The 7 Best Coolant For Cars In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Owning a car is not just about enjoying long drives; it also requires proper maintenance. For keeping the engine safe and perform effectively, coolants are essential. When we drive a car, there is a movement among different parts inside the engine. The friction between the moving parts produces tremendous heat. There is a small part of the heat that comes out of the exhaust. And, the other part traps within results in heating of the engine. Thus, to avoid overheating, coolants are very important.

What is an Engine Coolant?

Engine coolant is a liquid composition that keeps the engine of the vehicle cooler. When the car is running, the engine produces a lot of heat, which can cause damage to crucial parts of the engine and the vehicle. Also, during winters or extremely-cold conditions, the engine may get freeze inside. The coolant regulates the temperature by absorbing excess heat and also avoiding the engine from getting freeze in winters.

Let us see some necessary points of the car coolant.

When you go out for buying the car coolant, you must look for:

  • Dilution Ratio: In the market, many car coolants require dilution with water in the ratio of 1:2 or 1:3. Some coolant comes in ready to use purpose.
  • Quantity: The car coolant contains 1 liter of solution. You can use it for one-time.
  • Controls Overheating: The coolant must control the overheating of the vehicle using various technologies such as IAT, OAT, HOAT Coolant. We will discuss the types of coolant below in our Buying Guide.

We have listed product information in the table below:

7 Best Coolant For Cars In India

CoolantsVolume(litre)Dilution RatioColourBuy Now
Motul Motocool Coolant1NoYellowCHECK ON AMAZON
Wurth Wuerth Antifreeze Coolant11:2GreenCHECK ON AMAZON
Waxpol Antifreeze Coolant 11:4 summer
1:1 winter
Bosch Auto Cool Engine Coolant11:3-CHECK ON AMAZON
Iftex Coolant Radiator 11:3-CHECK ON AMAZON
4cx Antifreeze Coolant Engine Oil 11:1GreenCHECK ON AMAZON
RBM Oil Corporation Duratic Coolant 1-GreenCHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Coolant For Cars In India Reviews

1. Motul Motocool Expert 103291 Coolant 


Since 1853 Motul enterprise is a French company that manufactures, develops, and distributes lubricants for engines in the mechanical industry. The Motul motocool expert 103291 coolant oil is in the first position on our recommendation list.

The coolant oil is vehicle compatible that is applicable for all bikes and liquid engines. You do not require to add water to the oil solution.

There are times when you go out of the station, or during the time of winter season, the temperatures fall that may lead to freezing of lubricants. But with Motul, you will get an anti-freeze formula. It does not contain nitrite, amine, and phosphate, which makes it anti-corrosion as well.

It has a high boiling point that is 133 degrees Celsius or 271 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, it handles high temperatures and low-temperature fluctuation because of high-thermal resistance. It will help your engine to avoid overheating issues.

Verdict: DO remove the old coolant before adding the new one.

Technical Features

  • Volume: 1 liter
  • Material: Liquid
  • Color: Yellow
  • Ready to use


  • Avoids engine overheating
  • Contain high performing anti-additive
  • Nitrile, Amine, and Phosphate free
  • High boiling point
  • Ready to use without mixing water
  • Do it yourself


  • Store the coolant oil properly, which will prevent evaporating

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2. Wurth Wuerth Antifreeze Coolant Green Concentrate 


The next product on our list is Wuerth Antifreeze coolant from the Wurth. The Wurth Group is a worldwide wholesaler of various industrial items.

The new coolant technology is suitable for all types of vehicles such as E.G Indian, Japanese, American, European and Korean cars.

The liquid formula protects the engine from rust and gives long life.

Verdict: It is advisable to use the flush of the cooling system with water and cooling system. It has to be cleaner before changing with the wuerth radiator coolant.

The liquid has a density of 1.05G at 20A C. The chemical constituent is ethylene glycol. The color of the coolant is green. For best usage, you have to prepare the coolant in the ratio of 1:2 with distilled water.

Technical Features

  • Material: Additives
  • Color: Green
  • Density: 1.05 G
  • Basis: Ethylene Glycol


  • Easy to prepare
  • Helps to control the overheating of the engine
  • Prevent rusting
  • Versatile for all engine’s types
  • Overall a decent product


  • No cons as such

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3. Waxpol Antifreeze Coolant Green Concentrate


Waxpol Industries is an internationally renowned name and a pioneer in the Asian region when it comes to manufacturing and sales of engine oils and lubricants. The coolants by Waxpol are one of the highly trusted products. One such coolant is Waxpol Antifreeze Green Concentrate.

Car coolant is a crucial component when it comes to keeping the engine of the vehicle safe and efficient. Waxpol Antifreeze Coolant Green Concentrate is an apt choice for that.

The best thing about this coolant is that it is ideal for all weather conditions. In summers, it regulates the temperature of the engine. Thus, avoid overheating, and in extreme cold, it doesn’t let the engine freeze from inside. Its anti-corrosive and anti-rust properties protect the engine components from water and lubricate the water pumps.

It is a low-silicate coolant and is compatible with most of the cars used in India. For general usage, 1-part is diluted with 4-parts of water. For extreme winters, 1 part of the coolant requires 1-part of water.

Dilution ratio: 1:4 for summer and 1:1 for winter

Technical Features

  • Volume: 1 Litre
  • Colour: Green Concentrate
  • Composition: Ethylene Glycol based with Low Silicate
  • Dilution based coolant


  • All-weather suitability
  • Anti-rusting and lubricating property
  • Handles temperature fluctuations
  • Compatible to all car engines
  • Low silicate content


  • No cons as such

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4. Bosch F002H23087079 Auto Cool Engine Coolant


The Auto Engine coolant with a positive-rating from the customer is Bosch. Presenting the best product of Bosch that is Bosch F002H2323087079. It provides efficiency in the performance of your vehicle that gives an extra mileage with the safety of the engine.

The auto engine coolant ensures rapid heat exchange with heat transfer that provides optimum engine cooling and longer engine life. The inhibitors protect the interior surface of the radiator from rust.

If you are traveling to any place, it will remain at the same texture so that you can start the engine anytime, and you will feel the same power. It contains glycol that ensures heat transfer from the radiator for calm-cooling in hot or cold weather.

The viscosity of the liquid is lower than provides lower pumping requirements.

The recommended dilution is in the ratio of 1: 3 with water.

Technical Features

  • Volume: 1 liter
  • Basis: Glycol


  • Advanced engine cooling in colder months
  • Rust and corrosion free


  • Overpriced

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5. Iftex – Iftex_13 Coolant Radiator 


Another product on our list is IFTEX 13 Coolant Radiator. IFTEX is serving customers for the last 29 years in the field of manufacturing Fuel Additives, Lubricants, and Coolants.

The coolants are based on modified OAT chemistry with MEG. The coolants are glycol-based. The system cool radiator is heat transferring fluid for I.C. engines in which the heat of internal combustion transfers by the diluted fluid to the radiator. The mixture is cooled using airflow.

Whether you are traveling out of station or to some distant places in winters or summers as well, it provides you protection against the freezes of winter and boils of summer as well as make your journey hassle-free and smooth.

Though it is compatible for all cars recommended significantly for coolant systems made from aluminium or copper alloys and in hi-tech engines where high-temperature aluminium protection is required.


To be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:3

Technical Features:

  • Volume- 1 liter
  • Material- liquid 


  • It provides long-term corrosion protection.
  • Has great heat transfer properties leaving flexibility to engine design.
  • Reduced repairs to the thermostat, water pump, and radiator.


  • Should be stored properly

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6. 4cx Antifreeze Coolant Engine Oil


4CX’s antifreeze and coolant come with a range providing improved and latest technology offering outstanding and longer engine life.

Antifreeze and coolants are significant in maintaining the efficacy of the engine and protect against damage. For efficiency and maintenance of your vehicle, it requires antifreeze and coolant regularly.

The latest technology is suitable for all bikes with liquid-cool engines. The liquid coolant protects against rusting and provides our vehicle with a smooth flow.

Dilution: Mix one part of the coolant with two parts of water in the temperature range of -10⁰C to 30⁰C. The recommended ratio is 1:1.

Verdict- The old coolant should be removed and cleaned thoroughly before adding 4CX antifreeze and coolant.

Technical Features:

  • Volume: 1 liter
  • Material: liquid
  • Color: Green


  • Good thermal stability
  • Efficient thermal resistance
  • Hybrid technology coolant
  • Decreases oil consumption


  • Should be disposed of properly after use.

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7. RBM Oil Corporation Duratic Coolant Antifreeze


The final product on our list is RBM Oil Corporation Duratic Coolant Antifreeze. The company is expertise in industrial lubricants, automotive lubricants, and engine oil. In terms of pricing, the product is affordable as compare to other products in the market.

The coolant oil consists of resist foaming for giving improved corrosion and rust-free security. The coolant texture increases the hard water stability with compatible cooling system components.

It is under the hybrid technology coolant that decreases oil consumption that saves your energy. And it does not form foams as well.

It is specialized for use in all diesel, petrol vehicles and passenger vehicles.

No requirement for dilution as you can use the oil directly.

Technical Features

  • Volume: 1 Liter
  • Color: Green


  • Good for the range
  • Efficient


  • No cons as such

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Buying Guide For Car Coolants In India

Types Of Engine Coolants

Primarily, the coolants are Ethylene and Propylene glycol-based. Different types of coolants are available, which are specific to a particular type of engine. The composition of coolants varies. These are as follows:

  • IAT Coolant: IAT or Inorganic Additive Technology is the most widely used variant. It is a low-silicate coolant and is considered the best choice for older vehicles. Cars using this variant are required to replace it approximately every 40,000 km or 2-years whichever is earlier.
  • OAT Coolant: OAT or Organic Acid Technology is a nitrate-free coolant. It contains organic acid to prevent the corrosion of different engine components. It requires to replace approximately every 80,000 km or 5-years, whichever is earlier.
  • HOAT Coolant: Hybrid OAT is a combination of IAT and OAT technologies. Thus, it contains both silicates and organic acid that provides better protection. It requires an SCA every 5-years or 80,000 km.
  • Phosphate-free HOAT Coolant: Phosphate-free HOAT coolants are composed of ethylene glycol, organic and inorganic inhibitors. It is a phosphate-free low silicate composition.
  • P-HOAT Coolants: Phosphated HOAT variant is composed of phosphates and organic acids like carboxylates to prevent corrosive actions in the engine.
  • Si-HOAT Coolants: Silicated HOAT is a composition free from nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, and amines. It only consists of silicates and organic acids. For heavy use vehicles, it needs to be changed every 3-years 48,000 km approximately and for regular use, in every 5-years or 2.4 lakh km approximate.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Car Coolant

  • Expert Advice: Though all the coolants mentioned above are good in their way, it’s better to take advice from an automotive expert before making a choice.
  • Vehicle User Manual: Every vehicle’s owner guide provides clear information about the compatibility of the coolant for that particular vehicle. So, make sure to go through it thoroughly.
  • Coolant Instructions: Some coolants are straight to use that manufactures in diluted form with water for direct usage. On the Other hand, some require to mix with water in some proportion (usually 50:50). Thus, make sure that the coolant has the usage instructions on it.
  • Colour: Coolants available in the market are of different colors. These colors are due to the different chemical composition of each variant. Also, it helps the user to identify the variant to purchase

The following table gives clarity about the coolant variants, their color, and the vehicle compatibility:

Coolant VariantCoolant ColourVehicle Compatibility
IATGreenOlder Vehicles
OATOrangeGeneral Motors, Saab and Volkswagen
HOATYellowFord, Chrysler and European
Phosphate-free HOATTurquoiseBMW, Volvo, Tesla
P-HOATPink,BlueMaruti Suzuki, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda
Si-HOATPurpleMercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche
  • High Boiling Point: The concentrated glycol has a boiling point of 375’F that assures the coolant that remains in a liquid state always that enables consistent and effective performance
  • Amine and Phosphate free: The amine and phosphate-free will give long term operation of the coolant and provide recyclability. And also prevent corrosion and rust inside the engine.
  • Price: The price of the water coolant ranges from Rs 200 – 300 that is affordable for the 1-liter unit.

Advantages Of Engine Coolants

  1. The Coolant regulates the temperature of the engine by absorbing the excess heat radiated while the vehicle is running.
  2. It prevents the freezing and cracking of crucial engine components in cold conditions.
  3. It reduces the rusting and corrosion of the engine.
  4. The proper functioning of the engine ensures through coolant. Thus, maintains the life of the car engine.
  5. It minimizes the risk of a car catching fire to a large extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can we use any random coolant for our vehicle?

No, coolants are vehicle specific. Thus, it has to be carefully chosen. If you aren’t able to figure out, consult an automotive expert/mechanic.

2.What is the ratio to be followed for mixing coolant and water?

Usually, they are mixed in the ratio of 50:50. However, it is always a good practice to read the instructions on the coolant before mixing.

3.What is an Antifreeze? Are antifreeze and coolant the same?

An Antifreeze is a chemical compound that increases the boiling point and reduces the freezing point of water-based fluids.
Antifreeze, when mixed with water is called Coolant. A car requires a coolant, not pure antifreeze. Though the terms are interchangeably used, it is important to understand that coolant is NOT a pure antifreeze. Instead, antifreeze is a component of coolant.

4.Can we mix different colors/types of coolants?

No, each coolant is meant for a particular type of engine and protects some specific materials. The coolant made for protecting steel from corrosion may cause corrosion of aluminum or other alloys. Therefore, the mixing of different coolants is NOT advised.

5.Is it necessary to replace the coolant after the prescribed time/distance is covered?

Every product has a specific work life. If the coolant is not changed within the prescribed time/distance, it will not be able to protect the engine efficiently. Thus, it is necessary to replace the coolant time-to-time to ensure your safety as well as your vehicle.


After reading the car coolant products, you must have got the idea of what to choose and how to choose. As per our recommendation, we have selected Motul Motocool Expert 103291 Coolant for you because it is ready to use coolant without any dilution and saves your engine from corrosion for efficiency.

We hope that the article helped you to select your car coolant.