Types Of Kitchen Sink: Comprehensive Guide

If you are building a new home, or just planning on renovating your kitchen, it’s a great opportunity for you to use the modern elements. One thing that most people often neglect while the renovation is the kitchen sinks.

Since kitchen sinks are not something that we need to replace frequently, most people are not even aware of the types of kitchen sinks that have come into the market over the past few years. Yes, there are multiple options these days from which you can choose from and give your kitchen an appealing interior design.

Hence, if you want to take a look at different types of kitchen sinks, do read this article until the end.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

Since there are plenty of kitchen sinks varieties available out there, we are categorizing them based on several factors such as their installation types, the number of bowls, materials, and shapes. So, it will be a lot easier for you to find the most suitable kitchen sink. Let’s see what we have got here to check upon.

Based On Installation

●  Top Mount

This type of kitchen sinks is most commonly used in homes since they are cheaper than other options and get installed easily. The installation process is pretty simple as all it takes is to cut a section into the countertop based on the dimensions of the sink. Later on, the sink is just dropped into the hole and fixed there.

Top-mount kitchen sinks have rims that hold onto the edges of the countertop. Although the design and process are pretty simple. But, the edges of the sink leave a bump so you can’t directly sweep water from the countertop into the sink.

●  Under Mount

Unlike the top-mount sinks which leave a bump on the edges, under-mount sinks rest on the bottom on the countertop. This type of installation requires special clips that are used to hold the sink in its place while it is attached to the bottom section of countertop. Although the installation process is a bit complicated and expensive too. But, the fact that it gives your kitchen a clean look and also allows you to sweep water or anything else from the countertop smoothly into the sink.

● Integrated Kitchen Sinks

Integrated Kitchen sinks are the latest designs which look absolutely beautiful as they blend in the countertop and are barely distracting. To give a more blended look, this type of sinks are made from the same material of which the countertop is made of. Just assume it is a part of your countertop as it never seems like it is attached afterwards. There’s just one drawback as you need to replace your entire countertop to achieve this kind of minimal look.

Based on No. of Bowl

●  Single Bowl

The Kitchen Sinks that have one bowl are a perfect choice if the kitchen has a small size and you have to manage more stuff on the countertop.

● Double Bowl

If your home’s kitchen has decent countertop space, you can even install double bowl kitchen sinks which offer a great advantage if there are two people working in the same kitchen. Even for a single person, it opens up opportunities for multitasking.

● Triple Bowl

If single or double bowl sinks are not enough, just add one more to that and install a triple bowl kitchen sink. Although double-bowl is good enough for households, triple bowl sinks are more often used in restaurants and similar areas as the third bowls are generally smaller in size which is used for waste disposal.

●  Kitchen Sink with Drainboard

Drainboards attached with the kitchen sinks are also quite helpful as you can use it for drying the cookware or even place your washed vegetables for drying. These are designed in such a way that all the drainage water flows only to the sink, keeping the rest of the countertop neat and tidy.

Based On Materials

●  Stainless Steel

Usually, the stainless steel sinks have that metallic look which goes well with any countertop material. As we talk about the material, cleaning it is very easy, and it doesn’t even catch any stains, rust, etc. However, after a few years, it loses shine and gets scratches as well.

● Granite

Granite is yet another interesting material choice for a kitchen sink as its maintenance is too low. In fact, it does not lose any shine or gets any scratches over time. Moreover, granite is an extremely tough material that is also resistant to rust and other chemical damages.

● Cast Iron

Cast Iron is not water-friendly at all, but once it’s coated with a thick layer of enamel, it can serve you as good as any other kind of kitchen sink. The best part about cast-iron sinks is that they are cheap, easy to maintain, and their glossy look always makes them appear new.

● Fireclay

Fireclay sinks are made by moulding ceramic clay into the shape of a sink, then treating it with heat to harden it. Thereafter, it is plated with an enamel coat to give a nice finish. Hence, It is as good as a cast-iron sink, in fact, more durable than most other kinds. But, that factor also simply makes them cost more too.

● Composite

As the name suggests, the composite sinks are made up by mixing smaller particles of different materials and making one hard material out of them. For the composite sinks, usually, particles of quartz or granite are mixed up with polyester, acrylic resins to make one strong composite compound. Hence, such types of kitchen sinks don’t catch any stains, scratches, etc.

● Concrete

The concrete kitchen sinks are trendy these days because they offer you immense freedom of customization. Although you can purchase the pre-build sinks as well, most people prefer to get their one’s custom made during the time of renovation.

Based On Shape

●  Rectangle & Square

The rectangular and square kitchen sinks are pretty sure the most common ones that are being used these days, as they are cheap, and offer you enough room to clean all kinds of utensils.

● Circular

In case you want to try out some other designs, you can also choose to install a circular kitchen sink. Unlike rectangular or square kitchen sinks, the circular ones are easier to clean.

●   Corner

The corner kitchen sinks usually have different shapes and require more countertop space as well. That’s why they are preferred to install in the corner to utilize the space in a more efficient way.


So, as you can see, there are various possible combinations that you can choose from and design a kitchen sink of your liking.

Choosing the right material, shape, size, and a number of bowls can possibly uplift the design of your kitchen interiors and complements its look in multiple ways.

We hope that now you have good enough knowledge about all of these sink types and choosing the right one for your kitchen would be a pretty easy task for you. So, if you have liked this article, or want to ask something else regarding this topic, feel free to share your thoughts and queries in the comment box given below.