The Best 50 Modern Kitchen Sink Designs

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A kitchen sink is a necessary and indispensable feature of a kitchen. It provides a confined space for you to wash your vessels without splashing the water. While not a lot of importance had been given to the appearance of the sinks, the modern kitchen sinks certainly make a style statement.

Below is a comprehensive list of novel ideas that you can use to design sinks to complement the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen.

1. Single Basin Sink

These sinks do not come with any compartments and hence can accommodate large vessels and utensils. They are ideal for small kitchens, however, their size can be extended to suit the needs of large kitchens as well.

2. Double Bowl Sink

These sinks have two compartments making them ideal for multi-taskers. You can wash your vessels in one compartment and rinse in the other compartment. They are ideal for kitchens without a dishwasher.

3. Top-Mount Kitchen Sink

These are the most common kitchens found in Indian homes. A hole relative to the size of the sink is carved in the countertop and these sinks are installed from the top. As their rim extends just above the countertop finish, they are also known as self-rimming sinks.

The prices of these sinks are relatively low with a simple installation process. Hence, they have become a very popular opinion in Indian homes.

4. Undermount Kitchen Sink

They are the exact opposite of the top-mount kitchen sinks. These are installed in the countertop in a way their rim aligns with the surface of the countertop. It is easy to clean these sinks as their rims do not stick out of the countertop.

Moreover, they are elegant and look very natural, complementing the style of your kitchen. However, they are a touch too expensive.

5. Farmhouse Sink

These sleek, large-sized sinks are designed for a luxurious kitchen. They can accommodate a large number of vessels and utensils. They are made of stainless steel and come in a light grey color. They fit naturally into the modern kitchen interiors.

6. Integrated Sink

These sinks are carved in the countertop and are made from the same material as the countertop. They do not have rims and hence, you do not have to deal with grime getting accumulated in the rims. They look seamless and are an absolute delight to the eyes.

7. Drainboard Sink

These are another popular option in Indian kitchens. They come fitted with a drainboard adjacent to the sink. The washed utensils are placed on the drainboard. When water drops on the drainboard, it is directed to the sink. This prevents the accumulation of water leading to a mess.

However, installing a drainboard will reduce the space of the countertop. It is ideal for large kitchens and countertops that have an ample amount of space.

8. Drainer and Strainers Sink

This is an upgraded version of the drainboard sink. The drainer is located on top of the sink itself and the water from the drainer directly falls into the sink.

Additionally, they come fitted with racks and strainers. These attachments help in quick drying of the vessels and let you complete your cleaning tasks faster. The attachments can be removed when not in use.

9. Island Sink

These sinks are usually installed at the end of the countertop. They are very small and are used as secondary sinks. While washing dishes are done in the primary sink, the island sink can be used to clean vegetables and fruits.

When you have enough space to install a second sink, there is no reason to say ‘no’. The island sink is ideal for large families and goes well with large kitchens.

10. Secret Compartments Sink

As the name implies, these sinks have secret compartments that can be used to store culinary items. They are ideal for small kitchens and help manage space. You can store the items that make the kitchen look clumsy in the concealed compartments.

11. Disappearing Sink

Yes, you read it right. You can conceal this kitchen after every use. This sink comes with a lid that you can use to cover and conceal it. It is ideal for small kitchens where every inch of space matters. You can conceal the sink when not in use and use the space for other purposes.

12. Long Party Sink

These sinks come fitted with multiple attachments to help you in your cooking and washing tasks. They have two movable faucets and different compartments containing chopping boards, strainers, and even an ice tub.

They are ideal for parties and functions. Waking up the next morning after a house party and looking at your kitchen sink is a dreadful experience. These are a must-have if you host frequent house parties.

13. Sink Organizer

When you can not increase your counter-top space horizontally, you can make up for it by making space vertically. This sink allows you to do that by having multiple attachments on top of it.

It has trays and compartments to store spoons, pans, food items, and other kitchen utensils, in addition to a drainer. Furthermore, it has a sleek aluminum finish that gives a posh feel.

14. Mobile Sink Faucet

This gives you the convenience of moving the sink faucet and washing fruits, vegetables, and utensils. It is accompanied by a long spray hose to make the washing easier. However, it is not the most convenient way as the water will spatter everywhere.

15. Worktop Sink

This sink is the complete package and comes with the entire kitchen gear. It has a strainer, drainer, racks, built-in chopping board, and holders for placing knives and spoons. It also has an overhead rack to store saucers.

16. Circular Sink

This sink has a refreshingly new style that deviates from the standard rectangular sink designs. It comes fitted with bowl holders that you can use to place fruits and vegetables that need to be washed. It also has matching faucets.

17. Sink Drawer Organiser

These sinks have numerous compartments where you can keep your washing accessories like scrubbers, sponges, and washing liquid. They make the kitchen look neat and tidy by not exposing the washing accessories.

18. Cutting Board Sink

This is a modified form of the disappearing sink. The lid that is used to cover the sink acts as a cutting board or chopping board. You can cover the lid and cut vegetables or fruits on it. The lid comes with two slots on both sides for easy handling.

19. Corner Sink

This sink is located at the corner of a kitchen. The corner location allows free movement of others in the kitchen while not being obstructed by the person cleaning the vessels. It comes with two compartments, one for washing and the other for draining.

20. Rotating Sink

It is one of the most innovative kitchen sink designs. The sink has different compartments, one for each purpose. Apart from the sink, it has a pair of chopping boards, a stainer, and a compartment for placing vegetables and fruits.

21. Trash Collector Sink

This sink comes with a discrete trash can made of aluminum. The sink along with the trash collector is installed on the countertop making it easier to wash and dispose of trash. The trash can comes with an air-tight lid to prevent the spread of foul smell.

22. Sink Caddy

This sink comes with small removable attachments used to store washing materials like scrubs, sponges, and dishwasher soaps. It is very handy in organizing things as you can store all the washing materials in the same place.

23. Matte Black Corner Sink

This corner sink features a luxurious matte black color. No other color gives you a posh feel like the matte black color. The sink contains three compartments, two for washing and the other for draining.

24. Modern Black Ceramic Sink

This sink has a glossy finish that goes well with the modern interior design. It has a double compartment and a chopping board lid. The black sink is combined with a chrome faucet that gives a sleek appearance.

25. Concrete Undermount Sink

This sink is very durable and easy to maintain. It fits seamlessly with a countertop made of marble or granite making your kitchen look beautiful and elegant. Moreover, it is highly resistant to scratches and you can easily wipe off the water splatter.

26. Concrete Island Sink

This is another sink made of concrete that is unusually situated at the end of your counter-top. You need to have a large kitchen to install it as the sink extends from the counter-top. Due to its unusual location, this sink is not preferred by many people.

27. Flush on Concrete Sink

A stainless steel sink is installed seamlessly into a concrete countertop giving an elegant look. The sink has two compartments and is accompanied by a stainless steel faucet. It also has a drainer on one side to manage the splatter of water.

28. Stainless Steel Sink

The stainless steel sinks are a low-budget option for your kitchen. It has a glossy finish that makes it go well with the modern kitchen interiors. The stainless steel material is preferred by most people because they are resistant to heat and can also be cleaned easily.

29. Cast Iron Sink

Although the cast iron sinks are relatively old, they still remain a popular option. With these sinks, you get a blend of classic and modern style. They are sleek and elegant complementing the modern design of your kitchen.

30. Black Steel Farmhouse Sink

This farmhouse sink is made of black steel that has a sleek and minimalist appearance. It is accompanied by a chrome faucet that completes the look. The sink is very easy to clean and is resistant to food stains.

31. Italian Fireclay Sink

The Italian Fireclay sink features a blend of the vintage look and modern Italian design. It comes with an apron design along with a bronze faucet set and vintage cast iron cabinet hinges. The design goes well with brown or ash color countertops.

32. Black Granite

This sink is made of granite featuring matte black color. It has two compartments, a bigger sink and a slightly smaller one. It also has a drainer to keep the washed vessel.

33. Chiseled Granite Sink

This granite sink features a unique chiseled look that gives a contrasting appearance to your elegant kitchen. The sink comes with a dual-purpose lid/chopping board, faucet, knife stand, stainer, and a drainer.

34. Modern Granite Ensemble Sink

It is a multi-purpose sink that comes with three compartments, a big sink for washing big vessels, a smaller sink, and a drainer. The drainer can be covered with a lid and used as a chopping board. The grey color of the granite features a bold look.

35. Granite Low Divide Sink

The Granite Low Divide sink comes with two compartments, however, the compartments are not segregated completely. The height of the partition is less allowing you to accommodate large vessels as well. In addition, if you are washing small vessels and other food items, you can make use of the compartments.

36. Marble Sink

One of the most expensive and luxurious sinks, the Marvellous Marble features an elegant marble sink complemented by gold faucets and stainer. The whole set-up reflects your elegant and posh lifestyle.

37. Etched Marble Sink

This marble sink is etched with artistic designs on its apron making you fall in love with its elegance. The marble gives a luxurious look and the intricate etchings on the apron add a touch of uniqueness.

38. Double Bowl Marble Sink

This sink has two bowls or compartments that are accompanied by a chrome faucet. When paired with a marble countertop, it gives a posh and luxurious look to your kitchen.

39. Farmhouse Hammered Copper Sink

The vintage-looking Farmhouse hammered copper sink comes with two compartments, one larger in size to wash bigger vessels. It also has a unique etched pattern on the apron and the inner sides of the compartments. The sink is accompanied by copper faucets that complete the look.

40. Copper Charms Sink

The Copper Charms sink gives a refreshing new look to your kitchen, swaying away from the conventional interior design. The sink has two compartments and a drainer. The sink can be covered with a lid that also acts as a chopping board. It also comes with a copper faucet.

41. Gold Sink

Gold offers a blend of luxury, classy, and elegant look. The sink is coated with gold and is accompanied by matching gold faucets. When paired with a countertop of grey or blue, it gives a posh feel to your kitchen.

42. Wood Basin Sink

This stink is made of strong wood such as mahogany and walnut. To prevent corrosion, the sink is coated with a layer of resin epoxy. The sink features a glossy finish and goes well with small kitchens and wooden cabinets.

43. Wood Party Sink

The wood party sink is a single repository for storing vegetables, fruits, spoons, knives, and other small kitchen utensils. It comes fitted with boards, racks, and servers.

You can close the lid of the sink and directly serve food from the boards and servers. Since the sink is very long, it usually comes with more than two faucets.

44. Bronze Sink

The bronze sink is very elegant and radiant with the touch of an antique look. A set of silver and glass faucets complement the elegance of the sink. When paired with a wooden countertop, it gives a warm and radiant feeling.

45. Black Soapstone Sink

This sink is made of soapstone that is very hard and durable. It is easy to maintain and can handle heavy-duty usage. The sink is very long and can accommodate a high number of utensils. This sink is ideal for big families that have more washing needs.

46. Black on Wood Sink

This sink is made of black steel featuring smooth edges and is installed on a wooden countertop. It has a wide basin that accommodates big vessels. The sink is complemented with a chrome faucet that gives a contrasting appearance to the whole setup.

47. Concrete on wood Sink

The concrete sink features a classic look and is installed on a wooden countertop. The concrete sink has a smooth and glossy finish that blends well with the wooden countertop.

48. Carved Stone Sink

This sink is directly carved on the countertop made of stone. The stone sink is durable and can last for a lifetime. It is carefully hand-carved with precision according to the required length and width. The sink provides a contrasting appearance to the modern design.

49. Clear Window Sink

This has to do more with where the sink is placed rather than its design. Installing the kitchen sink near a window provides you a great view and an ample amount of sunlight. This keeps you warm and efficient while washing the vessels.

50. Garden Sink

Surround your kitchen sink with your favorite herbs and plants. The aroma from the plants keeps you refreshed when you do your washing chores. Additionally, the aroma inhibits the spread of the foul smell from the dishes.


The kitchen sinks are an integral part of your kitchen. It keeps your kitchen neat and tidy. The modern sinks come in different designs to complement every kitchen style. From the huge list of options, you can choose the ideal sink that completes your kitchen’s appearance.

If you need any further help in choosing the correct sink design for your kitchen, let us know in the comments section and we will help you out.

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