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The kitchen sink is essentially an important part of every kitchen as we use it daily to wash our hands, kitchenware, and even while preparing various kinds of dishes. Since it’s one of those areas that are highly utilized by everyone whoever goes to the kitchen, we should invest some good amount of time and money, and choose to buy the right one as per the requirements.

There’s no denying that there are different types of kitchen sinks that come in various shapes and designs. But, to find the right one for your kitchen space, you need to take the measurements first and then start looking for other factors. Hence, if you are also looking to replace your current kitchen sink with a brand new one.

This guide will be highly helpful for you as we will discuss how you can measure and find the right size of sink for your kitchen. So, be with us until the end of this article and read it thoroughly.

Kitchen Sink Size

Standard Sizes for different types

The kitchen sinks might come in different designs and shapes. But when it comes to size, most people prefer to go with the usual standard sizes. For instance, a normal kitchen sink usually has a length range starting from 22” and up to 30 inches.

That’s the only variation you will find because breadths are always kept the same as per the standard size of countertops. These are the basic dimensions for a single bowl kitchen sink.

However, if you are looking for a somewhat larger size, double bowl options can be as lengthy as 48 inches as it’ll be a more convenient option for a large kitchen. Not just that, but even larger kitchen spaces can accommodate triple-bowl options which can have enormous sizes of about 60 inches on average.

On the other hand, if you check out options on the basis of breadth, you can easily find options ranging from 8-inch to 14 inches normally. While checking the length or wideness of your kitchen sink, also make sure to take measurements of the base cabinet so that you can know if the new sink will fit in there or not.

Depth Measurements

The depth of the kitchen sink is yet another crucial factor as you can’t choose one which is too shallow, neither too deep. That’s why the standard depth of kitchen sinks usually lies between 8 inches to 10 inches approx.

This is considered to be the perfect sink size as you can easily soak in almost every kind of kitchenware and clean it properly. At the same time, it is not too deep to cause any inconvenience to people with short height. The depth of a sink also depends on its type whether you pick a top-mount sink or an under-mount. Because the under-mount sinks generally have more depth since they are installed and fixed below the countertop area. Although that 2 inches difference might not seem like an issue on paper, practically things are little different.

Kitchen Size also matters

Although kitchen sinks are an essential part of any kitchen, that does not mean you allot most of the countertop space to sink only. Since you can choose between different kinds of sink designs, a double-bowl or triple-bowl sink should only be bought if the kitchen area is more than 150sq.ft. Otherwise, if your kitchen is small, a single bowl sink of size 22-inch to 33-inch will always be the best option.

How Do I Measure For A New Kitchen Sink?

That’s the most common question which almost every new buyer usually has in their mind. Well, if you are asking this to yourself, you are actually on the right path already. As we have seen people buying the wrong size of sinks and regretting their decision later. So, to measure and find the right size of the sink, you will actually have to take out the current one and then measure the dimensions of the hole in your countertop.

This way, you will be able to take the right measurements and get to know the size of the sink that will fit there perfectly. While the current sink is taken out, don’t forget to take measure the depth of the hole as well. Measuring the depth is important as if you go and choose a deeper sink, you might have to make alterations later. So, it’s better to take each and every measurement carefully.

In case you want your new sink to be deeper than what you have right now, you should know how much space the new sink will take. To measure the depth for your new sink, you can take measurements till the bottom of the tailpiece.

Basically, the tailpiece is just an extension piece that can be neglected and replaced very easily. So, if your current sink has an attached tailpiece of 2” long, you get the freedom to choose a 2” deeper sink than the current one.


That is it, folks! It was our simple guide that will help you to find the right sink for your kitchen. No matter if your home has a small kitchen or a larger one, we have mentioned all the details for each and every type, so that everyone can easily find the best option for themselves.

A perfectly chosen sink for your kitchen will surely last for a very long time, so it’s better to invest some time into it and take all the necessary measurements before you go out and buy one. You can even take assistance from the professionals as they would be able to suggest much better options according to your kitchen’s space.

We hope this guide has been a helpful one for you, in case you have some doubts in mind, feel free to discuss in the comments section below.

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