The 3 Best French Door Refrigerators In India Reviews and Buying Guide

A French door refrigerator is a modern style fridge that gives you easy access to drinks and food items kept inside the fridge. These types of fridges are a bit large in size when compared to the regular refrigerators. Also, they have a bottom freezer along with two swinging doors.

French door refrigerators are ideal for big families, large kitchens, or for those who like to host parties at home. They feature extra shelving compartments along with a lot of door space so that you can store drinks, food, and condiments.

Before buying the best French Door refrigerator, you must consider following factors.


The capacity of a French door refrigerator ranges from 500 liters to 1000 liters, depending on the model that you prefer. If there are more members in your family, you can buy a fridge with a higher capacity so that you can store extra food items.


Before buying a new fridge, you must check its height, width, and depth properly. You can compare it with the size of the space where you are planning to keep it.


Make sure that you leave 2 inches of space between the wall and the fridge.


Since buying a French door refrigerator is a big investment, you must make sure that you buy a brand that offers a good warranty period. Most of the good brands offer a warranty period of 1 year on the product.

Some other features that you can look for are water dispenser, ice maker, and door style. To learn more about these factors, you can check our buying guide.

To make it easier to buy the best French door refrigerator for your home, we have shortlisted some of the best options available in the market. Let’s have a look!

3 Best French Door Refrigerators in India

Top 3 French Door Refrigerators Reviews in India

1. Samsung 810 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator(RF28N9780SG/TL)



  • Capacity: 810 liters
  • Recommended Family Member: 5 family members
  • Product Warranty: 1 year
  • Compressor Warranty: 10 year

The Samsung RF28N9780SG/TL french door refrigerator is one of the more higher-end options available out there. At its given premium price tag, it offers a lot of things to the user that make it much better and quite unique compared to other french door refrigerators.

The key feature of this refrigerator is that it comes with a smart display on the front that supports a wide range of apps and features. You can use it to check the contents of the fridge, connect to your phone, make shopping lists, watch videos, play music, and a lot more. As for the fridge itself, it offers a pretty high capacity of 810 liters.

This makes it a great choice for families having up to 5 members. As this is a Samsung refrigerator, it comes with a 1-year product warranty and a 10-year long compressor warranty for peace of mind.


  • Compact and small french door refrigerator
  • Long warranty for peace of mind
  • Uses double inverter technology
  • Frost-free function


  • Quite an expensive refrigerator
  • Power consumption is a bit high

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2.  Haier 531 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator (HRB-550KG)



  • Capacity: 531 liters
  • Recommended Family Member: 5 family members
  • Product Warranty: 1 year
  • Compressor Warranty: 10 year

If you want a french door refrigerator in India without spending a lot of money, then you should consider the Haier HRB-550KG. It is a 531-liter french door refrigerator that makes it one of the more compact and small options.

While its capacity is lower than others, a family of 5 can still adjust with this french door refrigerator if needed. One of the best things about this refrigerator is that it uses a twin inverter technology making it one of the most efficient options out there. When combined with its dual fan cooling, you can expect the whole refrigerator to get cooled quickly and effectively.

On the front, you can find a basic status panel that can be used to know about the stats of the refrigerator whenever needed. Inside the fridge, there is no wall partition making the whole unit quite spacious for storing a lot of food with ease.


  • Comes with a smart unit on the front
  • Offers a pretty decent capacity
  • Includes multiple compartments for easy storage
  • Offers a 10-year long warranty


  • Capacity is a bit on the lower side
  • External unit is basic

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3. LG 984 L InstaView Door-in-Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator (GR-Q31FGNGL)



  • Capacity: 984 liters
  • Recommended Family Member: 5 family member
  • Product Warranty: 1 year
  • Compressor Warranty: 10 year

LG is one of the most popular brands out there when it comes to home appliances. And since it also makes a lot of refrigerators, we are here with one of its best french door refrigerators. This unit by LG offers a very high capacity of 984 liters, making it the largest option in this article. Such a size can be a great option for families who have more members than 5 family members.

A great thing about this refrigerator unit is that its external unit is an InstaView door that allows you to easily see inside the fridge as well as its contents. This means that you can keep track of your food items while keeping them fresh since you will not be opening the unit.

The inverter linear compressor of this refrigerator is quite silent, making it a great option for home kitchens.


  • Excellent capacity rating
  • Offers an InstaView door on the front
  • Comes with a great build quality
  • Uses an inverter linear compressor


  • Not ideal for compact home spaces
  • Slightly high power consumption

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Things to Consider Before Buying a French Door Refrigerator in India

Here are all the important factors that you should consider before buying a French Door Refrigerator to make sure that you are buying the best one for your home.

1. Capacity:

Amongst all the other factors, one of the first and most important factors that you must consider is the size of the fridge. It will let you know how much space will be available inside the fridge so that you can store different types of food items and beverages inside it.

The capacity of a French door refrigerator varies from 500 liters to 1,000 liters, depending on the model that you want to buy. If there are more members in your family, you can buy a fridge with higher capacity so that you can store a sufficient amount of food items inside it.

2. Size or Dimension:

Before buying a French door fridge, you must be sure that the fridge will fit well in the dedicated area. To ensure this, you should consider and check the height, width, and depth of the fridge. Don’t forget to consider the fact that the door swing is available on both sides.

You should also remember to leave some space between the fridge and other furniture in your house. If you are planning to install the refrigerator in the living room, you must leave at least 2 inches of space from the wall or other appliances.

While installing the refrigerator in the kitchen, you should check the door swing does not have any obstacle like a dishwasher or utensil stand while you are opening the fridge.

You should also plan the entry of the fridge and measure the areas through which you are going to get the fridge inside. If you are planning to install the fridge in the kitchen, first check if the fridge can easily pass through the main door and the kitchen door. Once you are sure that there will be no issues, you can focus on remaining factors.

3. Energy Consumption:

According to various studies, out of all the other appliances in your home, the refrigerator stands in second place in terms of maximum consumption of energy. Hence, you should always prefer buying a model that will consume less energy.

Most of the modern refrigerators are designed in a way that they work efficiently while consuming less amount of energy. All the components in the French door refrigerators are premium. Thus, they provide a superior cooling system when compared to other types of refrigerators.

If you are thinking to buy a French refrigerator, you can expect that it is going to consume about 350Kwh energy annually.

4. Water Dispenser & Ice Maker:

Many models of French door refrigerators feature a dispenser on the outside. As there is a filter attached to the dispenser line, you will get clean drinking water from the dispenser.

Some refrigerators even have an in-built ice maker. They have many advantages. In French door refrigerators, the ice maker is located at the freezer compartment whereas the water dispenser is available on the left-side door. Even though these features look premium and exciting, they are costly too.

To reduce damage and prevent leakages, it is better to opt for a French refrigerator that has either an ice maker or a water dispenser rather than choosing a model that features both of them.

5. Door Style:

There are two doors at the top in most of the French door refrigerators along with a freezer compartment that looks like a drawer. However, there are a few models of fridges that have four doors. In such models, the drawer is replaced by two doors. It is helpful in increasing the space inside the fridge and has extra shelves so that you can organize stuff in a better way. All these compartments come with different cooling zones that are suitable for storing different types of food items.

6. Color:

You should select a color that will go well with the décor of your kitchen. Choosing a color that is different from other interiors can spoil the entire look of the kitchen or wherever you are planning to install the fridge. You must select a color that will go well with the aesthetics of your house.

You can first consider the décor of the kitchen and then select a color or texture that will suit the surrounding area.

7. Exterior:

While selecting a fridge, you must select a model with a good exterior design that can add a classy touch to your home. As refrigerators are appliances that are used on a daily basis, you might want to buy a model with a good finish.

We often touch or open the fridge with wet or greasy hands while cooking. Due to this, the surface becomes susceptible to stain and this can damage its surface too. Thus, you must select a model that is easy to clean and check if the surface is finger resistant or not.

8. Noise:

Even though noise is not a big factor that needs to be considered, if you like pin-drop silence at your home, you must check the noise produced too.

During night-time, you can hear the sound of the fridge from a distance too. If you don’t like this, you can buy a fridge from brands like Samsung, LG, and Kenmore as they manufacture quieter models.

9. Ventilation:

To maintain the compressor in a good state, there should be proper ventilation. Different models of refrigerators feature different types of ventilation. While some of them are located on the front, others are positioned on the rear.

A good French door refrigerator is the one that offers a ventilation space of about 200 square meters. If the ventilation space of the refrigerator is more, it will offer better energy efficiency.

10. Shelves:

The shelves of the refrigerator are available in different forms: wired or smooth. Both these types are easy to clean.

However, it is easy to wipe smoother shelves when compared to wired shelves.

11. Price:

A French door refrigerator is a huge investment and hence, it is important to buy a model that will serve all the purposes. You can buy a French door refrigerator within a price range of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,50,000. The price depends on the additional features offered by the manufacturer.

12. Warranty:

Most of the good brands like LG, Samsung, etc. offer a warranty of about 1 year on the overall product and 10 years on the compressor. You must prefer buying a model that offers the best warranty period.

13. Popular Features:

Some models of French door refrigerators offer some features that can be helpful in the long run. Here are some important features that you can check for:

  • If you tend to forget closing the door of the fridge (that can lead to wastage of energy), there are a few models of fridges that come with door alarms.
  • Another modern feature is the LED light. It not only looks great but fresh too. It is an eco-friendly type of lighting.
  • There is an inside camera in a few models of fridges that can be connected to the Wi-Fi. Using this camera, you can check the content of the refrigerator even when you are not at home.
  • Movable bins and trays are handy features too. You can rearrange the entire layout of the refrigerator as per your convenience. It even allows you to increase or reduce the space between the shelves.
  • One or more bottom freezer drawers at the bottom of the fridge can give you a lot of space to reorganize stuff inside the fridge. You can use larger drawers to store larger items. For extra convenience, you can even change the layouts of these drawers.
  • There are crisper drawers in a few models. These drawers have independent controls where you can increase or decrease the humidity levels depending on the type of produce that you are planning to store. Food items that tend to rot need to be stored in lower humidity areas.
  • Some models of French door refrigerators feature a French pantry or a deli drawer at the bottom and below the crispers. It is an extendable door in four-door model fridges. You can adjust the temperature here from 29℉ to 42℉ (-1℃ to 5℃).
  • Twin coolers or dual evaporators are helpful in maintaining separate air circuits for the refrigerator as well as the freezer. It is also helpful in maintaining higher humidity levels inside the refrigerator and prevents it from bad odor.
  • With the help of freeze and turbo cool options, you can speed up the temperature stabilization. You can simply push the button to do so. It is very helpful in cases where you have kept the fridge open for a long time while cleaning or loading.
  • Multi airflow designs help in distributing the air evenly across all the shelves of the fridge. It is helpful to maintain a uniform temperature. It also prevents the odor that is caused due to mixing.

Types of French Door Refrigerators

There are different types of French door refrigerators available in the market. Let’s learn more about these types so that you can choose the best one for you accordingly.

Three Door Refrigerators:

These are the most popular types of French door refrigerators. They offer maximum storage space. These types of fridges have two main swing doors using which you can open the upper compartment. There is one pull out freezer drawer at the bottom too.

Four Door Refrigerators:

If you are one of those who prefer keeping food items in an organized way, you can buy a four-door fridge. There is a small additional pull out drawer that is located between the main refrigeration unit and the bottom freezer drawer. This drawer is either a deli drawer or a French pantry that comes with independent temperature controls.

The Quad Door Refrigerators:

The quad door refrigerator is a different type of four-door refrigerator. There are two doors to open the main storage compartment. There are two doors in the bottom using which you can open independent freezer units.

The expensive or premium models of quad door refrigerators, there is a unit that can be set to the freezer or cooler mode. It allows you to maximize the refrigerator space and even gives you easy access to frozen food items.

Five Door Refrigerator:

Five-door refrigerators are quite similar to a regular four-door fridge. The difference is it has two separate doors rather than one door. One or both of these drawers can be a crisper drawer. You might not find many models of five-door refrigerators.

Door-in-Door Refrigerators:

The door-in-door refrigerators feature a double-hinged door on the right side. It gives you easy access to the door bins without opening the main door completely. These models are a bit energy efficient too. The hinged doors can be either solid or might have a see-through glass pane.

Advantages of Buying a French Door Refrigerator

There are many advantages to buying a French door refrigerator for your home. Some of them are as follows:

1. Ease of access:

The overall design and layout of the French door refrigerator are very convenient. As the refrigerator part is on the top, you can use all those items that you use frequently at a convenient height.

Also, unlike traditional fridges, the freezer is at the bottom like a drawer. You can store frozen items there.

2. Energy-efficient:

Whenever you open the fridge, a large amount of cold air gets out and thus, the fridge uses a lot of energy to get the temperature back to normal. In French door fridges, as you open only half door at a time, cold air remains inside only.

3. A convenient interior layout:

The layout of the French door refrigerators is very convenient and easy to use. Everything is properly visible.

Some models of refrigerators even come with movable or adjustable shelves. You can pull out these shelves to have a better view of the food items stored inside. It is very useful while taking out hard-to-reach items.

4. Can fit well in tight spaces too:

As the doors of the French door refrigerator are narrow, they take very little space in the kitchen. These types of fridges are very helpful when there is less space in the kitchen and moving around becomes difficult.

5. Wide shelves:

French door refrigerators are more popular because of the wide shelves and large door bins. They help in maximizing the storage space so that you can keep extra items. There is no need to rearrange food items or storage every time you keep or remove something extra as there is a lot of free space inside.

6. You can keep food items in an organized way:

As the main refrigerator compartment is on the top, it is easier to organize and keep a track of the food items inside the fridge. This way, moldy fruits or vegetables are easily noticeable.

Separate produce drawers, chiller drawers, and wider door bins provide extra space to keep your stuff organized in the fridge.

7. Looks classy:

If you are renovating your kitchen or looking forward to buying a new fridge, buying a French door refrigerator can be a great choice. They look classy and blend well with any type of interior. Their sleek and stylish design can improve the look of your entire kitchen.

French door fridges not only look aesthetically good but are very functional too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is a french door refrigerator design?

A french door refrigerator simply has a side by side door design where two doors open in different directions. Usually, these refrigerator units are quite large and offer a lot of storage space for all kinds of food items.

2.Do I get higher power consumption with a french door refrigerator?

Unfortunately, with the given large size of most french door refrigerator, they have to use a more powerful compressor that generally has higher power consumption. Although, you can limit the power consumption by buying a refrigerator with a high energy star rating.

3.Where is the freezer located in a french door refrigerator?

Generally, you will find a freezer compartment in the bottom section of a french door refrigerator. This is due to the reason that a double door design on the top restricts the placement of a freezer up there. Instead, you get a freezer at the bottom in the form of either a drawer or using a double door design.

4.What is the recommended capacity rating for a family of 5 members?

If you have 5 family members in your home or similar to that, then buying a french door refrigerator with a capacity of 700 liters or higher is highly recommended. This should give you enough space to keep food for 5 members of your family.


Whether you want a large-sized refrigerator or just want a feature-rich one, going with a french door refrigerator can be a great pick. These make for a great pick when you have multiple family members living in the same house and want more storage space. Thus, we have mentioned the best french door refrigerators India in this article.

Out of the various options present in this article, the Samsung RF28N9780SG/TL is the best option because of its large size and smart panel present on the front. This 810-liter refrigerator also offers frost-free function, which is always great to have. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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