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Best 5 Double Door Refrigerators in India : 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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It is hard to imagine a kitchen without the refrigerator, as it has become easy to store vegetables, fruits, dairy products etc in your fridge. It has become necessity more than luxury. In long run it helps to promote healthy life by preserving nutrients.

Compared to single door, double door refrigerators offers more space; it lets you to access frequently needed items from fridge without opening the freezer, this doesn’t drop the temperature of the whole fridge this also helps to save energy.

These are some key aspects you should consider before you buy a refrigerator.


Decide your fridge capacity depending on your family size, the capacity of fridge vary from 230 L to 550 L. This chart can help you decide your ideal capacity.

CapacityFamily Size
230L- 260L3-4 members, 2 adults+ 2 kids
260L- 350L4-5 members, 3 adults+ 2 Kids
350L- 550L6+ members

BEE Star Rating:

The concept of BEE star rating is simple, for their energy efficiency the appliances are rated on scale of 5. If it’s more energy efficient then its 5 star rating and 1 star rating means less efficient. There is a high price tag for more stars. We don’t recommend less than 3 stars refrigerator.

Inverter compressor:

Compared to Regular Refrigerators, Inverter compressor is advanced and works towards energy saving up to 20- 30%. Initially you will find the refrigerator cost little high, but you end up saving on your power bills.

Inbuilt stabilizer, design and conversion facility are few other important feature to consider which will be discussed in our Buying Guide.

Product reviews will helps you to choose the best option that meets your requirement.

Best Double Door Refrigerators in India

ProductCapacityAnnual Power
BEE RatingsWarranty
Buy Now
LG Double Door Refrigerator335 Litres212 Units3 Stars1 + 10 YearsCheck On Amazon
Samsung Double Door Refrigerator253 Litres193 Units3 Stars1 + 10 YearsCheck On Amazon
Haier Double Door Refrigerator258 Litres182 units3 Stars1 + 10 YearsCheck On Amazon
Whirlpool Double-Door Refrigerator265 Litres190 units4 Stars1 + 10 YearsCheck On Amazon
Godrej Double Door Refrigerator260 Litres202 Units4 stars1 + 10 YearsCheck On Amazon

Best 5 Double Door Refrigerators Reviews in 2021

1. LG 335 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

LG Double door refrigerator

LG always tries to live up to its reputation. It strives to provide absolute perfection in all of its products. Its frost-free double door refrigerator has a Door Cooling+ feature that cools the refrigerator 35% faster than other conventional refrigerators. Its auto defrost function prevents ice formation on edibles.

Refrigerator Capacity: It is best suited for a family of 5 members due to its large 335-liter capacity.

Freezer Type: Frost-free refrigerator

Annual Energy Consumption: 212 kWh

BEE Ratings: 3 stars

Number of Shelves in the fridge has

  • 2 shelves with toughened glass
  • One vegetable box
  • One convertible box
  • Two elongated side racks
  • 2 small racks
  • 1 bottle side rack

The freezer has

  • One shelf
  • One ice maker
  • 2 elongated side racks

It smartly divides ample room inside the refrigerator for better storage.

Linear Inverter Compressor

Generating less friction, reduces the wastage of energy and increases the energy efficiency of the refrigerator.

Smart Features

  • Convertible Plus: Gives an extra 45% storage space in comparison with its competitors.
  • Big Deodorizer: Eliminates strong odor and preserves the original aroma of your food.
  • Smart Diagnosis: You can troubleshoot any issues through your mobile by just installing LG smart diagnosis app.
  • Auto Smart Connect: Connecting to your home inverter gives uninterrupted functioning during power cuts.

Warranty and Services: You will receive a 10-year warranty on the compressor and a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the product.


  • Door Cooling+
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Smart connect
  • Multi Airflow
  • Trimless tempered glass
  • Convertible refrigerator


  • After-sales service can be better

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Samsung 253 L Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung Double Door refrigerator

Samsung always strives to better itself at every stage with mind-boggling innovations. Its latest double door refrigerator is the pure joy one can own. Its captivating look elevates your class and its amazing features make your lives easy. Although it is rated 3-star in energy efficiency, its digital inverter technology automatically adjusts the compressor speed according to the cooling demand.

Refrigerator Capacity: Comes with 253-liter capacity. Best suited for a family of 2-3 members.

Freezer Type: Frost-free refrigerator

Annual Energy Consumption: 193 kWh

BEE Ratings: 3 stars

Number of Shelves in the fridge has

  • One easy-slide shelf
  • A big box
  • Cabin for fresh food
  • Tall bottle guard
  • 2 small racks for smaller items
  • One regular tall rack

The freezer has

  • Movable ice maker
  • One shelf
  • Two regular racks

It is an ideal refrigerator to own with strong glass shelves that can bear up to 175 kg weight.

Stabilizer Free Operation

Its unique stabilizer-free operation helps it run steadily. It automatically cuts off to prevent damages when there is a high increase in voltage.

Smart Features

  • Smart Connect Inverter: It helps the refrigerator uninterrupted when there is a power cut.
  • Digital Display: The ice blue display shows the operating functionalities of the fridge and makes it easy to control.
  • Deodorizer: Built-in deodorizing filter eliminates strong smells yet preserves the original flavour and aroma.
  • LED Light: It comes with energy-efficient light that is bright and slim.
  • All-round Cooling: It blows cold air through multiple vents on all shelves maintaining even temperature in all corners.

Warranty and Services: It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the product and a 10-year warranty on the compressor. Its excellent customer service and after-sales service lets you have peace of mind.


  • Spill-proof toughened glass
  • Less noise
  • High durability
  • Frost-free refrigeration
  • Cool pack


  • 3-star energy rating
  • Does not come with wheels

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3. Haier 258 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier Double door refrigerator

Haier is one of the prominent brands that exports superior quality household appliances. Its 3-star inverter double door refrigerator comes with an aesthetic look that upgrades the modernity of your kitchen. With its unique twin inverter technology, it strives to conserve more energy even if it is given a 3-star energy rating.

Refrigerator Capacity: It is best suited for a family of 3 members with its 258-liter capacity.

Freezer Type: Frost-free refrigerator

Annual Energy Consumption: 182 kWh

BEE Ratings: 3 stars

Number of Shelves in the fridge has

  • 3 shelves with toughened glass
  • One vegetable box with a glass cover
  • 2 elongated side racks
  • 1 bottle side rack

The freezer has

  • One shelf
  • One ice maker
  • 2 side racks

Weighing just 53 kg, it is very easy to move compared to its competitors.

Stabilizer Free Operation

It runs at a surprisingly low 135 V power supply hence power fluctuations shouldn’t be of concern.

Smart Features

  • Twin Inverter technology: Runs the compressor & fan at different speeds according to the load it receives.
  • 5-in-1 Convertible: innovatively designed with 5 modes you can set for different purposes.
  • PUF Insulation: The thick PUF insulation retains low temperatures effectively.
  • Recess Handle: The recessed handles make sure that you don’t have to touch the metal body.

Warranty and Services: 10-year warranty on compressor & fan motor and 1-year warranty on the unit.


  • Voltage: 135 V
  • 5-in-1 convertible
  • PUF insulation
  • Twin inverter technology
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Low weight
  • Door lock


  • Customer service can be better

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4. Whirlpool 265 Litres Double-Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool-265-double-door-refridgeratorsA 265 Liters 4-star Inverter refrigerator suffices all of the needs of a general household. With all the technological features and advanced Adaptive Intelligence, this model from Whirlpool is a heck of a deal.

Refrigerator Capacity: 265 liters of capacity! It is perfect for a family with 3-4 people.

Type of Freezer: It is an inverter frost-free double door refrigerator.

Annual Power Consumption: Low. It consumes as low as 190 units per year.

BEE Ratings: 4 stars

Number of Shelves in fridge has

  • 3 easy-slide shelves
  • A vegetable drawer with Honeycomb Lid
  • 2 big bottle racks
  • 2 small easy racks for storing small items.
  • 1 egg tray

The freezer has

  • 1 shelf
  • 2 regular door pockets
  • 2 twist ice maker with an ice cube collector

Stabilizer: An in-built stabilizer ensures stabilizer-free operation on 160-300 volts.

Smart Features

  • 6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology: the 6th sense Deep Freeze Technology circulates the air to keep foods fresh.
  • Auto-Connect to Home Inverter: the refrigerator connects automatically to the home inverter in case of a power cut.
  • FreshFlow Air Tower: the FreshFlow air tower along with the flexi vents ensures uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator.
  • Optimum Moisture Retention: in the IntelliFresh Convertible range of refrigerators, the cold air circulates around the compartment, retaining the moisture of the contents.
  • Honeycomb Design: the honeycomb design of the vegetable tray lid controls moisture level and ensures an optimum humidity for long-lasting freshness.
  • Chilling Gel: a gel that stores cool air for release during power cuts to keep vegetables fresh even during power outs.

Warranty and Services: A 1-year warranty on the product, plus 10 years of warranty on the Compressor is available on this product. There are other attractive warranty extension packages with minimum charges.


  • 5-in-1 modes for different cooling needs
  • Advanced Zeolite Technology, along with Microblock Technology and FreshFlow Air Tower ensures freshness retention up to 15 days
  • The Advanced IntelliSense Inverter Technology adjusts the cooling temperature according to internal load, thus, saving energy consumption
  • Connects to the home inverter in case of a power outing
  • Easy gliding Everyday Fresh Tray to easily access the items that are required daily


  • Cannot provide protection for voltages below 160 volts

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5. Godrej 260 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Godrej Double door refrigerator

Established in the year 1897, Godrej has become a superior brand for supplying trustworthy household products. Its 260-liter frost-free double door refrigerator is designed to become a great addition to your kitchen enhancing your style. It is rated 3-star for energy conservation yet its annual consumption is 202 kWh.

Refrigerator Capacity: With 260-liter capacity, it is ideal for a family of 1-3 members.

Freezer Type: Frost-free refrigerator

Annual Energy Consumption: 202 kWh

BEE Ratings: 3 stars

Number of Shelves in the fridge has

  • 3 shelves with toughened glass
  • One vegetable box
  • One elongated side rack
  • 3 small racks
  • 1 bottle side rack

The freezer has

  • One shelf
  • One ice maker
  • 2 separated side racks

It is made of superior advancements designed to make user’s life very easy.

Intelligent Operation

Adaptin to the usage patterns, it comprises automatic defrost cycles increasing the energy efficiency and cooling.

Smart Features

  • Patented Cool Shower Technology: The inbuilt air vents give 360-degree cooling.
  • Intelligent Inverter technology: Using the variable speed compressor, it smartly adjusts the cooling.
  • 6-in-1 Convertible freezer technology: Comprises of 6 different modes that you can choose depending on the items you want to keep in the refrigerator.
  • PUF Insulation: Long-lasting freshness with thick PUF insulation that retains the low temperature.

Warranty and Services: You will receive a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the product and a 10-year warranty on the compressor.


  • Patented cool shower technology
  • Intelligent inverter technology
  • 6-in-1 mode
  • Largest vegetable technology
  • 75-inch insulation


  • Customer service needs improvement

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Double Door Refrigerator Buying Guide

There are so many options available in the market which makes you difficult in choosing a product. Below is the information we have provided which helps you take knowledgeable decision.

1. Capacity

Double door refrigerators are generally larger than the single door ones. Their capacity can vary from 230L to 550L. You will decide on your fridge size depending on your family size. A small family with 2-3 members can opt for a smaller sized refrigerator. For bigger families with 4 or more members, a fridge with 260 to 360 litres of capacity will be an ideal choice.

This chart can help you decide your ideal capacity.

CapacityFamily Size
230L- 260L3-4 members, 2 adults+ 2 kids
260L- 350L4-5 members, 3 adults+ 2 Kids
350L- 550L6+ members
  • Bear in mind that these capacities are the total refrigerator volume (fridge + freezer). You will notice that the capacities are mentioned as gross and net capacity. The gross volume/capacity is the total space inside the refrigerator. And the net capacity is what you can utilize.
  • The amount of food you can store inside will also depend on the number of shelves and trays provided.
  • This is not that there isn’t any smaller capacity double door refrigerator. Some brands like Whirlpool and Mitashi make mini-sized double door refrigerators ranging from 145-200 liters. But we don’t recommend them as these are too tiny. It’s better to opt for a single door refrigerator instead. You can opt for one if you live alone or have a small budget.

2. Frost free refrigeration

The best thing about owning a double door refrigerator is that they are frost-free. Frost-free refrigerators use electric fans which circulates cool air evenly thought the device. There is no formation of ice inside the freezer compartment. Means, you don’t need to do manual defrosting. 

This method keeps food fresh for a much longer time than the direct cool refrigerators. But this also makes it expensive and consumes more electricity. This is why energy ratings or BEE ratings are more important for a frost-free refrigerator compared to direct cool refrigerators.

3. Inverter Compressor

We highly recommend inverter refrigerator though all the refrigerators will not have an inverter compressor.

This technology allows compressor to work consistently at different speeds depending on the cooling load to deliver the necessary output.

If the temperature falls below set temperature then it works by switching the compressor to lower capacity. The compressor functions at maximum capacity again when cooling is required. This process saves 20 to 30 per cent of electricity consumed.

In the regular compressor this is not the case, it always runs at its highest speed. Once there is optimum temperature it stops and it gets switched on when required.

The lot of power is consumed in this ON and OFF methods.

4. BEE Star Ratings for Electricity Bills

Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates the Refrigerators depending on their power consumption. A 5-star rating means it is most energy-efficient and 1 star means it is least efficient. More stars also indicate a higher price tag. So, a 5-star BEE refrigerator is the most expensive ones. However, your savings will be greater than what you will spend initially.

5 star rated double door refrigerators are only a few in the market. They are also very expensive. You will find a lot of refrigerators with 4-star ratings. They are a little less expensive but excellent at energy savings thus mostly preferred. If you find a 3-star refrigerator and it fits your budget, well and good. We don’t recommend opting for something less than 3-stars unless you have a budget issue.

5. Choose the Design Wisely

Double door refrigerator has two doors for two separate compartments. One door is for the fridge and the other for the freezer. This division has an advantage. You won’t open the fridge and the freezer together; therefore, there will be no escaping of cold air. This in return will also save energy.

You may or may not know that these refrigerators have two variations- the regular one with the freezer on top and the different one with the freezer at the bottom.

Top mount Freezer: The freezer is on the top and the fridge or the main refrigerator at the bottom. This is the most common type of double door refrigerator.

Bottom mount Freezer: Here the freezer box stays below the main unit or the fridge. This is a new invention. The main reason behind this unique design was to make it more user-friendly. We use the fridge more and the freezer less. So with a bottom-mounted freezer, you can avoid bending down too much

6. Conversion facility

Today, we have conversion option that allows you to convert the fridge into freezer and vice versa depending on your usage. The plus point of this option is you will be able to increase the storage capacity of the refrigerator.

As you find lot of vegetarians in India, the normal fridge to freezer ratio is around 80: 20. They are variants where ratio is around 70: 30 too. As Non vegetarians use the freezer box more this type of refrigerator will be useful for them.

7. Shelves

Prefer a refrigerator in which there are customized shelves which can be adjusted easily according to food items.

Metals shelves in grill shaped were used to store the food in older model refrigerators. Air circulation is good in these types of shelves.

Now a day’s most of refrigerators use toughened glass shelves. These are durable to hold massive vessels.

You can keep small foods items in the glass shelves as there is no gap present in the glass shelves. This also redefines the look of refrigerator.

8. Built-in stabilizer

Voltage fluctuations are very common in India. The best refrigerators come with an inbuilt stabilizer which will protect the compressor in case of high voltage fluctuations. But not all refrigerators include a stabilizer. So check it before you buy it. 

9. Size and Weight

This is an important factor to consider when buying the fridge. If your house has limited space as you don’t want your fridge to occupy most of the space then you must keep a note of the volume and weight the double door fridge possess.

If you want to shift the fridge from one location to other then it will be easy to move if its not heavy.

10. Low Noise

Older models emit much noise than the new model. It is not comfortable to have a noisy appliance at your home. It is necessary to check the noise of the fridge before you buy.

11. Body material

Make sure that the body is strong enough to withstand the operations of the refrigerator 24/7. Stainless steel refrigerators are more durable though they cost little high they are easy to maintain with a longer life span. They save you from unnecessary expenditure.

12. Lighting

Check if the fridges you are buying have sufficient lighting. Without compromising the clarity the lights must be gentle to eyes. Choose the fridge that uses LED lights as it is more environment friendly and energy efficient.

The LED light tends to occupy less space and compared to other bulbs it emits ten times less heat.

13. Other Features

  • Cool Pack

Even in power cuts, it can keep foods fresh up to 12 hours without any power supply.

  • Deodorizer

It’s the filtration process that helps in removing the unpleasant odour from the fridge. Most of the standard models include this feature.

  • Smart Feature

The reputable brand like L.G provide some smart feature to their refrigerators, like smart inverter connect and smart diagnosis.

14. Price

The budget is more important when you want to buy a product, as you don’t want to buy a thing beyond your capabilities. When buying a fridge you will be surprised to see number of choices you have.

According to the price the features and capacity will increase. Double door refrigerators cost anywhere around Rs.12, 000. You must find the perfect product that meets your expectations within your budget.

15. Warranty

If there is any issue arise suddenly in your fridge warranty will help you out. Most of the double door refrigerator comes with the warranty of 1 year that is all round warranty on product and 10 years on the compressor.

Advantages of Double-Door Refrigerator

  • Energy-efficient:

As the freezer door and fridge door is separated with each other, the coolness inside is preserved much better this is the primary benefit of using the double door refrigerator.

  • Durability:

Since this refrigerator has two doors, it is expected to be more durable compared to single door refrigerators.

  • Large storage space:

Comparatively double door refrigerators have larger space for you to store items.

  • More Organised:

It has more shelves and has privilege for users to have better organisation of objects inside the refrigerator, which single door refrigerators lack.

  • More Hygienic:

As the double door refrigerators does not accumulate chunks of ice on its freezer which leads to much clean freezer space.

  • Easier to clean:

As the double door refrigerators are frost free, it does not require much effort to clean inside the fridge. Unlike single door refrigerators which need manual cleaning in terms of defrosting from time to time.

Disadvantages Double-Door Refrigerator

  • If you are looking for smaller capacity, it may not fit your requirements as the double door refrigerators are available in large capacity.
  • Compared to single door refrigerators, you can expect 20- 30% high power consumption with double door refrigerators due to large capacity.
  • As double door refrigerators works on frost- free mode, it needs automatic fans to circulate cool air causing 40- 50% more electricity consumption compared to direct cool technology.

Single Door Vs Double Door Refrigerators

Single Door Vs Double DoorSingle Door RefrigeratorsDouble Door Refrigerators
Family SizeSingle door refrigerators is ideal for family ranging 1 to 3 peopleDouble door refrigerators is ideal for family ranging 3 to 5 members
CapacityIt has capacity of 50 to 250 litresIt has capacity of 235 to 495litres
Power consumptionIt comes with direct cool feature that consumes lesser powerIt is built with frost free technology and consumes 30- 40% more power bill.
SpaceIt has smaller shelves and smaller freezer.It is more spacious freezer and bigger shelves
CleaningNeed to clean ice manuallyIt comes with auto clean feature
PriceThese refrigerators range from Rs 6000 – Rs 20,000These are expensive and range from Rs 20, 000- Rs 55, 000

Maintenance of Double Door Fridge

If you want to last your fridge for long period then here are some tips to maintain your double door fridge-

  • Check the door seals

The fridge should work harder if there is a loose seal, it allows the air to leak out and waste lots of energy. Get the door seals checked by professional after few intervals.

  • Make sure that the coil is clean

Get the condenser coil checked twice in a year if it is clean or not. Refrigerator does not work efficiently if the condenser coil is covered with dust.

  • Make sure that the gasket is checked regularly

The cold air escapes easily if the gasket is not sealed correctly that leads to consume more energy. The gasket should be checked regularly such that you will be aware of its wear and tear in case you notice that make sure you get it replaced to avoid refrigerator problems.

  • The right temperature should be set

To get optimal performances make sure to set the right temperature for both fridge compartments and freezer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the prices of the double door refrigerators?

The price of a double door refrigerator varies from 18000 to 55000 and above. Most affordable double door refrigerators are from Godrej. Haier is slightly expensive but has better features. L.G, Samsung, Whirlpool makes premium and standard quality refrigerators.

2. What is the best brand for double door refrigerators?

Some of the best brands for double door refrigerators are- L.G, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, Bosch, Godrej, etc.

3. What is the size of the freezer of a double door refrigerator?

Most of the double door refrigerators you see in India have fridge and freezer ratio of 80:20. This is because a lot of Indians are vegetarians and they need a bigger vegetable box. There are fridges with 70:30even 50:50 fridge and freezer ratio but you can’t find them in India.

4. Double door refrigerators consume more energy. It is true?

The short answer is yes. Firstly, because they use electrical fans for cooling which consumes a lot of energy and secondly they are larger in size compared to single door ones. They consume almost 30-40% more energy. But the one with an inverter compressor will surely save you a good amount of money.

5. Double door or Single-door. Which is better?

It will depend on how you compare them. Single door refrigerators are smaller in size and they consume less power. Double door refrigerators are larger and thus they consume more power. Single door refrigerators need manual defrosting which can be annoying at times where all double door refrigerators are made frost-free. Means you don’t need to defrost. This is a major plus point.

6. Does a double door refrigerator cool better?

In terms of cooling double door refrigerators with electrical fans cools faster. They can make ice in 1 hour or so. Single door refrigerator, on the other hand, uses natural convection process. It takes more time in cooling. Icing takes more than 2 hours.

7. Is stabilizer really important?

For a double door refrigerator, we will say yes. Well, it is not mandatory. But it is like an insurance for the appliance. As voltage fluctuations are random in India. So you better protect the device than cure it.

8. How long I can store the vegetables in a double door refrigerator?

Double door refrigerators are advance and they are frost-free. They can keep vegetable and fruit fresh for a longer time. They also have a moist balanced vegetable box which locks the evaporated moisture and maintains the freshness. You can expect it to keep vegetable fresh for over a week, 10 days on an average.

9. Double door refrigerator wall heats up. Why is that?

Yes, the sides of your refrigerator get hot. But it is not dangerous. It is to prevent moisture condensation. And it is not a malfunction. It is important to leave 10-15 cm gap between the refrigerator and the wall. Otherwise, the heat radiation may cause harm to the device.


As you can see, Double door refrigerators are the most common and convenient refrigerators out there. And there are no two ways about it! With two separate cooling areas, it not only provides best-in-class convenience but also gives the best value for money features at a reasonable price when compared to other types of refrigerators.

Our personal recommendation in double door refrigerators is the LG 335 Litres Double Door Refrigerator This one is an all-rounder in every aspect. From a presentable 335 liters of capacity, 3-star BEE rating and LG’s brand value, this frost-free double door fridge is very tough to beat. The best in class cooling features and a comprehensive warranty cover completes the package for this excellent refrigerator. Go for it!

Let us know your thoughts on our chosen double door refrigerator list! We are all ears!

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