The 5 Best Toolbox In India Reviews and Buying Guide

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There are numerous occasions in our daily lives where a decent set of tools really comes in handy and saves a lot of extra expenses caused by calling for professional help.

But, even if you have a great set of tools in your home, you will need a dedicated toolbox to keep them organized so that you can always count on finding the right tool at the right time whenever required. There are a few important things that should not be missed while selecting a toolbox:

  • Size: The size of the toolbox matters as that determines the number of tools or the types of tools that you can carry with the box. If you own a set of large tools, you will need a comparatively larger box to be able to carry these tools at places.
  • Carrying Weight: As you may already know, the tools are designed for heavy-duty usage. Hence, the tools are generally hefty to carry around. Now, you wouldn’t want to add some extra weight of the heavier toolbox along with the tools as it will make the transportation much more difficult as compared to a lightweight option.
  • Build Quality: The build quality of a toolbox must be rugged and capable of sustaining lots of shock and impact as the tools that are kept in the box will constantly hit the inner walls of the box while moving around. Generally, the heavy-duty toolboxes carry more weight because of the heavy-duty build material.

As you may already know, toolboxes are quite easy to manufacture. Hence, there are thousands of options available in the market for a simple toolbox, and choosing one out of these options can get a little difficult at times. You have to consider a lot of things, including a few factors mentioned above, to get the best toolbox. To ease this process for you, we are bringing you the best toolbox you can get in India right in one place.

We have selected these options while considering the common needs of the majority of tool owners so that one of these options will surely be perfect for you. To get the said perfect toolbox, make sure you do not miss out on our Buying Guide for the best toolbox, and helpful FAQ section mentioned later in the article.

5 Best Toolbox In India Reviews

ToolboxSizeWeightWarrantyBuy Now
Taparia Plastic Toolbox44.4 x 25.9 x 23.8 cm2.04 Kg-CHECK ON AMAZON
Stanley Multipurpose Tools Bag33 x 23 x 13 cm540 g1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Khadija Metal 5 Compartment Toolbox45 x 20 x 22 cm4.45 Kg-CHECK ON AMAZON
Plantex High-Grade Metal Toolbox 48 x 23 x 21 cm5 Kg-CHECK ON AMAZON
Harden Plastic toolbox35.5 X 18 X 18.5 cm880 g-CHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Toolbox In India Reviews

1. Taparia Plastic Toolbox with Organizer (PTB16)



  • Size: 44.4 x 25.9 x 23.8 cm
  • Weight: 2.04 Kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Rigid
  • Compartments: 7
  • Warranty:

Taparia is one of the most popular brands available on our list today. As it is popular for its lightweight yet efficient products, we have included its toolbox on our list.

In the 1st position, we have placed the most budget-friendly yet rigid toolbox from our list, the Taparia Plastic toolbox with Organizer. It is a plastic made toolbox with a maximum storage space you can possibly have in this size and form factor.

It has 4 basic compartments on the top to store various small items such as washers and nuts for quick access. Then, you get a tray for all medium-sized tools like screwdrivers and other similar tools as it has dedicated slots on both sides for proper placement.

Lastly, there is also a large section to store a big power tool such as a drill machine along with the cable to give you a complete package wherever you go. All this is achieved while the overall dimensions of the toolbox are 44.4 x 25.9 x 23.8 cm, and it weighs only 2.04 kg which is much less than other rigid options.


  • Light in weight
  • Storage capacity is great
  • Dedicated compartments for all tools


  • Build quality is not great
  • Prone to get damaged upon impact

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2. Stanley STST512114 12” Multipurpose Tools Storage Water Proof Bag



  • Size: 33 x 23 x 13 cm
  • Weight: 540 g
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Type: Flexible
  • Compartments: 8
  • Warranty:1 year

Stanley is surely a lesser-known name in the market as of now. But, you can still get a very flexible option from Stanley as mentioned below.

If you want the most flexible option available on our list of the best toolbox in India, then we have the STANLEY STST512114 12” Multipurpose Tools Storage in the 2nd place. This is more of a tool bag rather than a toolbox as it is made up of synthetic cloth material.

This also allows it to be the most lightweight option on our list with a weight of just 504 grams. It still offers many great features such as waterproofing that is necessary to avoid rusting of tools.

There are a total of 4 tool compartments on the bag. The first 3 compartments are comparatively smaller and placed at the front of the bag so that you do not have to open up the bag to get them. This is most suited for handy tools or instruments such as measuring tape or marking pens that are required every now and then. For the larger tool storage, there is a chain covered compartment that is large enough to hold multiple large-sized tools such as hammers and wrenches at once. As there are also 4 small compartments inside, you will be able to put certain tools aside from each other to avoid mix up.


  • Most lightweight option
  • Waterproof tool bag
  • Carrying this tool bag is very easy


  • Might get torn after using with sharp tools after some time
  • Cannot carry heavier tools

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3. Khadija Metal 5 Compartment Toolbox



  • Size: 45 x 20 x 22 cm
  • Weight: 4.45 Kg
  • Material: Metal
  • Type: Rigid
  • Compartments: 5
  • Warranty:

Khadija might be an unfamiliar brand for a lot of users looking to buy a toolbox. As Khadija has a very durable toolbox under a budget, we have decided to include it in our picks.

In the 3rd position, we have one of the highly organized toolboxes from our list, which is the KHADIJA Metal 5 Compartment toolbox. Also, this is also one of the compact-sized options that has a very good design aspect that allows more storage in a lesser space. One opened, you can see a total of 5 compartments on this tiny toolbox that are completely separate from each other and do not allow misplacement whatsoever.

Made out of heavy-duty export quality material, KHADIJA Metal 5 Compartment toolbox (Red Grey) offers very high durability that is essential for carrying heavy-duty tools. Even though this toolbox measures only 45 x 20 x 22 cm in dimensions, it can carry up to 45 Kg weight of tools which is pretty impressive. The toolbox itself weighs around 4.45 Kg that assures its rugged build quality and reliability.


  • Compartments are separated
  • All tools accessible at once
  • Build quality is great


  • toolbox is heavy
  • Cannot hold any large tool

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4. Plantex High-Grade Metal Toolbox for Tools/Tool Kit Box



  • Size: 48 x 23 x 21 cm
  • Weight: 5 Kg
  • Material: Metal
  • Type: Rigid
  • Compartments: 5
  • Warranty:

Plantex is famous for its heavy-duty products, and you must have come across it while looking for a long-lasting product. For the same reason, we are giving you a similar toolbox from Plantex.

Plantex High-Grade Metal toolbox is made up of a 0.7 mm thick metal sheet and covered with 6 layer powder coating to provide both high durability and high resistance against corrosion. Even the clamps between various compartments are made of high-grade steel with stainless steel riveting, so there is an even lesser chance of failure even on the smallest part of the toolbox.

Similar to our previously mentioned toolbox, Plantex Metal toolbox also offers 5 cabinets that are completely accessible at once for fast access to every tool stored in the box. In total, you can carry up to 35 Kg weight under this toolbox, which is quite good considering the box measures 48 x 23 x 21 cm and weighs 5 Kg itself.

You will also get a durable double support steel handle on top that makes it so much easier to carry even when it is full of tools.


  • Good grip available while carrying
  • Great build quality
  • Tool organization is easy


  • It has considerable weight
  • Cannot store any large tool

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5. Harden Professional Reinforced Plastic Moulding Tool Box

harden tool box


Size: 35.5 x 18 x 18.5 cm

Weight: 880 grams

Material: Plastic

Type: Rigid

Warranty: N/A

Harden is a local brand that manufactures essential tools like cutting pliers, wrenches, hand saws, rubber hammer etc. All the products are not only high-quality but also affordable.

This tool box from the brand measures 35.5 X 18 X 18.5 cm and is spacious enough to fit all your accessories and tools required. 

It comes in an ergonomic design with a separate tray to store all the small accessories, so you can easily find them. 

This tool box is made of high-quality plastic, which is dust-resistant and also lasts long. There’s also a plastic handle that is slip-free to ensure proper grip. 

The box weighs just 880 grams, so it is easy to carry to any site, or outdoors. 


  • Lightweight.
  • Portable.
  • High-quality material ensures durability.
  • Easy access to small tools.
  • Rust-free.


  • A bit expensive.

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Buying Guide For The Best Toolbox In India

As we have given you a few pros and cons for the option, you might have made your decision already. But it is also possible that one or more products mentioned in our article seem suitable for your needs. Therefore, we are giving you some extra help with this buying guide.

Here, we will give you detailed information about some recurring properties of a toolbox and compare them with general applications for which a toolbox is mostly used. After reading this buying guide, we are sure that you can select the perfect option for yourself that checks out all of the boxes in your requirements list. Here are some important features and their necessity regarding various applications:

1. Accessibility To Tools

To get maximum efficiency while working on a job, you need to get a toolbox that allows proper tool storage along with fast access to every tool easily. You can surely get a lot of toolboxes that have a lot of compartments available to carry more tools.

But, sometimes, you can access only 1 or 2 compartments at once that slows the entire working pace as you will have to keep fiddling around the toolbox to find the required tool.

2. Carrying Capacity

If you are buying a toolbox, you must own a considerable amount of tools in your home or office that need dedicated storage space. Hence, you need to make sure that you fit all of the tools that you have at your expense in your newly bought toolbox to avoid the hassle of multiple toolboxes.

If you choose to go with a large option with a more number of compartments, you can probably not store a large tool as none of the compartments will be big enough to adjust it.

3. Build Quality

Build quality is the most essential part of any product that is aimed for continuous transport and portability. Similarly, a toolbox should also be durable as it carries heavy tools that must be kept safe during transportation.

Apart from keeping the tool safe, a high-quality toolbox will also keep the user safe as it avoids any unfortunate accident due to falling or sudden impact. While checking the build quality of the toolbox, make sure you consider various aspects such as design, build material, weight, etc. that affect the build quality.

4. Type of toolbox

There are multiple types of options available for a toolbox that serves various purposes. For example, if you come across a lot of assembly and disassembly type of work, you can get a compact toolbox with a large number of compartments to store various screwdrivers, ners, and other small tools for quick access.

On the other hand, if you need larger tools such as hammers and a drill machine, it is better to go with a tool bag as you can store any type of tools together without any adjustment problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why is a toolbox necessary?

A toolbox works as a basic container for your tools and makes it easier to store as well as carry all the tools at once. Surely, you might have gotten a separate toolbox from each toolset you purchased in the past. But, as the number of boxes keeps increasing, it gets more and more difficult to find the perfect tool. But, with a large toolbox, you will already know where the tools are placed so that you can quickly pick it up and get to work.

2.How many compartments do I need for my tools?

The number of compartments that you will need largely depends upon the number of tools you have as well as the different types of tools you own. For example, if all of your tools are basic and not sensitive to damage, you can get a simple tool bag or large compartment box to store all tools easily. On the other hand, precision tools such as vernier callipers and digital micrometres are highly sensitive to damage so you will need a tight grip inside the toolbox to maintain the condition of the tool.


Once you get a proper toolbox, you can arrange all of your tools in an efficient arrangement so that you can easily spot the tool at the time of need. Apart from that, it gets easy to carry the tools around to various site occasions if you are a professional worker and need to visit various sites daily.

As it is quite hard to get a long-lasting toolbox, we have drafted a list for the best toolboxes available in India so that you can get the best options easily. We have also included a buying guide and a FAQ section that will help you pick up the best option, so make sure you give it a read in case you missed it. Here are our favorite picks from this list that might be suitable for you:

  • If you are looking for a flexible tool bag rather than the standard boxes, then STANLEY STST512114 12” Multipurpose Tools Storage Bag is a great option. This bag is 33 x 23 x 13 cm in dimension and gives you the option to put pretty large tools without any problem. As it is made of durable material, it also has a year of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Although, if you want a rigid option to carry pointy tools, you should go with the KHADIJA Metal 5 Compartment toolbox. There are a total of 5 compartments on this toolbox with each compartment large enough to fit a complete set of small tools including all extra tips. It can hold up to 45 Kg load of tools so a very good choice for heavier tools.
  • Lastly, Plantex High-Grade Metal toolbox for Tools -5 Compartment as it has a very premium build quality and is designed to last a very long time even with the most rugged usage. With 5 separate compartments, you can rest assured that all of the tools will stay separated just as you wish for easy accessibility.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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