Mixer Grinder Problems and Their Solutions

A modern kitchen is difficult to imagine without a mixer grinder. Your mixer/ grinder is a saviour of your kitchen’s battlefield. Without your food processor or your mixer grinder, not a lot can be accomplished unless you are to revert to the old method of mashing ingredients with stones and hands.  When your mixer grinder … Read more

How to Clean a Microwave Oven

Washing dishes is simple, but cleaning a microwave is the real buster. You could not just unplug it and throw it in the dishwasher much as you do with other dishes. But washing a microwave oven does not need to be hard or complicated. While a lot of us go ahead and buy expensive and … Read more

How to Clean & Remove Stains From Mattress

You spend a great part of your 24 hours on your bed without realizing. Thus it is very important to maintain proper hygiene of your mattress. Unwashed mattresses accumulate dirt, dead skin cells, mould and other bacterial infestations which are invisible to naked eye. These will slowly result in disease-causing bacteria or other harmful problems. … Read more

13 Comparisons Between Top-loader and a Front-loader washing machine

Recently, with growing popularity of the more advanced Front-load washing machines (and Top-load washing machines) buyers are being confused whether to buy a top-load machine or a front-load one? Washing machines are a necessity and it is highly recommended that users should do a little research in finding out which washer is actually a better … Read more

Benefits of using a Treadmill | User Guide & Maintenance

A treadmill is hands down the best and probably the first fitness equipment that comes to mind when someone wants to get into shape. They are great for not just for cardio but also increase your stamina and endurance.  Though it falls into the premium gym equipment section, it is the best investment you could … Read more

10 Best Anti theft Backpack in India: 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

If you want to keep your precious belongings safe during travels, in crowded places, public transport and overnight journeys – Anti Theft Backpacks are the perfect solution. During every travel, we have at least one precious thing like phone, cash, laptop or cash. To secure them, anti theft backpacks are specially designed with robust materials, … Read more

How to Easily Adjust Sewing Machine Tension?

It is very crucial to maintain the tension for the string in your sewing machine. This is because the tension ensures proper and consistent stitches on either sides of the stitch. This issue persists even in highly experienced and expert sewers as well who dread to touch the tension of their sewing machines.  What is … Read more

How to fix Washing Machine Errors (Brand wise)

The Washing machines from popular brands have become quite smart, thanks to the advancement in their technology. These machines can now identify any fault in any parts of the system and display the relevant error code on the screen. These error or fault codes vary from one brand to another. As a washing machine owner, … Read more

Best Helmets for Men and Women in India

According to recent government statistics, head injury is the main cause of deaths in road accidents. That is the reason why Helmet is the important safety precaution to prevent any fatal injuries. So, never settle for a cheap and local brands as they will not provide enough protection required in the event of a crash. … Read more

How to clean and maintain an Electric Shaver

A trimmer gives you the desired shape and does a simple job of trimming up your stub. A shaver, on the other hand, does more than that. It removes the hair on your skin completely and even exfoliates your skin off the dead skin cells at the same time.  If you wish to get yourselves … Read more

How Inverter Compressor Technology Can Save Power and Money?

Once considered as a part of luxurious life style refrigerators have become a necessary for every household. Unlike any other home appliances a refrigerator works 24*7 consuming huge amount of electricity which shows at the end of the month on your electricity bill. A compressor of the refrigerator is the device that takes part in … Read more

How to Clean a Washing Machine

Every device you use in your daily life needs some regular cleaning and maintenance. It is also true for the device that does all the washing jobs for you. Regular cleaning helps the appliance to perform at its peak and deliver the performance expected from it. Besides, it prolongs the lifetime of the appliance significantly. … Read more

The Surprising Benefits Of Foot Massagers

On day to day basis, our feet handle a lot of work and stress. Despite of all that, they are usually the most neglected part of our body. And moreover, due to the long distance from heart, it has less blood circulation than other body parts. A foot massage is one of the best ways … Read more

How to Clean a Kitchen Chimney Easily At Home?

Cleaning kitchen chimney is a very difficult and time consuming task. Most of our Indian cooking involves lot of spices and oils which generates lot of smoke. A Kitchen chimney is helpful in sucking out the steam and smoke produced while cooking. The oil and grease present in smoke can get stuck in between the … Read more

Direct Cool vs Frost Free Refrigerator

Refrigerators are an integral part of every Indian household. Before you buy a refrigerator, you need to know about the different types of refrigerators available. Not just that, you have to know the exact difference between them so that you can choose the best one for your home. There are basically two types of refrigerators … Read more

What Is The Power Consumption Of Refrigerators?

Refrigerator Power Consumption Refrigerators are a necessary element in every Indian household. What was invented as just a cooling device has advanced technologically over the decades to perform multiple roles. Today, refrigerators are available in varied sizes, framework and performances. With innumerable options available in the market, it isn’t very difficult to decide on the … Read more