finite number of advanced features to provide high-efficient cooling and maintain the freshness. For this reason, it is considered as the best double door refrigerators for home.

Compared to the above-mentioned models, it kills the bacteria, 99.9% of microbes due to the presence of micro block in vegetable crisper and provides lifelong usage.

The 3-star BEE energy rating of the whirlpool double door refrigerator saves the electricity bills when used for a long time. Furthermore, it comes with a 340 litres capacity which is good enough to use for small to medium family.

The presence of intelligent sensors senses the temperature and optimizes as per the users convenience. Flexible flow-vents allow the cool and fresh air to pass easily in different sections of the fridge and the freshonizer reduces the oxidation levels to maintain the freshness.

Deep freezing technology controls the air movements within the refrigerator. It has the capability to increase the speed of cool air which further contributes to 40% faster bottle cooling and 50% faster ice making.

The stabilizer free operation ensures safety and greater reliability. On an average, you can keep the fruits, vegetables healthy and hygiene to a maximum of 7-days. Above all, this refrigerator comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty and 10 years on the compressor.

If you do not like to invest much on fridge models or want for small homes then grab Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator. It comes with the necessary features (245 Liter capacity) to match with the basic requirements of a customer.

What we like

  • 3-star energy efficiency.
  • Deep freeze technology.
  • Comes with flexible vents to spread the coolness.
  • Intellifresh technology keeps the food items fresh.
  • 340 liters of capacity is suitable for 4-6 members.
  • Warranty – 1years on product, 10years on compressor.
  • Anti-bacterial filters deter the dust and bacteria present inside the machine.

What we don’t like

  • Freshonizer don’t work well.
  • Doesn’t feature inverter technology.

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4. Samsung 253 L  Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 253L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Next one in the list is from Samsung brand. It is a well-known brand in India that offers variety of products like smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV, washing machines, AC’s etc. The one we’re discussing is about Samsung double door refrigerator.

The digital inverter technology allows the compressor to work continuously at multiple speeds- low, medium, high. Furthermore, it enhances the life of a compressor, makes less noise, durable and improves the cooling as well.

It comes with a capacity of 253-liters which is ideal to use for small families (2/3 members). And the BEE energy rating of this frost-free refrigerator is 2-star which is not ideal to use for homes. As per the energy standards, a 2-star rating fridge consumes more power than the 3, 4, 5-stars.

The moist fresh zone keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. And the tight seal prevents the escaping of moisture from the unit by controlling air circulation and maintaining optimal humidity.

Big bottle guard section allows you to store large amount of milk, juice, water by placing in a bottle, beverage cans. Recessed handles and hidden hinges provide elegant touch that complements the modern interior decor.

Energy efficient LED’s illuminates light at each and every corner, thereby ensuring better visibility. Anti-bacterial gasket keeps the door liner clean and prevents the formation of moulds, bacteria, fungi, etc. The twist ice-maker comes with flexible option to move and utilize the space provided in the freezer.

The stabilizer free operation ensures proper cooling and prevents against the power issues. It uses a toughened glass material which supports to a maximum weight of 150kgs. Besides, all the features, the product is backed with 1-year on the product and 10-years on the compressor.

Winding up, this refrigerator features all-around cooling technology to maintain even temperatures from top to bottom. Hence it is considered as the best refrigerator under 20000.

Samsung 253L 2 Star Double Door Refrigerator is another popular model from the same brand. It comes with wonderful features like dual fan technology, digital display, easy sliding shelf, door alarm and key lock option to provide the coolness and secure the food throughout the day.

What we like

  • Twist ice-maker.
  • Comes at inexpensive rates.
  • 253 liters of refrigerator capacity.
  • Auto-defrost option quickly melts the ice.
  • Moist fresh zone keep the food in good conditions.
  • Warranty – 1years on product, 10years on compressor.
  • Digital inverter technology helps to work more efficiently.

What we don’t like

  • Poor energy efficiency (2-star).

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5. BPL 564L Frost Free Side by Side Door Refrigerator 

BPL 564L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

In case, you desire to have side by side refrigerator then BPL frost-free double door refrigerator makes an ideal choice.

It comes with a maximum capacity of 564 liters which is ideal to use for 6 or more members in a family. And no other refrigerator brand in the list contains such high storage capacity. That’s why we’ve considered as the best refrigerator for commercial usage.

The quick cooling function cools down the food inside the fridge quickly. Also, you don’t need to wait for hours to collect the ice-cubes. Simply activate the freezer technology that turns the water into ice instantly.

LED touch button panel on the fridge will let you control the temperature settings easily. Multi- air flow system helps to circulate the cool air and keeps the food fresh by deterring bad odors within the device.

Wrapping up, the performance of BPL side by side refrigerator is good and acceptable. It comes with limited features and functionalities to distribute the coolness evenly. Also, the product manufacturer comes with a warranty of 1-year on the product and 5-years on the compressor.

The major drawback of using this refrigerator at home is that it utilizes more power than the usual. When you run the device continuously it makes noise of level 43 dB. Other than that, it’s totally a good one to purchase.

What we like

  • Best refrigerator under 50000.
  • 564-liters of refrigerator capacity.
  • Pull out drawers for easy handling.
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor.
  • Quick freeze function to prepare ice and protects food from spoiling.
  • Multi-airflow system helps to reach cool air every nook and hook of the fridge.

What we don’t like

  • No BEE energy rating.
  • Generates 43 dB of noise.
  • Limited warranty on the compressor

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Best Single Door Refrigerators

6. Haier 195 L 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator

Haier 195L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

When it comes to choosing the best single door refrigerator, nothing can compete with Haier. It has got innovative 1-hour icing technology brings down freezer temperature to -5˚C in just 60 minutes.

Haier comes with BEE 4-star rating which saves the electricity and running costs. Hence it is considered as one of the best energy efficient refrigerators in India.

The freezer comes with a capacity of 19 liters to make ice-cubes in required shape. And the 176 liters of fridge supports fruits, vegetables, bread, egg, cheese, curd, meat, cake and many other food items. On totaling, 195 liters capacity best suits to use for small families 2-3 members.

You can keep your children away from eating too much unhealthy food with a door lock mechanism. Anti-fungal gasket can be removed and fixed easily to prevent against the fungal infections. It also comes with an excellent bottle storage space to keep big bottles, cans and offers cooling in less time.

Manufacturer offers a warranty of 1-year on the product and 10-years on the compressor. In case of any damage to the product, you will get full money refund within 10 days.

To conclude, the performance of Haier single door refrigerator is excellent. Moreover, it comes at normal prices and best to place in kitchen, hall or dining as it occupies less space.

For bachelors, investing on high end models will be burden and is totally waste of money. Instead you can go with the basic models like Haier 170L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator. It comes with less storage capacity which is ideal to use for individuals and also comes at cheap rates.

What we like

  • 4-star energy efficiency.
  • 1 hour of icing technology.
  • Toughend glass material prevents against damages.
  • 195 liters of capacity suitable for bachelors and couples.
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.
  • Door locking mechanism safeguards children from spoiling the food.
  • Anti-fungal gasket prevents the building up of fungus, and dust particles.

What we don’t like

  • Less storage capacity.
  • Manual defrosting option.

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7. LG 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

LG 190L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

If you are the one who loves to eat frozen food or drink cool water instantly, then you must have LG 190-liter single door refrigerator.

It features a smart inverter compressor which gives unmatched performance with silent operation and also saves the energy charges.  It works efficiently by operating at voltages 90 V (low) and 310 V (high). So you don’t actually need a stabilizer to perform the cooling process.

There is an option for you to connect with the home inverter using the smart connect technology. It run the fridge continuously 24*7 even at power cut times.

It comes with a 4-star BEE rating which means the product utilizes less energy than many other branded models in the list. It doesn’t matter how heavy the bowl or containers you put inside the device because the shelves are made of toughened glass material to support a maximum load of 175 kg.

A special lattice type box cover maintains the moisture of food at optimum level. They can easily be evaporated and condensed by maintaining the perfect balance of moisture levels in the box.

Anti-bacterial gasket brings freshness by deterring bacteria and other dust particles accumulated on the door. It puts an end to the harmful contaminants and keeps the food healthy and hygienic for longer periods.

It is the only refrigerator in the list that runs using solar energy. You don’t actually get a solar panel in the kit and have to purchase separately. All the refrigerators with smart inverter compressor tend to work using the solar energy. Hence, it is considered as the best solar smart refrigerators in India 2019.

The LG refrigerator is backed with 1 year on product and 10years on the compressor to build a trust in customers by giving reliable and durable refrigerators.

What we like

  •  190 liter fridge capacity is suitable for small family.
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.
  • 4-star energy efficiency ratings save the electricity bills.
  • Smart inverter compressor works great at power cut times.
  • Solar smart refrigerator utilize energy directly from the sun.

What we don’t like

  • Makes some noise.
  • Water flows out easily when there is a power cut.

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8. Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 190L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

For those who have small families i.e. 3-4 members and looking for elegant and sophisticated design for the modern kitchen, Whirlpool direct cool single door refrigerator will be the best choice of the available brands in the market.

Compared to other single door refrigerator models, it has got 9 hours of cooling retention even at power-cut times.

Pocket handle comes in a sleek and modern look which is a perfect blend for your home interiors. The wire shelves stores big-sized containers at an ease. Jumbo bottle rack can store 3*2 liter bottles with an ease as per the results shown by conducting the tests.

Extra large vegetable crisper with honeycomb moisture lock-in technology helps to keep large amount fruits and vegetables fresh as always. Chiller tray keeps milk, small cans, juices, and salads fresh by maintaining optimum cooling.

Advanced moisture slider maintains the moisture levels stable and 2 ice-trays ensure super quick icing. Manual defrosting mechanism ensures hassle-free functioning by providing efficient cooling. Easy to remove airtight gasket keeps the door liner absolutely free from bacteria and fungi.

On the whole, the performance of Whirlpool refrigerator is good and offers uniform cooling throughout the device. The only downside of this product is that it comes with less storage capacity and also the energy efficiency is not up to the mark.

What we like  

  • 9-hours of excellent cooling retention.
  • Cyclopentane Insulation reduces the carbon emissions.
  • Removable anti-bacterial filters to wipe out the dust particles.
  • Advanced moisture slider comes with pull/push options.
  • 190 liter refrigerator capacity is suitable for 2/3 members.
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor.

What we don’t like

  • You have to buy stand separately.
  • Doesn’t come with inverting technology.

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9. Godrej 182 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Godrej 182L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Finally, we end up with Godrej Direct Cooling Refrigerator. This is yet another decent quality single door refrigerator that comes with 182 liters capacity and occupies less space in a room.

It has got outstanding features like deep bottom chiller, stay cool technology, removable gasket, and cooling technology to experience the cooling. But, it doesn’t spoil the food when set to the low-temperatures.

Removable anti-bacterial gasket prevents the bacteria entering into it and cleans thoroughly at the corners.

A 2.5 liter bottle storage space helps to store big-sized bottles, and cans. The deep bottom chiller tray gives an ample supply of chilled water. Also, trays and vegetable box are made of toughened glass material to support maximum load of 150 kgs.

LED lights glow vibrantly when you open the door and also help to find the things easily at night times.  No need to install separate voltage stabilizer as it comes with built-in functionality to overcome the power issues.

The manufacturer offers 1-year warranty on the product and 5-years on its compressor. It gives a strong assurance that you don’t need to worry about the brand and product.

What we like

  • Silent operation- free from making noise.
  • Removable gasket protects the food from spoiling.
  • 182-liters of capacity and power rating is 2-star.
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.

What we don’t like

  • Consumes more power.
  • Has less storage capacity.
  • Not suitable for big families.

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How to Choose the Best Refrigerator for Home?

All the refrigerator brands come with similar features and the latest models are more energy efficient than the old ones. Which one do you prefer? And how will choose it as the best? Do not worry! We’re here to help you out. Firstly, you need to consider few important things like refrigerator size, type, capacity, energy rating, inverting technology, and noise. Read below to know how these factors helps to decide the best of the available brands in the bazaar.

1. Know the Size

Refrigerator brands vary in height, width and depth. So, it’s important to know which size fridge matches with home requirements i.e. whether you place in hall, dining, or kitchen. A large/small sized refrigerator may not fit in kitchens and looks odd.

Depending on the space available in a room (kitchen or halls), you must also measure the l*b*w dimensions of the fridge and then select the appropriate one. Studies shows that it’s good to use a top freezer refrigerator at homes that works well and also save the power bills.

2. Determine the Type of Refrigerators

Refrigerators do come in different sizes and is mainly classified based on the number of doors, capacity and the storage space. The best refrigerators do come with multiple doors to function at different temperatures. Here, I’ve given the list of 6 best refrigerator types available in the market. Do check it out and choose the right one your home purpose.

  • Single Door Refrigerator

Single door refrigerators are available as the basic models which contains a single door. In this, the freezer and fridge (vegetable box) are clubbed together and have an excellent lifespan of 10-years. Moreover, it does not spread the cold ambience out of the refrigerator. These are very much suitable to use for bachelors, couples, and small families.

Though it comes at very cheap rates in the market, the only downside of this product is that the frost gets accumulated in the freezer section. As a result, you need defrost the compartment on a regular basis.

  • Double Door Refrigerator

Double door refrigerators are more popular than single door and also come in bigger size. In this type, 1 door is used for fridge and the other for freezer.

This refrigerator prevents the formation of frost and hence it is referred as frost-free refrigerators. If the frost forms regularly, then it uses a separate heating element to put an end to the frost formation.

As it comes in 2 separate doors, there’re more chances of escaping the cool temperature out of the device when the door is kept open. They’re pretty much suitable to use for a large family consisting of 4-5 members.

Single Door Vs Double Door Refrigerators

Single Door Double Door
Comes with a single door Comes with double door
Refrigerating capacity is 180- 250 liters 250-500 liters of refrigerating capacity
Suitable for a small family Suitable for a large family
Freezer size is small Large freezer size
Occupies less space Occupies more space
Economical to buy Comes at expensive rates
Needs to clean manually Features auto-cleaning function
  • Triple Door Refrigerator

Triple door refrigerator looks great with your interiors and brings versatility to your kitchen. It also has a tremendous storage space for all your food items. As the name suggests, triple door refrigerators come with 3-doors, 1 for vegetable compartment and the other 2 for freezer and vice versa.

It has got a capacity more than single and double door refrigerators i.e.> 500-liters. They utilize more power to perform the cooling process and hence you may experience more electricity bills. Odour mixing is completely avoided as the 3 compartments are separated. Some of the models come with automatic ice-dispensers to match the user requirements.

  • 4-Door/French Doors (Multiple Doors) 

This type of refrigerator comes with 2 narrow doors on top and the other 2 at the bottom. Hence, it is referred as a French Door Refrigerators. These refrigerators come with space saving option using a small swing doors.

The biggest advantage of these refrigerators is the flexibility and the customized options to support all types of food – hot or frozen. Some of these units have a water dispensing unit as a part of the refrigerator. It is natural that the electricity consumption is more as compared to the other refrigerators in the list.

  • Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator

This type of refrigerators has the fridge on one side and freezer on the other. They come with through-the-door ice, water dispensers and temperature control knobs. The capacity of the side by side door fridge is about 550-850liters. Furthermore, these refrigerators are suitable for small kitchens rooms, but cannot store large boxes or containers.

With its slim and stylish design, adds a classy look to the home interiors. The amount of food you store in the refrigerator is limited and is not an energy-efficient. On the other hand, it is very economical to buy and come with an external ice machine.

3. Type of Freezer

  • Top Freezer

This is the most popular traditional style refrigerator in the market that offers valuable space for its size. Refrigerator with top freezers are best for those who use ice and the frozen foods which includes pastries, birthday cakes, pizza, drinks, and mocktails etc.

As per the survey, Indian household consumes less frozen food items. Hence, there is a great demand for top freezer refrigerators at home/ commercial purposes in India. It is mainly due to the large spacing option, adjustable shelves, and the flexibility for maximum storage.

If you are in need of fridge that can store more than water bottles, fruits and vegetables, milk, bread, eggs, cooked food then grab a refrigerator with top freezer. Moreover, it is very economical to buy and adds counter space to the room.

  • Bottom Freezer

In this, the freezer is located at the bottom and fridge section at the top (i.e. reverse design than normal refrigerators). When compared to the top freezers it has less usable space, and is very easy to access the fridge shelves.

While using this bottom type freezer, the user does not have to bend everytime to take out the food items. Also, studies have shown that people use refrigeration unit more frequently than a freezer. However, one must beware that bottom freezer consumes more power than top freezers.

Top Vs Bottom Freezer

Top Freezer Bottom Freezer
Requires less power Requires more power
Comes at reasonable prices Bit pricey
Freezer – Top and

Fridge – Bottom

Fridge – Top and

Freezer – Bottom

Delivers consistent temperatures Irregular supply
Limited freezing capacity Freezing capacity is more
Less storage space More storage space
Easy to adjust the temperature Bit difficult to monitor
No need to bend to open frozen items Have to bend a little to access

To conclude, top freezer refrigerators are more efficient to use at homes than bottom freezers due to the energy-saving option, flexible design, and convenient usage. It best suits for those who have back pain problems and also comes at inexpensive prices.

4. Capacity of the Refrigerator

Capacity of the refrigerator is the most important factor that one must look into before buying a refrigerator. Knowing about the capacity helps the user to analyze the quantity of food he/she can prepare and store in the fridge.

It completely depends on the family size and here we’ve given the capacity ranges with respect to the number of persons living in a house. Do check it out!

  • For an individuals or bachelors who live separately in towns, cities, they can use fridge with a capacity less than 200 liters. They do not cook much food or store and tends to eat hot and fresh.
  • For couples (2), the maximum storage capacity is 220 liters and 250-300 liters for a small family consisting of 3 members.
  • A family consisting of 4 members (parents and children) needs a 280-350 liter fridge capacity. And for large family i.e. more than 6 members, more than 350 liter capacity is a must-have appliance in homes.

Fridge Capacity Vs Family Size

Size of the Family Capacity of the Fridge (liters)
Bachelors/ Individuals (1) <200 liters
Couples  (2) 220 liters
Small family (3) 250-300 liters
4- family (4) 280-350 liters
Large family (6+) >350 liters

5. BEE Star Rating – Bureau of Energy Efficiency

When we purchase a refrigerator we look for a BEE energy star rating which gives a clear idea of saving time, money and power consumption.

BEE is a government certified agency which gives the star energy rating of the electronic home and kitchen appliances. This label is a must have on the products like TV, AC, Geysers, Refrigerators, etc.

If you look at the products given in this article, you will notice refrigerant brands come with different star ratings. The more the number of stars on the label, the higher is the efficiency of the appliance. Still, if you are confusing with the energy rating, then simply buy 5-star refrigerator (has great impact on electricity bills) from a brand that best matches with the home requirements. 

Let us say a fridge uses 180-watts of power to perform the necessary operation for 24-hours (a day). And the charge per unit is 0.10/kWh. Now, the cost of unit will be…

Per hour    = 0.180

Per day      = (0.180*24)/10 = 0.4320

Per month = (0.4320)*30    = 12.96

Per year    = (0.4320)*364  = 157.70 

For you understanding purpose, we took the 3 popular brands LG, Haier and Whirlpool. Also, we have specified the type, BEE energy rating, and the power consumption of each product per year in the below table. 

If you take a close look at the table, you’ll observe Haier (single-door) refrigerator utilizes less power of 151 units per annul. This will save the power by utilizing in sufficient amounts and the money. Take a wise decision before you wish to have refrigerators at home or commercial places. 

Best Refrigerator Brands Type BEE Rating Power Consumption (Units Per Year)
LG Single 4-star 164
LG Double 4-star 194
Haier Single 4-star 151
Haier Double 3-star 265
Whirlpool Single 3-star 203
Whirlpool Double 3-star 271

6. Compressor with Inverting Technology

Nowadays, inverter compressors are very popular as it helps to reduce electricity bill and provides great cooling as well.

Compressor is a device used to increase the amount of gas pressure by reducing its volume. In general, fridges use – normal or an inverter compressor for smooth functioning of the device. Because, a normal compressor works at regular speeds and cannot handle the fluctuations in speed level. But, inverter compressor runs accurately at high speed settings. When there is a power cut, it works at low-speed to overcome the loss of cooling. It also saves the power when operated at standard temperatures.

Inverter Compressor Vs Regular Compressor

Regular Compressor Inverter Compressor
Comes at affordable prices. Bit expensive to buy.
Have less lifespan. Can last longer.
Consumes more power. Utilizes less power.
Produces more noise. Generates less noise.
Work at normal speed settings. Works at high speed fluctuations.

7. Usage of Voltage Stabilizer for Refrigerator

Voltage stabilizer is quite common to use when you use refrigerators, AC, TV, washing machines and other electronic equipment. The main advantage of using this stabilizer is to protect the devices against the voltage fluctuations by regulating the load power supply.

If the home and kitchen appliances have above or below the necessary readings, then the device would malfunction, damaged and even the situation become worsen.

In India, the electric power distribution to a house is 230 V and the maximum acceptable range is of 220±10 V. And the power supplied to a home may not be same due to the uneven distribution of power. When you connect stabilizer to a refrigerator, it draws sufficient amount of energy required to run the machine and perform the cooling operation (like make the food frozen, forming ice cubes, etc.). Thus the refrigerator receives a consistent stabilized range of voltage as its input for a trouble free operation and long operational life.

Nowadays, refrigerators come with a built-in stabilizer. It is better to go for such models especially in areas that experience frequent fluctuations in voltage.

8. Interference of Noise

Which one you prefer? Noisy or Quite? Well, most of the customers prefer noiseless refrigerators as they feel annoying due to the creepy sounds.

Good quality refrigerators do not make much noise and performs the tasks silently without causing any disturbances. On an average, the fridge produce sound within the range of 30-47 dB and above 40 dB is considered to be noisy. In the given list of best 10 refrigerators, some make noise and some are quite due to the wonderful technology incorporated in it.

9. Design and Style

A variety of refrigerator styles and designs are available in the market today. They’ve come in different sizes, shapes, colours to attract the customers. Moreover, the fridge style enhances the kitchen workflow, making it more efficient to save time and energy. Look for refrigerators that come with adjustable shelves, pantry drawers and over sized door bins. So, it’s important for the buyers to decide which type of fridge will work best for the kitchen and family.

10. Price and Warranty Information

Do not panic to purchase refrigerator online as it absolutely safe and comes with standard customer support services. When you purchase the product directly, you end up wasting the time in irrelevant models and overlooking into the specifications.

Check for the refrigerator that comes within your budget. Because, there’re numerous models that come at both high and low prices. The only difference between the two is seen in terms of product quality, better functioning, smart navigation features and the warranty services.

High-end models offer the warranty ranging from 5-10 years on the product and compressor as well. And the basic models provide limited warranty services.

11. Smart Features in Refrigerator

Most modern refrigerators come with some great features such as dual cooling system, air filtration system, dual ice makers, in-door ice storage, etc. that make it more convenient.

Temperature Control feature helps the fruits and vegetables, baked items, curries and other food items to remain fresh for specific period of time. 

Shelves, Bottle Racks and Drawers are made of toughened glass material to provide a strong support for the food items kept inside the fridge. They have come with detachable option to give maximum space for large items.

Deodorizer removes the bad odor from the food particles using the filters and thereby maintains the fresh air inside. 

Dual ice-maker is a combination of aluminum and food grade plastic to speed up the icing process. To make it happen, they utilize 15% more power than the usual. 

Defrost mode in fridge uses less amount of power to make it frost-free. You can simply access the defrost option by turning it to on and off. 

Anti-bacterial filters keeps away the bacteria, mold and fungal formation inside the refrigerator. 

Child lock features prevent your children opening the doors without knowing. It will be burden for you to clean when the food items fell onto the ground.

Ice and water dispenser serves cold water and ice without opening the door. But, the dispensers require continuous supply of water. This wonderful feature minimizes the effort to open and close the door. Also, it overcomes the loss of power when you the door manually.

Safety Tips and Precautions

  • Minimize the opening of doors as much as possible as it helps to save the power and prevents the loss of cooling.
  • Adjust the temperature settings in-between -5˚C to 10˚C for stable conditions.
  • Ensure the fridge is in inverting mode as it minimizes the energy charges.
  • Do clean the fridge once in every week to deter stains, bacteria, mould, fungus, oil substances.
  • When the frost is accumulated inside the walls of freezer, switch to defrost mode.
  • You can also use liquid soap and hot water to wipe out the unnecessary stains present on the fridge.
  • You may experience bad smell due to the ripen fruits and vegetables. Immediately, remove and throw it away from the fridge.
  • If your children/kids are opening the doors thoroughly, lock the device for safety reasons.
  • Visit the nearest authority center if the motor gets damaged. Also, check for the warranty to access the free-services.


This brings us to the end of our list of best refrigerators in India. Our top pick from the best refrigerators brands in the list is LG 260L 4 Star Double Door Refrigerator. It best suits for those who’re looking for good storage capacity and energy efficient device. It comes with smart inverter compressor to save 48% of energy than the regular models. Besides, the manufacturer offers a warranty period of 1-year on the product and 9-years on the compressor.

Now, you came to know the buying guide and best refrigerators that are trendy now. Which one you like the most? Are you using any of the above-mentioned models? Share your doubts and experiences with us in the comment section given below. We’ll clarify them as early as possible.

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