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Choosing A Best Sink For Your Kitchen

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Sink is one of the most common and essential components in the kitchen. It is where you clean dirty dishes, wash vegetables and hands. Now-a-days, kitchen sinks are available in different shapes, sizes and finishes.

An ideal kitchen sink is not only attractive but also functional and easy to clean or maintain. Choosing the right one among them can be an overwhelming process. So, we have rounded up the ultimate guide for kitchen sinks that has all the information to make an informed choice.

5 factors you need to know to make a perfect buying decision

Factor 1. choose the Installation type for your kitchen

This first thing while purchasing kitchen sinks is to understand which type of mount is suitable for your kitchen. We have mentioned some of the common kitchen sink mounts available in Indian market.

Types of kitchen sink mount
Top Mount sinks
Also known as self-rimming sink, it is one of the common and often a preferred choice in the Indian kitchens. It is a top mount sink which means the ridge will sit on top and rest over the countertop.
Most affordable
ease of Installation
easier to install
Ease of cleaning
Difficult to clean properly because there are crevices where normally dirt gets accumulated.
Most affordable
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Under Mount sinks
This sink is mounted below the countertop so it will hang underneath. As the rim or lip is not visible, it will create a meticulous flow of countertop into the sink. It creates an amazing and clean look.
Most Stylish
ease of Installation
installation process is a bit complicated
Ease of cleaning
easy to clean because there are no crevices
Comparatively expensive
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Integrated Sinks
These kitchen sinks are usually made up of the same material as the countertop like quartz, stone or solid surface. It is suitable for modern kitchens as it has a clean and elegant design.
Most stylish
ease of Installation
needs to replace the complete countertop
Ease of cleaning
Very easy to clean because of the seamless countertop design
Most expensive
Check out the best Integrated Sinks in India 2021
Our Recommendation For You
Integrated sinks look more elegant, attractive and stylish than other types. However, they are more expensive. If you have a tight budget constraint, then you can go for either top mount or under mount.

Factor 2. Choose The Number Of Sinks Bowls Best For You

Previously, kitchen sinks had only a single bowl. However, the latest models come in two and three bowl versions as well. Choosing among them completely depends on usage and counter space availability. Below, we have provided a brief description of each type for your reference.

Number of sink bowls
As the name suggests, it has a single bowl fitted into the kitchen countertop. It is one of the most common styles often used in Indian kitchens. It is the perfect option for small and compact kitchens as they have limited counter space. Sink with a single bowl adds a clean look to your kitchen.
In this type, two bowls are present within the kitchen sink. It allows the users some extra space and flexibility as well. These kitchen sinks are available in different sizes and configurations – either same size bowls or different sized bowls. This is the perfect option if there are two cooks in the same kitchen.
Triple Bowl SINK
They come with three bowls – two large bowls on each side and a small bowl at the centre for disposing garbage. They ensure a lot of versatility and are suitable for kitchens with two or more cooks. It is a great choice for kitchens with large counter space.
Kitchen Sink with Drainboard
Kitchen sinks with a drainboard are very helpful as you can use it for drying the wet cooking utensils or washed vegetables. They are specially designed in a way that the drained water will automatically flow into the sink, keeping the rest of the space clean and tidy.

Factor 3. Choose Your Material Type

This factor provides insights on the durability of the kitchen sink. It also determines the ease of maintenance and cleaning. Different types of materials are used for making kitchen sinks. We have mentioned a clear description of each material below. It helps you choose the right option for your preference.

Kitchen sink material types
Stainless Steel
It is one of the most popular options used in Indian kitchens. It doesn’t get scratched easily and fits into most of the countertops. They are available in different sizes and shapes to fit different user requirements.
It is the toughest material that is resistant to rust and other chemical damages. When it comes to maintenance, it is quite low. Even after several years of usage, it will not get scratched or lose its shine.
These sinks are made by moulding ceramic clay into the sink shape. After that, they will be heated and treated to harden it up. And finally, an enamel coating is placed on it to provide a neat and shiny finish.
This type of sink is made by combining different materials like quartz or granite particles with polyester or acrylic resin in order to form a hard surface. And moreover, they are stain, scratch and chip resistant.
Cast Iron with Enamel
These sinks are actually not water-friendly. In order to use them as kitchen sinks, a special enamel is coated as a thick layer. So, they become as good as any other types of sink. They are easy to maintain, affordable and look glossy.
Copper kitchen sinks are the most bold and beautiful addition to kitchens. However, copper sinks come with a lot of maintenance. So, homeowners should consider these points before making the purchase.

Factor 4. Shape of the Sink

Kitchen sinks are available in different shapes that include circular, rectangle and others. While making the purchase, you have to consider countertop space and placement.

Shape of the Kitchen sinks
Rectangle & Square
They are the most common shape used in Indian kitchens. They are the most cost-effective option. It comes with enough room for cleaning different cooking utensils.
If you want to install a different shaped kitchen sink, then you can try a circular shaped model. Unlike other types, they are easy to clean, maintain and install in smaller spaces.
Corner kitchen sinks come in different shapes and sizes. To install them, you will need more counter space. If you want to use space in an efficient way, then this is the most preferred option.

Factor 5. Other factors to consider

This factor determines the durability of the kitchen sink. It also ascertains the ease you will have while cleaning the surface. Solid materials like cast-iron, fireclay, and high-quality stainless steel are considered to be the best for kitchen sinks. Have a look at various types of kitchen sink materials and their characteristics to have a better understanding which material will suit you best.

a) Coating

Most of the kitchen sinks that include metal, stone and other materials come with extra coating that will make cleaning and maintenance easier. However, this coating can wear off or chip-off with time. You may have to spend some time and money to get it recoated or maintain it.

b) Number of Holes

Mostly, standard kitchen sinks come with one to five holes for installing faucets, spraying nozzles, and dispensers. For large kitchen sinks, a single faucet is not adequate enough. In that case, you have to check out for sinks with additional provision for a second faucet and other accessories.

c) Depth of Bowl

Last but not least factor to consider before making the purchase is depth of a bowl. Standard kitchen sinks have 8 to 10 inches of depth. Kitchen sink with more depth can accommodate more items and reduces the water splashing. However, a deeper sink will put more strain on the back. Shallow sinks can accommodate only a few utensils so they are suitable for bachelors or small families.

d) Best Brand to Look For

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