The 6 Best Soap Dispenser In India 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Washing hands is nothing more than a routine for all of us every day. Not only in this time but in general too we all look up for washing hands when we return home or after playing. Every time we won’t use soap for washing hands, and hand wash is something which is taking in charge and make our work easy and hassle-free. Sometimes we feel lazy to wash our hands, and it becomes cumbrous. But now there is a solution and tidy equipment available making our hand washes easy have you thought of getting soap dispenser at your home or office place. If not, then you should give a thought once as it acts as a privilege to our hygiene.

When you are buying the soap dispenser, you must consider two things in your mind

  • Hassle-Free Pump: The flexibility of the pump matters a lot as you will be using it frequently. A soap dispenser is your everyday partner. A smooth and adequate amount of soap liquid will help you to clean your hands properly.
  • Easy Installation: A soap dispenser that occupies less space and will be the best choice for you.

Here we have a list of soap dispensers for you. Let us have a look at them.

After going through the list of products, we refer you to check our Buying Guide on the soap dispenser, which will help you to understand how it works and what to look in them while buying.

6 Best Soap Dispenser In India 2020

Soap DispenserCapacity(ml)MaterialLiquid Dispensing Amount (ml)Buy Now
Plussen Automatic Soap Dispenser600ABS Plastic1CHECK ON AMAZON
Total Home® Liquid Soap Dispenser 300ABS Plastic1CHECK ON AMAZON
Sigma 6 Soap Dispenser Bottle Set250Plastic-CHECK ON AMAZON
Generic Handwash Liquid Soap Dispenser250Stainless Steel-CHECK ON AMAZON
Total Home® Hand Soap Dispenser250ABS Plastic-CHECK ON AMAZON
Dolphy ABS Liquid Soap Dispenser300ABS Plastic-CHECK ON AMAZON

6 Best Soap Dispenser In India 2020 Reviews

1. Plussen Automatic Soap Dispenser


Plussen is a solution-oriented manufacturing firm dedicated to producing Smart and Innovative products to provide a comfortable lifestyle for domestic and commercial uses.

In this pandemic, when things are getting normal gradually, it is necessary to ensure proper hygiene, moreover, in washrooms of public places like offices, schools, hospitals, etc.

And therefore, this Automatic Soap Dispenser from Plussen is an appropriate product. This Soap dispenser is a non-contact wall mount dispenser that safeguards the users from unknown contacts. The built-in infrared sensor senses the presence of the hand and automatically dispenses the right amount of liquid.

Made up of strong ABS plastic, it has a great 600mL capacity and dispenses about 1mL of soap per activation. Thus, this ensures minimal wastage. The easy refill and locking mechanism make it safe and convenient to use the product.

The smart infrared sensor ensures that there is no dripping, leaking, or spilling of the liquid soap. The installation process of this dispenser is easy. This innovative product will compel the kids to inculcate hand wash habits.


1. Overall, it is a good product suitable for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, etc. However, it would be better if the company includes AA cells with the product for initial usage.

2. The dispenser is compatible with all-purpose liquid soaps. However, it should be Non-foaming.


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Dimensions: 11cm x 10cm x 16cm
  • Capacity: 600mL
  • Sensor Range: less than 10cm
  • Liquid Dispensing Volume: 1mL
  • Power Supply: 4 x AA Cells


  • Compact and Convenient to use
  • Avoids liquid soap wastage
  • Easy wall-mount installation
  • Includes installation screws


  • No AA cells provided

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2. Total Home® Liquid Soap Dispenser


Total Home is a well-known brand for producing bathroom convenience products suitable for home and commercial purposes.

Using Liquid soap is a very effective way of washing hands. However, the effectiveness of the liquid soap can enhance by using an appropriate liquid soap dispenser.

And hence, this Push Button based Dispenser from Total Home is the right choice. The best part about this product is that it is not just a simple dispenser, but a Stylish dispenser. The body of this dispenser is made up of ABS plastic that makes it strong and durable. The crome color gives the dispenser a sleekness and shines that enhances the décor of the washing zone.

It has a compact and easy to use dispenser that can be operated single-handedly. It has a good capacity of storing 250-300mL of liquid soap. The body is corrosion and moisture resistant. The installation and refill process are easy.


It is a nice budget-friendly product to be used. However, it is better for denser liquids. Do not keep a diluted soap solution in it. Also, it would be better if the dimensions of dispensers are mentioned.

Product Information

  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Colour: Crome
  • Dimensions: Not mentioned
  • Capacity: 250mL


  • Compact and Convenient to use
  • Sleek and Stylish
  • Single-handed usage
  • Includes installation screws
  • Budget-friendly dispenser


  • Over diluted liquid soap gets leaked

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3. Sigma 6 Soap Dispenser Bottle Set

Sigma 6

Sigma 6 is a globally renowned firm that aims at making the home fashionable. The wide range of products they manufacture brings both quality and style to the home.

Liquid soaps are one of the most extensively used products across homes. Still, the bottles are so ordinary looking that we don’t even bother about them. However, what if a simple liquid soap bottle grabs your attention and refreshes your hand washing experience!

The Sigma 6 dispenser bottle-pack of 2 is one such interesting product. These elegant and fancy looking bottles will not just store liquid soaps but will also grab your attention and enhance the décor of your bathrooms, kitchens, and washing areas.

The pack consists of 2 uniquely designed bottles each, having a good capacity of 250mL. The bottles are made up of strong plastic and have a strong base to prevent slipping.

The crome finish and abstract design are the main beauty of these bottles. The bottles are easy to refill. These bottles are multi-purpose and can be used to dispense used liquid soaps, shampoo, lotions, etc.


This budget-friendly product is a must-have in every home. The attractive design on the bottles is truly irresistible.

Product Information

  • Colour: White with Crome
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 14cm x 7cm x 18cm
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Capacity: 250mL
  • Quantity: 2 bottles


  • The bottles are Eye-catching and elegant
  • Fancy designs all around the bottle
  • The good liquid holding capacity
  • Budget-friendly


  • No cons as such

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4. Generic Handwash Liquid Soap Dispenser


The liquid hand-wash soap bottles that are manufactured by companies are very ordinary looking. They are so regular looking that one doesn’t even look at them while using soap from them.

However, this hand-wash liquid soap dispenser is going to change your handwashing experience forever. The dispenser is made up of stainless steel, and thus, it is unbreakable. The opaque finish with grey color makes it a premium and classy looking product.

The bottle has a good 250mL capacity, and the whole body is rust-resistant. No chemical reaction takes place when the liquid soap gets in contact with the bottle.

Gentle press for dispensing helps the user to control the amount of liquid and easy refill makes it convenient to use the product.

The top and bottom of the bottle are made up of antirust 304 stainless steel, thus protecting it from water and moisture.

Product Information

  • Colour: Grey with Opaque finish
  • Material: Rust-proof Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 19.6cm x19.3cm x 10.5cm
  • Shape: Oval
  • Capacity: 250mL


  • Unbreakable heavy-duty stainless-steel body
  • Classy and Premium appearance
  • Gentle press and dispense system
  • It is convenient to refill and use dispenser


  • No cons as such

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5. Total Home® Hand Soap Dispenser


Total home solutions provide complete home care products range from kitchenware to soap dispensers as they have a solution for everything your home need.

If you are looking for a soap dispenser, then Total home has a great option for you.

The total home hand soap dispenser is perfect for your home be it in the kitchen or bathroom making your washing situations easy.

One of the great features is its compatibility with any liquid soap or sanitizer. Its design provides your place with a luxurious look.

The feature which makes it worth buying is that it is designed with a soap level indicator window on the front face. Therefore, you can add soap whenever it is running short of it.

Mounting instructions: You have to make holes on the walls according to the specifications of the wall mount stand. Grip the screws, and that is all your dispenser is mounted.

Verdict: Mount firmly, and the screw should adhere well.

Product Information

  • Color– white
  • Material– ABS Plastic
  • Capacity– 300ml


  • Smooth push button
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy cardboard face
  • Any liquid can be used


  • May damage due to harsh chemicals.

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6. Dolphy ABS Liquid Soap Dispenser


Dolphy retail provides you the best quality products at affordable prices making, it worth spending money on, and when we talk about soap dispensers then, it provides the best of its quality.

Dolphy liquid soap dispenser is a high-quality material that is sturdy and durable. This manual soap dispenser has good durability, it is mostly preferred in hotels, hospitals, restaurants and is compatible with household uses as well.

If dust falls into the liquid soap dispenser and you are worried about blockage or leakage then do no need to worry this soap dispenser has a feature through which we can easily suck the dust-out.

The transparent reservoir knob allows you to view contents and easy to see the internal object capacity changes. We can easily figure out when our dispenser needs refilling.

The locking design equipped with keys makes it compatible with public places.

The nozzle can be taken out easily and cleaned. So again, a hassle-free job for you to keep it clean and maintain.

The non-drip design eliminates waste and countertop mess making it sleeker and more compact for use in public places.

Product Information

  • Material-ABS plastic
  • Color-white
  • Capacity– 300ml


  • Solid
  • Durable
  • Lock feature
  • Easy to refill
  • No blockage
  • Lightweight


  • The knob may damage.

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Buying Guide For Soap Dispenser

What Is Soap Dispenser

A soap dispenser is a piece of equipment or device which when pressed or triggered appropriately, dispenser soap in a particular quantity usually a small quantity. It is a modern way of managing the hand wash and maintaining hygiene as using soaps for hand wash again and again and by everyone increases the chances of bacterial spread. So, soap dispenser helps to prevent bacterial transfer as well.

Types Of Soap Dispenser

There are two categories available in soap dispensers based on working mechanisms.

  • Manual soap dispenser
  • Automatic soap dispenser

1. Manual Soap Dispenser

Manual soap dispensers are the ones we operate with hands and to be triggered when needed. We have to press from the above in some dispenser, and in some dispenser, the button is available below.

Types Of Manual Soap Dispenser

The manual soap dispenser is further categorized into the following types:

  • Bag-In-Box: The only liquid can be used as a refill. Awesome for high traffic kitchens. It is fast & easy to use collapsible bags to which it assures less wastage.
  • Cartridge: The perfect one for hospitals & health care centers with multiple uses. You must use them for liquid soap, sanitizer, or liquid lotion, and shampoo as well. It has a large capacity. Hence, no need for frequent refilling.
  • Foaming: The ideal best for hotel and restaurant restrooms. It can be refilled with both soap and sanitizer. It gives a great foam making and won’t clog the drain. It is available in a compact size for small places.
  • Refillable: It allows bulk of liquid soap and bulk of foaming soap to be used as refills. Reliable for kitchens, industrial places, and locker rooms. The most economical one amongst all. It is available in both liquid and foaming form.
  • Counter mount: It is designed especially for kitchen or restroom spaces. It is available in foaming and liquid soap types as well.

2. Automatic Soap Dispenser

As the name describes we need not operate these dispensers by hand. Just put a hand below the spot from where the soap is meant to come out, and it is ejaculated automatically. So, these are the ones in trend these days and the most compatible.

Types Of Automatic Soap Dispenser

Below listed are the types of automatic soap dispensers-

  • Wall Automatic Dispenser: This is typically made for highly used restrooms and kitchens. It allows using foaming soap, bulk liquid soap. It is motion activated with automatic control.
  • Countermount: This type is made for kitchens and can be used for restrooms as well. It is easy to access to the users.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Soap Dispenser

We often get confused/stuck between certain things before going for a particular soap dispenser.

There is the solution let’s have a look at points we should consider before buying any soap dispenser for any place.

1. Capacity

The foremost thing we should consider before buying a soap dispenser is how much capacity do, we need according to the numbers of members in our family because it should serve the adequate quantity. Generally, the soap dispenser should be able to hold for a week. So, always go for the one which matches your required capacity.

2. Convenience For You

If you have a joint family and with different age groups as well, then the most important factor to consider is convenience. It should be easy to use for each one of them and approachable. So, lookup for the one which is convenient and serving your purpose.

3. Place To Keep

Your soap dispenser should always be following the place where it is intended to be placed. If the spot is not spacious, then you can go for the small-sized soap dispenser.

4. Soap Type

There are different kinds of soap dispensers available according to the type of we use so, always go for the one which matches your kind.

5. Material Used

Spending less and expecting more is always a hypothesis as you cannot get good quality without spending adequate money. So always go for quality. The money spent is paid back to you by the durability of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What power sources are available for an automatic dispenser?

Though both AC and DC options are available these days more commonly DC options are used.

2.Where can I find suitable soap for the refillable auto soap dispenser?

The choice is always yours for the soap. If you are using for house purpose you can buy them at any shop, but if you want in bulk for hospitals or restaurants, then you can get from janitorial suppliers.

3.What should I do if my soap pump is clogged?

The soap pump gets clogged because of the wrong soap type or infrequent usage. So always choose the soap according to the dispenser and avoid unnecessary usage.

4.When should we change the battery of the automatic dispenser?

Generally, the dispensers come up with indicators if the battery is low. So, you will get to know by changing the color of the light or by some other means of indicators.


We hope after reading the article, you must have got an idea of what to look for when buying Soap Dispensers. The soap dispenser has become essential for home and offices. In this article, you got all the necessary information along with some references to the products available in the market.

As per our recommendation, we suggest you have Plussen Automatic Soap Dispenser

At your place, because it has the highest liquid soap storage capacity and made of durable ABS material.

Also, you can buy other products because if they are on our list then, they must have satisfactory features. For further details or doubts, you can comment down below.