Types of Kitchen Trolleys

The kitchen is one of the most adored places in every home. But it’s also the place that gets messy at times. It could be because of a lack of space or slabs to settle the utensils. If you’re dealing with something similar, you can go for kitchen trolleys.

A kitchen trolley is a kind of movable cabinet that has no walls. It comes with wheels beneath it that help in moving the trolley with ease. In a nutshell, it can help you store items easily. If you want to know about different types of trolleys, read this article in full. So, let it begin.

What are some common types of Kitchen Trolleys? 

Let us discuss the most common types of kitchen trolleys available.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Trolley

Metal kitchen trolleys are a highly sustainable and durable option. These trolleys have a unique look and are even resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel is a good material to be used to make a kitchen trolley.

A stainless-steel trolley is easy to use and clean. Even if something drops on it, it can be cleaned easily without much hassle. Not only it’s durable, but it also adds a beautiful style to your kitchen. These types of trolleys are highly popular among people.

But, there are certain cons of having a stainless steel trolley. The metal can start to lose its shine after some time and needs to be polished repeatedly to get back its shiny look. Also, these trolleys are available in a limited range of colors. These trolleys are also noisy and even tend to get a scratch or a dent.

Wooden Kitchen Trolley

A wooden kitchen trolley is going to steal the show because of its vintage and classy look. Not only do these trolleys increase the beauty of your kitchen, but they are also extremely durable. Wood has its own beauty, and this is why wooden trolleys are so popular.

These trolleys can have two cabinets or three or even more than that. You can get them on several online websites and can also customize a wooden trolley for your kitchen. You can paint the surface of the wood or can also leave it as it is. Cleaning a wooden kitchen trolley is not a very difficult task.

Although a costly option, it has to be taken complete care of during the humid seasons. To prevent any type of dents or scratches on the wooden trolley, you must invest your money in good quality wood.

Pinewood is an example of the wood used to make a wooden kitchen trolley. It is not very expensive and is also very long-lasting. It also looks very elegant and goes well with contemporary styled kitchens.

Plastic Kitchen Trolley

A plastic kitchen trolley is highly affordable and cost-effective. It doesn’t get affected by termites, unlike the wooden trolleys. Some plastic kitchen trolleys come in various pieces and have to be assembled at home.

These trolleys are available in a good variety of beautiful colors that would go well with your kitchen’s color theme. Plastic makes the trolley light in weight and easy to move. The plastic wooden trolleys are prone to scratches; therefore, it must be handled carefully.

There are so many good materials you can choose from. The choice of the material of your kitchen trolley will determine its stability.


Plastic, wooden or stainless steel. Every material has its own specialty and benefits. So, the best one is the one that suits your needs. If you want something very light and cost-effective, you can go for a plastic trolley. If you need something heavy, you can go for a stainless-steel trolley.

It all depends on what your needs or requirements are. If you liked the info in this article, please share it with others. We frequently post insightful articles. So, do come back for more.